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Dating scammer Elena600


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Name: Elena600



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ainda me comunico com esse infeliz, estou fingindo entrar na dele, e na ultima correspondencia me pediu 450 euros para despesas com documentos pra vir pro meu pa´´is. Desde o início já sabia que se tratava de um scammer mas achei legal dar linha pra ver até onde chegaria. na minha última resposta disse que acharia melhor eu ir até a rússia para conhece-la e realizar tdos os nossos sonhos.
pergunto: seria possível descobrir de onde essa ou esses pilantram tecem. vlw.


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2009-05-28, 23:35:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2009-05-28, 23:35:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2009-05-28, 23:35:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2009-05-28, 23:35:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Brazil  

2009-05-29, 02:44:56
anonymous from Italy  
this is a scam, I received the same photos, emails of love and the request for money through Western Union

2009-05-29, 02:49:27
anonymous from Italy  
Thank for your answer. It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter.
If I am fair very much looked forward to hearing from you.
And when saw that you have become interested in me I very much was delighted.
I shall be very glad to tell to you about myself.
Also shall be very glad to find out you.
Now I shall inform you about me directly.
On the Internet I search for love. I search for my second half. Men for long and serious relations.
My age of 28 years. My growth 172 sm and my weight 53 kg.
I work as the seller in flower shop.
I live in Russia in city Zelenodolsk. This city is in republic Tatarstan.
All my life has passed in this city here I and was born.
My city is approximately in 700 km from Moscow.
I am lonely and was not married earlier.
I have a healthy way of life.
I when do not smoke and I do not drink strong alcoholic drinks.
Sometimes I drink only champagne on holidays.
I like to conduct a mobile way of life. I like to visit different places.
At leisure I always try to find to myself different occupations.
I very much like to go to theatre and cinema.
On character I the cheerful person, tries to enjoy each moment of my life and to overcome with a smile all difficulties of my lonely life.
And I want find men with which I can to divide my life.
For me it is the first experience on the Internet. You to the first whom I dared to write.
Why you have decided to find to yourselves the friend through Internet?
How for a long time you search love in the Internet?
You have correspondence with other girls from Russia?
I hope that you will answer my questions. It will help me better to find out about you.
I want to do to you one request.
You may send me your some photos. I very much would like to have it at myself.
For me it would be pleasant to receive your photos.
You may do it??? I hope to receive your photos.
I want, that you have more soon answered me.
Write to me about itself, than you are engaged and that like.
I want to know about you more.

2009-05-29, 02:53:38
anonymous from Italy  
Hello Regards!!!!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter I is very happy that again I write you.
I very much want that we found out each other better and shall try to tell to you all that interests you.
I always appreciated in men nobleness and skill to stand the lady.
It seems to me if two persons in all are fair to each other and they have mutual understanding that it the fine future and an opportunity to build the relation is provided.
I very much want to find out about you all in the smallest details.
In how many you rise, how many time at you leaves on work, that you like to eat, as you will spend the free time.
Now I want to write slightly about myself as at me pass usual day. I wake up at 6:00 AM and I go in bathing.
After that I go to have breakfast, I love easy breakfast.
At 7:20 AM I leave from a house and I go on a stop.
I go on work on public transport.
Sometimes at a stop there are very many people and I go on work on foot.
In general I like to take a walk before my work from a house approximately 20 minutes of walking.
My working day lasts with 8 AM up to 5 PM.
Sometimes I very much get tired after work and when I get home that to me it is pleasant at once go to accept bathing. After that I feel restoration of forces. It really helps me to relax after a difficult working day.
It happens when in our shop many clients. Such days basically are in holidays.
Also all the day it is necessary to carry out on legs.
I 2 years as live separately from the parents.
In the inheritance the apartment has got to my mum from the grandmother and I have moved there.
Because it is necessary to look behind an apartment.
I in family a unique daughter.
From all seasons in one year I most of all love summer.
I do not love winter because at us very coldly.
But in the winter at us I was very beautiful also do not know with what to compare this beauty.
As on days off I with the girlfriend go to sports club to support itself in the sports form.
I like to look well. Sometimes basically in the summer I like to have jog since morning.
It very much encourages me.
At leisure me like to read books. Basically I read novels about love.
I want to speak you why I have decided to search for my love through internet.
I do not know why but I was earlier not successful in love.
Because I am lonely now. I not was impossible to find men with which would I be happy.
I did not meet the men with which I would like to lead all my life.
Whether I do not know I can find my love through internet, but I think that is necessary to try it.
I recently tried it. You to the first whom I write.
I hope to you boring my letter you will not seem and will write further to me.
I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself.
I shall try to answer all your questions.
If I shall not answer your question means probably I could not to understand him, do not take offence at me and write him once again.
I think, that you understand, that the overall objective in my life is to find that only thing, my second part of me with which I can go through all difficulties of life.
Together to meet pleasure, I very much to dream of it.
I think, that you understand me and your vital purposes are similar to mine.
I think that time will show us it.
On it I want to finish the letter and with the big impatience I shall expect your answer.
Have remarkable day and good mood.
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2009-05-29, 02:57:36
anonymous from Italy  
nome: Elena Volkova
Località: Zelenodolsk
indirizzo: 85-22, Sovetskaya st.
Codice postale: 422540
Stato: Tatarstan
Paese: Russia

