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Dating scammer Zinaida Malova and or Romanova


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Name: Zinaida Malova and or Romanova


Al'geshevo/Cheboksay, Russia. That's all I know.

Other Comments:
She just changed her address due to some 'virus ' issue. Or she/he is trying t smoke me out. Her old address is the, the is the one she says to now use as the other broke down for some lame reason.


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2009-08-29, 00:44:46   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2009-08-29, 05:54:23
>>>>>>Here are the letters I have received and I hope all this helps anyone else being scammed. I did an initial ip address search on this 'Zina' girl's location and it gave me ad ip in California. BTW, How do I do this 'Grand Finaly' I've read about? - I haven't even considered sending this girl money, but thx for the tip. Do I also post her email address for you? THX V. - M

***((All pix will be added corresponding to each email following the end of each letter. All PIX are also tagged with the original labels a recieved from 'Zina'. One last note, She sends 2 to 3 PIX per email so I will have to post the extra's following the end of post as I can only post 1 pic per message here.)*

- Email - #1

>>>>> #1 - Hello $$$$$$!!!!! I have received today your letter, and I am very glad, that you did not ignore my letter. It is difficult to me to begin our acquaintance. Whether I worry, will like I to you? It is very difficult to have dialogue with the person whom you do not know. But nevertheless I am ready to have dialogue with you. I wish to learn about you more. But I do not know what to begin. I saw your sincere profile, and I have become interested in you very much and have decided to write to you.

Well, I want, speak to you about myself. I the usual woman, actually are not distinguished by anything from others. Possibly, to describe myself, it would be easier for me if I made it not for the first time. In me words and ideas because I worry are a little mixed. I did not expect, that you will answer me and when I saw your letter, I as though the stream has struck in heart and I sit now behind the computer, and I do not know what to write to you.

Excuse me if I make many errors in the letter, I not absolutely well know your language. So, if to you something will be not clear, you ask me again, Well? But I hope, that you understand me.

Well, washing the main hope and dream - the search, favorite men and creation with it of a family. Love of the man which will support me when I will be requirement for support. Who - that understands me. But also and who - that only does not praise me when I operate injustice a way. For me the main thing, that the man loved me, respected as the person and paid me attention. I do not ask, that he sat with me every minute. I need attention and love, I want the loved one who would love me. Rendered attention signs. Made sometimes pleasant to me. I would be glad, if he brought a flower when comes home. Or simply spoke me gentle words when we wake up in the morning or we go to bed. It would be very pleasant to me to awake in his morning with a cup of fragrant coffee and my gentle kiss. I am assured, that I will have the happiest family. I will make everything, that would wash the husband and I lived in harmony and mutual understanding.

$$$$$$, what you would wish to learn about me??? Ask me, and I will necessarily answer. I hope, that you will send photos also. I would like to receive more them. I send you a photo. I hope, that it is pleasant to you. Tell to me, what it is pleasant to you in women? What character? Tell to me about the work. Than you take a great interest, what make at leisure? Tell to me not much about itself. I very much would wish the nobility.

I wish to tell, that our acquaintance should be under construction on the truth and trust. I ask you not to lie, I do not love lie. I very trustful woman also am afraid to be deceived. I know, that without trust it is impossible to construct serious relations.

I do not know, whether you answer me or not. But why not to try? I will regret if not to try. I think, that we should use every chance to find our happiness. The life is too short to use it only to think and dream. I sincerely hope, whether can, that our correspondence will show, to be we such pair. Certainly, on our way there will be many complexities. It is possible, that we can remain only friends. Possibly, between us strong feeling of love and respect will appear. Nevertheless I do not know. The life will show. I hope, that tomorrow I again will receive your letter and your photo. I will wait very much. You will not forget to write me the letter? I hope, it is not present.

I very much wait......

