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Dating scammer Sherifatu Husseni


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Name: Sherifatu Husseni


Kanda 429 Kanda Highway
P.O. Box 216
Accra, Ghana 00233


Other Comments:
Not really sure if the address is legitimate. Can't seem to confirm it as real. IP address is obviously hidden through proxy servers and can't be traced. Sends lots of nude pictures and doesn't seem to be afraid of being apprehended. Claims that her pictures are being used by others to conduct the scam, but she sends them with her personal e-mails and is always ready to chat on Yahoo chat sessions?? Discontinues chat sessions, or claims to have computer problems, whenever questions get too close to reality. Supplies all kinds of phoney names and addresses in Accra and NEVER stops saying how 'real' she is and how much 'she loves me' and wants to move to America and have a family!! English is very bad and I doubt that he/she has a 6th grade education, although claims to be highly educated! :) Gets rather amusing after a while. Watch out for this guy or girl and the several others that seem to be in on this scam (a brother, her mum, an agent for passports, and even a doctor (Dr. Desmond) at a private hospital (Prince of Peace Private Hospital on Kanshie Street, 233-542-675879)) that doesn't seem to exist. Also claims to attend hairdressing school at Osu First Class Salon, Papaye Road, Accra), but that doesn't seem to exist either. Always needs money for something: past due bills, dying mum, birthday party, gifts, wedding sacrifices, hospital expenses, unemployed bother, school, food, rent, school supplies, visa, passport, vaccinations, AIDS examination, you name it...she needs it! Does anyone have any information on this scam???

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2009-07-14, 02:39:52
Obummer and His Policy's in Ghana are a Joke

Here's What America can look forward to.

The Promised Land

Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel '
Pick up your shovel, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you
to the Promised Land'.

Nearly 75 years ago, Roosevelt said, ' Lay down your shovels, sit on
your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the promised land'.

Now Obama is going to steal your shovel, kick your asses, raise the
price of camels, and mortgage the promised land.

2009-07-14, 10:56:31
Not really sure what the previous post has to do with this scammer? However, the message was entertaining. Yes, US policy in Ghana is a joke, but US policies in the US are equally hilarious. :) Has anyone seen these pics of 'Sherifatu Husseni' before, or know where they come from???
2009-07-14, 23:48:38
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

The photo's of the girl on this thread are posted on other threads
on this site. There actually plenty of them.
Under what name ? Now that's a horse of a different color. LOL
With over 3000 threads to choose from ?
You see where, I'm going with this don't, You ?
Ironically wouldn't, You know it these pictures while being of
the very same girl are obviously the only single time these specifically
have been posted.
If there had been at least one posted that matched any of these it
would already show with the picture that matched.
No worries, I will return here after, I run across one that leads to more.
It literally takes picking a thread and looking at each page until, You
get lucky and hit one. LOL
Of course there is the chance someone will know exactly where to
look and be kind enough to post the information.
I would guess the pictures come from ATK Exotics Porn Site ?
But by what name there ?
Definitely a African scammer so that narrows down where to search
for pictures here. Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal ?
I will see how long this little chase takes me. LOL

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart

2009-07-15, 02:40:17   (updated: 2009-07-15, 02:50:09)
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Photo of Sherifatu Husseni
From the Osai Williams thread just hit the link to see all the information
there. Also there are 4 more postings there.
She is also known as Hindu Ali, Amisu Wahab
I will hunt down more information.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-07-15, 03:37:37
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Thank You for having me do a very thorough
search of this site for nothing, Good exercise. LOL
But then, You knew all along what, I wouldn't find.
You have asked the question if anyone knew where, Her
pictures came from on more threads than, I care to count.
Please disclose more information like the fact, You
already know everything, I just found like the fact You know
all the other threads that, I just looked up.
Very simply put enter in search at the very top of the page
Any one of the names, Hindu Ali, or Sherifatu Husseni
Either one will show, You where every posting is made for
this scammer.
Unfortunately no one mentioned where the photo's are from.
You could have saved from looking that up for no reason.
If, You want to know so bad why don't, You try looking on ATK Exotics
Porn site for, Yourself.
I am definitely not going to go there to hunt, Her down.
Well unless the sky fall's Chicken little has left the building.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-07-15, 10:37:25
[hidden] from United States  
Agent 86. I never intended for you to go chasing around in the dark on THIS site. Sorry if you misunderstood my request. I was simply asking if anyone knew where these photos originated? If I knew all the facts, I would disclose them. Thank you for the lead to 'ATK Exotics'. I'll take a look and see if the photos appear there. I'm very new to this site, have never heard of ATK, and I apologize if you went through a whole lot of trouble for nothing. You may call me ScamTrak if that helps. I don't know how to enter that name. You call yourself Agent 86, but I don't know how you did that.

