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Dating scammer Lana Jones


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Name: Lana Jones


2b College Road, Ile-Ife, Osun, 234036 Nigeria

Other Comments:
This is a nigerian, pretendin to be American, born Nov 17, doing some kind of research on medecine for kids, sent me email when she saw my profile on Alliancedating, sent me many sms,always from a different number, and then long chats. I am pasting some history of those chats here:

lanajones01: you said you are gonna be online here for 9;00pm
lanajones01: whats happeneing ?
lanajones01: heloooooooo
lanajones01: are you there ?
lanajones01: hi honey
taoufik: Sorry Darling
lanajones01: i have been waiting for you
lanajones01: ok hun
taoufik: am really sorry honey, I got delayed
lanajones01: ok babe
lanajones01: what were you doing ?
taoufik: just got home
lanajones01: i have been waiting for you
lanajones01: ok hun
lanajones01: still in tunis ?
taoufik: yes. we agreed remember. I am waiting for u until u finish there
lanajones01: ok
lanajones01: so you want me to meet you there and not in the uk ?
lanajones01: ok
taoufik: I don't care where as long as we do. U received my mails?
lanajones01: thats gonna be nice though cos its gonna be my first time in tunis
lanajones01: yessssssssssssssssssssss
lanajones01: thanks for the emails
lanajones01: and i cant wait tio meet you
lanajones01: thanks foir the lovely pictures
lanajones01: i saw then on your facebook
taoufik: Thanks for the comments. I thought u never will
lanajones01: never will ?
taoufik: yes. u sent me an email but never mentioned that u've been on facebook
lanajones01: i am not on facebook but am thinking of getting my own facebook too
lanajones01: i ud=sed the link you sent to check it
lanajones01: it was me and my friend
lanajones01: from here
lanajones01: how was your day ?
taoufik: bad but it's over now
lanajones01: bad ?
lanajones01: why
lanajones01: how
taoufik: never mind. No point talking about it now. The important thing is that it is over and u are here
lanajones01: no
lanajones01: i wont feel better if i dont know the things that happened that did not make your day to be nice
lanajones01: i have to know cos we share the same heart
taoufik: No point in telling u now then. let's talk about smthg else
lanajones01: ok
lanajones01: i just read your email now
lanajones01: and you talked about me not talking about my family
lanajones01: thats because i dont really have people around me for years like you
lanajones01: i have heard a cold and lonely 9 years alone in this world
lanajones01: i told you i lost my parents and my only brother in a ghastly motor accibent
lanajones01: so i have been fighting for myself since then
lanajones01: thats 9 years ago now
taoufik: No you didn't. First time I hear about it. Really sorry about that
lanajones01: am sorry
lanajones01: i did not knpow i have not told you about this
lanajones01: am sorry
lanajones01: i was born in Des Monies IA
lanajones01: but i grew up in pittsburgh PA in the USA
lanajones01: i have a lovely parent and a brother cos we were just 4 in my family and we lived happily
lanajones01: but in the year 2000
taoufik: Des Moines or Des Monies?
lanajones01: i lost them in a ghstly motor accident
lanajones01: Des Monies
lanajones01: am sorry
taoufik: U were born in Des Moines or Des Monies?
lanajones01: so since the i have been living my life and sorting myself alone
lanajones01: i have answered you
lanajones01: Des Monies
lanajones01: so do you still have mpore that you wanna know about me ?
lanajones01: but i moved to pittsburgh when i was very young
lanajones01: so i grew up there in pittsburgh and i have been there since
taoufik: Do u have any family left? relatives?
lanajones01: well i have a cousin in denmark
lanajones01: and i hae one in sweden
taoufik: and me in Tunisia?
lanajones01: he only uncle i have is very sick since a long time ago
lanajones01: hahahahahaha
lanajones01: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
lanajones01: am sorry i did not tell you about that
lanajones01: but that really touched me
lanajones01: are you part of me too ?
taoufik: I can be your dad, mom, brother, sister, your whole family
lanajones01: tell me if you are a relative of kine too....cos i want to believe that too
lanajones01: do you really mean that ?
lanajones01: trhats very nice
lanajones01: kisses
taoufik: I want to be if u let me
lanajones01: i will
lanajones01: you should know that by now
taoufik: Do u believe in me or not?
lanajones01: i do
lanajones01: do you believe in me ?
taoufik: humm
taoufik: I want to, with all my geart
taoufik: heart that is
lanajones01: hmmmmm
