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Dating scammer Yulia Marchenko


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Name: Yulia Marchenko


Pr. Pobedi 70 ap 377 Kharkov, Ukraine

Other Comments:
I met Yulia on Elena’a Models. She is a professional dater who uses men from the internet for dinners and pay her way to what she wants to do. As it turns out, the lady I got an apartment with also has a dating service that Yulia was on before. She told me that Yulia was no longer on her site because she was engaged. She apparently also had a problem with one of the two men she had gone out with.
Yulia wanted me to come see her in Kharkov and said she would take holiday and wanted our meeting to be “romantic”. She is very beautiful and I am older so I sent pictures of myself that showed my age and how I really look, rather than a picture that would make me better than I am. She told me that I was attractive.
I noticed that she had sent me a statement that was exact duplicate one of her letters and I mentioned to her. She denied it and I thought that she might be embarrassed about not having a good written command of English, so I let it pass. But then I became worried because she would almost never answer her phone. This concerned me because I did not want to travel to Kharkov just to have her not answer her phone. She wrote me that we should not miss a chance to meet because she did not answer her phone, claiming it is hard to find in the bottom of her purse. After that she started answering her phone.
Our first date was anything but romantic and she backed out of everything she said in her letters about taking holiday, saying “meeting someone in person is different than letters and pictures.” I should have walked right there but I thought I would see if she was just feeling nervous. We went out Wednesday and Thursday with no change in mood. On Friday stated she had to work late but called me on Saturday night we were to go to the River to swim. I thought perhaps things were going to change, but I was wrong. The river changed to a restaurant with a pool 30 minutes before we were to leave. We picked up a friend of hers who was with another American. They had met at a dating service. The other American ended up leaving early because he felt ill, while his date Anna stayed and hooked up with a young Ukraine guy after the American paid for her dinner and taxi fare.
I then learned why Yulia did not answer her phone in the beginning, she has two phones. One number she gave me, and others like me no doubt, and the other for her personal uses.
Nothing changed but the taxi fare home. I noticed that when she dropped me off I paid about $3 more even (25 gr) in Taxi Fare though we had two stops less. Then I realized when I was dropped off she gave the same address to the taxi as her girl friend did when she left in another taxi with the young Ukrainian guys. Stay away from Yulia unless you just want to be used to pay restaurant, disco, wine and taxi bills while they go home with their Ukraine boys.

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2009-08-03, 00:42:55   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-08-03, 02:55:13
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2009-08-27, 14:52:13
anonymous from Norway  

hehe. i have the exact same photos. and yes, it all sounds veeery familiar.
stay clear of this one unless you want to be left by your self in Kharkov with brother alcohol as you only friend.. but the beer is cheap there.. 2$ for a pint of stella. not bad.hehe
2009-08-27, 14:57:57
anonymous from Norway  

hehe. i have the exact same photos. and yes, it all sounds veeery familiar.
stay clear of this one unless you want to be left by your self in Kharkov with brother alcohol as you only friend.. but the beer is cheap there.. 2$ for a pint of stella. not bad.hehe
2009-10-26, 23:42:14
anonymous from United States  
I had the same damned experience as you did Dude.Though I did not have to deal with any young Ukrainian Men.I paid for dinners and never got one word of thanks.I was told that she would take time of work and wanted our visit to be romantic.She never took one minute of work saying she broke her leg sky diving earlier in the year,I thought to myself this chick sky dives,and this was five minutes after landing.She said she would stay in the apartment with me.Never did.I felt something was really wrong when I got to the apartment,it felt like the lady who owned the apartment new her.And it went down hill from there.I paid for taxis brought her make up.I truly realized what was going on when she would never stop talking about money and how she needed money for this and that,'Car,Apartment e.t.c'.She tried but failed with me.I kept it together and then called her out on her B.S and boy did she get pissed.I realized she had another Man in town at the same time as me towards the end of my stay there.I will say this though,I did get her to cook for me,WoooHoooo.And she did give me her work phone number and also address.I will be back next year and I can tell you this much Guys 'She will get a visit from this Fella'

2010-01-07, 15:39:56
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Thank God i typed Yulia Marchenko's name on Google and came across this page.
I was days away from booking a flight to go and see her.
Are any of these Ukrainain women genuine?
Elena's models is supposed to be scam free with confirmed profile's.
Does anyone know a genuine dating site?

