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Dating scammer Gallina P


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Name: Gallina P


Gives her address as a village just out of Sumy, Ukraine
Belopolye Region
Hurinovka House 33

Other Comments:
Met her in Ukraine through UADREAMS agency. Writes about having a future together and will travel to meet with me. After I returned home she sent an email reminding me that she needed money for English lessons. After sending her some, she didn't reply. Wrote to her at the agency and she denies asking for money (against agency policy), and states there is no future now as I am not as she imagined!
Her full name Gallina Petrenko

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2009-07-29, 14:01:36

I would suggest that the original poster posts the MTCN. i doubt that money has exchanged hands.

in his post he suggests that Western Union has provided him with the information that Gallina has received money from several countries, well just try and get such information from an branchoffice or even the headoffice. payments are private

he also wrote that he is versed in forensics so forging evidence should be relatively easy

i know her translators writing style because i have read a huge amount of letters translated by her, well some posts had a very different style then her translator uses.

I doubt that many of the letters posted above are valid, or maybe some fragments are real but twisted in context

so returning 50% read paying someone to get rid of this post is similar to blackmail
i could post a ton of scams here and make a fortune by being paid to agree to remove the posts.

Let this sweat beautifull girl be, she doesn't deserve to be here on this site.

This is my friend and she shouldn't have to pay anything.
2009-07-29, 15:32:58   (updated: 2009-07-29, 16:27:19)
OJAS from United States  
50% means there must be proof that money changed hands. Give an opportunity to provide evidence of money transfer, or its absence.

Of course 50% of zero is still zero!

Your friend can copy all the evidence from here and can easily sue for libel, get money from him, if she can prove she is victim of a libel. Now, this is just a suggestion, don't think I am suggesting a blackmail.

When all you have is one person's words against another, thinking of reaching a practical compromise in no way implies a blackmail suggestion.

Read this article, then that full thread http://www.delphifa..tml#88893

I am not suggesting that your girl is trying that, but just the fact that such things happen!

You could have written directly to the original poster (she has his e-mail address) and challenge him for evidence of money transfer. You instead posted an affront by asking him to ''cut your losses and move on''

Now you are claiming his losses were zero! What do you mean cut from zero? Do you mean he should send some money, because, less than zero is negative!

Oz mate(s)
File NOTARIZED complaints with Ukrainian prosecutor general, Tax division, and President of Ukraine

If you are interviewed by the AFP, have all documents ready
2009-07-29, 20:48:17   (updated: 2009-07-29, 21:24:44)
anonymous from Australia  
Her FRIEND Alex wrote to my email claiming ALL that I wrote is rubbish!!!


I was wondering if you already read the news posts on the http://www.delphifa..l#comments site.

I know Gallina and I know alla's writing style. you have nothing to fear from me she only wants to be my friend, nothing more, she didn't cheat on you with me.

I know that parts of what you posted isn't true, you were angry, i understand.
you bought her gifts and did your very best but somehow it wasn't enough, feelings changed and expectations weren't met.

you knew that UADreams offers english lessons why pay her directly? anyway i think you never paid her anything and she shouldn't be on this site.

I ask you, write the site admin and have this profile removed.

else if you find it acceptable you get 100UAD back? i will pay you this because i am a real friend of gallina, though i am sure you never paid anything. WU doesn't provide payment details of other payments.

Oh alla and gallina are the best of friends so alla warning you about gallina is nonsence.
and as i understand gallina speaks simple english, atleast she did last november when i visited my friends in sumy.

i ask you to do what is right and have this profile removed by writing the admin.
Alex Schulein

PS I write to you to set this right, i don't need my email adres scattered across the internet.