lanajones01: thats means you dont now
taoufik: i want to, i swear i do, but I don't want to be disappointed again
lanajones01: i have told you a million times that you wont be dissapointed again
lanajones01: tell me about your dissapointments
lanajones01: are you there ?
lanajones01: are you not ta;lking ?
taoufik: really sorry honey. i was on the phone
taoufik: please forgive me
lanajones01: you should have asked me to excuse you
lanajones01: that was not fair
taoufik: i am really sorry honey. it was someone i called several times and he just called me back
lanajones01: ok
lanajones01: apology accepeted
lanajones01: tell about those people in the pictures i saw
lanajones01: theres was a bot there too ?
lanajones01: your son ?
taoufik: a bot?
lanajones01: boy
lanajones01: i am trying to be fast in the dark and gthats why i m making mistakes
lanajones01: bear with me
taoufik: yes. that was mu mom, sister, son and daughter
lanajones01: ok
taoufik: do u like them?
lanajones01: what about your wife ?
lanajones01: is she not there ?
lanajones01: yess..i think i do
taoufik: no, but if u want can send u her picture
lanajones01: ok
taoufik: do u want the picture of my last girlfriend so that u know everything about me?
lanajones01: yeah
lanajones01: name and where she is from ?
taoufik: sonia, Tunisia
lanajones01: ok
lanajones01: hey
lanajones01: are you based in tunis or in the uk ?
lanajones01: tell me thr truth now
taoufik: i already told u the truth. Lived in uk for many years. Came to tunis to set up company. been here a while getting company on its feet
lanajones01: a while ?
lanajones01: like how long ?
lanajones01: where is your family ?
lanajones01: i mean the kids
taoufik: so u can say i am based in both and sometimes i say i better stay here, sometimes i think i better go back there
lanajones01: so when we meet where will we be spending most of our times
taoufik: kids are in tunisia. they came back to live in tunisia when they were little with their mum and then we divorced. i stayed in uk and then decided to come here. Been 2 years now. but i go to london very often, sirt of every 6 weeks or so
lanajones01: so where will be based ?
taoufik: spending most of our times as what? married?
lanajones01: i am not sure of thatn yet
lanajones01: but if that happens whats gonna happen ?
lanajones01: where will we live in ?
taoufik: honey, if u love me enough. that question would be trivial. i'd follow u or u'd follow me. the important thing is being together. In any case we'll live wherever u want
taoufik: where do u prefer to live?
lanajones01: anywhere
lanajones01: just wanna be sure
taoufik: if u like tunisia, so be it, otherwise london. I wouldn't want to live in the states though
lanajones01: ok babe
lanajones01: i must tell you the truth but i would prefer settling doen in the uk but going to tunis often will be something i will like cos i like travelling alot and i have never been to tunis before
taoufik: ok hun
taoufik: would u like to come to tunis when u finish in nigeria?
lanajones01: sure
lanajones01: will you still be there then /
lanajones01: i will come to meet you anywhere as long as you dont change
taoufik: why would i change hun?
lanajones01: i dont know
lanajones01: but i know men do change for there selfish reasons
taoufik: by the way u never told how it ended with last boyfriend
lanajones01: so i always expect the worst
taoufik: believe or not, i feel the same
taoufik: i don't actually believe in something until it happens for real. have u noticed how many times i asked u if u were real, if u really existed?
lanajones01: yes
taoufik: did u receive those pictures?
lanajones01: sometimes that makes me feel its not worth it
lanajones01: cos i am trying the internet out cos i feel here i can get more trust and all that
lanajones01: but when you ask me that i feel like you are never goimng to trust me
taoufik: honey. iam older than u and most probably have more experience than u. after many disappointments trust is hard to acquire, but when it is there it's there for good
taoufik: honey............. please.......................
lanajones01: so when is it going to be there ?
taoufik: when we meet. until now i exist and you exist on our computers. I can't hug or kiss or marry the computer
lanajones01: ok hun
taoufik: by the way hun, smthg I want to insist on. I want a tunisian wedding if we ever marry
lanajones01: ok
lanajones01: i dont know about a tunisian marraige
lanajones01: wedding
taoufik: i want to wear a dress like the one my sister is wearing in my facebook page
lanajones01: tell me about it
taoufik: u seen the picture of my sister wearing that dress at her wedding on facebook?
lanajones01: ok
