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Dating scammer Caress


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Name: Caress



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Ok gang here is another one for your liking. 3rd one this week. this is almost as much fun as actually dating one of these beauties. Someone should hire me to bust these low-life scammers. I'm good at it!!

This is Svetka. You can find her a yahoo personals. she said she is from new orleans, but in here letters says she is in Russia!!! Confused yet? If not, well here are some letters she wrote me. Tell me if they look familiar!!!


Hello Izzy!!!!
I am glad to check up mail and to receive your letter. I today went
from work at once to the Internet of cafe and hoped to receive your
letter. And here I have received it!
I to receive your short message. Why you have a little written to me?
I hope that tomorrow you to write to me more and to answer my
I wish to tell a little about myself. I live in city Sosnovka. I work
nurse in our small hospital. To me almost 28 years, live I with mum.
The father now lives in other city with other woman many years. He
drank also mother much has left from him. I have left school and I
have received education nurse. Izzy met men but many of them want
only sex who that constantly drinks, or changes with other women.
I want will meet the man which is happy with me and with which I shall
be happy. Izzy I would shall make all that we with him were happy.
All that I want it love, caress, tenderness, passion.
Izzy And I have learned about that what to have an opportunity gets
acquainted with men through the Internet. And here we with you have
met. Izzy you can tell to me, what you search in women? Tell to me. I
very much would wish to learn it. What character, what appearance?
What should she be able to do?
I send you the new photo and I hope that it to like you.
I send to you a picture where I in wood. To you to like?
Izzy I wait for your letter!!!!
Your new girlfriend Svetlana


Hello My New Friend Izzy!!!!
Izzy as you? How your day? All is good? I hope that at you all
perfectly. I today with impatience waited while the working day will
end and I can come to the Internet of cafe and receive your letter.
Why you to speak me about money? I to not understand you. I wish to
find out you. And I to not see what problem. If I shall like you that
to arrive I to you. I to have money for travel. And me it is very
insulting because you to not answer my questions. I hope that tomorrow
you to write to me more and to answer my questions.
Izzy I wish to tell more about myself. At me to have the good
girlfriend, her name Nastya. We with her live in one house and our
apartments only on different floors. My mum name Galina. she works at
a factory.
In our small city everyone know one another. I work nurse about 7
years and nobody complains of my work. I like to work, I as very like
to prepare for various dishes. Especially for holidays. Because it is
possible to think up that that new. You would like to try my dishes? I
would think to you it was pleasant.
Izzy I to not smoke and to not drink alcohol. I to drink alcohol only
sometimes for holidays. But only red wine. We with the girlfriend like
to go to cinema, on dances. And you? You would like to dance with me?
I very much would wish to look to you in eyes and to dance. I think it
it would be good.
Izzy tell to me about itself, ask all that you want at me, I with
pleasure to answer all your questions. Very much it is pleasant to me
when you are interested about me.
Tell to me about the family? About parents, about that that you make
every day and what the pleasure and a smile brings to you? Tell to me.
I shall wait very much for your letter.
I send you a photo on which I with mum and the girlfriend.
I look forward to your letter and a new photo.
I wish you fine day and mood after you will receive my letter.
Your girlfriend Svetlana


Izzy I hope that at you all well. I sit in the Internet of cafe and I
wait for your letter. I do not leave because I think that you will
write to me now. But the letter is not present. I shall go home and I
shall wait for your letter tomorrow.



Izzy I hope that at you all well. I sit in the Internet of cafe and I
wait for your letter. I do not leave because I think that you will
write to me now. But the letter is not present. I shall go home and I
shall wait for your letter tomorrow.

Izzy excuse, today at me have appointed watch and I need to go again
back for work. I ask you to not take offence at me, I shall come
tomorrow in the Internet of cafe and I shall answer your letter
completely. Izzy I hope that you will wait for my letter tomorrow.
I embrace, Svetlana


Izzy forgive that could not write to you yesterday. I had to remain
On work because to me have put watch, and I have forgotten about it. I
Would leave work not on long what to warn you.
I am glad that you have answered me and is not offended. I would be
very upset if have not received your letter.
You to speak me about yahoo messenger. I to ask the manager the
Internet of cafe about yahoo messenger but he has told that we not
such opportunity in our area. I to not understand at all you. Of what
you to suspect me? You can tell? Why I should that that to do? I to
not make that bad to you. And you all that that to think about me. You
to speak me about IP. What is it such? I to not understand you. What
can be not correct? What does all this mean? What you to wish to tell
to me it? I to write to you from the Internet of cafe and I to not
know and badly to understand a computer.
Izzy why you have solved that I shall not write to you? Yes I can
cease to write to you. Because to me it is insulting that you to think
that that bad about me.
I today all the night long worked and is tired. I even have fallen
asleep on work at some o'clock. But nothing happens also all well. You
know what dream I saw? Izzy you will not believe. In this dream I
went on coast of the river and have seen a boat. And in it flowers. I
have sat down in it and have looked at other coast and have seen that
there too who that stands and swings to me a hand. It can you? I have
sat down in a boat and have floated, but then the second nurse has
woken me also I has woken up not having seen than it has ended.
Izzy it can we stand on different coast and we float towards to one
I wish to learn more about you. Tell to me more about the friends.
What do you make together? How you think at you many the true friends
which always to you will help?
You it is frequent with them have a rest together? What most of all
you like to make? You would take me in the company?
Izzy I send you a photo, where I to stand between trees.
At me only one present girlfriend, remember I told about her? And I
think that tomorrow I shall tell to her about you? You Wish to learn
that she will tell?
I shall inform you at once as soon as its meeting and we shall talk. I
think that
She will be glad that I communicate with you.
With impatience I wait for your answer.
Gentle Svetlana



2009-07-31, 03:24:06   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-07-31, 03:24:06   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-07-31, 03:24:06   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-07-31, 03:24:06   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

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2009-07-31, 03:24:06   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-08-01, 17:54:11
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Izzy from US
@Newbies on this thread,
For listing headers, see articles on this thread http://www.delphifa..#comments

In addition to scammer e-mail, post:
1) X-Mailer from the header
2) Sender IP. Paste the header in http://ip2location...racer.aspx and hit Find Location

Google the sender IP; Also search the sender IP in the search banner at the top of this page
2009-08-01, 18:32:37   (updated: 2009-08-01, 18:43:04)
DOC from United States  
Same girl in these links...

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer elena

2009-08-06, 13:08:19
You should have played a little longer, she sent some really hot photos to me. I love stringing along these idiots. I usually send them a fake Western Union # and make them go there to pick up the fictional money before they find I know what their doing.

2009-08-06, 23:51:07   (updated: 2009-08-07, 00:00:36)
DOC from United States  
Hey anonymous,

Thanks for wasting the scammers time, glad to hear it. Please post more pix and info.

2009-08-07, 03:18:56
try to get as revealing photos as possible.These scammers will send you revealing photos if they know the money is coming.I have done this heaps of times.Plus I tell them I have lots of love and money.They just fall for me all the time.I reckon these days they cannot afford to email me any more so I am no longer on their prefered list.LOL.I missed the girl fun thing....Ask for more photos and they will never approach you again.
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2009-08-25, 10:59:13
from United Kingdom  
yep,i am being scammed by this same woman,same letters as she wrote previously.I have been playing her along,and I think she is very close now to the sting.She appears a very stupid woman.If she cant see by my replies that I know she is a scammer.Could not get any naked pics out of her
2009-08-25, 15:28:34
OJAS from United States  



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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