This is my reply to him.
Hi Alex
I don't know you and what you have written sounds ridiculous!
EVERYTHING that was written is extracted from letters and emails!
If you pressure WU enough they will tell you, especially when you tell them theres a SCAM involved!
I sent her money that SHE requested and she abandoned me after that! As scammers do!
There is also a site that arranges investigation with police and taxation and prosecutes! They have WU details also!
What I wrote is the TRUTH! WHY are you so sure that I never sent her money...Because she told you???
How can you tell me what I wrote is not TRUE?
This is not about money! Your generous offer does not compensate time and emotions, nor does it undo what was done!
I DON'T LIKE liars and deceitful people. And she is not the first scammer that I have processed through these channels!
It sounds like YOU have been deceived by lies...As far as I'm concerned, she is an accomplished LIAR...And you have been deceived also!
In fact, I will post the WU number...Perhaps then YOU can send ME a letter of apology???
She gets what she deserves!

Thanks OJAS for your comments and support...Rest easy...My postings are legitimate!

WU transfer # 3023394748 Amount $200 AUD...Thats 1102 UAH...Sent May 1 2009...
In fact Alex, why don't YOU tell her she can sue me, and see the response you get...Am I a liar??? In her agency letters she writes that the details I posted are not true...I wrote to her asking if this is what she will tell all the others...Obviously, this is what she told YOU...Yes she is beautiful and has seduced you into believing her...Certainly I was seduced when I was there also...She is convincing...Quite accomplished...AND after I sent her money, there were no more emails...Not even a THANK YOU!!! I waited for 2 weeks then wrote to her at the agency, thinking something had happened to her as she did not reply to emails!!!
So all communication was then through the agency, which Alla gets bonuses for writing letters...Are you aware of how the agency operates??? The translators get paid better bonuses for letters and lesser bonuses for acting as interpreters! Also, watching on the webcam, I saw Alla arrive one morning and my agency letter was opened...She started writing and my reply was sent to me within a short space of time...As far as I could see, there was NO contact with Gallina!!! And YES, I wrote about that in one of my letters via the agency!!! Of course they avoid giving a direct response. I believe that the reply was, 'and for who did you write that letter, for the agency or Gallina...?
So your MANY letters that you know Alla's writing style...THINK! Who are you REALLY writing to???
Do you see how the system works? First Gallina extracts what she can, then her friend profits from letters written through the agency!

I suggest ALEX, as Gallina has my details and you know her details, YOU should be able to verify that money DID exchange hands...Consequently, YOU have been lied to also. Either YOU are part of this SCAM or easily deceived by accomplished LIARS.
ALL the agency letters and emails are valid in content and details. I am not responsible if someone else wrote the agency letter and put Alla name to it. I published FACTS! And my conversation with Alla is valid also...She did tell me 'Gallina doesn't have a boyfriend, not in the village...' When I questioned her further, she changed the subject...
I also wrote a letter to Alla via the agency, and she declined to reply, stating how I proceed with Gallina was my issue, and as part of her professional ethics she cannot comment!!!
When I was there in April 2009, Gallina told me that she didn't have an email address and only sent it to me later. She also told me she had only met with 3 other men...Sadly, Alex from Holland was NOT one of them!!! The last person she spoke of meeting in Sumy was a French guy in 2008. Of course the verbal conversations cannot be verified. BUT the letters and emails CAN!!!
AND my work in Forensics is about Psychological profiles, not inventing evidence! Don't be so naive...Grow up, there's a real world out there, and you should KNOW your facts before accusing others of fabricating information!
NOW Alex, I will await your apology also!!!
2009-07-29, 21:10:19
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Oz mate 2009-07-29, 20:48:17
(If you replace anonymous with a signature like NSW Blues, it will make conversation easier)

I implore you to send a notarized complaint to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General.
So Alex from Holland, The Australian HAS given Western Union number. I had given you the suggestion to sue him for libel, after you were claiming absence of evidence of money transfer as evidence of absence! LOL!

You seem very generous with others' money, aren't you? You were asking a victim to cut his losses and move on! What a wonderful advice on what others should do with their money! Did he lose his money, or yours?