taoufik: u don't sound enthousiastic!!
lanajones01: cos i will have to check it out again
taoufik: tell me. u don't want to get married, do u?
lanajones01: i do
lanajones01: surely
lanajones01: i wanna get married and have kids
taoufik: maybe not with me then!! I feel you've gone cold on me
lanajones01: what are you saying ?
lanajones01: just tell me if you have another lady somewhere else instead of wasting my time
taoufik: that's really funny. i've been asking u ( not directly, i admit ) to marry me for the past hour and you ask me if i have another lady somewhere else? how about u stopping wasting my time if u have somebodu else in ur life?
lanajones01: hahahah
lanajones01: you cant bring it to me
lanajones01: you are the one tat said that am cold or something
lanajones01: for Gods sake its the first time that am hearing of this tunis marraige thing and i dont know anything abou it....i think its normal for me to have an idea about it before i get too enthusiastic about it
taoufik: ure right. sorry sweetheart. it is a simple ceremony. u can go thru it or u don't. not compulsory at all
lanajones01: so tell me about it now4
taoufik: u wear a couple of dresses and people dance around u and that's about it
taoufik: Lana Jones, for the 1st time in my life i do this, will u marry me?
lanajones01: please gimme some time
lanajones01: like some hours
lanajones01: but i love you
lanajones01: dont forget that
taoufik: ok my love. ur right again. take ur time. do u believe that i love u too?
taoufik: because i do
lanajones01: yes i do
lanajones01: i do belive
taoufik: honey did u receive the 2 pictures i just sent u?
lanajones01: no
lanajones01: i could not open them
taoufik: will resend them by email. Amel is my ex wife, mother of the 2 kids and Sonia is ex girlfriend. I insist on sending them to u so that there is no part of my life that u wouldn't know about
lanajones01: that will be nice
lanajones01: i hope to read see them tomorrow
taoufik: r u going home now hun? where do u live by the way?
lanajones01: i live in ile-ife
lanajones01: or are you talkng about at home in pittsburgh /
lanajones01: am so fucking broke now dear
taoufik: no, in nigeria
lanajones01: i have to buy a new phone....electricty and i think i have to repair my laptops hardrive so that i can always use ,my own computer too
lanajones01: you know that way i can always chat with you till anytime
lanajones01: at anytime
taoufik: but where do u live in nigeria? hotel? rent a place? with friends?
lanajones01: rent a place
lanajones01: like an hotel too but not a hotel
lanajones01: just like a guest house
taoufik: once again i ask u. do u want me to come over there or not?
lanajones01: dont worry hun
lanajones01: i cant have myself here so i dont want to add to my burden
lanajones01: i cant contain you here baby
lanajones01: i will be fine't
lanajones01: thanks for your care
lanajones01: hugs
taoufik: sorry hun but what do u mean by u can't contain me there?
lanajones01: i mean i dont have the power to host you
lanajones01: i will be with you soon
taoufik: we can go to a real hotel. I will be staying only 3 or 4 days utmost
lanajones01: take care of what you have to take care there and i will take care of what i have to do here
lanajones01: no need to waist resiurces
lanajones01: resources and money
taoufik: honey, u seem to have money pbs, lots of them. i know it is stupid and premature, but why don't u come and work with me here to build up the business?
lanajones01: i will when am through here
lanajones01: we have talked about that before
lanajones01: thats a done deal my love
taoufik: it sounds like ur life depends on your stay in nigeria. why don't u just leave? u r not accountable to anybody, i hope?
lanajones01: yes
lanajones01: i will feel more fulfilled if i can finish this project
lanajones01: you know i have always put my life and hopes into this
lanajones01: so you coming around is just a luck for me and i am very happy for that
lanajones01: but i will still be happy to do my best'
lanajones01: so you understand ?
lanajones01: do you understand ?
lanajones01: i really want to be with you like in the next minute too
lanajones01: or honey if i may ask can you help with some money to take care of all this garbage in front of me /
lanajones01: ?
taoufik: very difficult but am trying. I believe in life we all have priorities, and your top priority, logically, should be with me and our future. i sense somehow that u could be a very successfull businesswoman given the right circumstances and we could help each other out for us and hopefully for our future kids
lanajones01: i really feel so too
taoufik: sorry, i just read the last sentence. what shit are you in hun?
