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General questions:
United States
+1 (315) 849-4959
Skype phone account: uadreams Headquarters
External Holding Ltd
26 main street,
Victoria House,
apt. suites 41/42
Trip coordinator in Ukraine
+38 (068) 963-90-15

Fax number:
+1 (866) 290-0526
USA branch:
TwoCon Corp.
1905 E 17 st
New York City
NY 11229, USA

24x7 Call center
United States
+1 (315) 849-5814
United Kigdom
+44 (020) 8144-7412
Skype phone account

For any question in english
about this site please call:

+1 (212) 226-8900
Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00 (EST)

NEW YORK, NY 10009

Other Comments:
From what I researched through, the original company was Confidential Later it changed (names, owners???) and became UALADYS.COM. Around the start of 2008, this company split in a melodramatic feud between supposed owners in Ukraine! It became 2 identities, and
You will see from the above addresses, the parent company is in USA.
Essentially, these companies continue to operate in a similar fashion.
Clients, either find the site OR are enticed to join the site by ladies (as I was from!) and then you begin writing to ladies in their gallery.

ALL letters are translated, at a cost TO YOU, regardless if the lady speaks YOUR language! Services for the ladies are FREE!
You cannot have personal contact details or be in direct contact with ladies, apart from through the agency!
You pay for letters, photos and videos and they try to get you to send gifts as well, which they supply from their SHOP on the internet site, at 3 times the cost you can buy over the counter!

On the surface, one can feel protected and ensured that the ladies exist! After all, its through an agency!!!
In brief, I visited ladies in 2008 and 2009, via these 2 agencies.
Having written to ladies from both agencies at various cities around Ukraine, I thought that my chances of connecting with at least ONE would be assured!
The agency encourages men to buy their TOUR packages, which gives YOU accommodation, introduction and translation with the girls you nominate...All at considerable costs!!!
The girls put they search for (their age) to 55 or 60 year old men in their profiles, when they are in their 20's??? As an 'older' guy, having YOUNG girls write to me, claiming that I was what they were after as a partner, and age makes NO difference, is quite seductive and the rouse they use, ensuring you write and eventually visit!
This is when things started to go bad! 2 weeks before my departure in 2008, and flight, visa and package are arranged and PAID, I received letters from ladies. SUDDENLY, they found work, in another part of Ukraine, another country...They are finishing their study, exams, looking for work, they are visiting sick, dying or a family member JUST died, or their family member just went to hospital and they need to be by their side 24/7!!! or they are opening their business.....The list continues, and YES, it ALL happened to me in these 2 trips! And yes, I was going to Ukraine to meet...WHO??? So I went, as canceling incurs fees as well!!!
Then if you do meet with a lady you wrote to, then they take you shopping!...for clothes, perfumes etc Or they take you to expensive restaurants...Even if they can speak English, as with my case, they are not allowed to by the agency, who inserts a translator, so the agency makes a profit from that as well!!! And if you go to a restaurant, of course you pay for the translators lunch/dinner as well!!!
This is all 'nicely' written for the unsuspecting male clients in the agencies advert, which also includes spiels about age difference! So the agency can claim that its 'clearly written', both in the internet site adverts, and the agreement you sign BEFORE you meet with ladies...Then the agency will say...Why did you do agree?...

Also another reality for me was that when I met these girls, mostly, they did NOT know anything about me, though I had written to them for months before visiting!!!

Then there are the more adept ones that can lead you to believe there is a future, and milk you for all they a scammer style.....Some will openly ask for money, others allow you to offer, then they put their hands in both your pockets...You will go home with empty hearts and pockets!
If you read the Gallina P episode on this site, it will give you an insight to what I experienced on my last visit. She is typical of the lady I met through this agency, and decided enough was enough! She is listed a s a scammer for good reason!
NOW, I will highlight this episode from the discussions I have had with the agency! They have essentially 'whitewashed' the situation, and now offer me some of the money I gave to this lady (Gallina P) so that I will remove my postings of her!!!
I will post my letters to the agency and their replies of how they deal with a 'scam' issue, and then claim they have a GOOD reputation!

I hope it will enlighten you and save you money and emotions!

So in this, I hope you will learn about these agencies through my experience!

I will post letters soon!

