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Dating scammer Gallina P


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Name: Gallina P


Gives her address as a village just out of Sumy, Ukraine
Belopolye Region
Hurinovka House 33

Other Comments:
Met her in Ukraine through UADREAMS agency. Writes about having a future together and will travel to meet with me. After I returned home she sent an email reminding me that she needed money for English lessons. After sending her some, she didn't reply. Wrote to her at the agency and she denies asking for money (against agency policy), and states there is no future now as I am not as she imagined!
Her full name Gallina Petrenko

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2009-07-30, 21:02:21
OJAS from United States  
More information for Oz - Several articles in this Oz thread http://www.delphifa..?p=0#72710
2009-07-30, 22:21:42
Vicoz from Australia  
Hey Alex
Thanks for the apology albeit it's under duress!
I don't take kindly to people who try to denigrate me! Your initial postings did just that!
You wrote with FALSE information, protecting your FRIENDS, and in the process, negating my situation completely! YOU attacked me, claiming my statements were false, fabricated and that I use my professional skills to 'create' findings! You insulted me, personally and professionally!
I found your logic rather CRASS! Sorry, but I've had enough false comments throughout this saga, and yours are just blatantly ridiculous and unfounded!
Had the lady in question behaved in a sincere manner, she would not be posted here!
After she withdrew the money, I didn't hear from her until I wrote to her at the agency nearly 2 weeks later! AND I saw her at the agency a number of times via web cam during those 2 weeks, and she didn't bother to write! Since then I wrote her 15 letters via the agency, AND still no comment about the money, or THANKS! Is this the behavior of someone with integrity???
Alex you wrote...'Let this sweat beautifull girl be, she doesn't deserve to be here on this site.
This is my friend and she shouldn't have to pay anything.

As we say, 'You shot first, and asked questions later'....Actually, I don't hear you asking questions, just more ignorant comments!

Alex, if you had integrity, you would make your voice heard! You wrote that Gallina doesn't know you are writing here, that you do this on your own! Yet you claim you 'knew' that what I wrote was false, that money had not exchanged hands! Who told you???
Were you using a crystal ball (a defective one obviously)?
Or are you in contact with Gallina and Alla?
How did you know Gallina was listed on this site, or do you just type your friends name on Google to see on what Scam sites they appear? REALLY Alex...
You even contested copies of letters written by Alla (supposedly)! 'Its not her style...'
And you are an expert???

Did you read OJAS' comments about rejection??? (2009-07-30, 16:10:59 (updated: 2009-07-30, 16:59:19)

Yes Alex, I've heard of 'hands free', and have also been in that (and many other) office, and the letters can be typed (seemingly) without contact.
This is what one of my friends in Ukraine, an ex lady from this agency wrote to me after leaving the agency...
'I had bad relations with that agency, because the director and the owner of agency are not true people! They write letters by themsel without women! I thought that they removed me from the agency! But they did not do it! And can you imagine? That they have founв my photos and copy them, from such site as odnoklassnik! Do you know about it? It is like ISQ? but here yoy can find your friends and classmates........I hope that you will not write to that unfair agency! They even talk girls do not speak by Englisg, even if you know!'

Yes Alex, its a big world out there...I keep my eyes and ears open...You seem stuck in a loop validating what you WANT to believe! There are other realities!!!

I'm angry??? REALLY Alex!!! NO! I'm happy being ripped off!!!

Yes you apologized in a weak voice, but you complained loudly!
Show some integrity Alex! Own your mistakes and grow from the experience!
I was scammed and am not shallow and unable to admit being fooled, despite my life experience and profession!!!
PLEASE...Your remarks are again insulting my intelligence!!!
Have you heard of asking questions? Or are you so sure about everything you write???

Alex, keep your comments in the real world based on FACTS, and your fantasies that your FRIENDS are only good, wholesome and beautiful, for those who are prepared to live in 'fairy land'.
I've had a different experience with them. The least you can do is acknowledge that and stop repeating your unfounded opinions!
There are lessons here to be learned for those with an open mind!
Have a good day, grow up and prosper from life...

Your apology under duress...OK! Accepted...

2009-07-30, 22:25:27  
I usually recommend that the victims intending to file a complaint with Ukrainian authorities contacted the main office of the Ukr. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, but contacting Prokuratura (Prosecutor General) will probably have almost the same effect - they both have an authority to accept the complaint and to forward it to the proper local police department or the local prokuratura office.

