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Dating scammer Dilyara, Dilya


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Name: Dilyara, Dilya


Unknown - Kazan. Still working on it!

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Letter 1, 15 June 2009
I so am glad that you have answered me, and I am very glad to
> that you wish to get acquainted with me. I found some profiles
> of people which coincide with my inquiry in service of acquaintances.
> And here I have decided to write to you. And I would like to get acquainted
> with you more close and I hope for that to have good dialogue with you.
> I hope that at you as there is a desire to get acquainted with me.
> It is a pity that you did not send me your photos. But I hope that in the
> following letter you will do it. Because I like to receive a photo and I wish
> to see more you. I send to you some the photos that you saw me. I hope they will be
> pleasant to you and you will be glad to receive them. I will inform a
> little concerning me directly; my age of 27 years, friends name me -
> Dilya. You as can name me - Dilya. I live in city Kazan. I was not
> married, and I live one. I have high education. My trade - the
> stomatologist. I work by a trade the stomatologist in local private
> branch of stomatology. I work to be more independent, and also I owe
> the help to my parents. My father works as the driver, and mum
> the mistress of the house. I like to travel and be in
> various places, but To my work does not allow me to do it often. I
> have many friends, We sometimes together waste time, billiards of game
> and rest on the nature, we have Other entertainment. Still sometimes
> we with girlfriends love walks on a city. Please you Ask things
> interesting concerning me and inform me some the information
> concerning you: what do you love entertainment? What your character?
> What do you love qualities in women? Whether you had the Wife? I will
> answer on your questions, and to inform you it - more concerning
> myself In the following E-mail! I should wait your messages.
> Your friend Dilya.

Letter 2, 17 June

> I am glad to receive your letter again. You really liked my photos?
> It is very pleasant for learning for me. Its good! I will send you the photos
> Still. To be pleasant to me that that you love them.
> And I as well as you am happy to receive your photos and they as are pleasant to me very much!
> I am glad that you care of it and I hope that you in the future will send me them still.
> Jim, at me is present to you, it - is a lot of From questions and I would like to ask them
> In messages, I hope, what you will allow me Answers to them - WELL? You for me good
> The person, And on it for me it are important for Know your opinion concerning some
> Things. I think, which you read to my structure, and could see there,
> That I searching serious intentions to get acquainted with the good person for relations.
> You were pleasant to me and I have decided to write to you. I wish to inform you concerning me directly
> In more details. I never was out of Russia. I very much love summer, because
> Is warm and it is green. My birthday 23.06.1981. It already very soon.
> I like to prepare, very especially I love Russian the Foodstuffs: various salads,
> pelmeni (similarly raviolly), borsh (soup) and many other dishes. I not so good in another
> The foodstuffs of the countries or some other but I prefer the foodstuffs, which
> Has been made at home, but not in other places. We have various kinds sporttoo similarly Football, hockey.
> I like to observe hockey when the command of our city plays. You listened about a command 'AKBARS'?
> It is a command of our city and I often happen on their games. I love various kinds of music,
> It - usually depends on my mood.
> For example, when I sad, I listen to classical music. I love the Madonna. I have no
> The person here as it is difficult to find the good person in Russia. I had serious relations, but
> We have left it. But it is other history, and I will inform you it in other letter. I think
> You differ from the Russian people. I see that you are clever, kind, offer the person, it is that
> From the reasons why I wish to write to you. I do not smoke, I drink and I have no bad habits. I
> Can have a glass of wine for some cases. My favourite colour violet as it is colour
> From imagination. I studied English language at school and at university. It is pleasant to me romantic
> Relations between the person and the Woman, but it is probable all women dreams to acquaint with
> Good the person to have about Its beautiful romantic relations. But often such things
> Arrive to the end very quickly. I have no intention to spend me on such acquaintances.
> While I have not met In the Life of such person to which I would decide to give me and a life.
> But me it would be Desirable to find such person. I think that for the woman the main thing to have in a
> Life not career or other success, both strong family and the favourite person nearby
> That to care of it. Inform please, you dream to meet what the woman in a life? The justification,
> That I ask that you have discussed such frank thing with the person whom you know pair about days.
> But it is interesting to me to know It concerning you. I have shortly written you my prospects
> On a life if to you there will be it interesting That we can discuss these themes in more
> Detail then. I hope to you, it is pleasant!!!
> I will wait your e-mail. Sincerely yours Dilya