Kind regards,

2009-07-15, 13:21:45
OJAS from United States  
2009-07-15, 13:26:22
anonymous from United States  
Sherifatu Husseni and her band of theives have not made any contact in over 3 days now since having been reported to Yahoo, the State Department, US Embassy, and the FBI. Still don't know where these photos originate from, but we will track them down sooner or later with the help of some of our friends at The good news....Sherifatu seems to have disappeared. Must have gotten tired of trying to track down non-existent Western Union funds and 'gold necklaces' to phoney addresses! :)

Another pic of this scammer for those of you who may want to see if they can find out where they come from!!


2009-07-15, 13:54:42
anonymous from United States  

Thank you for your message. However, your link @ ( http://www.delphifa..54#141063) doesn't seem to exist or take me anywhere for relevant information? Am I missing something? I'm still learning, so please bear with me and be more specific. Ok?

2009-07-15, 16:49:01   (updated: 2009-07-15, 16:53:20)
OJAS from United States  
There are 2 picture search tries. The reverse is, when you add to your browser as a plug-in, and right click on a web pic, or a pic file in your computer.

The direct search is to look for scammer pix already posted / stolen source. There is no guarantee, but try out those links one at a time, when you get the chance. You will find some you have already seen on this site.

As is well known, I am not good at presenting ideas. I will request DOC to explain to you how useful picture search is, in addition to text search.
2009-07-15, 17:40:46
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

I hope, Your search yields where the pictures come from.
Thank You for, Your response.
Listen to OJAS he really knows computers and how to do searches.
As for putting ScamTrak on your posting header here.
Just erase where it Say's Anonymous put in what, you want it to say.
Of course it will disable the system from sending, You updates
as, Your e mail address is missing.
By posting just one time hiding, Your E Mail address the system
will keep sending, You up dates until, You make it stop.
So, I only post my hidden address once to start the up dates
on this thread.
Be careful to never post, Your e mail address here.
Scammers are all over this site.
Please excuse me for my somewhat rude behavior toward, You.
But the fact is scammers actually post things here to get the contributors
to chase things down to waste, Our time.
I was waiting for, Your response to tell who, You were ?
Welcome to the front lines in the War on Scammers.
It gets crazy here sometimes. LOL

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxell Smart \\'^o^'//

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana
Scammer Jane Mabou from Ivory Coast, Africa

2009-07-15, 19:40:14
OJAS from United States  
ScamTrak, http://www.delphifa..369#129154 It is certainly important, as you say, to identify the source of theft. But it can also be difficult at times, so should not be the sole aim. Sooner or later, someone will stumble upon the pic and provide updates. If I remember reasonably, it took several weeks to identify Magnus' Armenian scammer used the same pix sent by Russian scammers 2 years ealier.

You might also notice different people have different expertise and interests. Every new pair of eyes are always welcome against those scumbags.

Some examples: Fred prefers Mugus, but Dirk prefers Borises. Agent 86 doesn't like Borises, or chasing IPs. I wage bloody battles against Borises behind the enemy lines, DOC lost interest in Mugus, prefers Borises, etc. There is a good chance someone will have an answer to most newbie questions. Encourage newbie friends to join forces. http://www.delphifa..?p=5#71283
2009-07-15, 20:41:11   (updated: 2009-07-15, 21:07:44)
DOC from United States  
I have been reading the posts at Rhonda Naa then OJAS brings me
here and I see you’re here also. I am tring to figure out what is going on.
I quickly read through this thread. It seems like you started it, and
have many questions. Tell me, what can I help you with?
2009-07-16, 14:06:18
DOC from United States  
2009-07-16, 14:15:48
anonymous from United States  

Sherifatu Husseni , Picture is from ATKexotics, Model's name is michelle, back ground is use many times with different models. The photographers use the same back grounds and poises so if you look at their models you will see same backgrounds, cheap studio in Fla. but kitchens are seen many times with different models. ATK uses models 18 years to 23 years, when they turn 24 they are droped from their list of active models, so all those pictures are of very young women. I would hate to see what they would look like today 8 to 10 years later. Some would need a sign hung on them 'WIDE LOAD'.

Good job everyone.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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