The main site for the Prokuratura of Ukraine is here:, but on their site I do not see any addresses or even email addresses through which they would suggest that people contact them. I think that it is a hint that they do not want just anyone contacting them left and right. Under the links 'White to us' there is no contact info. Instead, there is a note suggesting that people contact the regional and local officer of Prokuratura with their complaints, since the local offices are more designed to handle complaints from the citizens.

Contact information about local offices of prokuratura in Ukraine can be found on their site here:

After some internet research, I was able to find their address anyway:
01011, Київ-11, вул. Різницька 13/15
факс (044) 290-26-03

General Prokuratura of Ukraine
01011 Kiev-11, Riznitska St. 13/15
Fax +380 (044) 290-26-03

I think that the Ministry of Internal Affairs are slightly more approachable. Here is their contact info:

CENTRAL OFFICE of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine:
MVC Ukraini
Akademika Bogomoltsa vul., 10
m. Kiev 01024

In Ukrainian:
МВС України
вул.Академіка Богомольця, 10,
м.Київ, 01024, Україна
(38-044) 256-0333

Hope this helps.
2009-07-30, 22:33:34
Vicoz from Australia  
Thanks for the further leads.
I have just had a letter from the agency that whitewashes the whole incident!
They have not dealt with the situation in a transparent, professional and open manner. They conducted the investigation via the Sumy agency office manager (who obviously has a vested interest to protect workers and her ladies...Like Gallina who brings in considerable income!...And maintain the viability and unblemished record of their operations!)
I redirected them to their own 'Anti Scam' policy...For what good its worth!
Other agencies 'suspend' clients if there is a hint of scamming, and conduct arbitrary investigations pending results...Not this agency!!!
Any suggestions??? I don't think this will be the end of it, because their agency is named on this site, and they made mention of that, as well as suggestions to me!!!
Many thanks for ALL the comments and support!
2009-07-30, 22:52:57   (updated: 2009-07-30, 23:31:21)
Vicoz from Australia  
Hi Elena (2009-07-30, 22:33:34)
Thanks for those leads...I will pursue!
As for the manner that the agency has dealt with the 'investigation', and their findings...any suggestions on how to deal with it and the possible consequences...I am only guessing they will try to coerce my co-operation and have their name removed from this site...and possibly more!
As I wrote to OJAS, I don't believe that their 'investigation' was conducted adequately!
2009-07-30, 23:30:34
Vicoz from Australia  
Hey Alex
Just to clarify...Where I wrote you 'knew' what I wrote was false....Correction...You 'doubt'...
Still, its your unfounded opinion!
I don't want you claiming that you were incorrectly quoted, creating distractions that only fuel your ego!
Your comments about not being able to ask questions...Where are these questions???
2009-07-31, 01:14:14
Vicoz from Australia  
You offered info about how to block further payments via WU etc
Have checked your other links and don't see a straightforward connection...
Have also looked at WU site and there is a way to contact them...Again, no clear link to complaints...Any help you're able to offer???
2009-07-31, 04:19:24
Vicoz from Australia  
Hey guys
Instead of the agency doing something PRO ACTIVE, like dealing with the situation professionally, they've hidden Gallinas profile...So she is still with the agency, still generating income for them, just not readily recognized because they've hidden her...Good business strategy!!!
Hows that for an admission of guilt...NOT! .....LOL!!!
2009-07-31, 04:50:02   (updated: 2009-07-31, 05:08:30)
Vicoz from Australia  
Hey Alex

Found your friend Alla V on the agency site...
Alla V. #8158
Age: 24 y.o.
Smoke: No
Drink: Socially
Religion: Christian
Birth Date: 1 November 1984
Height: 5''3' = 160 cm
Weight: 112 lbs = 50 kg
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Built: petite and I am right-handed
Appearance: Attractive
Education: M.A.
Occupation: Secretary
Glasses or contact lenses: No
My Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, basic German and English
Marital: Single and No children
Do you want to have children? Yes
How many would you like to have? 1
Age range of man: 25-40

She is a translator for the agency and claims to be a secretary???
She translates in both German and English...Yet she lists herself as 'basic'...!!!???
For the 'uninitiated'...will they go there to meet her and the AGENCY will employ another translator to translate for the translator???
So this is your HONEST friend who wouldn't scam anyone!!!
YOU call this HONEST???
Oh! And she wears glasses...She must have forgotten that detail as well!!!

ALEX...Where are you????? Can you spare some truth???

Another translator from that agency is also listed on the site, and she calls herself a 'secretary', but admits in her profile her English language is fluent!!!

