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Dating scammer Venera Kamalova


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Name: Venera Kamalova


Russia, Ulyanovsk 432072, street Stroiteley 63, an apt. 29

Other Comments:
I am a man from Pittsburgh, PA, who was contacted by this scammer.
Thankfully, I Googled her name and found the exact same letters on another scammer board.
The scammer was on yahoo personals, said she was from Pittsburgh, under the name, The profile has been removed.
Beware of any form of her name such as venera, or with different numbers after her name. I noticed several addresses.
This is her name and address, Russia, Ulyanovsk 432072, street Stroiteley 63, an apt. 29, for my name Venera Kamalova,which also showed up on Google.

Here are the letters, 5/7/09-5/20/09, and photos.

Wow!!! Hello again my new friend !
You cannot simply present yourselves, how many you have brought pleasures to me your answer back for Me!!! It is valid very pleasantly and interestingly for me because I for the first time have tried to get acquainted through the Internet. I for the first time have tried to write the letter on your profile in dating site and now I have understood, that it really works!!! Probably, what exactly because of it, now it became very popular among people from the different countries? Now I really feel intrigued and I immediately wish to tell to you about myself!!! My name is Venera. I am 28 y.o. My growth - 5' 6 ', and my weight of 127ft. I live in the city of Ulyanovsk, in the central part of Russia. I have decided to write to you the letter because I want to find to myself the friend for the further and serious relations. To get acquainted on the Internet to me my good girlfriend has advised and I have decided to try. Fortunately, it at me has successfully turned out also I is very glad to it!
It is again a little about myself: I was born in the city of Ulyanovsk on May, 23, 1980. Having finished high school, I have acted in art college as since the childhood I was very much liked to dance and always was vigorous. I have finished college with the best results and to me have suggested to remain in our college as the teacher. Now I work by the favourite Occupation - as the teacher of dances in our college. I live in our own apartment with my parents. Before, I never was married and I have no own children... I have a sister, but she already for a long time married and She lives separately with her happy family! So it has turned out, that I cannot find to myself the men for my heart and my soul in my city... And this reason I have decided to write the letter on the Internet to the foreigner in hope to find that I so for a long time search.
At leisure I go to a sports hall and in pool - as I should support myself in the form. I play on a guitar and on a violin, but only for myself or for friends a little. I very much love the nature and in the summer we with family and relatives frequently we gather for picnic from city. In the winter sometimes I go on a ski and sometimes skate.
In general I very sociable woman and with good sense of humour.
I search for the man for long and serious relations. I want to meet kind, decent the man which would become a support for me in the further life. If I have interested you, somehow, please write to me on it mine e-mail: . Also, with this letter, I send you my photos as I promised to send you it! I very much hope, what I have liked for you??? Inform me, that you think of me and I shall wait your comments... I really wish to learn you better and to get acquainted with you more close so, I with impatience shall wait your answer and I shall hope for you! I wish you good mood and all good, sincerely your Venera.

Hello again!
Today I again was very glad to receive your answer back and it again has brought to me a lot of pleasure! Unfortunately, I should warn at once you, that I have no my own computer and I had to take advantage of services the Internet of cafe. In my city many people use these services and it is very popular such cafes in us among youth and students who need a computer either for study, or for various other needs. It really helps many people which do not presume to get to itself a computer, and services the Internet of cafe completely not expensive and it presumes to itself everyone. And today, having received your letter I think, that we with you can get acquainted and learn each other closer. As I already wrote to you, I live in Russia and the native language for me is Russian. I successfully studied the English language at school and college and I can well speak and understand this language. But for a spelling of some words and offers that you could understand maximum correctly me, I have decided to use the translator. 'Translator' - It is the special program established in a computer and it is very convenient. I hope, that we can realize each other though there is some barrier in languages. Now I again want to tell about myself a little. As I already mentioned, I work as the teacher of dances in college. I never was married and I live in an apartment, together with my parents. Unfortunately my life has developed so, that I could not find to myself the favourite person with whom could lead other part of a life... Probably it also has pushed me to acquaintance on the Internet?... Once again I want to remind you, that I search for serious and long relations. And I done not confused at all with that probably this person is on other part of a planet, probably it is destiny. As now in Russia marriages abroad are very popular. I very much would like to learn you closer. Write to me more about the work, hobbies, the hobby and in general to me will be interesting to learn about you everything, in fact I have knowingly chosen your profile and have written to you. I hope you understand me? Today I again with the great pleasure send you my new image in this letter! I hope, that it was pleasant to you also you can add something to this. As it will be pleasant for me to receive from you your some images back. And I with impatience shall wait from you your letter tomorrow on it e-mail adress and with the great pleasure I shall answer all questions interesting you. I wish you good day and I speak up to tomorrow!
Your new friend from Russia Venera.