Oh! By the way, I am not paying a Ukrainian translator, English is my mother tongue, and I write this article by myself!
2009-07-29, 21:36:46   (updated: 2009-07-29, 22:10:54)
Vicoz from Australia  
Again thanks for the comments and support...
I will change the ID...
Those threads you gave...I am already involved with them, THANKS!
Do you have Ukrainian Prosecutor General details??? Email address, name etc or is that the same as the threads???
2009-07-29, 23:19:21   (updated: 2009-07-30, 00:07:05)
Vicoz from Australia  
Hey Alex
Another comment...What you wrote 'I know that parts of what you posted isn't true, you were angry, i understand.
you bought her gifts and did your very best but somehow it wasn't enough, feelings changed and expectations weren't met.'
These are the sentiments that she or Alla wrote to me via the agency...After Gallina had withdrawn the money!!!
I sense that you have been infected by their propaganda...And believe me, they are skilled at what they do!!!
The more I read your comments and email to me, the more I feel pity for you...AND also, the more I feel insulted by your comments...YOU are not impartial and seek clarification, you choose sides and write defamatory remarks...
I think YOU are more the FOOL than I was...YOU seek to compensate me for Gallina's behavior??? Great! Compensate me for time, agency letters, the travel expenses, accommodation, gifts, money spent and given to her...Then for emotional and psychological abuse...While there, Gallina filled her pockets with as much as I offered. I gave her much because she indicated there was a future together! Then 2 weeks after I left, had new profile photos wearing the gifts I'd given her!!! Jewelry shoes etc...Is this how someone who intends a future with you would behave?...YES...She lied continuously!!!
I don't know how you think that returning HALF of what I sent her for 'English lessons' (Which she requested via an agency letter which is why I sent it to her rather than pay for agency lessons) warrants her being removed from this site!
I write this NOT to validate my actions, but if you claim to be their FRIEND, then I have serious doubts about your integrity also! 'Birds of a feather flock together'.

Also, Gallina is aware of this posting...Part of her agency letter July 17 2009...
'I was checking my personal e-mail and have found many letters from different men blaming me in scam, sending me links to the sites with your ugly posts.
I have seen what you have written about me. Great job! What else I can say.'

Tell her to write here and refute the letters and emails as lies...Then her words will be MORE evidence...
THINK before you write again!!! '..Many letters from different men...' So others were checking if she scammed them too???
WHY are you doing her negotiating for her????? My email address is listed in earlier postings!!! Yours is the only email I have received supporting her...
If you are seriously trying to find the TRUTH, then be open minded and read the FACTS!
PLEASE...Don't insult my intelligence further!

2009-07-30, 13:02:25   (updated: 2009-07-30, 13:25:26)
OJAS from United States  
Vicoz, G'Day mate!
Ukraine Prosecutor offices are in the last block, at the end of this page http://agencyscams...rite.html
Ask one of them in Kiev for the Prosecutor General's contact info. (Used to be there, may be they redesigned the page)
I will also try to obtain it from my sources

Submit to more antiscam sites http://www.delphifa..=63#148069
2009-07-30, 14:25:32
Hello everybody

Well i just got a threat from the original poster
he wants me to appologize or else he will post me here as a scammer too. (blackmail??)
I'm sorry that my simple questions were too difficult and that i backed him into this.
i don't want to get tons of emails to accuse me as a scammer

clearly i am not entitled to my oppinion and i can't post this oppinion here. i can't ask simple questions

so under duress i post here my appology and i have to say that i was wrong

2009-07-30, 14:49:23   (updated: 2009-07-30, 15:17:44)
OJAS from United States  
Hope Victorians have recovered from the devastation
The general procedure for complaining to Ukraine would be similar to Russia, please see DOC (US) article http://www.delphifa..10#161631
I posted this request http://www.delphifa..=8#161963
Request DOC from UK for more info he might find useful for you, about Ukrainian procedures http://www.delphifa..p=6#95843

Contact Western Union, MoneyGram to block future payments to your scammer. They have complaint info. If you need help, please ask.

When you see Alex posting as [hidden] he is subscribing to e-mail notifications once a day for updates to this thread. He is obviously updating her, and she knows whereabouts of the Australian Mission in Ukraine! You have already challenged to be sued for libel, and thanks mate! The main focus is the money recipient, Alex is just a distraction.

