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Dating scammer Selasi Apenya


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Name: Selasi Apenya


101 Alajo Road
Alajo Accra
Ghana West Africa

Other Comments:
Tidigare e-mail var
Selasi Apenya kanske Nancy Millman ,ganska säkert Asiya Sukar och Esther Ansomaa.
Säger sig vara flykting från Liberia tillsammans med sin lillebror, bor nu i Accra Ghana. Säger ganska fort att hon älskar dig och ber om pengar för allt möjligt. Har verkligt bra historier om ärvt guld deponerat i ett fejkat säkerhetsbolag i Accra där hon har hjälp av 'hennes avlidnes fars advokat' som kallar sig Allen Hasse. Har fått många mail sms och telefonsamtal från honom. Numret är +23324560627. Hon har skickat mig utdrag av sitt pass vilket jag fått bekräftat av Svenska ambassaden att det är förfalskat. Hon är mycket övertygande och envis trots att man kan bevisa att hon är ett scam.Personen som ringde från det fejkade säkerhetsbolagets telefon +233249178623 sade sig heta Dr.Michael Williams. Så det är tydligen några stycken inblandade i detta fake. Har fått många document från både 'advokaten' och selassi som säkerligen också är förfalskade men som ser äkta ut med officiella stämplar tex från Ghanas högsta domstol. Så ligan har resurser. Jag kommer at undersöka alla document och se vad som kan göras för att sätta fast dem. Är det någon som vet hur man ska göra så skriv ett meddelande hit om det går.


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2012-02-12, 02:01:23
Pics belong to ATK Exotics porn girl calls herself Sweet Candy !
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer nelly mukama

2012-12-18, 11:41:44
anonymous from Sweden  
I´m Leif Andreasson from Sweden. I have payed nearly 35000 euro during 2 years time to Selasi. I hoped her to come but she made sucideattempt when I tried to stop the relation. The she need muc money for different thing. The only thing she avoid is to come here. She havent sent her visa to Danish emabassy. So I dont think she tried to come to Sweden. I dont what to do. When I got angry she always threating with sucide even if she had promised not to do that. Send more information to me!!!!!!
2012-12-18, 11:57:34
anonymous from Sweden  
There is a general called Franklin Mark in Ghana he have email but of course he want money to help, Ghana is a very very corrupted land so its not so much hope for this land. Leif Andreasson
2012-12-18, 16:25:15
012-12-18, 11:41:44
anonymous from Sweden
I´m Leif Andreasson from Sweden. [Careful you don't catch the crabs]


Safety & Security

Summary. U.S. Embassy Accra now receives as many as 15 requests per week from Americans all over the US who have lost anywhere from $1,000 to over $20,000 sending money to a fiancé, girlfriend or just a friend in Ghana who they met over the Internet.

Prostitution, an increasingly widespread phenomenon in some modern West African cities appears to be responsible for a recrudesence and reoccurring spread of pubic crab lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) according to WHO research interviews in Ghana. Sexual behaviour in Ghana characterizes a society in transition. Free movement of people, including prostitutes to 'where business is profitable', is linked to the large number of active brothels in the City of Accra. Corridors are often filled where illegal sex workers, tourists and locals gravitate, and with no preventive safeguards in place it is believed there is a direct correlation between the alarming high incident of STDs and Ghana's booming sex industry.

2012-12-18, 18:31:39   (updated: 2012-12-18, 18:33:30)
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2012-12-18, 11:41:44
anonymous from Sweden
I am sorry to say but you are not talking with the girl on the photos, it is only stolen photos that scammers are abusing to scam people with i do not believe you even have been in contact with a woman at all . these scams are basically made by men .Scammers both from Senegal and Ghana are abusing this womans photos to scam with please check the links below here ,i believe this woman is a ATK model (popular among scammers to steel photos from) .My advice is to you stop all communication with this scammer ,scammers never stops asking for money, please file a report of scam to the Swedish police on frauds online.

Du kan skriva på svenska här med ,är svensk talande om du har problem med engelskan.Om du undrar över något så är det bara att fråga ,har varit aktiv på den här sajten en längre tid och har hjälpt många kvinnor och män som fallit offer för bedrägerier med ursprungsland Ghana och Nigeria . det viktigaste i nuläget är att du upphör den här kontakten .dessa bedragare slutar aldrig att fråga efter pengar.Skicka inte mer pengar !
Mvh //Miss Marple

2013-02-21, 07:44:14
anonymous from Sweden  
Hello. I´m Leif Andreasson from Stockholm in Sweden. I have payed 2 year to miss Selasi about 40000 euro. But now I lost here. Are afraid that she toke her life when I told her that I was near to be together with a new girl. If you know something about Selasi apenya please write to me. It´s very important for me to get new information about Selasi. Maybe she is alive and just joking litle with med. But I offered her 400 euro so she should be interested in that but I havent heard anything after 19 of february 2013. Leif Andreasson
2013-02-22, 23:21:55
Reported several years ago as ATK Exotics porn girl 'Sweet Candy' type in your girl's name in the search bar top of page ...
2013-02-23, 08:37:04
OJAS from United States  
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