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Dating scammer Zinaida Malova and or Romanova


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Name: Zinaida Malova and or Romanova


Al'geshevo/Cheboksay, Russia. That's all I know.

Other Comments:
She just changed her address due to some 'virus ' issue. Or she/he is trying t smoke me out. Her old address is the, the is the one she says to now use as the other broke down for some lame reason.

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2009-10-12, 02:52:47
Jason from Canada  
Hello my prince Jason!!! I am so happy, happy, happy! I very much liked your last letter. I had very heavy working day. I have awfully got tired today on work, but I reading your new letter have forgotten about all world. Really is all truth which you have written me. Thanks for yours beautiful and warm words. You in me the most good and gentle man.

I thank the god that we have met each other. I love you my love strongly, that you cannot present my love to you. I understand more and more, that my heart is filled by love to you. I love you my love and I can not wait any more because my love is strong to you. My love I do not know even what to write you because my vocabulary is exhausted more and more. And I want that you spoke to me about love more and my vocabulary will be much more. I love you my love and all time I grieve for you. These minutes it seems to me, that my love has gone beyond all limits permitted and I speak to you that I WANT YOU my LOVE. I strongly love you and all time I think, how we with you will be together and we will love each other. I will nestle on your strong shoulder and you will love me all night long. We will stop only next day.. And at night we again will take pleasure in the big love. I wish to receive in the beginning from you a romantic supper and then we will rise in number and we will passionately love each other. I love you and you my greatest love which has presented to me destiny more and more. I am very grateful to destiny because this great happiness, that I with you. I very strongly love you because my love is very strong also I all time I will write to you. I do not wish to stop to write to you because I love you so strongly, that my heart says to me, that to me to do. I submit only to heart because I know that wants heart. And heart says to me, THAT I LOVE YOU And my LOVE WISHES be With YOU. I will speak all time to you about love which I test to you because my love is very strong also I will speak to you about love and only about love.

I love you Jason!

My gentle kisses, yours forever Zina

2009-10-12, 02:55:12
Jason from Canada  

2009-10-12, 02:59:01
Jason from Canada  
My love Jason, I is very happy to receive your letter today. My love Jason, me it is terrible for you. What state of health at you now? I think, you very strongly were ill. It is a pity that I was not present together with you. I strongly worry about you. Darling, I will transfer Hello for mother and to my girlfriends.

My heart is filled with heat when I come to Internet cafe, I check my mail and I see there your letter. These are such magic moments in my life which help me to cope with any weariness and help to forget about all problems.. During such moments I remain alone with my thoughts in which we exist only you and I. I thank every night the god that he has presented to me you. You have changed my life and have presented to me hope that in my life there is a happiness. It you my love. I believe in God, I always address to me when to me badly and I ask from him supports and when to me it is good I thank the god that he has helped me. Many people in our country do not believe in God and do not understand me, but I trust in it since the childhood. My mum too believes in God and thanks to her I have such strong belief. We with her always together went to church on church services. We with her and now go together to church, but sometimes it turns out so, that I go to church one. I always put candles for health of my relatives and I ask at sacred that all at us was good. The god helps me since the childhood. He helped me to consult with fears before examinations at schools, helped me with problems on work, with problems in a family and now he to me has helped to meet you. I am grateful to him for it and now I am happy.

My love, at me still never such was, that I so loved man when I even with him have not met yet and we did not face the friend to the friend and did not look each other in the face. To me it is very pleasant, that somewhere away there is a person to whom I am important also which causes in me such strong feelings. To me only very painfully to think, that between us there is such big distance and it prevents to meet to us and at last to feel each other. It is a pity, that I do not have wings and I cannot wave them strongly and to fly to you through all these kilometres of a land and water. I am happy, that I have you and I very much hope, that will not be fast between us of any distance and we will be always together.