Intimidation is very much in the arsenal of some exposed scammers, whether legal, or physical. DO NOT BE COWED by such tactics!
2009-07-30, 15:08:14
Actualy Gallina doesn't even know i'm doing this so i am not updating her

2009-07-30, 15:27:47
OJAS from United States  
Alex 2009-07-30, 14:25:32
he will post me here as a scammer too. (blackmail??)
Can you post his threat, as you say, in HIS OWN WORDS? As far as I can see, he only regards to as a possible accomplice, or a soon-to-be-another victim yourself!

We always ask this question: Where is the evidence, if so-and-so is supposed to be a scammer?
2009-07-30, 15:34:30

Hey Alex
You were quick to condemn me...Lets see how quick you are to apologize!
You have 1 WEEK to post your apology on this Scam site for ALL your ridiculous and unfounded comments about me and what I wrote...
You want to stand by Gallina...Then you will be treated same as Gallina (and Alla..)
Seems some people from Ukraine (and Holland now) are quick to mislead and deceive others...Lets see how responsible you all can be for your words!!!
Have a good day

I have nothing to hide
I do this for my friend not for myself, i have nothing to gain but apperantly lots to lose.


2009-07-30, 16:05:08   (updated: 2009-07-30, 16:49:17)
OJAS from United States  
I see him demanding an apology for irresponsible / misleading comments.
I see him, saying you will be considered in cahoots with them, if you don't apologize.
Did he say you will be reported as a scammer (these are your words) even before you ask money, even before you go to Western Union? I do not see that.

You know very well, when someone is called a scammer, many readers want proof, otherwise many get angry with unfounded allegations, and even get rid of unfounded allegations.

You can be sure, the moment anyone reports you as a scammer, someone will immediately want proof. No problems there.

Your issue with vicoz were
1) A personal insult to his intelligence, when he spent his OWN (NOT YOUR) money. You have posted an apology, which you claim to be in duress, which I feel you created unnecessarily by questioning some guy's intelligence. Despite your duress claim, I expect him to acknowledge your apology gracefully.

2) Misleading newbies - You are right in asking for evidence. But you are wrong in misleading newbies into thinking that rejected men can post their ex here. Several authors have warned that a rejection is not a scam. It must involve one party having deception in mind from the beginning. If you are new, I can give you more links for your reading. In a gold-dig operation, the girl has NO intention of settling in a foreign country! She gets as much as she can, from as many men as possible. Ukraine has many gold-dig girls, as well as translation scammers. It is an industry, started in Lugansk.

What happened is similar to what Svetlana did to an Australian, Michael http://www.delphifa..771.shtml
Michael had her arrested in St. Petersburg, I hope vicoz does the same.

A rejection generally happens during initial meetings, also with refusals to accept money and other gifts. Some return most of the the jewelry, and expensive gifts as a SINCERE form of rejection. THEY DON'T HANG ON TO those given to them by those NO LONGER WANTED!
2009-07-30, 16:10:59   (updated: 2009-07-30, 16:59:19)
Then you will be treated same as Gallina (and Alla..)

well both are here reported as being a scammer so the logical thing to think is that he will try to implicate me as part of the scam or something

in short post me here as a scammer.

2009-07-30, 16:37:26
actualy i can simpatize with os

i have also visited someone in sumy twice and the second time was totaly different and i had a terrible trip if not for all my friends there. i spend a shitload of money and didn't have anything to show for it. i don't speak a word of ukrainian nor do i write it, i have to rely on the agency for everything. i know they aren't cheap and they have a certain work method, that doesn't imply that they are scammers, they provide a exelent service at a certain cost, the webcams they use just suck big time, sometimes a image gets looped throught the entire day and you see just the one image with an updated time stamp.

just download netvampiere and let it run on the webcam pictures, you'll see that sometimes an image gets stuck.

i have spend many hours in the sumy office, most of the work gets done over the phone, ever heared of hands free??

i am very sorry but i really do believe that os posted his ex here in anger.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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