2010-01-08, 11:06:00
2010-03-07, 13:29:59
anonymous from United States  
Just to give all you guys a heads up.That last post was placed by Yulia herself.These woman are not stupid.They know that Western Men are feed up with dealing with our woman and think that the pickings will be easier in Russia or say the Ukraine e.t.c. Dont let the angel eyes or face fool you these women are smart,strong and just all round tough.When I asked one woman a few months back what was the number one sport in the Ukraine her answer with out any thought was 'SURVIVAL'.So give it some real serious thought before embarking on trying to find a woman from the Eastern Block, it will be work unless they know that you are worth Millions.And trust me they use the internet just as much as you and I and they have a good idea about us before we go there.
Yulia was my first visit to the Ukraine,I have since meet another lady from Kharkov out here in the U.S and have Russian Friends know.I have learned a lot about what drives these women,like any subject you must learn as much as you can about it before engaging it,Yes my first visit was not a very good one,I did not loss anything other than money for dinners and cabs,I did get an education though.It was ignorant of me to go to a Country such as the Ukraine with out any information about what was going on,it was ignorant of me to put my trust in someone that I had never meet before in my life.
In the end though is Yulia a bad person,'not really',she is just trying to survive and do the best that she can with what she knows.
I will be going back again,I will however not be visiting some one from the Internet,I will just go and visit as there are an unbelievable amount of beautiful women there so there is no need to do the E Dating thing at all and for the most part they are very approachable,I could have asked a number of beautiful women out when I was there visiting Yulia and I should have.Good luck guys.
2010-05-08, 12:28:47
anonymous from United States  
is it normal for scammers then to not ask for any money while you are writing eachother? i have a very similar situation...i have recently booked a flight to visit a girl in belarus. she has never asked for money, hasn't sent a ton of pics, she does answer my questions though some not right away. we have been corresponding for 3 months and when i told her i booked my flight she said she would arrange for a taxi and accomodations at an apartment. is this normal or does it sound like a scam?
2010-05-08, 14:45:44
anonymous from United States  
There is a very good chance that she is real Mate.If she did not show up on any of these search engines as a skammer then she is most probably genuine, but honestly you will never know until you get there.They all tend to want to rent an apartment so they can cook for you and show you how much of a good woman they are.It does not mean that they want to jump in bed with you,these woman in general have been raised in very old fashioned way.
Most of the truly genuine woman will want to talk to you on skype though.This I have found to be very very helpful as you can get to see the womans face as they can see yours and you can here the deflection in there voices e.t.c its just like being there.
I will be in the Ukraine in July and seeing two ladies that I have been communicating on skype with as I get on very well with them and they are real.
Also tell them that you are going to see other ladies,this is only fair as they are not just communicating with you,they are also looking at other men,the good woman will accept this and go into overdrive to show you she is the one you should be with,they are very accustom to competing for a Man,if see gets angry and tells you that you are no good and only wants you to visit her you should get some balls and let her roll.
And you can do this all in your own country before you spend money and then learn the hard way.
On another note,I have been amazed to find out just how many of these poor women get skammed also,it blew me away.Hope this has helped.
2010-05-08, 18:11:39
anonymous from United States  
good advice, thanks man!! she says she goes to the internet cafe after work sometimes which is where she writes from.. no computer at home which i believe. is this common? can the women normally skype at these cafes? makes sense about the apartment.. thanks.
2010-05-08, 23:15:12   (updated: 2010-05-08, 23:32:13)
anonymous from United States  
I am not sure about the skype and internet cafe.For me the internet cafe is a red flag to be honest.Most of these women own a computer or have a friend or family member that has one.I communicated with Yulia Marchenko and she apparently used the internet cafe,I say apparently because she lied about many things before I visited her.
Though the internet cafe is very much a real and popular way of communicating it is also expensive so the women truly do not us them that much,its just after my first experience there I see it as a red flag.The reason is this,yes they do not make much money,true,but they know someone or have a family member that has a computer,I know one lady that uses both her work and home computers to talk to me on skype.You can go to a village and see a house that looks like it has had nothing done to it for 100 years and go inside and they will have a damned Flat Screen T.V and a computer.Its there ears and eyes to the world.
I shall give you an example,I was talking to a lady who used the internet cafe and said she had to have a girlfriend help her with sending emails because she could not speak English(Small Red Flag),There are translation services.She could not remember when I was talking with her or remember what I put in the last letter(Huge Red Flag).I told her the dates when I would be in Kharkov and she was telling ME when I could visit her(Massive Red Flag),this is because she is arranging her dates with other Men.Then I told her she was not the only one I was going to meet and she got very angry and told me never to speak to her again,No Problem,this one was a skammer.
Just ask your friend to email you her passport or internal passport pictures,they all have one.Tell her you are visiting another lady also when you go there.And take it from there.
OH,also stay away from the women with tatoos,they are usually sex trade women,the true women have been raised as Ladies and will never do such a thing to there bodies.
All in all though just go there with an open mind and absolutely no expectations.
All the best
2010-05-09, 08:04:45
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
Anon US,
These guys have put together alot of very usefull info under the primer for first time visitors. There are plenty of 'real' women in Russia who are looking for a decent husband. Have you spoken to your lady on the phone? Have you ever seen her on a webcam or can you arrange this atleast once before you visit? Did your lady answer your questions directly in the first two or three emails or was it after some time that she started to correspond on a more personal note? These are all questions the more experienced guys on this site will ask you?