Hello !
I am very glad to receive again from you the letter. It so is interesting to me, having written to you the letter, I for a long time thought of how it is simple - to find to myself the new friend. It seemed to me, that from different doomsday it is hard for people to understand each other - different cultures, sights, understanding, style of a life, but I think, that what were people, mutual understanding can be found always. It was very pleasant for me to learn more about you and it seems to me, that at us with you is much in common. Now I want to tell to you more about myself. I spend the most part of time on work. I teach dances to several groups of pupils of different age. We rehearse much and often we participate in various competitions, also, we participate not only in our city! Often, we even occupy prize-winning places and I am very much proud of my pupils! And still, the most important for me in my work is a love to children. To my pupils, I concern as to my native children, though unfortunately, I never had own children. Actually I very much wanted to have own children. At my native sister two children - the boy and the girl. At them good and happy family and I am very glad for them. My longest relations were prolonged almost 4 years, but we had to leave, as we had different outlooks on life and we have understood, that we do not approach the friend for the friend. I always wanted to meet the man, kind, gentle, understanding and with similar outlooks on life for me. I always considered, that neither a difference in the age of, nor a financial position or something else cannot take place in relations between two people. Now I would like to learn more about your private life and really it is very interesting to me to learn about it more! Also it would be interesting to me to learn about your city, a population in it what is present the industry and about various sights? In general I am am interested by all..
I with impatience shall wait your answer, and in this letter I send you my new photos. It has been made in my kitchen and I hope it to you too it was pleasant. Also, I would like to thank you that you always do fine my mood when I receive your letters!!!... I wish you good mood and I speak you 'Up to tomorrow'!!!
Sincerely your Venera.

Hello my friend .
Today I again have received your remarkable letter and I am very grateful to you for it. Today I have suddenly understood, that my day and my mood becomes much better, when I receive from you the letter and each time to me all is more interesting and more curious. To this I want, that we with you corresponded every day or in process of possible for this purpose. It will be valid to me to see very pleasantly your letters every day. Now we start to learn and get acquainted with you with each other little bit better and I want, that all and proceeded further. Each time at me to you arises more and more questions. For example yesterday I reflected on how passes for you usual day? What your daily routine? To what time you usually write to me the letter? And what at you now weather and how you are dressed? And in general it is interesting to me when you wake up and when go to sleep? I think, that the difference in time between us makes approximately 8 or 10 hours. So it is possible to present, that when at us in Russia evening, at you it about early morning, or for example when I lie down to sleep, at you it only still approaches to evening. It is a little amusing, whether not so? Still I wanted to learn, when your birthday and who you on a sign on the zodiac? For example I was born in the spring, on May, 23 in 1980 - 'Cancer'. Ok, I have lived all life in Russia, in my favourite city. I very much like to travel and for the years I have had time to visit different parts of Russia, but unfortunately before I had never to be farther than limits of Russia.. But it is possible still ahead?...
As always to me all is very interesting for learning. Write to me more and I with pleasure shall read your letter. I wish you all most good and I again send you my some photos. All these photos have been accepted more recently and it especially is pleasant to me. I shall hope, what you also liked it?
With impatience I shall wait your letter tomorrow and as always, I speak to you good-bye and ' Up to tomorrow '!!!...
Sincerely, your Venera.

