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Dating scammer Sonja Morton


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Name: Sonja Morton

Email: e-mail, & IM, morton.sonja@roc


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look out I think we have a new one!!

She goes by the name: Sonja Morton,
screen name, e-mail, & IM, or
IP-Adresse: Provider: Multi-Links Telecommunications
Limited Organisation: Reserved for future use
Region: Abuja (NG)

she's very beautiful & slick. It took her 9 Sessions (one 5 hrs long) on IM to ask for money.
says shes 39 yrs. old, lives in greenville south Carolina. she found me on yahoo personals & started communicating there. she gives her IM contact her & off you go, the stories start there. now you talk to her & find out shes not in SC but in the UK (London) (she/he is really in Nigeria) says shes there to take care of her late fathers 'litigated properties'(her inheritance). says she will only be there for two weeks & then we can be together. Well 3 days before she is to fly out she IM's me with 'bad news' (surprise) says they want 6,000pounds translates to 9,000usd to pay back taxes & misc. bills. She said she has none of it. (another surprise). I told her, You already have a plane ticket, change your destination from SC, I would pick her up, she could stay with me and we would fix this from here. I told her I had many attorney friends, one was an expert at handling litigated properties in foreign countries and would work 'pro bono' (for free) (I Had to explain everything to her). she said no because she could not disrespect her late father & leave the country without this being settled, then all of a sudden she found 5,000 dollars & asked if she could 'borrow' 4,000, & she would pay me back with int. I told her I would not step one foot off my property, or invest one dime in this without absolute proof of who I was talking to. (she said she didn't have a phone or web cam)and was constantly asking for my phone # So I used the same excuse she used on me, I told her the only phone that I had that worked was a company phone, and I couldn't do personal bus. on it. Now she asked for just 1,500 this time. I said no proof no money. I haven't heard from her since....I see she's on line but she doesn't contact me at all.........I did gain something through all this, I couldn't type at all before this. I'm still not good, but I am a whole lot faster!!!!!!!!!

p.s. I saved every contact with Sonja,(IM's & e-mail) If you want them let me know

p.s.s. Says her middle name is Brenda


2009-06-30, 18:37:00   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-06-30, 18:37:00   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-06-30, 18:37:00   (updated: )
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2009-06-30, 18:37:00   (updated: )
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2009-06-30, 18:37:00   (updated: )
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2009-07-01, 09:17:18
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ [hidden] from United States
Might help others to post at least some of your IM's with her! Mainly the money ones!
2009-07-02, 13:34:03
anonymous from United States  
this is the e-mail she sent me jst before she asked for money

Hello Sweety,
I want you to know that i am in a bad situation right now because everything seems to be bad for me right now ....I was asked to pay the sum of 6,000pounds for bills and taxes on all of my late dad properties which he owes so as for the final document will bear my name as the bonafied beneficiary of all the assets and properties , all i could hardly come up with is nothing compared to what they want and i don't know how to go about this....i am confused and i don't want to let you down about my coming to you on the 2nd . I don't know what to do cos i am confused.

Miss you .


this the e-mail I sent her

Good news Sonja, I have your answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I said before, I have everything I need, but I didn't have anything I want............... I don't need or want your money 'I WANT YOU!!!'
You already have a airline ticket, change your destination to Chicago and I will come and pick you up and you can stay with me. we will get this resolved here (and we will).

I have many attorney friends, they or one of their colleagues will be a expert in foreign litigated properties.When this resolved, we will go back and finalize the deal. Maybe stay an extra week and you can show me around.........ok.



p.s. get back on line so we can talk

Here is the IMs after the e-mails

                        9th contact with Sonja

frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 10:55:19 AM): hello
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 10:57:36 AM): hello again
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 11:02:35 AM): do you not want to talk anymore?
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 11:04:13 AM): Hello
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 11:04:19 AM): bad mood right now
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 11:04:25 AM): i sent you a message
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 11:06:15 AM): Are you there?
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 11:15:23 AM): hello.........whats wrong now?............
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 11:15:41 AM): i sent you an e mail .....
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 11:16:13 AM): bye
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 12:08:20 PM): did you get my message?
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 12:52:11 PM): why are invisable???
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 12:52:42 PM): do you not want to talk to me????