I met my wife through Elanas Models. We corresponded via internet very little and quickly resorted to phone calls. She did not have a web cam but was very open as the gentleman above suggests. She was the one who said I should arrange several meetings as it may not work out when I visit. These ladies may have an opportunity to meet two men on a single day several days a week. They are not desperate and are choosing a life partner from limited personal exposure, depending on how many times you can visit. Seriously consider corresponding with several other women. At the very least it wouldn't hurt to set up meetings with women in the same city a couple of days after your initial meeting with your lady. If things work out you can always contact the ladies and cancel. If it doesn't work out you have a plan in place to meet some fantastic women.

I never did set up the other meetings and I can tell you from hindsight and with the experiences of my wife that that was a big roll of the dice. It is a long way to travel to meet a lady and realize after 20 minutes of discusion, person to person, that you are in two different places in your life or you just dont feel a connection. Most importantly do some homework before you go! This site is an excellent source of info. The internet is loaded with helpfull info on Russian women and cultural differences. You do want to understand this before you make your trip.

Have fun and good luck!! Best trip I ever made!
2010-05-09, 18:03:23
anonymous from United States  
we met on elenas models also. she sent me a letter of interest back at the beginning of march. we have written eachother every week since. she has been pretty regular with the times that she emails me. she tells me after work she goes to the gym then to the cafe when she wants to write me. pretty much the same time in every letter, which makes me believe that she doesn't have access at home. she has done a pretty good job of answering most of my questions, even in the beginning of our correspondence. when we started talking about me visiting her, she was open to me coming at my convenience. i asked her how long she would like me to stay, ( i have the summer off so my calendar is pretty open) and she wants me stay for 10-12 days. after the first few letters i wanted to look up some info on her profile page but it was closed because it said she was no longer accepting letters. i am hoping it was because she met me but still not sure why she doesn't have her profile open. too good to be true? she has given me her address for my visa application and she even sent me links to websites to help me with my visa. it sounds to me that she is who she says she is, but one of the only red flags that i can think of is she wants to set me up in a apartment and arrange a taxi for me from the airport which is about a 3 hour drive to her village. i read on here where a guy had a similar set up with an apartment but she used him for some dinners and a small amount of money and she more or less disappeared after a few days. is this normal for them to arrange a apartment for someone visiting? she says she lives in an apartment with her parents so that makes sense i guess. she hasn't asked me for any money and doesn't complain about any financial difficulties. i haven't seen her on a webcam but i am going to ask her to try skype. she gave me her phone # but that didn't work but i'm not sure about how exactly to place a call overseas. i have checked many websites and she isn't on any scam lists... maybe i'm just paranoid from reading all these blogs - lol. thanks for all the advice i appreciate the help!
2010-05-11, 04:00:25
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
It is normal for the lady to assist in finding an apartment. I can still remember my wife's comment when I said I would stay at a hotel. She said 'I will not come to your hotel. We can meet anywhere on dates but only prostitues go to hotel rooms.' She gave me a list of apartments and a couple of agencies which rent apartments. She did not do the booking as she wanted everything to be above board. The agency arranged for my transport to and from the airport for $50. Do not be afraid of her desire to assist with an apartment as apartments are far less expensive and offer more conveniance than a hotel room. If you are spooked then search the internet for an apartment in the city you are going to visit or request Elenas Models to assist in the apartment search near her address. If she insists she must book the apartment then there would be a red flag.

Try to do as much as possible in terms of organizing your trip from your end. That way you will go with an open mind and not get too distracted thinking there is a scam at every turn. You will not have the fall back position of 'she was a scam' if you simply dont set yourself up by not taking control of your trip.

One word of advice, take everything on this site with a grain of salt. These reports, while very usefull to assist good guys from not getting scammed, are very depressing and horrifying quite frankly. This is an antiscam site so you dont get to read many happy endings. The more I read this site and discuss with my wife, the more I appreciate how fortunate I was to meet my wife under the conditions I travelled. I was very very naive(and blessed) and was lucky to have met a wonderfull lady on my very first trip. My wife on the other hand had been going on dates for almost a year and a half before we met. That's alot of dates! Some of the guys she met we extremly pissed off that she wasn't jumping at an opportunity to leave her country regardless of a lack of connection. Their expectations were higher considering they travelled so far to meet someone. Dont set yourself up for failure by not setting up other meetings with ladies. The chance of meeting one lady in Russia and everything working out great is not so much different than trying to do the same thing at home.

I am excited for you and hope all works out.

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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