2009-05-29, 03:02:06
anonymous from Italy  
How are you doing? I hope you have fine mood and at you all is good.
Thanks for your letter to me.
I waited your letter and it is very pleasant for me to write to you again.
I am glad that I can to speak with men not from my country.
I spoke you that I shall try to tell about myself as much as possible.
And I want to tell to you about my last relations. Probably you will be interested to find out it.
I spoke you that now I am lonely. But I am already lonely about one year.
I had serious relations one year ago and it proceeded about two years.
It was men which I very much liked and thought that we shall be together always.
With him I felt like simply in a fairy tale and I very much loved him.
It was very wonderful time, but unfortunately it has stopped.
For me as if all world has fallen. I always trusted in his words.
Because I think that without trust when people cannot build the true love.
Both should respect each other and trust each other.
I have found out that he changes to me. It was absolutely casual.
I simply went along the street and have seen him with other girl. It was impact for me.
Earlier I when did not think that he will be so is severe with me.
He deceived me and when did not speak me the truth.
After that I long could not come in myself. I did not want to see him.
I was afraid that I shall not bear it. He has come to me on the following day in good mood.
He did not know that I saw him with other girl.
But I have told to him that I neither when I can not forgive him and nor when any more I shall not be with him.
Certainly he was sorry and spoke that it when to not repeat but I has not changed my answer.
He was not fair with me and it most of all tore apart my heart.
He simply used that that I trusted him and always trusted in his words.
It was very difficult for me to forget all this.
Most of all I hate treachery and a deceit.
It is especially awful when it occurs from relatives to you of people.
But there is a Russian expression that ' time treats '. I long could not forget him.
But now I am ready to build new relations.
I am always fair with all and when I shall not deceive someone.
I know what it is an awful thing when you deceive.
It delivers an awful pain.
I shall never scoff and play feelings of other people, and I to decide, that all this not for me. I shall not bear still such moment in a life.
I would like to be simply happy and to live as the normal person.
I to want to be happy with men and to lead with him all life.
The understanding is very important for me as each other.
I to wait from the man of understanding, I to think, that this most important and, certainly, big love and care of me. I shall try to make the man happy.
But without his help, without his love and understanding it will make difficultly.
I once again want to test such feeling as love. I very much to hope for it.
I think that you to understand my words.
I hope that you too think as well as I. And you agree with my opinion.
You think just as I?
I always thought what better to speak awful the truth than beautiful lie.
Any thing which hides the person sometime becomes known. And it will deliver a huge pain to someone.
And it is possible you too will tell to me about your serious relations???
If certainly it will not complicate you.
I shall wait for your fast letter.