This is almost as comical as Gallina asking for money for English lessons, yet she can write emails in English.....BUT can't speak it!!!...
Yes, it cost me a fortune in translation fees?????....If only I took a pen and paper!!!!!

This is a tragic way!!!
2009-07-31, 12:40:44   (updated: 2009-07-31, 12:42:34)
OJAS from United States  
Advanced google from
winter jsut sit in some little cafe

Then click ''on repeat the search with the omitted results included.''

... Wish I had more time for research, hopefully I will, over the weekend ...
2009-07-31, 14:56:55
Hi to all

I'm not going to defend myself to some immature people who can't think.

Vicoz if you look at the emails you posted there are fragments of Ukrainian in there, ever heard of google translate, babelfish??? there are probably dozens of sites to have your language translated into an other (badly).

yes, all the staff of the sumy office is also there as a registered girl on the site, i know, if you look good enough you will find sveta, anna, oksana and alla. WHO CARES. write to them get no reply and get the credit you spend on that letter back, nothng lost!

The 3 times i was there i got the royal treatment, most of what they do is by phone, they seem to be the only one doing their bussiness that way, the other offices do get the girl to the office to reply.

Oh the profile is honest only outdated by several years, unless you can show me where it says that this is timestamped or that it was updated or even accurate to this date. last time i saw her last year november she didn't wear glasses, unless you are talking about sunglasses, who doesn't wear those.

Well to me it looks like you go out looking for scams everywhere and it gets twisted in your mind, you want to see scams everywhere. this is my oppinion if you don't agree then do just that and don't bother me with remarks.

2009-07-31, 16:15:41   (updated: 2009-07-31, 16:16:10)
@ Vicoz

I was reading everything again but maybe you can post the proof the the translators at UADreams get a bonus, i couldn't find the PROOF that they do receive an extra bonus.

maybe you can enlighten us all
2009-07-31, 20:05:06
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
The Prosecutor General of Ukraine (also Attorney General of Ukraine, Ukrainian: Генеральний прокурор України) heads the system of official prosecution in courts known as the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (Генеральна прокуратура України). The term of authority of the Prosecutor is five years.

The Office of the Prosecutor General is entrusted with:

prosecution in court on behalf of the State;
representation of the interests of a citizen or of the State in court in cases determined by law;
supervision of the observance of laws by bodies that conduct detective and search activity, inquiry and pre-trial investigation;
supervision of the observance of laws in the execution of judicial decisions in criminal cases, and also in the application of other measures of coercion related to the restraint of personal liberty of citizens.
The Prosecutor General is appointed to office by the President of Ukraine with the consent of the Verkhovna Rada (parliament). The Prosecutor is dismissed from office by the President. The Verkhovna Rada may express no confidence in the Prosecutor that results in his or her resignation from office.

Both in theory and in practice, the Prosecutor General and his/her office wield considerable power. For instance, only the Prosecutor General and the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine may file requests to the Verkhovna Rada to withhold the immunity of deputies from detainment or arrest.


Yuliya Tymoshenko, head of the eponymous opposition bloc, has brought a lawsuit against Prosecutor-General Svyatoslav Piskun, charging that he defamed Tymoshenko's honor and business reputation in a recent interview with the 'Delovaya nedela' weekly, Interfax reported. 'The entire life of Yuliya Tymoshenko is built upon deception,' Piskun reportedly told the weekly. 'She deceives her family, the state, the people, the ...


Svyatoslav Mykhaylovych Piskun (Ukrainian: Святослав Михайлович Піскун, born March 8, 1959) was the 3 times Prosecutor General of Ukraine in 2002-2003, 2005 and 2007 till President Viktor Yuschenko's dismissed Piskun on May 24, 2007[1]. He is an important participant of several scandals, including the cases of Georgiy R. Gongadze murder and United Energy Systems of Ukraine of Yulia Tymoshenko.


Oleksandr Medvedko (Ukrainian: Олександр Іванович Медведько) is the current Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors”, 26 Bogdana Khmelnytskogo Str., Kyiv


2009-07-31, 20:40:33
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Head Office of Western Union

Company Head Office:
Western Union
PES-Peněžní expresní service, s.r.o.
Vodičkova 791/41
Praha 1
112 09

Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 224 222 954
Fax: +420 224 210 303

2009-08-01, 01:17:32

Do you post your local backery here too? they provide a service and then take your money

UADreams does just the same, or do you have PROOF they don't translate but just reply on their own??

I would very much like to see the PROOF that they reply to letters on their own, then you would convince me and i could even join your fight but i really believe that this is just unfounded and not based on anything.

inlighten us all please
and post your PROOF
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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