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Dating scammer Zinaida Malova and or Romanova


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Name: Zinaida Malova and or Romanova


Al'geshevo/Cheboksay, Russia. That's all I know.

Other Comments:
She just changed her address due to some 'virus ' issue. Or she/he is trying t smoke me out. Her old address is the, the is the one she says to now use as the other broke down for some lame reason.


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2009-10-13, 14:51:29
Jason from Canada  
***I played dumb after recieving the money letter, (#24), and pretended to never have received the money letter) - J.

Email #25:

Hello my love Jason! I do not understand about what you speak. I did not receive your letter very much for a long time. I did not receive them as soon as I have told that have learnt about documents. About that that is necessary for me for my arrival to you. From that day you any more did not write to me. I any more did not know what to think. I simply thought that have left me. As has thought that we cannot be together. These thoughts were at me in a head. I cried much... Excuse I cannot write further, to me it is sick...

2009-10-13, 14:57:20
Jason from Canada  
I told her, (Zina), I never received her money letter due to glitch to see if she would send me a diffferent amount of money she needed

Email #26:

Hello my love Jason! My the prince I have received your letter. It is glad that this misunderstanding has dared. I and the truth thought that you do not wish to write to me. That you have left me. My love, tell to me that you think of our meeting. I said to you that I can not quickly arrive. For this purpose to be necessary for me 2 years. And now I do not know that to me to do. The darling if you help me I will arrive to you very soon. You are ready to wait for me 2 years. It is very serious question, I want that have answered it. But before to answer think well. Understand that our future depends on your answer. If you tell that is ready, and itself will not wait, then you will simply destroy my trust my love and all my feelings to you.. For me it will be very big stab in the back. Understand that I will live only one thought in a current of these two years. This thought will be about you about our meeting. My love I am ready to wait 2 years, I strongly love you. If you can help me then we will not need to wait 2 years. I will think that I have told to you. I will look forward to hearing.

With love yours forever Zina
2009-10-13, 15:07:27
Jason from Canada  
This email from Zina had the title, 'bye'. She, 'Zina', got very upset when I asked her to get to a phone to get in touch with me as I had never spoken to her over the phone. She said she had no phone and no access to phone and no number to call her at, which is also typical scammer behavior.

Email #27:

My Jason, tell to me, what to you prevents to discuss our meeting on an e-mail? You know that I do not have phone! And it is very difficult to me to find it. You understand it? Or you it easier does not interest. To you without a difference difficult it or is easy for me. You do not wish to understand me. I correctly understand you??? Or it is a meeting it is necessary only for me???? On yours the letter at me develops such opinion. You lay down to me conditions. 'If I call to you our meeting will be faster'. For me this insult. Now I have understood that you simply play with me. There are at you no feelings to me. It was my last letter.
2009-10-13, 15:11:07
Jason from Canada  
The next day after her, (Zina's), 'Last Letter' to me...

Email #28

Hello Jason, it is not necessary to overpersuade me. I know that you have laid down yesterday to me a condition. It was not pleasant to me. As you can put to me a choice. If really loved me. To would do all possible for our meeting. Instead, you have simply laid down a condition, 'if you call to me our meeting will be faster, and we will not need to wait 2 years.' It has simply killed me. For me your yesterday's letter was blow in heart.

You know that I strongly love you. Also I wish to be with you. But I could not constrain simply the emotions yesterday. Very strongly it was not pleasant to me that you lay down to me conditions.

You know as to me it was sick yesterday. I all night long cried, from my eyes without ceasing there were tears. Today the head strongly is ill me. I have not gone at all for work. And you speak to me easily to leave. It is very difficult, it is almost impossible. I never will find the happiness. As you were and remain my happiness. I will not search for anybody. Let you are far from me, but I love you!

Yours forever Zina
2009-10-13, 15:12:40
anonymous from Canada  
More to come soon... - J.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Zinaida Malova and or Romanova

2009-10-13, 15:15:11
Jason from Canada  
More to come soon... - J.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Zinaida Malova and or Romanova

2009-10-13, 16:13:32
Jason from Canada  


Can you enlighten me about this post you left as well as Grande Finale:

About your question Russia - Canada connection, we identied a mafia accomplice in Canada. We sent Grande Finale to Yoshkar-Ola (no baiting phase, identify boris, send GF) The mafia in Canada answered back admitting he is in Canada.

THX! I got it from the page where we, had originally bumped into each other when I was formerly anonymus Mole.


BTW, I am also intereted in this post: (My evaluation after the first round battle against 69 Boris who entered the arena by themselves.), you left on the same page.

