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Dating scammer Olga


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Name: Olga



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From Fri Jun 5 04:28:03 2009
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2010-03-31, 11:13:14
Hanubis from United States  
Photo of profile of Kseniya Kolesnikova and headers:
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Wed, 31 Mar 2010 06:31:15 -0700 (PDT)
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X-Yahoo-Newmewman-Property: ymail-3
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 17:29:13 +0400
From: Kseniya Kssss <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v4.0.28.1) UNREG
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>

2010-03-31, 21:15:10
anonymous from United States  
i was talking to this girl just the other day
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olga

2010-04-01, 01:01:34
ww from Japan  

1st sender IP is =
2nd =

IP Information - address:
Reverse DNS: [No reverse DNS entry per]
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Unknown]
ASN: 3356
ASN Name: Level3 (Level 3 Communications)
IP range connectivity: 6
Registrar (per ASN): RIPE
Country (per IP registrar): US [United States]
Country Currency: USD [United States Dollars]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: Normal
City (per outside source): Broomfield, Colorado
Country (per outside source): US [United States]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS:

IP Information - address:
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Could be forged: hostname does not exist]
ASN: 42682
ASN Name: ERTH-NNOV-AS (CJSC 'ER-Telecom' Company' Nizhny Novgorod)
IP range connectivity: 10
Registrar (per ASN): RIPE
Country (per IP registrar): RU [Russian Federation]
Country Currency: RUR [Russia Rubles]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High
City (per outside source): Orenburg, Orenburg
Country (per outside source): RU [Russian Federation]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS:

2010-04-01, 19:36:39
Scambay Terr  
i was talking to this girl just the other day

Sorry to say, but you weren't. This woman's pictures were among the most popular used by Russian scammers earlier last year, and their presence on scam info sites goes back at least 4 years. 'She' does seem to be making a comeback - they are reappearing on various questionable dating sites.

The woman you spoke to works with the scammers, probably a relative or girlfriend, but it is not the woman in the pictures.

2010-04-02, 08:54:04
Eddie from Sweden  
Agree 100%, Scambay Terr

'It's virtually guaranteed that the girls in these scam pics aren't involved because the scammers steal their pics from the internet or pay unsuspecting friends for them, or buy and exchange them on scammer websites. (Once a scammer even admitted to me that he stole all his pics from and ).'

'A girl is only involved either occasionally to phone a guy up, especially if he's suspicious, or to pick up the loot at Western Union, with a false ID of course!'

Those are my very own words from the newbie primer page.

The person who you're replying to should be able to call his 'girlfriend' any time he likes.
2010-05-30, 09:59:00
SALUT mon gentil Jean-Francois!!!
Comment ça va?, comment - tout ? Bien ici, le temps est bon, et le soleil brille vivement. Je me trouve dans un très bon humeur, et je pense de vous beaucoup. Je m'ennuie sans vous beaucoup, Jean-Francois!
L'amour en lavant excuse-moi s'il vous plaît que je ne pouvais pas t'écrire ces jours. Simplement j'allais chez les parents et c'est pour cela que je ne pouvais pas t'écrire. Je pense tu tu ne te vexes pas contre moi.
Vous m'êtes très chers, et vous vous trouvez toujours sur mon opinion. Je suis très heureux que vous vous trouvez dans ma vie maintenant. Vous connaissez, Jean-Francois, je suis très content que nous pouvons contacter sans n'importe quels problèmes que je peux vous dire quelque chose, et j'aime lire vos mots chauds pour moi. Vous connaissez, je ne vous voyais jamais, mais maintenant, Jean-Francois, - une chère personne la plus pour moi. Puisque je pense la plupart du temps de vous, la songerie en rêvant de nous, notre futur heureux sur notre rencontre. Je connais que cela est un peu de tôt pour parler sur cela maintenant, mais c'est mon espoir et mon plus cher rêve que tout va être beau avec nous, et nous serons très heureux ensemble.
Mon amour malheureusement je ne connais pas un tel concert Pixies. Chez nous le Jour des mères inactif le 28 novembre, non aujourd'hui. Oui j'en ordre, sans trouver seulement que nous non ensemble. Aimé je suis contente que tu m'expédieras la semaine suivante l'appareil photographique en chiffre, est très contente. J'aimais beaucoup ta photo.
Je finis ma lettre maintenant, et j'avec l'impatience attendrai votre réponse très avec impatience!
Je m'ennuie sans vous!!!! Et je vous ai embrassé tendrement!

