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sent scanned passport page and severall photos to scam an airline ticket
for a meeting and then disappeared
Can send all of it to you


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2009-07-29, 11:44:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from Turkey  
2009-07-29, 11:44:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from Turkey  

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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2009-07-29, 11:44:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from Turkey  

2009-07-29, 11:44:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from Turkey  

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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana

2009-08-02, 02:29:36
anonymous from Germany  
Hi there my friend, i know this, please can you send more ? besrt regards to all of you
2009-08-02, 02:55:27
anonymous from Germany  
Can you tell me how long do you write to her ? i write a long time too
2009-08-18, 16:38:46
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i was very close to sending her the money, thanks guys, i have loads of pictures of her and even 2 short videos
she's good lol

2009-08-26, 14:15:02
Hi to England:)That is funny, did she asked for money for teeth :)
She told me had bike accident and need money (450 Euro) as soon as possible:)
2009-08-27, 17:54:23
anonymous from United Kingdom  
no she never said anything like that to me
she has even offered to meet me in a neutral country, she will borrow the money to get there and i will pay her back when she meets me, she confuses me.
this is not normal scam behaviour.
can every one tell me how long they have been talking to her??
and when they last got a message from her???

ive got loads of photos, even naked, and videos too.
she still want to meet me in turkey or helsinki and i dont have to pay anything until i meet her there.
2009-08-29, 01:49:15
1 or 1.5 year. It is friend of mine (and we will kill that bit.. because our friend
is good man), he talked every day about her. Last inquiry for money was 19.8.09.
So we think one day after your inquiry here. Did she asked you at 18.8.09 for
money ?:) I do not know what he made now. I think he paid because he said
nothing anymore last days because he knows we will kill him too if he goes on.
But we need even more concret facts that he understand and recognize.
2009-08-29, 15:10:56
anonymous from United Kingdom  
ive got everything you need here, she startded talking to me on 26/06/09
her last message to me was 27/08/09.
ive got short videos of her, the kind you take on a digital camera, just saying hello.
i must have around 30 photos of her too, even the passport photo, i dont know if its fake or real.
when i had an idea she was scamming me, or trying to, i asked her for some naked photos, she sent them once i'd told her i'd sent the money.
when she realised the money wasn't coming she wasn't very happy, but carried on talking to me ok. she even told me i couldn't come to her town because it was closed to foreigners, i checked and it hasn't been closed since 2007, when i asked her she said she got confused.
i think the girl is real, but so is the scam
tell your friend not to send her any money at all.
2009-08-30, 03:56:29   (updated: 2009-08-30, 03:59:45)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2009-08-30, 06:31:12   (updated: 2009-08-30, 06:34:47)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2009-09-06, 16:17:34
Letter 1

Hello, Jon, honey! Thanks for your answer and photos!
You asked me a couple of questions about our meeting.
You know, I visited tourist agency today and I asked about our situation.
Yes, they told me that our region is totally closed for foreigners.
You can't come here. You should have some special papers to come here. They gave me web-sites for you:


It mean - we should meet not here.
My plan - you try to get information how to reach Moscow or St-Petersburg or to Hurghada (Egypt). I can book trip on trust to these cities without your help beforehand. Therefore, we can meet first time in these cities. OK?
I would book my trip on trust as soon as you would give me possible dates of our meeting in Moscow, St-Petersburg or Hurghada.
Can you check your possibility to come to Moscow or St-Petersburg in near future? OK?
But I can come to these cities only if we'll have exact agreement you'll help me with such forced travel expenses as soon as we would meet, OK?
I think that Hurghada would be more easy in our case - because you have been in Egypt already and because we don't need visa to meet there. Let's meet in Hurghada? What do you think?
I'll be waiting for your letter!

Letter 2

Jon, honey, it's me again.
I'm in my office at moment.
I have urgent news - I'll have a chance to write you back tomorrow evening only.
OK? Do not worry without my letters today - my office send me to Krasnoyarsk with short business trip now, and I'll return back home tomorrow evening.
My boss told me I should go to Krasnoyarsk this evening, to deliver some working papers to our branch in Krasnoyarsk, therefore I have a time to inform you about my forced trip.
I'll answer your letter from Internet cafe tomorrow evening, OK?
Jon, I send you my hot kiss!
Kiss kiss kiss

