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Dating scammer Sherifatu Husseni


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Name: Sherifatu Husseni


Kanda 429 Kanda Highway
P.O. Box 216
Accra, Ghana 00233


Other Comments:
Not really sure if the address is legitimate. Can't seem to confirm it as real. IP address is obviously hidden through proxy servers and can't be traced. Sends lots of nude pictures and doesn't seem to be afraid of being apprehended. Claims that her pictures are being used by others to conduct the scam, but she sends them with her personal e-mails and is always ready to chat on Yahoo chat sessions?? Discontinues chat sessions, or claims to have computer problems, whenever questions get too close to reality. Supplies all kinds of phoney names and addresses in Accra and NEVER stops saying how 'real' she is and how much 'she loves me' and wants to move to America and have a family!! English is very bad and I doubt that he/she has a 6th grade education, although claims to be highly educated! :) Gets rather amusing after a while. Watch out for this guy or girl and the several others that seem to be in on this scam (a brother, her mum, an agent for passports, and even a doctor (Dr. Desmond) at a private hospital (Prince of Peace Private Hospital on Kanshie Street, 233-542-675879)) that doesn't seem to exist. Also claims to attend hairdressing school at Osu First Class Salon, Papaye Road, Accra), but that doesn't seem to exist either. Always needs money for something: past due bills, dying mum, birthday party, gifts, wedding sacrifices, hospital expenses, unemployed bother, school, food, rent, school supplies, visa, passport, vaccinations, AIDS examination, you name it...she needs it! Does anyone have any information on this scam???

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2009-07-16, 17:03:30
wanwan from Japan  

Great info !!
Thank you for your great jobs !!
Your info is very useful ,helpful to others.
Very precise analysis ,great !!
mata-ne(see you again in Japanese )

2009-07-16, 17:54:51   (updated: 2009-07-16, 17:58:46)
ScamTrak from United States  
DOC, OJAS, Agent 86, Wanwan and Fred:

Thanks guys for all your help. I see that someone has tracked down 'Sherifatu Husseni' as an 'ATK Exotics' model named 'Michelle'. Agent 86 had already put me on to that lead a few posts ago - thanks big guy! And Fred, thanks for your help, too.

DOC. I'll have several questions for you in coming posts. Thanks for your offer to help and to be one of my mentors. You won't regret it!

OJAS. Agent 86 tells me that you are the computer genius here, but you tell me that you're not that good at explaining things. I tend to disagree with your self-assessment....your information has been very helpful, although sometimes I do have a little difficulty following your 'computer language'. I'm a pretty quick bear with me. Excuse my ignorance, but what is a 'Mugus' and a 'Boris'? If I'm following, a 'Boris' is someone from Russia? But what is a 'Mugus'?

Wanwan. Just for YOU I'm going to learn some Japanese!! :) Just don't laugh too hard when I screw it up! I really appreciate your sense of humor and when I visit Japan I'd love to have a couple Sakis with you! Oh yeah, I'm a former military advisor and I love to drink! :) Mata-ne!
2009-07-16, 18:11:54   (updated: 2009-07-16, 18:22:24)
OJAS from United States  
@ScamTrak, the generally used term Boris is here http://www.delphifa..2412.shtml I however use it in a slightly broader sense to include Ukrainian and Belarus scammers. Again, Mugu is generally accepted Nigerian scammer, but I extend it to other West Africans as well.

PS. Please don't be too defensive about seeking information. I am ignorant about thousands of things, but never hesitate or embarrassed to ask. We ALL start as newbies in every new venture, it takes time.
2009-07-16, 20:15:10
ScamTrak from United States  

WOW! Thank you for those links. I found them to be very informative, and would have NEVER believed that that kind of stuff was going on around the world. I can't believe that I was taken by one of those scumbag scammers, but I guess 'you live and learn'.

I now understand the terms 'Boris' and 'Mugu'...'a BIG fool'. Thanks for the clarifications and information. I was a Mugu for sure, but I'm now informed, and with the continued mentoring from you and others on this site I think you will find me to be a fairly intelligent guy. Also, know that I am NOW dedicated to exposing scammers and doing EVERYTHING in my power and circle of influence to clean up this bunch of scumbags. My primary focus will be Ghana for now....since that is where I was embarassed and made to look the fool! I promise you, it won't EVER happen again, and I hope to help some of the newbies to learn from my idiocy.

Hey OJAS. Please don't think that I'm 'too defensive' to seek information. I learned a long time ago that I didn't know everything and I'm pretty good at seeking out people who do. I may drive you crazy with some of my questions, and some people have difficulty understanding my 'sense of humor, or 'sarcasm', but bear with me. I think you will find me to be an exceptional student!
2009-07-16, 20:24:24
OJAS from United States  
ScamTrak, glad that those links interested you. When you get the chance, here is a useful thread on Headers, IP etc. http://www.delphifa..2495.shtml
2009-07-16, 20:26:46
ScamTrak from United States  
Wanwan, a.k.a. 'Anti-scammer Ninja Bad-dog'. :)

Look out wanwan. I'm studying your language and will post some messages soon. Be ready for some very serious mistakes and some good laughs! Damn, Japanese is a difficult language to learn. Do you have any suggestions for learning references?

Did you see the post where someone identified 'Sherifatu Husseni' as a photo from ATK Exotics by the name of Michelle? I still haven't found it there, but I'm looking.