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frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 4:13:23 PM): why won't you talk to me??.....what did I do wrong??.........I thought I had your answer?...........I'm very ,very confused?...........Please respond Sonja.........say something.............
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:09:12 PM): what happened??/
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:09:39 PM): Nothing
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:09:54 PM): what do you mean
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:10:29 PM): Nothing is wrong just had a bad day....
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:11:00 PM): how is your day going ...i miss talking to you but things is so hard for me right now but i will be fine
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:11:04 PM): what about you dads things
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:11:36 PM): did you get my mesage???
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:11:47 PM): I got your message about coming back since i have a return ticket but it is not good to let things undone at this stage
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:11:49 PM): my e-mail?
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:12:16 PM): yes i got it
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:12:42 PM): you were upset, now your not
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:13:22 PM): I am not baby
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:13:26 PM): whats up sonja
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:13:50 PM): the sum of 6,000pounds is 9,000usd and i have 5,000usd with me and looking for 4,000usd to go
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:14:27 PM): so why would i leave and have any attorney to intervein when we all know it is right to pay bills and taxes
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:14:46 PM): get here & WE will fix this
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:15:41 PM): then they will get there money when things are setteled
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:16:28 PM): baby can you do me a favour then ?
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:16:43 PM): im not sure
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:16:49 PM): i believe you that everything is going to be alright
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:17:21 PM): good, if we do this right , it will be
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:17:54 PM): not sure of what ?
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:18:33 PM): i can help. i told you what i would do to help
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:19:22 PM): pls i know it is very hard to help me out of this mess but i have agreed to come to you ok
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:20:06 PM): i will make part payment of the money that i have with me so that the bills and taxes will not accumulate but i will need you to help me with little money
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:20:23 PM): so that i can fly to the state on the 2nd without missing my schedule
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:21:56 PM): when you get here, & i can touch you, see you, be with you, then i will do all i can to help. & i do have the resorces
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:23:09 PM): meaning attorney friends, very, very good friends!!!
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:23:43 PM): i know it is crazy things for me to ask for your favour but i want you to know i can do this on my own if not for what happened and i am not here to take advantage of your weakness
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:24:03 PM): i promise you that you will see me and i hate it that i am all alone here
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:24:26 PM): please think twice and for the sake of God just grant me this wish
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:25:42 PM): i said what i meant earlier in our conv. & i mean what i said also
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:26:06 PM): that
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:26:18 PM): ?
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:27:14 PM): I still don't have absolute proof of who I am talking to
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:27:48 PM): so should i take it as if you think i am a liar
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:30:04 PM): so should I take it as you think I am a fool? would you go to the store and give someone money & ask them to buy me something you think i would like without seeing it first???
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:32:05 PM): ok i am so sorry i thought you are someone i can share my problem with
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:32:17 PM): sorry for asking anyway
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:32:48 PM): I have asked REPEATDLY for certain pics. as of yet i havent received them. yet you ask for $$$ and want me to send it asap???
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:33:50 PM): give me absolute proof & we will go from there,
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:34:21 PM): can we talk on the phone
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:35:01 PM): i promise to activate ,y late dad's phone and give you the number so you could call me and we can talk about everything
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:35:06 PM): yes, give me a phone # & i will call you
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:35:24 PM): good
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:35:51 PM): i want to talk to you very soon
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:36:23 PM): thats what i have been trying to do all along
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:36:31 PM): ok i will do that tomorrow , i promise
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:37:02 PM): & don't forget pics.
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:37:41 PM): i will not
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:38:02 PM): my intentions are real and i want to be with you for real sweety
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:38:07 PM): these attorney friends will work for me 'pro bono' ( that means free)'
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:38:28 PM): i dont expect you to trust me since it is online dating
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:39:17 PM): i dont need any Attorney , i do have my late dad attorney here and you cant just fight with the government when it comes to bills
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:39:25 PM): dont you pay bills?
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:40:50 PM): yess, & they dont care where the money comes from , Att, or out of the air as long as they get it!!
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:42:13 PM): if you have money you can fight anyone, i dont care where you are, money TALKS
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:43:53 PM): and if you want my money,you have to be here talking to me!!!
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:45:53 PM): still there??
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:47:28 PM): HELLO
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:52:53 PM): say something, i'm growing impatient Sonja, I have said what I would do, & you are not willing to budge on this.............get her asap & WE will fix this, that I can promise!!!.........say something...........
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:53:56 PM): i am crying!!!!!!!
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:54:48 PM): i am not meant to be asking for anyone's favours to make things happen in my life
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:54:59 PM): if not for what my ex did to me
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:55:17 PM): he ruined my life
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:55:19 PM): then stop!!! .......... that will not do any good have all the answers in front of you.............make a decision..........
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:55:43 PM): my life isnt great either............
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 5:56:54 PM): all i need is 4,000usd and are you promising me that as soon as i talk to you on the phone you will help me with the money and i can even give you my ex boyfriend number in us just for you to confirm that i am real and i am truely coming home
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 5:59:32 PM): he's your EX, why would i believe him over you???
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:00:06 PM): ok waht do you want me to do
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:00:29 PM): you HAVE to be here, then & only then will i go any farther
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:01:33 PM): ok so if i dont come you cant help me......please let me get it striaght
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:02:01 PM): I HAVE to see you, yes you have it straight
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:03:08 PM): ok
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:03:33 PM): as I have said before I will have to have absolute proof of who i'm talking to, absolute proof, before I will move one inch off my property, or spend one dime on any of this. I am willing to do anything to make this work if it is real. with absolute proof I will stop at NOTHING to be with you!!

Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:05:30 PM): i am for real and i really want to be with you sweety
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:05:50 PM): this is online dating and that is how God said we are going to meet
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:06:09 PM): then GET HERE!!!!
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:06:18 PM): if not for this you wouldnt have meet me and why are you going to condemn me just because we meet online
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:06:50 PM): yes i will bu do you want all that i have worked and spent so much money on just fade away like that
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:07:02 PM): all because of 4,000usd
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:07:03 PM): you have a ticket, & I have answers to ALL your questions!!!
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:07:39 PM): Ok fine.....since you believe i can do this on my own i will do it and God will be with me
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:08:08 PM): No one has ever have to give me a helping hand and here i am today still so strong and i can stand for myself
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:08:23 PM): I know God will show me the way to make things happen for myself
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:09:26 PM): if it fades away it will be your fault, I said I can fix this, but you HAVE to be here for me to do that.................God be with us
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:10:24 PM): okay
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:10:35 PM): it is never my fault Frank
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:11:27 PM): i think you are the only one i can talk to about my problem that is why i am telling you all these and i said we can talk on the phone and alk to my ex about me just for you to know i dont belong here
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:11:54 PM): what ever happens in our lives is always our fault,..............we all have decisions to make.............
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:15:03 PM): Franks i have a confession to make ....
Sonja Morton has unloaded the IMVironment.
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:15:41 PM): ok............what is it??????????
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:16:35 PM): I know it is crazy and you will never have to believe me but i am crazy in love with you and that makes me want to be with you more than what you can think of
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:17:06 PM): and alot is at stake if i dont pay the bills before leaving here sweety
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:17:33 PM): i am not here to take advantage of you 4,000usd is nothing compare to the feelings i have for you and how much i want you forever
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:18:21 PM): then GET HERE & lets work on getting this resolved!!!
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:18:52 PM): i will but not after i clear all these bills
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:18:55 PM): please
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:19:33 PM): i use to help people with much money more than 4,000usd when things are good for me
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:20:47 PM): I gave my WHOLE LIFE to someone who chewed it up & spit it back at me (my ex)
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:21:35 PM): I know what its like to give & never receive!!!
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:22:24 PM): i was once in that shoes and you know about it and i am still leaving with the pains and that is why i cant do this as easy as i want
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:23:18 PM):
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:23:47 PM): what are you doing that is noy easy??
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:24:31 PM): going through pains and hard times all alone and no one to give helping hands
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:25:47 PM): I said , not only will i help you, i would do this for us, but you HAVE to be here...................
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:26:06 PM): Anyway thanks for being a good listener and i really appreciate your concern about my situation
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:26:21 PM): Frank always remember i have great feelings for you
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:26:22 PM): I'm all alone also.............
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:26:59 PM): and if i come ober without accomplishing the reason why i came here , there will be nothing for me to fall back on
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:27:36 PM): so are you saying that I am nothing???
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:28:20 PM): you are something and you possesses all the qualities i want in a man in my life and dont misunderstand me
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:29:01 PM): this is is situation and i have to find any means to work things out myself even though it is going to take me time but i know i will get there without anyone having to help me
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:29:39 PM): i just thought i should share my problem with you cos i trust your heart and believe you are that special man i want to share the rest of my life with
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:29:52 PM): so why wouldnt i want to talk to you about anything
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:30:41 PM): so is this your way of saying good-by to me??.........
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:31:49 PM): I will never say goodbye to you sweety
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:32:02 PM): you are that special man that i have feelings for
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:32:44 PM): I said I would help you, but I cant make you, so if you want to do this on your own, I cant stop you Sonja..............
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:33:40 PM): you said you will help until i get back and i dont want to risk it to leave things undone at this eleventh hour
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:34:37 PM): Frank please i want you to understand my plight think you want to love me for the rest of your life when i come to you and i want to love you too but if you dont trust me from the beginning it is not going to happen
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:34:54 PM): i am not that heartless to take advantage of you over 4,000usd
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:35:21 PM): please and please dont think less of me for how we met each other
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:35:34 PM): there is reason for everything to happen in life
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:36:28 PM): you DO NOT have to be there to resolve this, if you love me. you will come here & let my friends handle this...............
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:37:48 PM): there will be no added expense on thus!!.....this I can me on this Sonja.............
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:39:08 PM): I trust you Frank and i think you dont get a clear pictures of what i am talking about
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:39:18 PM): i miss talking to you all day anyway