Hello my friend .
I have lead the today in huge desire more likely to receive and read your letter. Having received your letter I with the great pleasure have read it. I want to inform you, that yesterday I spoke with mum concerning you and it was very interesting to it to learn you when I described you to her. She was very glad to hear from me, that I have found to myself the good friend. My girlfriends too began to notice, what my mood recently became much better and they have taken an interest at me, than it is caused? I did not begin to hide and all him have told about us with you. In the answer I have heard many compliments and wishes for us with you. It was very pleasant for me to hear it and I am grateful to the god, that all has turned out so! Though a little more early to speak about something more serious, but I start to feel, that I to you have any feeling. Also I want to admit to you, that you show for me the big sympathies. I hope, that you understand me?... And what are you did today and how has passed your day? What are you prefer to listen the music and what are your prefer favourite executors? For example from foreign singers I give preference Britney Spears, Madonna, Kaily Minoque, Evanescence, September, In-Grid, Space Girls, Sugarbabes and others... From film-actors I like Steven Sigal, Bruce Willis, Leonardo D'Caprio, Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Pamela Anderson, Denis Richards, Kim Bassenger, Milla Yovovich and still the some other... I do not know, whether the Russian actors or singers are known to you? But I think that you know several? But as a hobby I prefer classical music in execution Rohmaninov, Chaikovsky, Bethoven, Shalyapin and other more. On a guitar I play and I sing basically songs from old Soviet films or romances. Also, at a leisure, I also like to play on my violin! Probably sometime I can execute to you a little and I am sure, that it would be pleasant to you... And again, today I send you my new photo! As I shall be glad to receive from you any photos in your letters. Tomorrow I shall expect again with the big impatience your letter and I wish you all good!
Sincerely your Venera.
p.s.Yes, I saw your pictures!

Hello my friend.
Today I again have received from you your remarkable letter. Reception from you new letters, it for me as the next appointment which I wait more, than the sun in the sky. Today at night before going to sleep, I for a long time thought about you. Also I want to admit, that today all the day long I too thought only about you. I think, that in my life there was something new and interesting which does not give me rest. This curiosity is possible is caused by that before I never collided with such acquaintance and the more so that I never communicated with the foreigner. But it looks new and it is even more interesting and is mysterious. Today I have thought and have decided to give you the home address, on a case of if you want to write to me the letter by mail the handwriting. As such letter for me will be a pleasant surprise.
My address: Russia, Ulyanovsk 432072, street Stroiteley 63, an apt. 29, for my name Venera Kamalova. On this post address I can receive your letter if you want to write to me. As it is interesting to me to learn your home address, if you not against to accept from me the letter with my handwriting? Still I for you have one pleasant news! Today I have got the program for strengthening my knowledge of the English language on an intensive course. And I was possible in perfection I shall soon know English to not use any more the translator. Write to me as today has passed your day? What was weather? I hope, that all is simply wonderful. Today I send you a photo where I am together with my sister! Her name is Marina. How your impression at first sight? Also, other photo which has been accepted literally couple of days back, specially for you!!! It was evening time when I came back home, after mine work! I hope to you it was pleasant... I shall wait from you for news tomorrow, and today as always I wish you all good.
Sincerely your Venera from Russia.

