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Dating scammer Gallina P


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Name: Gallina P


Gives her address as a village just out of Sumy, Ukraine
Belopolye Region
Hurinovka House 33

Other Comments:
Met her in Ukraine through UADREAMS agency. Writes about having a future together and will travel to meet with me. After I returned home she sent an email reminding me that she needed money for English lessons. After sending her some, she didn't reply. Wrote to her at the agency and she denies asking for money (against agency policy), and states there is no future now as I am not as she imagined!
Her full name Gallina Petrenko


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2009-08-02, 10:18:15
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Letters to the Prime Minister may be of help too.

Yulia Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko (Ukrainian: Юлія Володимирівна Тимошенко, born on November 27, 1960) is a Ukrainian politician and current Prime Minister of Ukraine. She is the leader of the All-Ukrainian Union 'Fatherland' party and the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc.

Before becoming Ukraine's first female Prime Minister, Tymoshenko was one of the key leaders of the Orange Revolution.

Prior to her political career, Yulia Tymoshenko was a successful but controversial businesswoman in the gas industry, which made her wealthy. Tymoshenko first became Prime Minister in 2005 between January 24 and September 8. She was elected again as PM on December 18, 2007.

Tymoshenko is a candidate in the presidential elections in 2010.

Personal website:

2009-08-02, 19:14:21
Vicoz from Australia  
UPDATE...Have received info via Dirk > Agent 86 > Doc....Yes, it was a bit like a Maxwell Smart episode...LOL....But worth it...
I'll sort through ALL this info in the next few days (I hope!)...
1 more request please.....Any links about reading/checking IP addresses? Or do you just Google the lot???
I am corresponding with another ??? and not sure about her...or HIM???.....Going thru the process of checking out their credentials...And yes, I'm following all the good advice thats been given...Seems genuine, but I don't want 3 years of letters to find its BORIS who's writing!!!
RE: Grande Finale.....Hope there's not copyright on it...I might use it one day!!!..LOL...
2009-08-02, 19:21:26
Vicoz from Australia  
Hi Dirk
You have good info and suggestions....Many thanks for your contributions and support!
2009-08-02, 20:20:25
Vicoz from Australia  
Hi wanwan
Just realized I haven't acknowledged your contributions.....I have Asian friends here and so find your attitude comments and humor familiar...I also read your comments in other threads and believe me, I laughed a lot....
Thanks for all your support
2009-08-02, 20:27:19
OJAS from United States  

• Bookmark the Oz thread http://www.delphifa..662.shtml
In your researches whenever you find general info specifically useful for Aussies, post it there and contribute to Crikey's efforts. Include any examples from this thread that you think are useful.

If you see delphi links with contraction ellipses .., they CANNOT BE copied. They must be first opened, then the URL must be copied from that address bar.

• Ukraine mainly has 2 types of scam industries. Translation and gold dig

Gold dig types can be very hard to deal with, since they use their own identity and a variety of tactics

Svetlana Belonosova http://www.delphifa..771.shtml
Svetlana Parshkina http://www.delphifa..099.shtml
Julia Valyaeva http://www.delphifa..209.shtml
Julia Zherdeva http://www.delphifa..872.shtml
Irina Sharova http://www.delphifa..205.shtml
Lena Kontcich http://www.delphifa..791.shtml
Yana Purovets http://www.delphifa..884.shtml

Still a pattern seems to be to bleed the victim slowly, till he can shed no more, then find a new one ...

• Information is power - Good to have people wtaching thse creeps round the clock from several time zones

I see your updates, even as I was working on the above. As you already know, contents of your e-mail discussions will be confidential, never made available to visiting scammers.

For IPs, a good start is http://www.delphifa..495.shtml
We will gradually develop further, rather than risk information overload ;)
2009-08-02, 23:27:08
Vicoz from Australia  
Thanks for those threads.....
I'm getting conflicting results...Using thread/link http://whatismyipad..esults...A lady who has 'confirmed profile' from Lugansk, comes up as being from Kiev!!!
If I use http://www.geobytes..Location), then it comes up as Lugansk!!!
Another eg. A lady who claims to be from Belarus, on one IP tracker comes up as Gomel Belarus, on another from Germany??? If there's a more definitive IP tracker, PLEASE let me know???
Her profile said Postavi, now she gives addy as Shojniki...Yes! possibly another scammer...but following all the handy hints....This is an education...Never too late to learn...LOL.....Searched pics, email and IP...Nothing comes up!
Still waiting for replies from WU and ACCC...
Thanks for the reassurance about confidentiality, though I suspected I had nothing to worry about anyway...All good!
2009-08-03, 00:52:41   (updated: 2009-08-03, 01:38:08)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  


Ukrainian Translationscammers tend to use pics of wellknown models. Try to find the pics here:

A new variety of travel and visa scam in Ukraine.
December 1st, 2007
When checking letters that men send me for checking to verify if the lady they are communicating with is a scammer or not, the last two-three months I meet a new variety of travel and visa scam in Ukraine.