How your affairs? I hope at you all well.
At me all is good. I hope that with each my letter you will find out me better.
It is very important for me that you write me. I had no new familiar already long time.
I for a long time had no men with which I speak as with you.
And I with the big pleasure to speak with you.
I did not have not enough such person as you.
Sometimes I very much would like to go with someone at cinema or theatre.
It is very sad when I can not spend time with someone. I want to divide happiness with somebody.
Last my days all are similar against each other. I know sometimes than my day will be finished.
I very much wait for changes. I want to find my present love.
My dream it to be with the love men.
I think for happiness it is necessary.
You agree with me? I think that it is necessary to have in life person which will support always.
I want to care of this person. To carry out with him romantic evenings.
To go with him to cinema, to walk in park. To have the general occupations.
I very much dream of it. I think each woman dreams of it.
Last time I felt like very lonely. I am very glad that now I have you.
I can speak you all that you want to know.
I very much like to tell to you about my life and about me it is direct.
I wish to have love man beside, feeling care and constant support at difficult minute, to what to aspire each person in life and I too.
I was close fortunately in the past, but my trust to break my heart.
I should trust men with which I shall be all life. To trust his each word, gesture, a sight, a smile.
In the world now so it is a lot of meanness and deceit, that it is necessary is attentive to concern to people which to surround you.
I to not speak you, that it is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, just necessary to know the person so that to be completely sure in him.
I to know you not long, but I can tell, that you very fair and open and it very much to involve me in you and I want and to write to you further.
We are far apart. But it does not prevent our dialogue.
Your letters do my mood high. To me it becomes joyful on soul.
I very much wait in my life of changes.
It happen when in my life I will appear men which very much I shall grow fond.
Which will be fair with me. Which when will not deceive to me.
Have remarkable day.
I wait for the fast letter from you.

2009-05-29, 03:13:10
anonymous from Italy  
How your affairs? I hope that at you all well and you have good day.
Today I had a heavy working day.
Like he was as always but day went very long and when I was at work this time lasted very slowly for me.
When the shop was closed also my work I was finished has decided to go up to my house on foot.I like to take a walk along the street on foot.
I did not want to go after work by the bus because everyone come back from work.And buses go full at this time.
I had good walk up to my house on foot in spite of even on that that I am tired.
I very much wanted to start to write to you and at last I am glad that I do it.
Each time when I receive your letter I have a smile on the face.
I like to read your answers to me. When I receive your letter my mood on it becomes much better.Your letters do a pleasure me.
I write you sincerely and from my heart. I think that you write to me similar.
I was always pleasant for answering your questions which interest you.
I always answer you sincerely. I hope it will help you to find out me better, my character.I can speak you all because your letters compel me to trust you.
I think that people which want to build relations should not hide from each other that.The trust is very important for me. You agree with me???
Two loving persons completely should trust each other. And certainly it is necessary to be fair with each other.I think that honesty is a basis of strong relations.I think without honesty it is impossible to build strong love.
I want to speak you that never it is impossible to build relations on a deceit and mistrust.I recently looked film about love. He name to as ' History of the Knight '.Probably you too saw this film. I liked this film.
This film was about the person which has made many courageous acts for the sake of love.He had to collide many troubles because of it.
He did much against the the interests for the sake of love. It is a fairy tale and it is possible now it is not present.But I think as in our life many such histories.
Some people should go across the interests for the sake of it.
Many refuse something for the sake of love. I think that the love changes persons in the best party. Everyone becomes happier and cheerful.The love helps the person it becomes better.Many overlook about it both are engaged only in work and do not try to build the private life.But in due course everyone understands that career and all will not be compared with love.
And they were not happy and they could not find person with which very much love each other.I want to find my love and to be happy. I want to do this person too happy.I think that for everyone it probably and everyone has chance to findit.Everyone is capable find love.I hope that I too can find my love.What you think of that that I have written to you???You agree with me or you think differently???
I finish my letter.
Have remarkable day.