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:40:20 PM): I most definatly look forward to our conversations
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:41:24 PM): thank you Frank
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:41:50 PM): no, thank you Sonja..........
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:45:07 PM): If you are done with us, I will greatly miss our talks, I prayed everyday that this would be true & this would only get better, I did not want it to ever end!!!........
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:46:21 PM): i dont want it to end either
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:46:27 PM):
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:46:40 PM): God show me the way.....
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:46:50 PM): you have choices Sonja...
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:47:20 PM): all you have is to make one.........
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:47:33 PM): I know you think i do but i cant leave here if i dont pay the bills and taxes imposes on me
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:47:51 PM): yes you can
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:48:27 PM): I am falling in love with you and i want my late dad to be happy with me wherever he is that i take good care of all he left behind
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:50:30 PM): if you will give me a min. I will explain how this can work,..........but i type slow so give me some time to type & i will get right back .........ok Sonja.............
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 6:52:49 PM): ok i am waiting
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 6:58:02 PM): I just went through this same thing with my dads things. I was the exector to the estate,I had to do EVERTTHING by myself, no help from anyone, I have 1 brother, & 1 sister, but still no help. If you encounter a bill, it will be paid in full when all things are final, no matter where you are.when everything is all said & done everyone who is owed money WILL BE PAID, no matter where you are, & you (Sonja) will get the rest sent to you................I hope that helped..............
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:00:40 PM): My dad lived with me for the last year of his life (he passed away in my arms) so I do know what i'm talking about....................
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:01:33 PM): ok im done now
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:02:01 PM): hello
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:02:35 PM): i am here
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:02:40 PM): and i heard all you said
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:03:23 PM): I need you here, & I WILL FIX THIS FOR YOU................
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:04:06 PM): Frank can you do me a favour
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:04:50 PM): maybe...........
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:04:55 PM): I understand you even though you think i dont know what i am saying
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:05:36 PM): can you help me with $1,500usd and i promise to get back to you as soon as 2nd of next month
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:09:40 PM): I have already said this & I mean it, I will not move one inch off my property, or spend one dime on any of this, GET HERE & LETS FIX THIS, Sonja.................
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:11:11 PM): okay
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:11:16 PM): Thank you
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:12:10 PM): Please Sonja, Help me make this happen!!!..............
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:13:07 PM): Frank all i can say now is i love you and was just wondering why God created me with no one to give me a helping hand in bad times
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:14:00 PM): always remember Sonja Brenda Morton loves you and i think i just have to confess to you tonight to soothes my pains away
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:16:16 PM): He has, you are just refusing to see it,That helping hand is me, but like i said earlier, I cant make you see or do anything, ypu have to WANT to do it.............
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:18:10 PM): I have learned over the years , you cant help anyone who dosent want to be helped............
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:19:40 PM): i am involve in this i know better the consequence if i leave here without getting this document sign on my name before i leave
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:19:52 PM): I WANT to help you but you have to let me or I cant help you Sonja , & that dosent always mean on just your terms..........
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:20:04 PM): if there is anything you want me to do it will be after this bills has been paid
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:21:31 PM): then lets keep in contact & see if you still feel the same..............ok Sonja.... I know I WILL...........
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:21:43 PM): ok
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:23:08 PM): i need to put my head to rest and i really appreciate the fact that you have to listen to what i have to say
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:23:32 PM): I wish you would let me help!!!!!!!!!...........but it is ultimatly your choice........ as I said before we all have choices to make..........
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:24:20 PM): we shal talk tomorrow
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:24:27 PM): I LOVE TO TALK TO YOU SONJA....
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:24:35 PM): get some rest before you go to work
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:24:39 PM): Me too
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:25:03 PM): I just wish i couldREALLY talk to you....
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:25:19 PM): ok
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:26:23 PM): Good night
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:26:24 PM): I to am falling in love with our conversations & possiably YOU................
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:26:47 PM): Thanks you Frank ......same here
frankie14224092 (6/29/2009 7:27:42 PM): Good night Sonja, .hope to talk more tomorrow............ok?.......Frank
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:28:08 PM): ok
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:28:11 PM): be good
Sonja Morton (6/29/2009 7:28:14 PM): bye for now
Sonja Morton has signed out. (6/29/2009 7:28 PM)

                I haven't talked to her/him since. I have tried, but no response.

2009-11-15, 08:16:30
anonymous from Finland  

2009-12-04, 13:41:19
anonymous from United States  
thanks for all the info
2010-03-10, 08:42:37
monta66 from United States  
Sonja Morton-
Frankie is right! She made contact with me about 2 weeks ago and pledged her undying love to me . She sent me the same pictures and everything. She hasnt asked for money but I felt like it was coming up in the conversation. There were little things that made me finally google her name. Then I found this site. wow was I right about her. She even befriended me on facebook ! Thanks for the info



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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