2009-08-29, 05:57:26   (updated: 2009-08-29, 05:59:01)
anonymous,Mole from Canada  
Pic 2
2009-08-29, 06:03:42


Hello Jason!!!!!!! I am sincerely glad, you have answered me again. I have read your letter with the great pleasure. In letters you can ask me about all which interests you about me. But if I on them do not answer, do not take offence, I cannot simply understand it. Ask it a little in another way, and I it will necessarily answer them. I write letters from the cafe Internet so not to be upset if I do not answer you the letter at once, simply Internet of cafe can be closed.

How are you? I hope, that all is good. Your mood when you have received my letter has changed? I hope, that my photo was pleasant to you. Today I send you a photo, on which I about the house and my smile. You will send me many photo? I hope, that I will receive them tomorrow.

I do not know why, but I to trust you. I do not know you, but I trust. I do not understand why… I will tell more about myself. I think for you, there will be no news, that I love flowers. I are favorite roses and tulips. I wish to tell, that from colors it is pleasant to me lilac and purple.. Except for flowers I love a sweet. My growth 172 sm (5 ' 7), weight nearby 57 kg (122 lbs). I have been born on March, 25th, 1978. I live with mother in one apartment. I never was married and not to have children. Settlement in which I live, name Algeshevo. It in Russia. I wish to tell, why I have written your country on my profile. I could not be registered from Russia. Me simply did not let in on a site. I think, what it will not prevent our dialogue?! What do you think of it?! If you do not wish, dialogue the Russian girl, you inform at once to me. I do not want, that between us there was a deceit, lie and mistrust. I work in shopping centre 'Novoalgeshevsky'. I am the seller, the name of my department 'Lady'. It is lady's wear department. My work is pleasant to me because I communicate with people. I like to see happy faces of my buyers. I rejoice, when I see, that women beautifully put on.

I wish to tell, I to appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and the good relation to another. It is pleasant to me, when it is pure, cosy. When I come home I always is glad, because at home always purely. You love cooking? I simply adore. The grandmother has learnt me and now I always and all I do itself on kitchen. And what it is pleasant to you? What dishes?

I asked you about what women to you like. I, for example, like men who are quiet, sincere and do not deceive. Which I love, and which loves me. Jason how you think, you can be him? Or not? I think, that we will soon know it. When we learn one another better. Than you were engaged today? I hope, that when you receive my letter, it warms you and does your day successful. I hope, that at you all is good. I will wait for your letter tomorrow.

I hope, that I will receive answers to all questions and many your photos.

Sincerely, Zina

2009-09-13, 14:01:23
zina is using the e-mail address she also says she is a teacher at sosnovka high school.
2009-09-17, 16:30:24
thx anonymus. Does anyone know why my pics I upload aren't showing? I have alot more letters and pics to post here but the pics aren't showing up.

2009-09-20, 22:17:37
anonymous from Canada  
Yep. Same as me. That's a scammer. And a very dumb one at that. She told me she works at a women's section of a department store. Everything else is identical. Including the first few letters. Except she was addressing me. This has taught me a lot about trust on the internet. There isn't much but I know better how to find it now :)
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Zinaida Malova and or Romanova

2009-09-23, 03:25:21
here anonymous, check out these letters and pictures let me know what she's up to with you. Post your letters and pctures here and continue contact with her we'l have some fun with this one! The more we can add here te more we can help othrs scam the scammer and end her scamming career for good.

2009-09-23, 03:31:59
anonymous,mole from Canada  
Here are he pics I got with the second email
2009-09-23, 03:38:23
Jason,-,Formerly,'Anonymous,Mole' from Canada  
Email #3:

Hello Jason! I waited for your letter, and it was very interesting to me, what you did all this time? What mood at you? At me all is fine. It is fine, because you write to me, it gives me pleasure and aspiration more and more to learn about you. I am very glad, that you have not forgotten about me and have written to me.

Jason, thanks for a photo. Yes, I go on skis in the winter, but never went on snowboarding. I do not have sister and the brother. I never was outside of Russia.