2012-06-19, 06:51:38
Scambay Terr from Canada  
This lovely lady was the object of my very first scambait, a long long time ago. I finally got around to posting the full bait at:

Here's one of her letters:

from: Ekaterina
to: galt
date: Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 5:16 PM
subject: Hello my lovely John

Hello, darling John!

It is so pleasant to realize that there is a man in this world who loves, appreciates, respects and is afraid to lose you as well as you are afraid to lose him. How are you, honey? What is the weather like there?

I am very glad to write to you to this Monday! Here over again my working week also has started. Today not clear weather, like would shine the sun but nevertheless +7 degrees of Celsius are cold only.

I think that this working week will not be complex. Ideas on you will help to consult to me with all difficulties! My daddy and Irina send the regards to you!!

How there have passed your days off??? Than you were engaged.

Yesterday as usually I was in church!! Prayed for ours with you happiness!!!

Ive been looking forward to this moment I even didnt think that I would be so happy. Well, just Night and Silence know what is really on my soul and mind. Only at night I let myself get rid of the mask, only Night will keep my heart away from other looks. And Silence listens to me patiently, it lets me speak and just cry

The Internet now is the only way to be a bit closer to you but it is so hard! I want to hide from everything. My fingers print sacred words and they do not want to stop

I want to escape from this reality, from my work, people, from this tremble and hatred to myself just because I cant control the situation and just have to trust time at the moment.

Well, this is the first time Im smiling through tears. I smile as Im happy that I have such a person like you. I cry as I do not want to part with you either for a month or a week or a day. I dont want to lose you. Even parting for a few hours is horrible for me. When, for example, I wait for your answer.

Id like to know that you are near me, that you are in the same city with me. I want to feel you here. I feel sad and depressed when I think that you are there and Im here. Well, I promise that I will write you daily wishing good morning and good evening. I will check my e-mail in the hope to see your letter. I will definitely answer and speak about my life without you. Not so long ago I even couldnt think that the Internet can connect me and you. Did you think about it?

Sorry, that the description of my life wont be so bright. But you are not near. Colours fade without you and some of them even disappear. Bit I will try to encourage you so that you wont be as upset as me. I do not want you to suffer. As you feel everything. I promise to miss and dream of you. Can you hear? I promise! Id like to send all my kisses to you by mail.

My love John, you are like a dream, so fantastic, colourful and mysterious. If only it would be possible to record this dream as I wish this dream to last forever. Let I feel like a sleeping beauty but my prince will see the same dream and I do not need anything else.

I love you with all my heart and soul. Sometimes it drains me as I desire to be yours forever, to give me all to you. However it gives me more power and energy than any hero has ever had on the earth.

Well, all 4 seasons are combined in your image. You are my spring as you smile so sweet and can cheer me up in any case. You are my summer as you are warm. I feel so warm and cozy with you, Im less afraid when you are near and with you I do not pretend I am as I am free in my thoughts.

Coelho wrote that: Love leads to freedom. I didnt agree with him, I was sure that love obliges you and you depend on it. But now Ive got absolutely different ideas, to depend on you is the greatest thing, to respect you is an honour, to look in your eyes and try to guess your thoughts is the most interesting mystery in the world.

Life is an amazing thing, we live, live and live but when we fall in love we understand that we just existed before Wings appear on our back, we can fly and now the most dangerous thing is a fear of falling down.

I live on trust and love, they always warm me up. I believe that we will meet not in dreams but in real life. You John, know it is enough for me just to look at you to be happy. I dont know why but at these very moments when I think about you tears full my eyes...

Ive understood that I will be able to love you no matter what. It wont be important for me whether you are good or bad, rich or poor, handsome or ugly. The most essential part is not this. People really love for nothing. And if someone ever asks me why I loved you I will answer: Just because he is and lets me love him

It is wonderful when someone loves you but to love is the greatest happiness. Your and my life is two parallel lines which arent supposed to meet. However they cross at definite moments of life. Weve found each other and it is the most important. There is such a great number of people in this global net and we managed to meet.

Our love is an ocean where I sink and choke trying to get out of it. But you do not have such a possibility and over and over again suck me in these feelings. Why there is you and me but there isnt US?

Best regards,

Your Katya!

1000000 Kisses for you

2012-06-19, 06:59:18
Scambay Terr from Canada  
And one of mine:

from: john galt
to: Ekaterina
date: Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 4:33 PM
subject: Re: Hello dear John

It is nice to hear back from you so soon, and thank you for sending more pictures, but I am not sure that you read my last email, as I answered several of the questions you are asking in your message below. To be sure, I am copying the text of my last email here, and would like very much to know your feelings on what I have said.

And a picture of her 'with my daddy':

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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