lanajones01: and i must confess i really cant wait to sit down and talk business with you
lanajones01: it will be the first time in my life
lanajones01: i mean me getting a phone.....electricity bill and water bills and shelter
lanajones01: but the shelter is not that important
lanajones01: cis i took care of it but then i told them i will be stayinmg for a week
lanajones01: and i also need internet
lanajones01: the fact that i dont have sufficienbt access to the internet is slowing down my progress here'
taoufik: suppose we haven't met, what would have done once u've finished in nigeria?
taoufik: where would u have gone?
lanajones01: i go back to the states and look for a good job there
lanajones01: 'am sure i will get one with a good [pharmaceutical company
taoufik: what r ur qualifications hun?
lanajones01: i major in pharmacy
lanajones01: you ?
lanajones01: we never talked about your academics
taoufik: studied in tunis, then london ( woolwhich university ) then paris ( paris III, sorbonne nouvelle ) applied marketing
lanajones01: ok
lanajones01: wow
lanajones01: you are very vast
lanajones01: thats cool
lanajones01: you are a very bright student ?
taoufik: yap, your future ( hoping to be ) husband was a fairky bright student
lanajones01: hahahahahahahahaha
lanajones01: thanks for putting smile on my face
lanajones01: i have not smiled in a long time
taoufik: i want to close that mouth with a kiss, more than anything else. Somehow, i wonder, why didn't they invent teleporting thru computers. all i have to do is stick my lips on the screen and u do the same 1000s of miles away and we could kiss, maybe even make love??
lanajones01: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
lanajones01: thats so nice of you
lanajones01: how did you think of that /
lanajones01: ?
lanajones01: do you like that kiss ?
taoufik: no; i want a real one, virtual ones don't satisfy me
taoufik: talking about making love, we never did, talk about making love that is
lanajones01: ok
lanajones01: lets talk about it
lanajones01: tell me our fantasies
lanajones01: how do you like making love /
lanajones01: ?
taoufik: everywhere, car, plane, train, stairs, countryside, sea and of course table, couch and bed
lanajones01: hahahahahaha
lanajones01: naughty boy
lanajones01: tell me
lanajones01: do you like kissing ?
taoufik: for hours, but there kisses and kisses. there r everyday kisses and making love kisses, wet long and tasty
taoufik: i like both
lanajones01: i am talking about making love kisses
taoufik: how can u make love without kisses? do u use ur tongue hun?
lanajones01: yes
lanajones01: and i can eat the whole of your neck when kissing you'
taoufik: mmmmm , what positions do u like sweety?
lanajones01: do you go in from the back ?
lanajones01: i like tat hun
taoufik: hun i want to tell u to stop but cant. ur getting me aroused. do u like being on top?
lanajones01: yes
lanajones01: but i also like to down sometimes
lanajones01: and when you get me really aroused i can suck you till you cum
taoufik: but i also like to down sometimes?
taoufik: u mean go down on me?
lanajones01: yes
taoufik: how about me, do u like me to go down on u? and suck u?
lanajones01: hmmmmm
lanajones01: yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
lanajones01: thats so sexy
lanajones01: i never knew you are such a sexy guy too
taoufik: apparently i am the best at cunnilingus
lanajones01: hmmm
lanajones01: seriously ?
taoufik: did u know we were born the same month?
taoufik: what sign r u?
lanajones01: i did not know
lanajones01: when is yout bday ?
taoufik: november 6, scorpio
lanajones01: novenmber 17
lanajones01: so how are we gonna have our bday paties ?
lanajones01: we do yours first ?
taoufik: we do them together in between
lanajones01: how ?
taoufik: say november 12
taoufik: u know scorpios crave for sex
lanajones01: ok
lanajones01: good option'
taoufik: all the scorpios i know love sex
lanajones01: yeah
lanajones01: tat makes both of us
lanajones01: but now only with the man i am sure about wiyj all my heart
taoufik: ever practiced sodomy?
lanajones01: no
lanajones01: whats that about ?
taoufik: going in from the back hole
lanajones01: tell me more
lanajones01: hope its not the fuking asshole thing
taoufik: yes. u could be for or against
lanajones01: i have never done that before so i cant say but i dont think i like it
taoufik: if u don't like it u don't
lanajones01: ok
taoufik: how about sucking ur boobs, do u like that? I am a boob man
lanajones01: yeah yeah
lanajones01: yeah
lanajones01: thats cool and sexy and can make me go crazy
taoufik: how about the inside of your ear? like it or not?