Hello my friend.
Today I again have come on the next written appointment to you and I was glad to receive your letter. How are you my Dear friend? My day today has passed as never wonderful and I hope, as your too?! Now you are a little familiar with my sister and I think, that it is one more step to learn to us with you each other better. Having woken up today in the morning, I have suddenly understood, that I feel happy and cheerful, I think as you can understand, than it is caused?... I began to understand, that In my life was occurs some changes and I constantly feel happy, such with me was not very much for a long time. Constant ideas about you now simply do not leave my head.. More often I present the moment as though we have met with you face to face and talked about something?... It so perfectly also grasps, that it simply to not tell in words. Most of all I would like to touch you a hand and to feel you, looking in your face. It seems to me, that this day would be for me one of the most significant!... I want to ask to you a question: Are you frequently think of me during your day? I simply could not present myself, that all can turn back so!... It seems to me, what it is similar to something, what remains in soul at first sight? I want to admit to you, that I have very much become attached to you also I cannot imagine, if I suddenly shall not see from you the letter next day... Are you promise to warn me if suddenly it will not be given to you to an opportunity to write to me? Otherwise, I shall simply start to worry and experience for you. I hope, that you understand, that I of it very much would not like to do... Sometimes it seems to me, that I am jealous you to world around a little. Probably it happens what I do not see you or I do not know, who is in your daily environment? I hope, that it at all has not offended you also you accept it as my small excitement about you? I cannot tell words, that to me occurs, but in my opinion I show for you the big feelings and with me before never such was... It is probably caused by what I began to trust very strongly to you? I cannot simply find words to speak further and I very much would like to hear your opinion concerning told by me? Sending this letter to you I very much worry and hope, what you understand me? I with impatience shall wait your letter tomorrow and to think of you. I hope, that at you everything is all right!
Your Venera.

Hello my friend !
I thought much and reflected on how you will react to my last letter. But today, having seen your letter, I have understood that you me have perfectly understood also our ideas in many respects are similar. I very much appreciate in you that you so well concern to me also I safely I answer you reciprocity. It seems to me, that between us something began to develop the greater, than simply friendship. With this feeling I start to feel like the happiest woman, this the finest that happened with me recently. Certainly all this only due to you. Probably it is the help of the god that we have got acquainted with you in such huge world. Probably you that person of whom I dreamed and I speak it that prompts me about it my internal voice. My feeling seldom brought me and I think, that I was not mistaken. Our reforms have spoiled our men. They became very melancholic and do not want to think of tomorrow's day. And in your women probably are very independent? Or I am mistaken? Anyhow it has led to to that we with you have found each other and I am very happy from it! Certainly now I would like the greater, than only your letters. As it would be fine, if we sometime have met you in reality and could touch to each other hands. Probably time will show and we with you can suit a meeting? It also will be possible soon? While we with you should learn each other better and to develop between us trust that in the future there was all as we want. I shall think of you and I shall wait your letter tomorrow, well it is time to me home and I speak you good-bye. I hope, that my new photos is pleasant to you too. It also has been made more recently, in one very big Shopping center of my city. ' Up to Tomorrow ' my dear friend!...
Your Venera.

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2009-05-21, 18:11:06   (updated: )

2009-05-21, 18:30:36
OJAS from United States  
Does the distance between her eye brows suggest she could be a minor?
2009-05-21, 21:25:07
I would just like to know if any one is involved with this woman.Her name is Lisa.not saying she is a scammer
2009-05-23, 18:27:32
I have enough experience with scammers to know that the woman in these pictures is not involved in the scam. Lisa, if you are innocent, I am sorry that your pictures are here, but they are here because scammers are using them to steal from us. I am sure other men have received them as well. They try to take something much more valuable than money...our hearts and the ability to trust when a real woman contacts us. I have met several women from Russia in person, and that is why I still search abroad for a good woman. There are materialistic women everywhere, but the family values that I am looking for are held by more Russian women than American women.
2009-05-28, 22:44:00
anonymous from United States  
Pittsburgh I received the same from this girl, if she is a girl sending these emails - could be a group of men for all we know - her answers started to not make sense, and I asked her some questins like what is her phone #, which many scammers do not give out - more traceable -
and she said she did not have a phone - after that I knew she was f o s

anyway there are more on the dating sites - is another email I have seen and I believe it is the same people or group of people making this scam,

2009-10-29, 11:44:32
I think that may be a scammer, she says her name is Venera and lives in Russia - her photos show her as a blonde late 20's, early 30's woman. Hope this helps if anyone is looking around for her :)
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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