Letter 3 19 June
Thanks you dear Jim for your letter today!I just came back home from work and checked the mail! And I am very happy to receive your letter and to me that you write to me is very pleasant. I think, to each girl it would be pleasant, when such man as you paid it attention. Today fine weather in the street, shines the un and the a bit cool breeze blows. I think to descend on walk in the evening. And you love walks on a city in the evenings? If you lived in my city we could have walk together. But despite that that between us huge distance, I am very glad that we have dialogue! And than you are engaged during free time from work? For example, I still like to visit pool a little to float. And still I like to sing Karaoke. At me even houses are the karaoke =) as at university I took a great interest in dances. But now I any more am not engaged in dances. And earlier danced a tango. We even acted at different concerts. But now at me interests in a life have changed and now I dance only in a disco. Ok Jim, now I will go I will take a bath and I will have a rest a little from work.I hope to receive your prompt reply to my letter.Have fine evening.Yuor Dilya

Letter 4, 20 June

Hi dear Jim!
> I enjoy your letters. Your thoughts are very pure and good. I admire with
> You. How are you? I'm fine, and I am glad to write you today the letter. You know, I
> Earlier did not think at all that I will communicate with the man from other country under letters. But I
> It is very glad that I have found you and that that we have dialogue. I am very glad that when that I
> Has decided to learn English language. And now I see that it was necessary for me.
> Thanks to it I can write to you and read your letters without problems.
> Today I have a feeling sick. The head a little is ill me. I drank tablets and
> Now to me it became a bit better. Now to me my good should come on a visit
> The girlfriend. I wish to speak to it about you. I still to whom did not say that I have got acquainted with
> You. But it is my good girlfriend and we always reveal each other all secrets. And you
> Spoke to your friends about me? Or you as well as I now keep it a secret? But I
> I think that now it is not of great importance for us. You agree with me
> Jim? In the past I had relations with men, but they have not resulted in what
> To the serious. Longest it I met one man these are 2 years. But at all of us
> Has come to an end because it has got to itself(himself) other girl. And as I already spoke to
> you, now I the free girl. And already it is time to reflect on serious relations, about a family and children.
> I very strongly love children. I plan to have 2 children in the future. The boy and the girl.
> I want at first the boy. That it was more senior and protected the little sister. At me is
> Sister, also is glad to it. But in the childhood I always wished to have the brother. But now I am happy that at
> Me there is sister. Because we can always discuss our female problems. But it
> Now lives with the family. It is more senior me for 2 years. And they already have children. I as
> Now I dream of the family. That with me nearby there was my beloved. You
> Probably now think, why I write it to you about such serious things, though we still
> A little we know each other. But I think that we do not need to hide that and we can speak
> About everything about what we want. Because in relations between the man and the woman most
> The main thing it, trust and the open relation to each other. Now I will finish the
> The letter to you, also I will wait the girlfriend. I wish you good day. Write to me as it is possible
> More likely! Your Dilya
> p.s. On a photo I and my best girlfriend, is a photo is made 2 years ago!

Letter 5, 22 June

Dear Jim!
> Gratitude for this e-mail from you. Your letters are very pleasant to me.
> You know, I wish to tell to you that I start to get used to your letters. And each time
> when I have possibility to check the mail, I do it in hope to receive yours
> the letter. I think that you as well as I are always glad to receive my letters?
> Jim, I badly understand computers and I have no to use skype, msn.
> On it I have at myself no these programs. But I think that dialogue through letters
> on email as well, and it will not prevent ours with you to dialogue.
> You sometime jumped in a parachute? Or would like to jump? I ask it because
> today my girlfriend has suggested me to jump with a parachute. I since the childhood dreamt of it. But
> now I am afraid of it. She suggests to register in a curriculum in a current of 2 weeks.
> And here now I sit and I think, go or not to go. And still I would like to dive with an aqualung.
> I like to float, but I am afraid of depth =) and you are afraid of stomatologists? Many people to be afraid
> stomatologists, but I do not understand why. All think what to treat a teeth it painfully. But it absolutely
> not so. Probably only hardly hardly. Here for example, yesterday I changed one tooth to the client, and it
> has told that earlier he thought it painfully, and it has appeared that completely not painfully. I did not want
> to become the stomatologist. It was the decision of my father. But now I am not upset at all about
> it. Because it to be pleasant to me washing work, and it does not take away many forces. And the salary good.
> So I am grateful to the father that he has told to me to become the stomatologist.
> And how you have chosen your trade? And whom you wished to become earlier. In the childhood I wanted
> to be model as all girls =))) but why that I think that the model is a bad trade
> for the girl. Because many hearings about it go. And in general I am interested by the
> family, future. And I do not have interests to be well-known and rich.
> I wish to have only the family, the house, work. And to live happily and long as all
> normal families. I think questions will suffice for today. And now I will wait
> your answer. Write to me as soon as possible, Ok. Here I have one more photo
> for you dear Jim, from my work.
> Your Dilyara!