Thanks - J.
2009-10-13, 16:16:55
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Jason. Newbies will learn a lot fro your comments.
Asking money from strangers is a scam http://ladies-russi..t/Scam.php
2009-10-13, 16:25:06
OJAS from United States  
Grande Finale articles start with http://www.delphifa..=8#168643

I will dig out a Boris reply, and post for you. He admits he is in Canada. I know for sure Russian mafia get arrested trying to smuggle arms from the US to Ontario. I guess some also have a part time job, liaising with Yoshkar-Ola
2009-10-13, 16:36:34
OJAS from United States  
I will try to get a translation. In the mean time, try

From: Elena_lonely
Subject: Тебе отдан приказ отсасать всему нашему коллективу.

Здарова Мудак. Как ты там в пендостане поживаешь или где ты там хуйло?
Сперва мне нужны твои фотки, когда ты как обычно выполняешь свою
прилюдную паре троек толстенным ЮС девочкам ?
Так вот ЧМО-шник или как ты себя назывешь скам-хунтер...
Ты правда ошибся по поводу Йошкар-Олы. Я даже ближе чем ты думаешь
осел. Я в канаде. Так вот сукин ты сын, почему бы тебе не приехать
сюда? Мы работает посерьезнеее чем горе-скамыры с Ред-Сити в Ру.
Номера которые ты оставил не доступны, так бы позвонил.
Давай шлю ВЮ вот данные
Country CANADA
City Toronto.

Давай пиздуй за своей мизерной зарплатой и шли нам цифры для приема.
Мы может тебе еще самому выслать чек который ты сналишь и можешь
выслать на теже данные. Только не забудь скан паспорта, прав и адрес
куда чек слать...
Конечно можешь дать нам еще реквизиты в банке и мы тебя заргеем для
жизни... А то я не знаю как ты там существовать умудряешься.

Ладно не буду отвлекать, тебе еще надо обслуживать кучу клиентов.

Удач горе-охотник ;-)
2009-10-13, 20:45:01
OJAS from United States  
Copy / Paste can save time with Template responses to scammers

If you want Western Union / Moneygram forms, ask DOC here http://www.delphifa..50#176252
More on Western Union http://www.delphifa..=5#124905
Catwalk http://www.delphifa..=59#69007
2009-10-14, 05:42:52
OJAS from United States  
The hosting server for this scam agency is in Montreal. Can you post for them, how they can complain to RCMP? Thx.
2009-10-14, 19:55:20
Jason from Canada  


Will be in touch with RCMP and find out procedures to post. If you look closely at the photo's I have posted, some of the 'cafe's' Zina took her pictures in had english names in english writing on the windows a well as photo's with bags in the background from Canadian stores like 'La Senza' and '9West'. They don't have those stroes in Russia. I'm not sure about the english writing on the cafe windows. They don't use english on their cafe's... do they? I would not think so. Thanks for the templates. - J.

2009-10-14, 20:35:26
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Jason,
I will keep our Auusie mate updated about RCMP.

http://www.delphi. 16#127766
Anatomy of a typical scam cycle:

Phase 0 http://www.delphifa..10#125994
Phase 1 zakidka http://www.delphifa..10#126006

Phase 2 Big Boss Boris, takes over, has staff with some English knowledge, (sudden imrovement of English)

Phase 3 http://www.delphifa..11#126758
Phase 4 http://www.delphifa..=17#128031
2009-10-15, 13:43:12
OJAS from United States  
Translation of http://www.delphifa..=6#176399

Subject: You have an order to suck our company's people dicks.

Hello dumbass. How is everything going there in your queer-stan or whichever city are you from?
First of all, I need your photos where you do your daily job - fuck 2-3 fat US girls.
So, schmuck-shink or however you call yourself - scam-hunter...
You made a mistake about Yoshkar-Ola. I am much closer than you think, donkey.
I am in Canada. So listen you son of a bitch, why don't you come here? We work more seriously than the pitiful scammers from Red-City in Russia.
Phone numbers which you gave me are not available. Otherwise I would call.
Sending details:
Country CANADA
City Toronto.

Come on, go, get your small salary and send it to us. We can send our own check to you. So you could cash it in the bank and then send that money to us. But in this case don't forget to scan for us your passport, driving license and tell your address.
Of course you can also give us your bank details, then we can support you. Because I don't understand how are you surviving there.
Ok, I won't distract you anymore, you have to serve a lot of customers.
Good-Luck, pitiful-hunter
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