It seems that a new scammer group emerged in Ukraine that took a visa and travel scenario that is mostly adopted by Yoshkar-Ola (Mari-El, Kirov) scammers, but bring some additions to it. These additions often mislead men. In general, the scenario is the same. A beautiful Ukrainian woman meets a man on a dating site and begins quickly correspond with him. She quickly fall in love with him. BUT she answers his questions and her letters are rather flexible, not standard like Yoshkar-Ola scammers. The only dangerous sign is the quickness with which she falls in love with a man, and begins to tell all her friends and parents about her “love”. This type of scammers also sends a lot of pictures with all her letters. She also chooses men from 5 years senior to 35 years senior and tells that the age difference is ok for her. Interesting thing that could be noticed recently: many “girls” tell men that they live rather poor, do not have money for mobile or for new clothes, but in the picture you see new and new clothes on them. Usually they have standard part in the letter and the part where they answer questions. They often refused to give a telephone (explaining that it is too expensive for them though it costs much less than any clothes on them in the pictures), they also do not have mobiles. I have met cases when a ” girl” do have given her telephone to a man but with an interesting story that it is her work phone. So a man should phone there, give a code and only after that he was connected to the girl. The code was very big (something like 16535) and her explanation that it is the number of the room where she is sitting was rather poor. I can’t imagine such big building and organization with only one secretary in not big Ukrainian city. In reality, it is the code of the man, so that a “girl” knows how to call him and at what stage they are. After some time they also begin to talk about coming to the man for a visit. And later ask for money for a visa and passport and tickets.

So do not be taken in by this scam. If all other signs are here but the girl answers some questions, do not be taken in. She is a scammer. If you doubt, send me the data for checking.


The Translationscam works the same. Girl falls in love after 4 or 5 letters. Then the Agency sends a letter, telling yoy that the girl has nomore credits. If you want to continue the relationship, you have to pay for the translation of letters. Important sign: the girl tells you that she doesn't speak English and uses a Translation Agency. Don't fall for it!

2009-08-03, 01:38:02   (updated: 2009-08-03, 01:39:10)
anonymous from Australia  
Hey Dirk
Thanks for the link to IP tracking...Useful stuff you're coming up with...
The lady in this case...Gallina, is from agency Uadreams....
Its similar scenario to what you describe, though perhaps also like what OJAS describes as 'Gold diggers'. The agency has many young girls, they send letters in 'bulk' to their database of male clients, and their profile is eg. seeking men 20 - 60, when they are in their 20's, as Gallina is!!! The girls are NOT allowed to divulge personal info, surname addy etc in their letters...
The agency charges men per letter for translation...
As I posted earlier, one of those girls later wrote to me (after she left the agency) that the letters are written by the staff, without girls input, and the girls are not allowed to communicate in English when meeting with male clients! The agency makes money from letters and translations!!! One of the translators I befriended, told me that they get a standard salary, then bonuses for letters they write, and lesser bonuses for interpreting when the client visits!!! I guess...The bonus for the girls is what they can 'gold dig' from the 'older' men when they visit, (and I guess wait for that Mr Right to one day visit!) Expensive restaurants, gifts, BIG taxi fares etc! The other side is that its 'safe' for the girls, as they have interpreters with them, and the male client is 'known' to the agency...
Can we call this a Scam...At an agency level perhaps???
Seems if there's money involved, SOMEONE will work out a way to get their hands in your pocket!!!

2009-08-03, 01:49:04   (updated: 2009-08-03, 01:56:41)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
You describe the Golddig-scenario: the man actually meets the girl.

When you are dealing with a Translationscammer, you will never meet the girl. Why? Because... She's not there. The scam-agency tries to get as much money out of your wallet as they can, just by sending letters and beautiful photos (of models). http://www.delphifa..#comments

Check the agency. Lots of them are on blacklists, like:

2009-08-03, 02:19:50
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

About the lady from Belarus. How many emails do you get? One a day? It's probably a scammer. Real girls will answer your email immediately. Emails fly back and forth, like a chatsession. A real girl will be more than happy to chat with you (and come on webcam).

Internet Dating Scams
How to Spot Online Con Men

Internet dating has gained in popularity over the last several years, but for every success there seems to be an equal number of stories where a well-meaning single person was taken advantage of, or worse.

Many of the common online dating scams involve money and trust, while others are physically dangerous. Regardless of the motive, there are some common aspects that many Internet dating scams seem to share. Here are a few signs to look for.

Emails From Another Country
While it’s possible that the love of your life may not live near you, the reality is most people who are serious about dating live a reasonable distance away from the folks they search for. Think about it, if someone wants to date you, he or she will have to spend time with you, and they can’t do that if they aren’t even in your zip code.

Protect yourself: If you receive an email from someone hundreds of miles away or even outside the boundaries of your country, simply ignore the message. Don’t respond in any way. Doing so only encourages further contact.

Claims of Love
If you receive a message from someone that talks about how much they love and adore you early on, take note. Daters who are well balanced and looking for a meaningful relationship do not do this type of thing.