I wish to tell to you about the family more. I wish to inform you on how I grew and who brought up me. The grandmother and mother brought up me. Mother name Tamara, the grandmother name Olga. I live with mother in apartment in our city. The grandmother with grandfather Nikita live in village, it name Kalinino. My father Slava, has early died. I will tell about him more as soon as I will be ready to make it. Now to me it is difficult. My mother very much loves till now my father, all these long years she was true only to my father. It is an example for me how it is strongly possible to love man and to be true to him so much years even if him is not present for a long time already in the live. I wish to have the same relations, that my parents, it is my dream!!! I believe, that a meeting, that only thing to which I will devote all my life, love, fidelity, trust and to create happiness, happiness of a family.

The grandmother at me very kind. I at her a vein everyone and me very much was pleasant summer. At her it is good. We with her often walked together in wood, went to bathe and went behind berries.

I studied in Kazan, university. I was learnt on the manager on trade at the Kazan University. My 5 years of study have passed not noticed for me, it was very interesting. But for me it was very difficult to arrive in this educational institution. I studied, but during too time worked as the seller, in a toy shop. I did not wish to take the help from mother, to be cargo for her. To her and so it was very difficult. As soon as I have begun studies, I completely itself provided myself, it was difficult.

I wish to explain to you why I cannot find the man of the dream in the country. At us to have men, but many drink or beat the wives. And others already married. Therefore I have decided to get acquainted with you. To me have told, that man your country treat kindly women and do not drink it is a lot of. You like to drink much? Only tell, the truth. I hope, that was not present. I at all do not drink and I do not smoke, only for holidays I allow to drink a little wines. I not against, that man would drink, but it is not a lot of and not often.

Jason, I wish to tell at once, that I do not like to shout and quarrel. I like to laugh and I want, that would wash the favorite was happy and never longed. And I will do all for the sake of it. I am ready to kiss constantly him if it does its happy. I want, that we with it would enjoy our love, passion and tenderness. I hope that a photo which I send today, it is pleasant to you. On it I in park with mother. As a photo about school where I studied and and my grandfather and grandmother.

I wish to ask you Why you search for Acquaintances on the Internet and why you speak with the girl from Russia? With me.

The Internet, this big achievement as people from two various ends of a planet can have dialogue with each other freely. Unfortunately, I do not have phone, in Russia, it is the whole problem, there is not enough in whom in Russia there is house phone, thus we cannot speak on the phone. But if there will be a possibility then I will necessarily call, you will be presented me.

I wait your letter.

I will wait for it tomorrow.

With impatience I wait.......


2009-09-23, 03:45:34
anonymous from Canada  
Email: #4

Hello Jason, My Far Friend!!!

I am again happy to receive from you the letter, and from it I am very happy. Thanks for your letter, I read it, and I have understood all which you have told to me. I wish to study you better, I wish to know about you all.. I will try to inform you on me directly more, I think to you it it will be interesting. Earlier we liked to visit the nature with girlfriends. To me it was very pleasant. I like to look cinema and to go to theatre. I love the Russian comedies and melodramas, also foreign comedies. My favorite films: 'Moscow does not trust tears!' And the trilogy “Lord of the Ring”. We with my family live in apartment with two rooms. The greatest room for reception of visitors, in it I live. But my favorite place in apartment, is kitchen. As, as I already spoke you, I very much like to prepare. In us very friendly neighbours. We Visiting each other is frequent. My best girlfriend lives in the following house. We are familiar with her since the childhood, we have grown together, and we know all secrets each other. We always hang together in difficult minute. But she for some reasons has not approved my idea, acquaintances through the Internet. She says, that with me can play simply. But I so do not think. I know you more few, but I think, that you not such person.

Jason, you were on the sea? I was only once in Sochi. Very much it was pleasant to me. As the cool wind shrouds a body as cool water gives freshness and pleasure. There is no only one. Men, with which all it can enjoy. You would go with me Jason??? I THINK, THAT we With YOU NEVER WOULD forget SUCH TRIP. HOW YOU THINK?