Have a cup of Saki on me and be healthy and happy! :)
2009-07-16, 20:39:39
ScamTrak from United States  

Thanks. I have previously studied that information and think I know how to use it. What I'm not really sure how to do is how to copy a header or e-mail correspondence and include it in a comment on this site. I see that you and others do that quite frequently and that is quite valuable information. How do I do that? I have several headers and e-mails that I think would be helpful for newbies to see and understand how these scammers from Ghana word things and the bullshit stories that they tell.

I warned you that I would be asking questions! :)
2009-07-16, 21:27:04   (updated: 2009-07-16, 21:39:46)
ScamTrak from United States  

Don't know how you did that, but the photos from ( http://www.romance...hp?t=2731) are definately the same as those used by 'Sherifatu Husseni' in my scam. She sure has a lot of photos out there! I've received about 30 or 40 myself and many of them are totally nude and VERY exposing! :) Of course a God-fearing and church-going Catholic young lady wanting to move to the USA, have children, and be your mate for life would spread her legs and send you those pictures in a minute? :) She/he actually told me that her 'mum' was getting angry with her because she was sending naked pictures and that she needed to stop sending so many. Pretty hilarious, huh? Thanks for the link and investigative magic!

Here's another photo that she sent. Don't mean to be offensive, but people need to see what these scumbags will actually send to try to get your money.

Remind me to tell you about marriage customs and what they call 'brides price' and what it takes (party money, animal sacrifices, and then some more money) to get married to a nice girl from Ghana!! I think you will find the story and e-mails quite amusing.
2009-07-16, 22:00:31
DOC from United States  
I ran a few of your pix through here->
Since most of your pix were nude, romancescam did not have them posted,
but scamdigger gives pix that are similar. A similar pic came up and by eye
I had to judge if it was the same girl.
2009-07-16, 22:02:13   (updated: 2009-07-16, 22:24:09)
ScamTrak from United States  
OJAS, DOC, Agent 86, Wanwan, and Fred:

I can't believe it!! I just received two more phone calls from 'Sherifatu Husseni' on my cell phone. Her number in Ghana that he/she is calling from is 233-247-5536(04). I didn't answer, of course. Are these people really that bold, stupid, and/or immune from the law in Ghana?? I have blocked them from e-mail and Yahoo chat, but they are calling again after being silent for 5 days!! Do I need to change my phone number, or is there something else that I can do to get rid of them once and for all? What do you suggest??

She/he has already been reported to, the State Department, the US Embassy in Ghana, and the FBI. I guess that doesn't really make any difference in stopping these scumbags in Ghana?? What else can we do??
2009-07-16, 22:16:53
ScamTrak from United States  

Thanks for the additional information. I have seen enough!! Her pictures are ALL OVER the place!! My next step will be to track this guy down and have him 'pay' for his boldness. Believe me. :)

Agent 86, et. al.. Stay posted and watch the methods of my madness! :) I take my time, but I NEVER fail in anything I set out to way or another. I'm VERY patient and VERY persistent! You may call it 'Marine Corps sniper training'.
2009-07-17, 14:02:14
anonymous from United States  
ScamTrak and Doc

I can't believe how many times, I have warned everybody
about the fact that scammers never stop NEVER !!!!!!!!!!
They have, Your information and believe me if they can't
personally use it to get to, You they will sell it to someone else.
At least, Your e mail isn't posted on this site like mine is. LOL
I get all the scams that are harvested in mass and they don't
know that Delphifaq is not a dating site. LOL
You would freak out from what, I get every day. LOL
Scammers have no off switch that is why especially with woman
victims it is so important to not only tell them to stop all communication
with their scammer, You actually have to drill in them that means
no contact in any form is allowed not even to cuss the idiot out.
Every time, You allow any scammer any form of contact they
read that as meaning they have a chance to scam, You again.
As for how, you choose to engage the enemy well that's up to, You.
But remember cut the scammers balls off if, You have to. LOL
I am a Tank Driver by trade don't park in front of me. LOL
Plus who needs to shoot when, I can deliver drive through service. LOL
The 105 Sabo Round will pentrate any Armor. LOL

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Sniper cool here's one for, You. LOL
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia
Dating scammer Bill Dorsen
Dating scammer Olga
Dating scammer Linda Gant

2009-07-17, 14:32:41
anonymous from United States  

' 'Sherifatu Husseni' as a photo from ATK Exotics by the name of Michelle? I still haven't found it there, but I'm looking. '

If you don't join the ATK site all you will see is a thumb nail photo of her, she did loose weight and looks completly different. The old guys will remember her as the girl with the strip white and black shirt and if you don't join you'll never find her. I quite ATK months ago because I got tired of seeing the same thing over and over. If you do join do look at the backgrounds and look at those more then the pretty body. Good luck hope you find her as I was surprise when I found the 3 different looks she had.

Good Luck.
2009-07-17, 16:06:12
DOC from United States  
Agent 86,
Thanks for your warnings. I am very well aware that it is important not to give personal info to scammers. One scammer has my real info thats the one who scammed me, I have not heard a thing since I cut off contact with my scammer, anyway I can not do anything about that now. Recently I started playing with scammers but I have listened to all you guys, and I do NOT give them my real name, address, or photo. Also OJAS suggested me to use a TracFone for scammers to call me, so I have one of them now. I do not give scammers my cell phone or home phone numbers that I normally use. I use a bunch of different email addys to write to scammers. I am not ready to just quit and give up on gaining some personal satisfaction by wasting the scammers time making them forge documents for me and exposing them here. If the scammers are writing me maybe thats one less guy that they actually would be scamming.
2009-07-17, 18:35:56
anonymous from Canada  
If these people are bold enough to phone you get the numbers for me..I call them at all times of the day as well..Just want to know what they are doing at three a
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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