Letter 6, 23 June
Hi dear Jim!!!I so am happy today. Today to me 28 years were executed. And I am happy. I am going to celebrate today it with my parents and friends. I hope As you as will have fine day today. Because I do not want that You longed this day. After all put a birth only time in a year! And I am very happy That you write to me!!! I have woken up recently. And now it is necessary to go on shops andPrepares for a holiday. Soon should will come my girlfriend to help me. If I can that I will write to you still tonight. So I hope that you Will write still to me today. To me it was very pleasant! Your Dilya

Letter 7, 23 June
Hi my dear Jim. I just saw off the visitors. And at once undertook tocheck the mail. And I am very happy to see your letter!!! I have spentgood time with the friends and relatives! But I did not forget aboutyou. Yes, I thought of you. We even had small conversation on you. Allasked me about you. Because my parents spoke to visitors that I have aman in other country. And it became interesting to all about you. I havetold it that is enamoured in you Jim!!! Yes, I am enamoured. I feelit. And when me have asked, and as you are going to be together if youso far apart. I have answered it that sooner or later, or I willdepart to you, or you arrive to me. All have been surprised to it. Andhere now I sit and I think of it. And can be to us it is necessary totalk about our future? For example about that when we will meet in areality. I really wish to meet you face to face. It would be fine.After all it on much better than letters and a photo. You agree withme. I drank a few wine, probably it have given to me boldness to tellto you all it! (Smile) I is really interested in you and I wish to seeyou in a reality. And to look to what all it conducts. What do youthink of it Jim? I hope for your prompt reply about it! Your Dilya

Letter 8, 25 June
My dear Jim!!!I just came back from work to have dinner. And I amglad to see your letter! That that you have problems with health itnot a problem for ours with you of dialogue. I understand all, and youare pleasant to me such what you is! So do not worry about it and bejoyful. I wish to meet you in a reality. Also that that you have nowno variants to arrive to me then I can arrive to you. What you tellabout it? For me it not a problem. Since July, 5th I will have holidayfrom work and I will have a lot of time to plan to meet. I have apassport for travel abroad. So if we decide to plan my arrival then Ishould deal with only a question with the visa. And then I can fly toyou. That you think of it. And then we can be together in a reality.We can have conversation to hold each other for hands face to face!Now I should run again for work, and I hope to receive your lettertonight! Write to me! I kiss you!Your Dilya

Letter 9, 25 June

My dear Jim!!! I just was going to write to you the letter. And here your letter hascome. I so am glad to see tonight your answer. Yes, I have a medicaleducation and I think that it will be on the contrary better that Iwill be near to you. I can care of you. And from the medical point ofview any pleasure in a life conducts to a health correction. I thinkthat for you I will be the biggest pleasure in a life. You agree withme? (Smile) into the account of your vacation. It that you willperfectly have a free time to spend him with me. But I thought toarrive to you for 2-3 weeks. You not against it? And that that youwill be occupied by work it not a problem for us because we can spendtogether evenings! So, I will have holiday since July, 5th. So it isalready necessary to start to prepare documents. But here there is oneproblem. I was in agency, and have learnt that documents demand manymoney. It is the visa - 120 euros + consular gathering 35 euro, theticket aboard the plane Kazan - Moscow - Paris (there and back) -530 euro. I do not have such money. I have a maximum 400 euro. So I haveenough still approximately 300 euro. And I do not think that my parentswill help me with it. So I do not know what to do. Only if you canhelp me with it. Then I can do documents without problems and plan toarrive to you. So I wait for your opinion into the account of it Dear!I hope that you still sit at the computer, and I hope for your promptreply
Your Dily

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2009-09-20, 01:40:43
anonymous from France  
HI all -

Just an update -

this one is still at it. Can now be found at CuteOnly


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