My Jason, I wish to answer your questions. No, not much Russian women smoke and drink. As I contact a family without phone. I meet at home. I visit girlfriends.

Thanks for a photo, were pleasant to see your parents and sister.

I wish to tell to you one history from my life. I have got acquainted with one guy. It was one and half year ago. I have started to notice, that this guy rather is not indifferent to me, praises me and gives gifts. I became the girl loving by all my heart. He was such kind, gentle. We met him the whole year. I thought, that he will suggest me to marry him. I did not speak him it, but in a soul waited for it. I lived as in a fairy tale. In all of us it was good. But suddenly I have started to notice, that he somewhere has disappeared on long. I have asked him about it, but he spoke it in his affairs. That he tries to make to us well. I was a little uneasy, but did not give it the big value because loved and trusted it. And once to me at home, there has arrived one girl. When it was not at home. And she has told to me, that it and my guy together some months!!! You can present, present it, that I felt during that moment. I have left him at once, to me was very sick then. Since then has passed a floor of year. These I could not speak a floor of year with anybody from men. But now I understand, that on it the life does not come to an end, and it is necessary to live further. I also could do not trust men, I believed, that all of them liars.

But I know, that is on light of the man which the girl can love and not lie favorite. My former guy admitted me love constantly when we were together. He spoke me it is looking directly in eyes. And after it speaks, as was possible not to trust him. But now I see it if the person was in the habit to lie in a life, for him there are no human rules.

Such history which took place with me in a life and which has caused I to address in search of love to the Internet. I see, that you the sincere person and very good, I am assured, that never could operate with the person badly. For this reason I have decided to find love under the Internet because according to letters probably to study the soul of the person. His outlooks on life.

I send you a photo on which I with the girlfriend and I to Sochi. And as I send to you Hello from my mum. I will wait for your photos and the letter. They my pleasure every day. I am glad, that have met you. I can discuss all with you that I want.

Your friend Zina
2009-09-23, 03:46:12   (updated: 2009-09-23, 03:54:01)
Jason from Canada  
Email: #5

Hello dear Jason!!!!!!!!

I am glad to receive your letter again. At us today fine day. Though I am not much tired on work, but the weariness has passed, when I have opened your letter to me. It is pleasant for learning more and more about you.

My Jason, it is pleasant to receive your photos. Tell to me, what for you have written my name on a leaflet? You wished to prove me something? I do not know how many people lives in my village Al'geshevo. You have told about films, I did not look them. There is no I do not trust in Zodiac Signs. And you unless trust?

It would be pleasant to me to sit in cafe behind a cup of tea and to talk on what be a theme. I live with mum in apartment. She me very much loves also as I her. To my mum of 65 year but energy at her and outlooks on life as though that to her of 40 years. When our family has lost the daddy. It was difficult to her to be measured that she and I cannot see him any more, that he cannot sit with us at one table any more and have supper. I remember, we always had supper together. Talked as at us at everyone there has passed day. He not when did not complain of a life. He smiled to her. And if it was bad, he did not give a sign. He was able to hide it. About his illness we with mum have learnt already after his leaving from this life. He did not want, that we knew about his illness, and did not wish us to disturb, that he lives the life. He was always happy and rejoiced lives though in his soul there was very big pain. I remember, how he has approached to me after a supper, took me for a hand and has embraced. Has embraced with all love, has embraced as not when did not embrace. I have felt this fatherly care, all his love, all caress. As though he tried to give to this moment to me all. But I have not understood that he during that moment gave me the life. I from him have heard last words, which at me will be always in my heart and in my soul. He has looked in my eyes and I have said 'I LOVE YOU the DAUGHTER' and have left in a bedroom to mum. In the morning he has left us... To me then was ten years... All of us lose somebody from the relatives and it is very heavy for transferring, but the life proceeds and it is necessary to live for the sake of those people which to us have given a life which we all soul and heart love. That there on top for us it would not be a shame to them. That they would look at us with top and smiled. Smiled sun beams, a torrential rain, a warm breeze.