2009-05-29, 03:18:36
anonymous from Italy  

Thank for your letter. I was very much pleased when have received it.
I waited for your letter. And I when I saw him I very much was admired with it.
I really looked forward your answer me. I think of you very much.
It is pleasant for me to write to you. I am glad that I have correspondence with you.To me very much very much like to write to you letters and to tell to you about me. I am glad that far from my country there is a person which writes to me. That is far from Russia is men which is interested in me.
I want to speak you that when I receive your letter I read him with the big interest.I like to re-read your letters.I understand all that you want to speak me and I hope you too understand that I speak you.Hope that you too are pleased that write to me.I can speak that I find out you much better. Your letters help me to find out you.When I receive your letter my mood it becomes better.Your letters help me to be more cheerful. Your letters do my day.Sometimes it happens me very boringly. But when I think of you I understand that I have men with which I can speak.With which I can share many things.And which will read always all about what I writes. I once would like to walk with you on park. We would have pleasant conversations.You very interesting men and I would like to communicate with you.I think that we would find many the common themes about what we might speak hours.I very much would like to do it. I think you too would be not against it.Or we might go there is an ice-cream somewhere.
I very much love ice-cream with a strawberry. You love it???We would enjoy our dialogue and would not think nothing.We were keen on our conversation. And we did not think neither of work, nor about other things.I for a long time not had it and men with which I might do it.I am glad that now I have you. Let I dream only of it, but it will be possible sometime was a reality.Then we might go and observe a decline the sun together. It would be very romantic.Let the distance divides us. And we may not do these things at once.But I simply wanted to speak you my dreams. I very much would like to tell it to you.When I know you my days became much more fine.Now my dreams decorate my boring day.
You know to me it would be desirable to have in life men. Which would concern to me very seriously. And for the sake of which I might make anything.
I think that when love that am ready on all for the sake of it.For me for a long time who did not make courageous acts. I want to speak you that you very much like to me and I hope our feelings will grow and am farther.I am happy that I have chance to find out you. I think may we have got acquainted role the destiny has played. Probably in our life it does not occur simply so. And probably our acquaintance is destiny.I really believe in that that for everyone there is his second half.For everyone there is a person with which he should be.
With which he may spend all life.Remember that your letters do my day.
Have fine day and good mood. If to you it becomes suddenly sad remember that far from you is girl which thinks of you.I finish my letter and I shall wait for your answer.

2009-05-29, 03:24:06
anonymous from Italy  
How your affairs?I hope that you have fine mood.Today I had remarkable day because saw your letter.I very much like to receive your answer to me on my letter.Last time my head is occupied with you. I think of you really very much is a lot of. For me you became very important. You influence my mood. You help me to feel like better and to cheer up me. Each time when I see your letter my mood becomes better. When I see it on my face there is a smile.And I begin to have dreams connected with you. I dream to see you and to spend with you time.
My dream to have with you of walk in park or in any beautiful and romantic place.Where we might have fine conversations and us who did not disturb.
We would be occupied only with our pleasant conversation. I am sure we would find set that for conversation. And we would speak up to the sunset. Then we might admire this fine kind simply. We would sit together and would look as the sun comes for horizon. We might walk all night till the morning.And then we might admire dawn together. It is very tempting. The truth?I shall be happy if once we shall do it by a reality for us and once my dreams will be carried out. We might have romantic evenings together.We would choose any pleasant place for supper and enjoyed it.Or we might remain at home and look any interesting film. I would like to look in silent domestic conditions interesting cinema. We would be arranged conveniently on a sofa and you would embrace me. I would like that it once became a reality.Probably once we can do this all by a reality.We shall have it constantly together. I hope that sometime and will be.To me would like to care of you. If once I shall have it with you I there will be a happiest woman in the world.I think that sincere love this most fine feeling in the world.Which occurs at two people gradually. And all begins with simple acquaintances.It is all as at us. And I would like that we and further developed our relations.I think as that before the present love when any barrier can not resist.The love will overcome any barrier on the way.And if once we shall decide to be together I think that we can do it.Up to that as I did not know you I long time was lonely.Sometimes I feel very badly and thought that I can not find men about which I would dream as of you. I searched men in which I as I shall not doubt. Which when not begins to deceive and betray me.
I searched men to which I shall not hesitate to speak about my dreams and feelings.But now in my life you have appeared you.You see that I do not hide from you my dreams and they are connected to you.I hope you concern to this seriously and perceive my words.I am sure that for you is all as seriously as well as for me.You that men which I searched for all my life.It not big words, and this decision of my heart. I feel that it you.Probably the destiny played the role that we have met.The destiny has helped us to find out each other. And I very much want that my dreams were reality.What you think of that that I has written to you?
You agree with me?I believe that once we can do all this by a reality.
I think that that we are divided by distance it does not mean anything.
I think distance it not a handicap for sincere feelings.I shall look forward to hearing from you.Have remarkable day.

