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Dating scammer Yulia Marchenko


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Name: Yulia Marchenko


Pr. Pobedi 70 ap 377 Kharkov, Ukraine

Other Comments:
I met Yulia on Elena’a Models. She is a professional dater who uses men from the internet for dinners and pay her way to what she wants to do. As it turns out, the lady I got an apartment with also has a dating service that Yulia was on before. She told me that Yulia was no longer on her site because she was engaged. She apparently also had a problem with one of the two men she had gone out with.
Yulia wanted me to come see her in Kharkov and said she would take holiday and wanted our meeting to be “romantic”. She is very beautiful and I am older so I sent pictures of myself that showed my age and how I really look, rather than a picture that would make me better than I am. She told me that I was attractive.
I noticed that she had sent me a statement that was exact duplicate one of her letters and I mentioned to her. She denied it and I thought that she might be embarrassed about not having a good written command of English, so I let it pass. But then I became worried because she would almost never answer her phone. This concerned me because I did not want to travel to Kharkov just to have her not answer her phone. She wrote me that we should not miss a chance to meet because she did not answer her phone, claiming it is hard to find in the bottom of her purse. After that she started answering her phone.
Our first date was anything but romantic and she backed out of everything she said in her letters about taking holiday, saying “meeting someone in person is different than letters and pictures.” I should have walked right there but I thought I would see if she was just feeling nervous. We went out Wednesday and Thursday with no change in mood. On Friday stated she had to work late but called me on Saturday night we were to go to the River to swim. I thought perhaps things were going to change, but I was wrong. The river changed to a restaurant with a pool 30 minutes before we were to leave. We picked up a friend of hers who was with another American. They had met at a dating service. The other American ended up leaving early because he felt ill, while his date Anna stayed and hooked up with a young Ukraine guy after the American paid for her dinner and taxi fare.
I then learned why Yulia did not answer her phone in the beginning, she has two phones. One number she gave me, and others like me no doubt, and the other for her personal uses.
Nothing changed but the taxi fare home. I noticed that when she dropped me off I paid about $3 more even (25 gr) in Taxi Fare though we had two stops less. Then I realized when I was dropped off she gave the same address to the taxi as her girl friend did when she left in another taxi with the young Ukrainian guys. Stay away from Yulia unless you just want to be used to pay restaurant, disco, wine and taxi bills while they go home with their Ukraine boys.

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2012-07-20, 13:28:01
68stang from United States I am two years later. Yep this time two years ago I was getting ready to head to the Ukraine to visit Ludmila Kononenko.....Well I first posted around March of 2010 as this was when I finally got to talk to her after 7 months of little communication (Two nasty letters first) on skype. Those first postings got deleted by the web site host and then the later posts got deleted by some virus.....

'Well' I stayed vigilent over the past year and a half and kept up posts of her on websites and have contacted websites in regards to her scam and have managed to have her deleted from some also....'Why'....well I just wanted to warn men of what this woman was up to, I needed to help stop some poor fella from going thru what I went thru and what other men went thru, over this time I have quietly studied what happened and how I got worked by this woman and I have learned just how dangerous it was for me to go and do such a thing as fly half way around the world to try and find love, I learned just how missereable Ludmila must be to do such things to Men and what must have happened in her life to drive her to do this to Men. Her hate and distain for Men is at an epic high and thus helped drive me to keep up my posts on her as I realized that this was a dangerous endevour to go and visit this woman.

So I wish for men to know that this is a full hardy thing to do to go and fly half way around the world for love, Ludmila never sent me any of the pictures and documnets that I requested from her to prove me wrong and her Ship working Scam real, when she was quick to try and belittle me and abuse me in letters she was not so quick to send me proof of her innocence. What you can read on her in these posts is real, I wish there could have been more people come forward as she truly had worked a number of people over the years. What is sadder is how her sister Oxsana (Married and living in America) helped Ludmila and defended her in regards to her scam, a mother and a wife defending her criminal sister!!!

In the end that is all Ludmila is....'A Criminal'....I would also like Men to know that Kharkov is becoming the number one hot spot in Eastern Europe for female scammers and that the political invironment is turning back towards the old ways of the former USSR so to go there today will be even more full hardy that ever before......I hope that I have helped atleast stop one Man from flying out there and having there world turned upside down by this woman........God Bless and all the best to any of you looking for love. In the end I found it in myself!!!!, not some woman :) so if I have anything to atleast thank Ludmila for it was this......Cheers!!

2014-10-09, 20:34:49
anonymous from Canada  
Further to what many of you have said about Victoria Samoilova, I have been communicating with her also, and she told me the same thing - she cannot speak any English and when I visit her in Kharkov we will have to have an interpreter with us at all times. Also, I found a profile for her on Linked In. See it here:

Note that in this profile she is the manager of the Blagoda Company of Kharkiv and has been so since January, 2013. Also, look down lower on the page, under education. In there it says she went to university and studied Specialist, ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER!!!! So yes, she is DEFINITELY a scammer, there is no question about that. Stay away from Victoria Samoilova of Kharkiv, Ukraine.
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