The reason is simple: Until the two of you meet and spend time together you won’t really know how you feel about the other person. You can’t. Any feelings you have are based on a fantasy and not the reality.

And while it’s possible to enjoy the way a person writes and the online banter you both might share, an email declaring love should be met with caution. If someone doesn’t know you yet, then he or she can’t very well be in love with you, either.

Protect yourself: If you receive a message of love before a face-to-face meeting, tell your online match he or she is moving too fast and you need time to get to know them. Oftentimes asking for additional space will send a con artist running.

Asking for Money
Con men know how to tell a good sob story. Before you even have a real relationship, you’ll hear about their sick children, their mother, and their health problems. While everyone has baggage, con artists play upon your sympathies.

In addition, con men will try and get personal information that an honest dater would ever want to know, such as bank and credit card numbers. When your online match starts asking questions that have nothing to do with normal dating talk, move on from him or her and don’t look back.

Protect yourself: If an online match has the audacity to ask for money or financial information, delete his emails and block his profile.

Pushing the Boundaries Too Far and Too Fast
Con artists want to get in and out of a scam quickly before they move on to the next victim. One trick is to bypass the double blind email system that any reputable site has in place. While many daters exchange emails after a time, it is never advisable to do this in the very beginning.

Another common trick by con men is to give you their phone number in place of having to email you at all. People that are impatient about the safety features put in place for online dating are a red flag. Get to know the person first before giving out your last name, address, or real email address.

Protect yourself: Listen to your gut instinct, and know that any person you haven’t met several times is a stranger. Never allow feelings of flattery, loneliness, or sympathy make you do something you simply don’t feel right about. If your date is someone worthwhile, he or she will be willing to get to know you over time and allow you in their world as well.


2009-08-03, 05:13:36
Vicoz from Australia  
Hi Dirk
More good info and handy hints!
But do you mean a real lady WILL or WILL NOT reply everyday?
Belarus lady writes about 2 times per week. Lugansk lady about the same!
Both are from the same site. Lugansk is a confirmed profile, meaning the agency has identified her, while the other has been listed by internet presumably....
By the way, the agency these ladies are from are in Jims gold list!
Neither conform to regular letter writing...Meaning, both may or may not reply to questions that I ask, and write about day to day activities, family etc...mostly...
But being aware is half the battle...All your good info is helping...Thank you very much!!!

2009-08-03, 07:25:56   (updated: 2009-08-03, 07:26:26)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Two letters every week? O dear, O dear, Vicoz! This will take about 10 years to develop in a serious relationship. LOL

This is not how Internetdating works. You can't be together (eye to eye). You can't get necessary info about the other person from direct contact. There comes a moment, that two people have to decide, wether or not this is the one I want a relationship with. You depend on the Internet to get all necessary info. So, when a girl wants to find her soulmate/lifepartner abroad she needs all info she can get. And she (and he) needs it quick! Imagine: two people (thousands of miles apart) sit at their computer. One sends an email, the other answers within minutes. The other one will answer rightaway (not three days later!). Email becomes a means to talk with eachother. It is a means to get the basic info about the other person. Once they decide to get more close, their conversation will develop into chatting. The webcam will be used. And so on...

Offer a chatsession to your ladies. A very popular (and good) means for this is Skype. It's free. And you can call other Skype-users all over the world for free.


This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan

2009-08-03, 08:53:50   (updated: 2009-08-03, 09:04:08)
DOC from United States  
Hey guys,
Vicoz tells me that he sees in the header of some of his mails (X-mailer: The Bat!) he asks me what this means. Will someone please tell him on here so others can see and also learn from his question.
2009-08-03, 09:27:09
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-08-02, 20:20:25
Vicoz from Australia

Welcome !!
You have put many great messages on Delphi.
Good jobs on Delphi !!
Your postings are very very helpful to the future potential victims.
Your posts can save many innocent peoples.
I appreciate your great jobs on here.
And I learn lots from your posts '' Gallina P ''.
Now we can pay attention to her & her complicity in Ukraine.
I respect you,Vicoz !
I hope you will join us .
And I hope you will come on here everyday !!

I know Great OZ mate on Delphi.
His name is steve_dux.
So if you have some questions,
please ask him !!

See you soon !!

2009-08-03, 10:04:22
OJAS from United States  
Vicoz, as Dirk says, one can't wait years.

Visa from / to FSU countries can be a lengthy, tedious process, it helps to choose a visa-free country to arrange an initial meeting. http://en.wikipedia.._passport
It helps when corresponding with a foreign girl, to start homework in parallel
They cover non-Baltic FSU countries http://www.russia.e..tion.html
Obtain blank application forms for citizens of Belarus / Ukraine, and details of enclosing fee in AUD
When you meet her in a visa-free country, fill them out, and send the fee with her, which she sends with her passport upon her return.
X-Mailer: The Bat! is a scam sign http://datingnmore...hebat.htm
Watch for red flags
Begin scam test http://romancescam...mtest.cgi
Also, when this server returns, score your scam card http://russianwomen..hp?pid=34
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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