2009-05-29, 03:29:32
anonymous from Italy  
Hello my dear!!!
I want to tell to you my ideas about our first meeting.It is not important for me where it will be, the main thing that we can be together.We can see each other.
We can embrace each other and present each other first our hot kiss.I think that I shall not want to let out you from my embraces. I want to touch you my palms.
My dream wants to see you in the person. Then we shall go to any romantic place.We shall have long and long conversation.I want that in our first day together we have met a sunset together.We would observe it having embraced and having nestled to each other if certainly it is possible.I might not depart you on a step. I would be only with you. For me day of our first meeting will be in the happiest afternoon in my life.We shall remember him for ever and the memoirs on it will do us happy always.I think that such happy days at us with you will be very much.I know that that it will be fine.Then you will include for me romantic music. We shall dance slow dance with you.We would dance with you and would look each other fool in the face.We would understand that we the happiest people in the world. We would belong only each other. For me it is not necessary who except for you.The most important that is all is feasible.
The main thing that we is very strong it wanted, only then we shall be together.
I constantly think only of you.Have remarkable day.
I wait for the fast letter from you.
Always your Elena.

Hello love!!!!
I have remarkable news to you. I have decided to execute my dreams.I for a long time dream to see you. Dream to have strong embraces and a gentle kiss with you.I shall try to execute our dream.Most my treasured dream I will come true shall be near to you.I very much want to be with you and to spend time together with you.If you wanted we might make it a reality.I very much would like to do our meeting by a reality.I would like to take holiday on my work and to have a meeting with you. If you would like I might arrive to you.
Our meeting it will be possible only if you want it. For me your feelings are very serious.I read each your letter very attentively.Our meeting will be possible if both of us shall want it.I shall do all what to lead holiday with you.I would understand that it in our forces what to have a meeting.You agree? I hope you too you want a meeting.I will be sure it the most remarkable holiday in my life because you will be near to me.You know I did not test such for a long time.
My feelings to you very sincere.I always listened to my heart. And my heart wants to be with you.I want spend with you fine time.I really think that only our meeting may show sincerity of our feeling and possible between us relations.
I very much want it.Probable it of us chance with you be together happy and I want to use this chance.I hope that you agree with me and we may try to do it by the a reality.I think that everyone may achieve something if will want very strongly it.Probably we do may try this all by a reality.I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you.I hope that you like my idea.