Your Loving Zina

2009-10-12, 03:00:15
Jason from Canada  

2009-10-12, 03:13:41
Jason from Canada  
Hello my loved Jason! Lovely you feel till now badly? You have treatment? I worry about you my the prince. It is a pity that I not near to you. I wish to help with your health. Darling you not disappointed me. I understand that you were very sick and could not write.

The main belief in Russia Chritianity and as it is a lot of Moslem.

I wish to tell to you, that my heart happily it is in a cradle of the most gentle hands, and it loves. Loves clean, light, not exacting love. To him it is not necessary anything except possibility to be near to loved. And it it is necessary for me to be near to you, to feel warmth of your body, tenderness of your hands, to catch your stupefying smell, to thaw in your embraces, to feel taste of your kisses. I represent as we fall asleep and we wake up nearby, I caress you and I understand that to you pleasantly that do. I dream as I relax in your hands and with gratitude to accept that happiness which you give me. A life one. Also it would be desirable to live it so that it was not painfully sick for aimlessly lived years. Now I cannot present, how I could so long to live without you?! And how to live in general without you? I have very strongly got used to you, to your letters which radiate pleasure and tenderness. Still never, before acquaintance to you, I could not feel heat and pleasure in a soul only that near and at the same time very far there is my angel who can simply please my heart.

I would like to rejoice together with you when at you all is good, to long, when something is impossible, to feel the necessary person in your life.. You - the most good, light, kind, that happen with me lately. No. Not so. Not lately, and in general in my life. «The life is that happens with us while we plan on the future».

The love is omnipotent and boundless, its force does not depend on a season, an epoch, technical progress. Hearts meet - and the feeling, beautiful flashes, deep and comprehensive so was and will be always. Loved if the Sun suddenly ceases to shine - you will warm me better it. If suddenly stars hide for the Moon - you will manage to present to me such romanticism which and did not dream them. If will spread Exhausting and Oceans - we will come up, because we TOGETHER.

If on the Earth does not remain water drops - we will get drunk Love Each other. Believe to me, Loved, only with you Stars and Oceans smile to us the Sun. And while we together, no elements will separate us. Because we with you - the strongest elements from all elements. I Love You! And for this reason I Love all around - I see the Life, I feel this Heat and Happiness. My sun, my gentle Jason, I Love You!

It is a pity to me, but I should finish this my letter because my time in the cafe Internet has ended. But our love will live eternally. I very much love you.

With love, yours forever Zina

2009-10-12, 03:17:10
Jason from Canada  
Hi my dear, my gentle Jason, I am very glad to receive your letter again.. Each time I very much worry, when I open the electronic box. And sometimes I would like to close eyes when on the computer the box page is loaded. And during this moment I wait only for one and these are your letters. You at all do not represent as suddenly I with simplification I sigh and I rejoice, when having opened eyes I see your letter. And each time I open it with a smile and pleasure.

Darling, I am very glad that you slowly recover. Soon you will healthy then I will be quiet. I will know that with you all is good.

I wish to tell to you, that I am very glad, that we have got acquainted with you. That we have decided to write each other. And we have constructed ours relations of the friendly. We have grown fond each other both became very much and are very close. Certainly it is a pity, that we cannot be with each other physically, but not looking on it we together our hearts and in our dreams.

My Jason, I very often represent you close with me directly in my life always and everywhere. When I enter into the bus, I represent you sitting close to me. When I go to shop, I represent you, helping to me with purchases.. When I go in park, I represent you covering me softly for a waist. When I sleep, I represent you, putting close to me and heating me gentle hands. You possibly think, that I have gone mad, but actually it is simple feeling which does not give me rest. It is love!!!

To me does not give expectation of rest of your letters, I very much wait our meeting. Today I weigh day thought of you. I thought, about you when have cleared up, thought of you when the bath when it is had breakfast took when has gone for work and all day on work. Now I think of you when I write this letter.

Such moments in me - it is frequent enough since then as we have acquainted with you, but today this moment was all my day. I am happy, that I have you though you and far from me, but I know, that I love you and when we will meet, I will are so happy as never before was not.