lanajones01: yes i love it
lanajones01: oh are so sexy
taoufik: do u mind if i use my tongue on ur back hole, no asshole fucking
lanajones01: yeah
lanajones01: anywhere i will like yo feel your tongue coming into me
taoufik: hun do u shave ur pussy or is it hairy?
lanajones01: no its shaved
taoufik: all of it or part of it?
lanajones01: ALL
lanajones01: you dont like it like that ?
taoufik: no sorry hun. I like a bit of hair above the slit. It really gets me excited
lanajones01: well maye i will habe to keep it for you then
lanajones01: where precisely above the clit ?
taoufik: above the lips
taoufik: just shave the vagina lips area and leave the rest hairy
lanajones01: ok
lanajones01: i promnise i will do that for you
lanajones01: baby i have to go bed soon'
lanajones01: so will you be able to help with some money tomorrow honey ?
lanajones01: kisses
taoufik: how can i send u money on a sunday? banks are shut here
lanajones01: sorry dear
lanajones01: i have forgeotten that its a saturday already
lanajones01: i mean today
taoufik: sorry dear, banks are shut saturday and sunday. how much would u need?
lanajones01: like 200 dollars i guess
lanajones01: or any amout you can help with
lanajones01: i dont want to disturb you or turn myself into a burden for you
taoufik: send me ur bank account # we'll try
lanajones01: i dont have a bank account here hun
lanajones01: you cn send it through money transfer
lanajones01: western union precisely
taoufik: i'll have to get someone to send u money from london. can't be done from here. guess same in nigeria
lanajones01: i think so
lanajones01: if thats it then surely you can get to send it today
lanajones01: cos it will be available there today
taoufik: i can do it only on monday, for long reasons
lanajones01: ok my love
lanajones01: should i give you the info to send it to
taoufik: please
lanajones01: NAME : LANA JONES
ADDRESS : 2b College Road
CITY : Ile-Ife
STATE : Osun
ZIPCODE : 234036
COUNTRY : Nigeria
taoufik: ok hun, will keep u posted. before u go hun, u wouldn't have another picture of u, please?
lanajones01: what do you mean
lanajones01: let me check
taoufik: i have 1 and only picture of u, u wouldn't have another one? even taken with someone's mobile phone?
lanajones01: ok
lanajones01: i will send one now
taoufik: thanks sweety. it may sound bizarre and twisted, but i am horny right now and instead of going out now and meeting someone, i prefer to have ur picture and imagine u in different postures and use my own hands. sorry about that hun!!!!
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lanajones01: are you there ?
taoufik: yes
taoufik: i am here hun
lanajones01: ok my love
taoufik: i think i'll die
lanajones01: no you cant die hun
lanajones01: thats the one i can get for now
lanajones01: i hope toi get some for you soon
lanajones01: do you like them ?
taoufik: i am deaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
taoufik: you're a killer
lanajones01: hahahah
lanajones01: you
lanajones01: are funny
lanajones01: there are so many ladies out there that are more beautiful than me
lanajones01: baby i am looking at your pic on yahoo here i feel fulfilled
lanajones01: your smile is so captivating
taoufik: but u are worth dying for, u are so gorgeous, u are stunning, u are so beautiful. I can't believe how lucky I am
lanajones01: me too
lanajones01: you have to go to bed now too dear
lanajones01: when will you be online again
lanajones01: ?
taoufik: tomorrow say 8 pm?
lanajones01: ok baby
lanajones01: am noy sure if am gonna be online then
lanajones01: what about early in the morning
lanajones01: ?
taoufik: ok what time?
lanajones01: anyway i will give you a missed call when i am online
lanajones01: maybe 8 or 9 am
taoufik: ok my love. do u mind if I go down on 1 knee and tell u I love u?
lanajones01: i dont mind
lanajones01: i will do that here oo
lanajones01: too
taoufik: I LOVE YOU
lanajones01: going down too
taoufik: sweet dreams my love
taoufik: monday hun
lanajones01: OK my love
lanajones01: i will be waiting and please dont forget as you know i really need it here hun
taoufik: kissesssssssssssssssssssssss
lanajones01: and please write the info i gave you down ....have you ?
taoufik: NAME : LANA JONES
ADDRESS : 2b College Road
CITY : Ile-Ife
STATE : Osun
ZIPCODE : 234036
COUNTRY : Nigeria
lanajones01: hahahahahahahahahahah
lanajones01: i know my baby must have written it
lanajones01: i almost forgot that my teddy is a genius and bright guy
lanajones01: lobe you moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
lanajones01: dream about me ok /
lanajones01: ?
lanajones01: love
taoufik: i certainly will
lanajones01: bye
taoufik: goodnight hun, bye