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2012-10-23, 07:31:19
Simferopol, Krym arrived from on 'My experience' by searching for uadreams scammers simferopol. sa=t&rct=j&q=uadreams%20scammers%20simferopol&source=web&cd=cd=6&ved=0CFAQFjAF&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmyuadreamsexperience.blogs. com%2F&ei=laaFUPrROozCtAb40YGgAQ&usg=AFQjCNH42rQ05K1_qmdlOfqOfq0xLpfuqCp1w

Apart from McAfee Google are warning people about the site - instead of directing them to a page they are directing them straight to a site that exposes them
2012-10-25, 11:55:00
source louis81 01-13-2012

Hey, everybody. I wish to write strange story about uadreams and one of their lady, who I met on the many dating sites. I talked with Kate from Poltava UAdreams http://www.uadreams..x?id=1843. That is his profile Join Free for view Ukrainian girls free service and I found his in Êàòÿ Êëî÷êî She wrote me the same sad story on many dating sites, and always asked me to pay money on the UAdreams. I checked her many times and she wrote me the same letters, she always used standart letters. So I can say, I am not stupid guy and she is scammer with her all sites
2012-11-25, 14:40:31
anonymous from United States  
my code name is smokey . i was in ukraine last week i had a nice trip , lady was more pretty than i thought . yes you will spend money in what ever you do . the site was good for me . if you want to be taken for your money i will give you my ex-wife address . good site for me and another man married a young pretty woman last month.
2012-11-25, 14:42:47
anonymous from United States  
my code name is smokey . i was in ukraine last week i had a nice trip , lady was more pretty than i thought . yes you will spend money in what ever you do . the site was good for me . if you want to be taken for your money i will give you my ex-wife address . good site for me and another man married a young pretty woman last month.
2012-11-25, 15:32:57
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Well i've met the same girl now 3 times once in Moscow when she had to go there for work. We spent a couple of days and nights together.

I have never sent her money and she has never asked for any.

I did not pay for tour package just translator and when i have video chat with her she is normally at home.

We are also friends on normal facebook.

I have of course heard of scams and some of the letters i get sent by other girls are crazy:)

Have i wondered if she is 100% - Yes so i guess i will have to some digging.
2012-12-04, 09:52:14
anonymous from Iran  
does anyone know this person from

2013-01-11, 10:13:07
the ladies in Uadreams are real, but the problem is that they are more interested in taking free photos to show off them to their local secret boyfriends and attending free parties that are being offered by the agency than desperately trying to find their future husbands! They are playing games! You are right that they don't really want to meet you in person.

I am preparing law suits, criminal and civil ones. I have my friend who is an advocate in Kiev, and I myself am going to be an advoacte in a year. I am trying to have a class action. So if anybody feels that you have been scammed, please email me to
I want to put the girl in jail and want to see the company being bankrupt by punitive damages, and the translator being laid off!
2013-01-11, 19:40:59
venezolano from Venezuela  
Good luck wish your lawsuit, but I think it is more important going after the whole agency than going after the girl. If girl gets behind bars, the agency will still scam another victims with other girls. If you follow this thread thoroughly you may find who the real boss is.

Greetings form Caracas and good luck. I also want to see the agencies down at the very bottom.
2013-01-13, 02:50:52
RealMadrid from Bilbao, Spain  
I think that anonymous should read Совет.

My Russian is a Google translation but I have also put it in English

The people to go after are the owners of the business and the translators.

I have read that the ladies are forced to sign a contract and are not advised to get a lawyer to go over it before signing. Having signed the contract they are not allowed to talk to anyone about it and become terrified of the owners, a similar situation to women that are people trafficked, who we read are terrified to report their plight to the police in the country where they are being abused. The police in those countries will help them out of these terrible situations.

The only ones that need legal action against them are the scammers, the pro-daters.

Good luck in your class action and have published your article here
2013-01-13, 06:49:33
RealMadrid from Spain  

'the U.S. military scam'
Over $485 million was lost to internet scams in 2011, according to a report by the National White Collar Crime Center. The sum includes losses from online dating scams.

A mother and daughter have been accused of scamming over $1 million from unsuspecting online daters. If found guilty on all counts, Tracy could face up to 205 years in prison and Karen could face 172 years.