It is a pity, but my time in the cafe Internet has ended again. It is a pity, that for this reason it is time to me to finish this letter, but not looking at it you all the same will be in mine thoughts and my dreams. I very much love you my Jason, I love and very much I miss.

With love, yours forever Zina

2009-10-12, 03:18:30
Jason from Canada  

2009-10-12, 03:20:54
Jason from Canada  
Hi my loved Jason! I am happy to receive your letter again. The letter which is very necessary for me and so it is necessary. Your gentle words are very necessary for me. Which always heat up my heart heat of love and tenderness. My Jason today I am very glad that with you all is good. And now you feel even better, than yesterday. The darling I love you.

I sometimes stand on a balcony and I look in a distance and again I dream of you my knight. About your tender kisses from which would break a head. I wish to fall asleep and wake up only in your strong, but during too time in gentle and love hands. My heart is torn to pieces and being covered with blood, I am filled with inexplicable melancholy, that not with you. I dream of your smile which would light in me fire. I dream of shine in your eyes, it seems such mysterious and full of desires!

I wish to understand, about what your thoughts. Can to you too it is very bad also something does not suffice. So call me, wake from a severe reality. And I will present you with one huge heat and love!!! I want, that me would throw in the big temperature from your gentle hands. I cannot without your darlings, eyes! They as if two ponds covered with a gloom in which I so would like to sink. I want liking to finger your hair, to twist with their female love and warmth. I do not wish and cannot look at someone except you!!!

You are very necessary to me!!! My heart will fight in a mad rhythm only near to you. I wish to blow to you in eyes, and only from it they will be closed, and you will open again them for me and will present to me the smile with which my heart will tremble. You will come to me in a dream, will be long and to stick monstrously gently into my lips and to say, that there is not enough time us this night has presented. I wish to die in your sweet embraces that on your back my concerned hands slipped, my neck was covered with your easy kisses. That also your hands moved down on my gentle back, somewhere, that only is allowed to you my love. I constantly wish to hear your voice and hours to look in your eyes. I wish to kiss gently your hot lips, to whisper in your lovely ears of a word from which you went mad and confusedly smiled. I want, that you were happy, instead of you I if it is necessary suffered!!! Believe, I have got used to a pain, but not second I do not want, that you suffered!!! I wish to be your angel the keeper or simply favourite kid. That, when to me it was bad, you sang something to me on an ear, and I embraced strong in the answer. I want, that our hands communicated in a single whole, hearts breathed in a uniform impulse of passion; was always near, not coming off to merge lips and to be dissolved in caresses of a kiss.

Here I dream, but suddenly to you during this moment alone or awfully painfully. Or on the contrary, when all it would be desirable me and on eyes run tears, that you my love so are far from me, and I am afraid that my heart will be broken off, because the fragile.

I love you. My gentle Jason.

With love, yours forever Zina

2009-10-12, 03:22:13
Jason from Canada  

2009-10-12, 03:26:56
Jason from Canada  
There's some more info and pics on Zinaida Malova/Romanova. -J.
2009-10-12, 03:34:28
Jason from Canada  
Some of her email addresses and another pic as well. - J.

2009-10-12, 03:47:28
Jason from Canada  
Anyone else encounter this scammer yet? If so add to the collection of email addresses and info. - J.
2009-10-12, 04:10:37
Jason from Canada  
Here are more liks to regional info on Zina's location as well as another email address

2009-10-12, 04:26:55
Jason from Canada  
Here is a link to many of zina's other scam info regarding more locations and email addresses:

Locations she, (zina malova/romanova), claims to be from: Nizhni Novgorod Russia, Morki Russia, Volzhsk Russia, Chistopol Russia, Al'geshevo Russia, Cheboksary Russia.

2009-10-12, 04:31:19
Jason from Canada  
Here is another link.


- J.
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