Letter 3

OK, back to more serious questions.
- Jon, as I wrote you before, if we meet in Europe (in London for example), I'll need tourist package with visa.
I can ask about price of such package, but such way demand your help to buy it beforehand. Agency do not sell trips on trust to Europe.
Also, I should explain you - private visa application (if I'll try to apply for my visa on my own, without tourist package and tourist agency) demand my own visit to embassy.
British embassy demand it would doubts - you can check it in information of British embassy.
I know it because I have two girlfriend who were in Europe and all countries of EU have the same rules for Russian visitors at moment.
It mean - I would be able to fly to Moscow to apply for my visa (4 hours by plane from Norilsk) It's very expensive. Also, embassy demand a few days to examine visa application.
it mean - I would be forced to live in Moscow during a few days and to wait for visa.
Also, - we have no real proofs of our real relations. Embassy give a visa for private guest and demand real proofs of our relations (photos for example).
As you can see - it would be very expensive, and complex way for first meeting.
It's main difference between London and Hurghada - I can come to Hurghada without your help beforehand but meeting in London demand tourist package with visa
and payment of such package beforehand, because I can't ally for a visa without support of tourist agency.
You should decide what is better - Hurghada or London (but with risk to send help to buy such trip). I can take information about such cheapest trip.
Duration of tourist trip is not important because British embassy give a visa with validity 180 days. It mean - I can be your guest during 180 days (if you'll not run away sooner of course :)
- concerning chat. I have no own computer it's a pity and I use translating programme and dictionary to read your letters and to write mine.
But I'll try to ask my colleagues in my office about such programme. OK?
OK, Jon, honey, I kiss you and I look forward to your answer!
Kiss kiss kiss

Letter 4

Jon, honey, it's me again! How was your day?
My girlfriends forced me to visit cinema today and I decided to visit Internet cafe after my visit to cinema, to write my letter for you.
Movie was so boring, wow.
I remember the first credit line and the beginning only, but vaguely, because I started to nod off to sleep, and I slept till the end of movie, and I want to tell you my night dreams were much more interesting and talented, in contrast to movie. Therefore I can't tell exactly was this movie good or bad, I think it
was quite good movie, without loud explosions and shots, because I was sleeping peacefully, nobody was waking me up.
Listen, do you like to read books? What books are your favorite?
I ask because one of my girlfriends made one strange present for me today - thick clever book about history of human civilization.
First of all - who told her I'm educated enough to read? :)
When I was young, and when I had a lot of free time - I've read a lot of books.
These times of light-hearted childhood are over.
Now I have a time to look at pictures in women's magazines and to read most interesting news in newspapers when I'm sitting in lavatory.
Nobody can accuse me of reading of books now :)
Moreover, if somebody will notice me with clever book in my hand - this fact will spoil my image of brainless pretty girl, right?
Well, I send you my hot kiss!
Kiss kiss kiss

Letter 5

Jon, thanks for your answer!
it's good I was in Internet cafe still when I got your quick reply.
Jon, I'll know exact address and name of touristic hotel as soon as I'll start my booking. We'll have choice - or you'll meet me right in Heathrow or in reception of hotel (but I think in airport is better).
I send you details of my account.



3. ACCOUNT NUMBER: 42307 978 7 5538 0000668 48


I draw your attention:
- Russia do not use IBAN-numbers!
Russia use own system of account numbers.
Therefore if clerk in bank tell you that IBAN number is wrong - you should tell him that everything is OK, but it's Russian account-number!
- Jon, it's euro-account. This account do not accept transfer in dollars or pounds. Your transfer should be in euros. OK?
- Also, bank told me that standard transfer will go from your country during 4-5 working days. Therefore try to make transfer as soon as possible and confirm me exact date of sending. I'll know when I should check out my account, OK?
I send you my hot kiss once again! Hey, we'll meet soon!
2009-10-22, 11:12:58
vaios69 from Greece  
The last letter that she sent and i am so close to send her the money
thanks guys

Hello Vaios, good evening, sweetie! I got your letters and photos now.
Thank you!
Vaios, concerning our meeting: yes, I agree with you.
You'll send me 500 euros, I'll add my own 250 euros and
I'll start my booking and visa application.
I'll attach documents to my e-mail as soon as I'll start my booking and you'll see
that everything is OK.
Do you have Western union bank? We have Western union bank in
My address: Russian Federation, Norilsk 663300, Pionerskaya street, 6/8.
My first name: Tatijana Alexandrovna
My surname: Timokhovitch
You can wire 100 euros via Western union bank. I'll need your full
name and code of transfer to get it here. OK?
My girlfriends asked me to go to sauna because it's the best medicine
against flue. We have been in sauna this evening and one of my
girlfriends take digital camera and she took a few of our funny bad
photos :)
If you want - I can attach it in my other letter. But photos are very
erotic and very bad :)?
I wait for your letter!
Kiss kiss kiss

This image was also posted here:

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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