2009-05-29, 03:34:03
anonymous from Italy  
Hi my lovely!!!
I hope you feel like wonderfully. I want that you always had good mood. When I shall arrive to you I shall do all for this purpose.I shall do to you many pleasant things and surprises.I want that on yours face I constantly saw a smile. For me very much it would be desirable that both of us were happy.Our feelings are very strong also sincere. I shall be rather happy if I shall be with you.I want cook to you breakfast since morning and to bring him in bed.I so would like to do to you many pleasant things and in the answer to see a smile on your person.
When we shall be together I do not want that we hesitated of our feelings.
I shall not be when to hesitate of it.I want to embrace and kiss you in crowded a place when it would be desirable me.We shall be fine pair. I want to take in any place you for a hand and to go so.You will do as I know it.When we shall be together it there will be our fine first day together.I would like to lead him with you completely. I shall not depart from you when I shall be with you.
In the evening we shall have romantic walks and me so it would be desirable to observe a sunset together with you.When we shall together we necessarily we shall do it.I would like suit romantic evenings for us.I shall prepare for some dishes which I think to you very much will like.And then we shall have supper at candles.You will include slow music and we shall dance with you.I so would like to nestle on you and to dance with you.We shall be together and it will be fine time.Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me Closer to you. I much think and I dream of our future.I can not wait that day when we can meet each other.I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first
Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all The life.
I want to inform you that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that you always will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me. That I have divided with you the life.Ideas about you do not leave my head! I frequently present as your lips gently concern my lips!!! We leave this world and us carries away in eternity!I so love this feeling! This feeling you have presented me!I want to speak you, that I really very seriously I treat our meeting.And I very much want to arrive to you.
But I do not know, that am necessary for me for this purpose.But I am ready to find out it.I know, that in my city there is a travel agency. I want to go there and to find out, that to me it is necessary for arrival to you.It is sure, that to me will help with agency to find out, that to me it is necessary to arrive to you.After I shall find out everything, that I shall inform you.I am realy thankful to the fate that it made us to find each other in big world. We'll become the happiest pair and see our life only in beautiful colors!!! I know that it will be so, trusting in our feelings I'm finding myself realy like a princess waiting for the moment when her prince will take her in arms.
Embraces and kisses.
Your Elena.

2009-05-29, 03:39:00
anonymous from Italy  
Hello my lovely Franco!!!!!!!!
I have remarkable news to you. Today I have decided to take advantage of my lunch time and to go in travel agency. When I have come agency worked also very much was delighted that they work without dinner. Differently I again should go in agency after the ending of my work.I liked conditions at them.As with me were very polite also the employee of agency has explained to me all that interested me.But certainly that I have found out the most important as I canarrive to you and what package of documents is necessary for me.That I might arrive to yours the country to me the visa is required. Without the visa I can not arrive to your country. The visa is one of the main documents for arrival to you.To me as have explained what documents to me still it is necessary to receive that I might arrive to you.I can make out all necessary documents and arrive to you. So our meeting is a reality and we have an opportunity soon to be together.On registration of the visa and all documents it is required three weeks.So in three weeks we can be together. That my visa began to be made out to me are necessary to bring my necessary documents for this purpose and to pay all charges which I shall be demanded for official registration of papers.
I very much was delighted that all so simply and that we have an opportunity soon to be together.But on the other hand me that that has upset cost of all expenses forofficial registration of papers 420 Euro.Unfortunately I can not pay these charges itself and without your help I can not arrive to you.Probably you may help me? You may help me?Certainly if for you it there will be big expenses and you can not help me I all shall understand.Sometimes in life it is necessary to refuse things which to you it would be desirable to do.
But I hope that my dream will come true also we with you we shall be together.
I shall wait that you will answer me and I do not know wants I to hear it whether or not.Because I very much want to be with you and to spend with you time.
Also I hope you too want it as strongly as well as I.If you can help me all there will be perfectly and soon we shall together.I very much want to do our dreams by a reality. And to do with you all that about what I dreamed.You want to see me in three weeks???If I shall bring all necessary documents and can pay all expenses for official registration of papers that in three weeks we can be together.It is very tempting for me and I very much hope that we soon shall together.I shall look forward to hearing from you to me and I hope I shall see very soon it.I send you many air kisses and gentle embraces.
And I very much would like to give you real kisses soon.
Always your Elena.

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