I believe that the online dating scam started in the USA and it was US Citizens that exported it to FSU countries
2013-01-13, 12:52:08
OJAS from United States  
Thanks RealMadrid.
Unfortunately delphi kills long URLs.
Search-link for tracy-and-karen-vasseur-online-dating-scam
2013-01-15, 03:55:27   (updated: 2013-01-15, 03:59:03)
RealMadrid from Spain  
venezolano is correct when he says go after the agency bosses. Also the translators as it is them stealing ladies accounts and writing letter´s in their names it would appear in the majority of cases and indeed the originator of this thread´s friend Dasha exposed the theft of her photos for this purpose. Below a Kiev lady exposes what is going on in the Ukraine with regard to the online business industry very well

I wish all the success in the world but he will need the Ukrainian law enforcement officers to clean this 'dirty' industry up as it gives their country a very bad name

I believe boss lives in the USA and has been the subject of several class actions. Fiancé is based in the USA and the Confidential Connections (now uadreams and uadladys) was a NY Porn Star. What we need is for America to follow Colorado's attorney general´s example and clean the online dating scene in the USA whether they operate there or abroad

extract from this site - or

Reply author: n/a
Replied on: May 02 2011 15:09:23

It comes from Marina from Kiev, Ukraine January 27, 2011

I would like to tell personal story about I am girl from Kiev (Ukraine), I am nice, well-educated and I know English. I wanted to find serious relationship with help of site Anastasia. Well, I registered on the site with my real name and stated that I am woman looking for a man. Can you believe, some mistake has happen and I started to receive invitations from girls to be a member and to chat with them or to read their e-mails? I felt that Anastasia doesn't expect girls to make registration by themselves; they prefer to work with local agencies. Well, than I met a girl who was working in the local international dating agency, partner of Anastasia. She told me that she needs to write and send hundreds of e-mails every day, trying to make new members and to have chat with them. She receives percentage from payments.
Also I found many ads in the local press, where girls are invited to work in chat with foreigners. Also there are special people in the agencies, who write very emotional letters about love and relationship.

Than I studied other international dating sites with Russian/Ukrainian girls. I found out that most popular girls usually have very provocative pictures. I mean that girl in underwear takes your attention more than girl in dress. There are many topless girls. Believe me I grew up and live in Ukraine, I am young and beautiful, but not me not any of my friends can not let provocative pictures appear in the Internet. Don't believe that Ukrainian teacher can place a picture in the Internet dressed in a sexy bra. She has colleagues, classmates, alumni, parents, pupils, relatives, and friends and so on. It will be very bad if somebody from this list will see her in underwear (or topless or nude) in the Internet dating site. It can completely destroy professional and personal reputation (I take a teacher for example, but it is true about doctors, clerks, managers and so on). Who don't care? Well, people from show-business (I didn't find girls on the dating site with such field of work), professional daters and prostitutes.

I am Ukrainian and after my own experience and investigations I don't believe to dating sites. It is monopoly of professional writers, daters, and fake agencies

Well, I decided to try well-known international site. I filled out application form on Next day I couldn't access to my page. I wrote a letter to the customer service. The answer was 'We don't accept profiles from your part of world any more, because of scammers'.

Guys, if you have something to suggest me, please don't keep silence, let me know your thoughts.

2013-01-17, 10:35:57
OJAS from United States  
2013-02-03, 18:58:09
venezolano from Venezuela  
Though no new it is worth posting for those who are looking for information of
2013-02-10, 07:04:00
anonymous from Netherlands  
Dont think this info will help anyone been scammed by UAdreams but as you can see here they want your money on a Cyprus bank. Cyprus is a tax paradise for criminal organisational so this isnt that surprising.

Beneficiary Address: Louki Akrita, 14 Agia Zoni, P.C. 3030, Limassol, Cyprus
Account Number: EUR 179-11-161801
Bank address: International Business Centre 205 Makarios AV., Victory House, CY-3030 Limassol Cyprus P.O. BOX 51139 CY-3501 Limassol Cyprus
IBAN: CY25 0030 0179 0000 0179 1116 1801
Please add 29.00 euro to the amount of money you are sending, this is the fee of the bank for processing the payment.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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