Here are a couple of her emails:

From: 'lana jones' Save Address Block Sender This Is Spam
Subject: Re: MISSING YOU
Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 08:28:42 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Hun,
You came online and did not talk....i hope all is well with you...i love you so do you feel about myy voice and when are you gonna be online again? you are my love forever.

From: 'lana jones' Save Address Block Sender This Is Spam
Subject: Re: MISSING YOU
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 04:54:06 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Hun, I came here to chat with you but you were not here ....i hope all is well with you.....and i hope you had a nice weekend....i have missed you alot and i hope you have help me send the money....I LOVE YOU

From: 'lana jones' Save Address Block Sender This Is Spam
Subject: I LOVE YOU
Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 04:26:51 -0700 (PDT)
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The thought of you makes me smile the thought of holding you makes me weak I try so hard to understand theses feelings I'm having for the sweetest man.

I have not met you, but I'm willing to take a chance just to hold you and kiss you and maybe one day call you my husband.

It's amazing how much I adore you not a day goes by the thought of you surrounds me a breeze would pass and I feel your presence as if you were near.

My thoughts are with you morning and night I even find myself waking up in the middle of the night a simple smile takes form on my lips imagining our first kiss.

The sound of your voice soothes my thoughts only making a smile once again form you like a star that fell from the sky with a purpose I believe to make my feelings come alive.



2009-05-26, 11:27:04   (updated: )
[hidden] from Tunisia  

2009-05-26, 11:27:04   (updated: )
[hidden] from Tunisia  

2009-05-26, 11:27:04   (updated: )
[hidden] from Tunisia  

2009-05-26, 12:28:38
anonymous from China  
The middle Photo is Porn Model Natalie Cruze



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