Forgive if I have reminded something to you from your life, I did not want, simply I want to you will share the thoughts and on the family.

My dear friend Jason to my big regret, at me is not present brothers and sisters I one in a family. When I was to small me sometimes was sad looking on other children at which there were brothers and sisters To me they were replaced with my favorite mum.

That you me have listened to thanks my thoughts in hearing.

I will wait for your following letter.

Yours Zina
2009-09-23, 03:48:48
Jason from Canada  
2009-09-23, 03:56:11
Jason from Canada  
Email: #6

Hello My Jason!!!!!! Today fine day. But only for one reason - I have received your letter. And all the others become insignificant for me.

How are you? I hope, that my letter will reach you in very good mood. Today I thought of you, and these ideas were pleasant for me, she was pleasant for understanding to me, that there is a man who reads my ideas and writes that it especially for me. And you think of me? Wait for my letters? You have again lifted my mood and have placed a happy smile in my face. My dear, today I have gone to the work which is absolutely assured, that you write to me today. Earlier I always went with thought, that you possibly nevertheless have no written, but today for the first time I have gone with thought that your letter already waits for me. I have gone in the street, and I smiled. I could not hide the smile. People whom has passed close to me, looked back back at me. The lady in Russia seldom smile, because the life is filled various problems, cares, difficulties and obstacles.

I at all do not know to like you my photo, but I send it to you. Here it.. On it I eat a pizza, winter wood and I with the girlfriend.

My Jason, probably now you already travel. It is very interesting to me to receive a photo of your travel.

I would like to learn from you about your friends. Jason at you it is a lot of friends? And the presents? Not simply familiar. People to whom you can trust in all???? And they will always give to your advice, it was not as though sick. Which does not want to you a pain. Which in all help you. Jason at me only one present girlfriend from whom we can speak about all. It with her I go to the cinema. We with her grew together and, studied together, together went on dances. Now she works the teacher at school. She teaches English. We with her together well studied English at school. Jason, what friends at you? You to have a photo, where you together? You can send it to me?

Jason all is interesting to me also I wish to know all about you. Likely I to make many questions, I hope, that you are not offended on it. I already miss and I check mail. Your letter suddenly will come? I wait, very much I wait.....

Yours Zina
2009-09-23, 04:00:28
Jason from Canada  
Email: #7

Hello my Jason!!!!

I am again very happy to receive today your letter! Today I am very happy, as you have again written to me. It is pleasant to me with you to inform and have with you the general interests. When I receive your letter, on my person always arrive a smile, and I feel a heat in my soul, thanks for it. Thanks for filling of my pleasure of soul, I thank you for filling of my heart with such pleasant feelings!! I am madly happy, that there is such person as you which always will understand, will support me, will be quiet!!! I am very happy, that you! That they have lifted thanks your parents such good person as you! It is a pity to me, that I am not close to you. I very much would would like to be with you that about that to you to be bad, and you could to quiet me when to me it is bad. I very much would like it. To study you, it is better to know your merits and demerits though I think, that in you lacks - not existing, everything, that it gives sense of my life! I do not know that with me! I continue work, and constantly I think of you. Girlfriends say, that with me something not so but when I speak about us, they very much for me were happy to them, but will inform, that I did not hurry up, and it will suffer failure as last time, but I have told him, that you not such and that you remarkable.

How are you doing? In you all is good on work? In me all is normal. I very much am absent under your letters, and always I wait for them. I wish to inform you, that you - are not lonely now and that you have the person on which you can rely.

On it I wish to finish the letter, I should come back home, but the nobility, mine only, that I will always think of you and very to be absent without you!

Write me faster the letter. I will wait it very much.

To a meeting

Yours Zina

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