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Dating scammer Yulia Marchenko


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Name: Yulia Marchenko


Pr. Pobedi 70 ap 377 Kharkov, Ukraine

Other Comments:
I met Yulia on Elena’a Models. She is a professional dater who uses men from the internet for dinners and pay her way to what she wants to do. As it turns out, the lady I got an apartment with also has a dating service that Yulia was on before. She told me that Yulia was no longer on her site because she was engaged. She apparently also had a problem with one of the two men she had gone out with.
Yulia wanted me to come see her in Kharkov and said she would take holiday and wanted our meeting to be “romantic”. She is very beautiful and I am older so I sent pictures of myself that showed my age and how I really look, rather than a picture that would make me better than I am. She told me that I was attractive.
I noticed that she had sent me a statement that was exact duplicate one of her letters and I mentioned to her. She denied it and I thought that she might be embarrassed about not having a good written command of English, so I let it pass. But then I became worried because she would almost never answer her phone. This concerned me because I did not want to travel to Kharkov just to have her not answer her phone. She wrote me that we should not miss a chance to meet because she did not answer her phone, claiming it is hard to find in the bottom of her purse. After that she started answering her phone.
Our first date was anything but romantic and she backed out of everything she said in her letters about taking holiday, saying “meeting someone in person is different than letters and pictures.” I should have walked right there but I thought I would see if she was just feeling nervous. We went out Wednesday and Thursday with no change in mood. On Friday stated she had to work late but called me on Saturday night we were to go to the River to swim. I thought perhaps things were going to change, but I was wrong. The river changed to a restaurant with a pool 30 minutes before we were to leave. We picked up a friend of hers who was with another American. They had met at a dating service. The other American ended up leaving early because he felt ill, while his date Anna stayed and hooked up with a young Ukraine guy after the American paid for her dinner and taxi fare.
I then learned why Yulia did not answer her phone in the beginning, she has two phones. One number she gave me, and others like me no doubt, and the other for her personal uses.
Nothing changed but the taxi fare home. I noticed that when she dropped me off I paid about $3 more even (25 gr) in Taxi Fare though we had two stops less. Then I realized when I was dropped off she gave the same address to the taxi as her girl friend did when she left in another taxi with the young Ukrainian guys. Stay away from Yulia unless you just want to be used to pay restaurant, disco, wine and taxi bills while they go home with their Ukraine boys.

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2011-11-22, 14:48:06
68stang from United States  

2011-11-22, 14:49:23   (updated: 2011-11-22, 14:50:01)
68stang from United States  

2011-11-22, 14:50:50
68stang from United States  

2011-11-22, 14:52:21
68stang from United States  

2011-11-22, 14:55:11
68stang from United States  
Trust me 100% this woman is a Gold Digger and a true scammer, stay away or go home with a broken heart and a broken wallet!!!!! Cheers

2011-11-22, 14:58:54
68stang from United States  
These are the pictures of her from approx four years ago, As I said above if you are talking to this woman, or planning on seeing her stay the heck away, she is a proffesional Gold Digger and Scammer, Her girl friend Olessia is in on her game and some guy I meet in Odessa which is her boyfriend. Yes Ludmila has a Ukrainian boy friend and she will pretend to be your girl and go home to banging her boy friend.....She is a dirty girl. Stay away!!!!!

2011-11-22, 14:59:30
68stang from United States  

2011-11-22, 15:02:08
68stang from United States  

2011-11-22, 15:02:35
68stang from United States  

2011-11-22, 15:02:43
68stang from United States  

2011-11-22, 15:02:43
68stang from United States  

2011-11-22, 15:03:31
68stang from United States  

2011-12-01, 15:21:34
68stang from United States  
Just incase you might be seeing Luda and she is telling you that I am a crazy Man and that what I say is a lie I will post another picture of her wearing the exact same clothing in Odessa, This photo was taken in 2009 by her ex-fiancee. I did once have a full post on Luda, saddly she managed to talk the host of this site into removing my post which had her ex-fiancee's post also. He verified times and dates. Luda did 100% tell me she was engaged to a Ukrainian Man for three years, In fact it was an American, I actually wish he would post something on her as it would add credibility to all I have posted on her. This picture also has her sister in it, I have no problem posting Oxsana's picture either as she lied to me also about Luda being on the Boat in Miami, Oxsana is in on Luda's Scam just as much as anyone else is. This was the one thing that blew me away the most as she is married with a child living in America and she lied 100% to me about everything Luda was doing......The only other thing I could think of is Oxsana actually thought Luda was on this Cruize Ship and Luda was lying to her. It is over a year now and Luda had never supplied any photographic proof of her being on this Ship, She has not supplied any passport Visa's, not one thing has Luda shown me to prove me wrong. I post this stuff trying to warn Men as not one man put any post's up of this Gold Digger Scammer that eats men for lunch/ dinner and breakfeast. The one person who should have posted something was her ex-fiancee and when he finally did my whole post was removed. So I hope I have helped warn someone of this very nasty woman......and trust me she is nasty for anyone who lies as much as this one does and hurts men as much as this one does is a nasty person. Luda knows 100% what she is doing!!!!

The Top and Dress she is wearing are the same in the above early pictures of her, Just incase she is telling you that these pictures are not her....well they are, look at the moles on her face, in these early pics she has them very well covered up, in the later pics I have you can see them very clearly......If you need better pictures, clearer pictures of her to prove to yourself you can email me @ a good day.

2012-01-08, 18:31:47   (updated: 2012-01-08, 18:32:54)
68stang from United States  
Ha Ha....Thats funny, Street Noodles!!!!
B.T.W.....Just got of the phone talking with admin @Elenas Models and Kharkov is now becoming a hot bed for Scammers and Gold Diggers.

Beware of any girls you are corresponding with from Kharkov!!!!!!!.

Elenas Models is at the point were they have had so many problems with girls from Kharkov that they are pretty well not taking new applications from girls from this City!!!
My reason for talking to Elenas Models was to warn them about the person below!!!

Also if you are communicating with Victoria she is running a translator Scam, her other email address is when you Google that email address you will find job applications for teaching. One of the points you will notice is she says she can speak English and dictate English.....'TEACH IT' in her job applications.

Victoria will tell you that she can not seak English very well and you will have to pay for a translator when you visit her......She is lying, Victoria can speak English and also can teach it!!!!.

Stay away from Victoria Samoilova......

Oh,enter both those email address's on skype and all her information is in English???, If she can not speak it then she can not read it either so why would skype info be in English.
2012-01-15, 14:10:43
anonymous from United States  
I was going to go to Kharkov to visit Victoria, I have done a search and found what 68stang mentioned and that is online job positions that she must have posted. I does say that she understands English. I sent her an email in regards to this and she just told me to go away. I will post some job applications that are online, if you find one click on the translate bar and you will find many with the apps saying that she can speak and understand English. She did 100% say that we would need an Entertpreter when I was there.

Are there any good Girls out there or are they all about the scam today???

compositor texts. Job in Kharkov.
Category: Remote work
Speciality: compositor texts
Schedule: free schedule
Desired salary: 300 at.
Paul: women's
Education: higher
Detailed information: PC, Internet user languages: Ukrainian, Russian – high, English-medium
The Name Of: Victoria
Phone Number: 80664589510
Date added: 2009-02-28

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