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Dating scammer Zinaida Malova and or Romanova


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Name: Zinaida Malova and or Romanova


Al'geshevo/Cheboksay, Russia. That's all I know.

Other Comments:
She just changed her address due to some 'virus ' issue. Or she/he is trying t smoke me out. Her old address is the, the is the one she says to now use as the other broke down for some lame reason.

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2009-10-12, 06:24:49
OJAS from United States  
2009-10-12, 11:42:21
Jason from Canada  
NO prob OJAS. That last link I had posted with Zina's info got moved to here this morning Here is the new link to Zina's info.

2009-10-12, 12:04:52
Jason from Canada  
I don't know why but the links posted at the end of page 5 regarding Zina are broken. I tested them last night after posting them and they worked fine. The new one above works. - J.
2009-10-12, 13:45:32
OJAS from United States  
Glad to be of help, Jason. When I find some time I will try your problem links.
2009-10-12, 21:24:25
OJAS from United States  
Sorry Jason, no luck for me with your links.
I don't seem to get beyond the active server page .asp
Don't know if you need to be a member then search within the site.
Or, search result expires after a time lapse.

I will post a few links for newbies visiting this thread.
2009-10-13, 12:11:38
Jason from Canada  


Thanks for your help and informative articles related to the links you posted. For anyone else, more to come soon on Zinaida Malova. - J.
2009-10-13, 12:18:04
Jason from Canada  

Hi my love, my gentle and tender Jason! I am very glad to receive again your letter which I wait, I wait above all. And all my day passes with thoughts on you. I wake up every day and I fall asleep with thoughts on you. I wait for that moment when we with you will be together, together forever. But sometimes it seems to me, that there has already passed the whole eternity of our separation. Because time pending goes very long. But I wait and is ready to wait so much because I love you my Jason.

My love, I wish to tell to you, that sometimes I worry. I worry, that when we will meet for the first time, I will not like you and you will not want my love. But I know, that it only unreasonable excitement because we love each other and we wish to be together. And from it to me it becomes easier. It is easier to live realising, that on this earth there is a person who loves me and to which I am necessary. And it you my kitten, my gentle Jason. I at all do not represent, what would be my life without you. I know, that you my light, light in this dark kingdom. And this light, light of our love is necessary to me.

I wish to tell to you my love, that when I went yesterday from the Internet of cafe I all thought and thought of us. I went along the street among these lonely trees which are on sides from road. I was absolutely one in the street and was so silently, and it seemed to me, that I could hear knock of my heart in a breast. I very much would wish to hear music of our hearts.. Which would fight near to each other. I would like to hear your breath. I thought, that it would be remarkable to walk with you, among the same trees. In the same silent night. And only the easy and warm wind would be our companion.

I saw the moon. And it seemed to me, that it as is lonely as well as I. You know, I very often looked earlier at the moon. It is said that it is impossible to do it, but nevertheless I looked. And even now it is very a pity to me. In a full moon it is possible to see the full moon. And when I looked at it to me it seemed, that the girl full of grief and melancholy looks at me. Even it seemed to me, that if to look narrowly it is possible to see tears on it.

Probably and I am similar to it, because in my heart melancholy, melancholy on you my love.

I am very grateful to you my Jason, I am grateful to destiny which has connected us which has connected our hearts in one desire. Desire to be together. You have opened for me a door in other world full of happiness and pleasure. Happiness with you. I have grown fond of you, as whom till this moment did not love. And you became the only thing with whom I wish to be. You became the only thing about whom I dream. You unique whom I love. I love all my heart.

I am grateful, that the destiny has connected us and I do not want, that it sometime separated us. I love you mine a gentle kitten, I love. I very much miss on you. I wish to be only one-this with you. And I really want, that it became fast a reality.

With love, yours and only yours forever Zina
2009-10-13, 12:19:39
Jason from Canada  

Hi my gentle...

Mine and only my gentle knight of my heart Jason. You are pleasant to read very much all your letters on love which to me send They warm to me my lonely soul and mine loving heart in separation from you. I love you my darling Jason.

My Jason, I wish to be with you. I am confident that at all of us it to turn out that we will be happy together. A unique way to check up it, I should arrive to you. If at us it not to turn out, then we I will arrive back to Russia. But nevertheless I believe that at us will be remarkable.

Loved to me it is very sad and lonely. Alone without your breath in my silky hair. Alone without your hot kiss which will rush into my lips. And at a meeting my soul feelings which learn will break off all warmth and desires which at you have collected in ours with you to separation. From which I will float with happiness like an easy cloud, I will float in a desire stream. From which I cannot will restrain. Damp lips will whisper your name which I constantly said when I fell asleep, woke up from excitation when you my darling touched me in a dream. Again fell asleep and felt this gentle touch. I LOVE YOU.

You have taken away all my rest. And I am happy that all it happens to me. I am happy, that you have presented to me this fairy tale. Though we now with you in separation you are constant with me, with me in my dreams and thoughts. You constantly nearby. You in me. And I in you my gentle Jason. We will be happy with you FOREVER. We will give each other desires. Many gentle kisses. We will have many days and nights. As I dream of your first touch of your hot lips. I dream of your gentle sight which I will understand without words. Without which I cannot live. I became the love slave. Ours with you of love. You Jason give me air which I breathe. Which life I live. A dream in which you my the knight are. Which love I love you of the only thing on all globe.

We not to whom will not give our happiness, our love which lives at us in hearts. We not to whom will not allow to destroy ours with you the love world. Our paradise in which we are. In which there is only a LOVE.

Our love...

I love you my Jason

You only my...

And I only yours forever...

Yours and only yours Zina
2009-10-13, 12:28:16
Jason from Canada  

2009-10-13, 12:51:19
Jason from Canada  
Hi my knight, my loved Jason. Thanks you my love, for your letter. I trust you, love of all my life. Yes yes it so, you love of all my life. Because I love you how I whom did not love in a life. And I am ready to give the life for the sake of you. I wish to help you in all. Because I really would be happy do it.

My Jason, it is pleasant to read words of your song again. I hope, I will soon listen to them from your lips, my sweet.

Your questions. I think you you understand that this my desire to be with you Always and Forever. I am confident it. I do not know as it I will make. In due course I learn all and I will tell to you. In a soul always there is a fear that I am possible to you it will not be pleasant, but I say to myself that you love me that is I will be pleasant.

I will be happy to wake up simply near to you loved. And long to look at you while you still sleep. I LOVE YOU I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE. And I would be happy to heat you that you were not cold when. I with the great pleasure would nestle on you my love (and than we would be engaged then?! :)). I will not leave you when because I know, that you too love me, you kind both very good person. And most main-this that I love you, I love above all. I would be happy to make to you massage. Also it would be really happy, if you have made it for me. I dream of how your gentle hands concern my body and gently iron it. I dream as your lips concern my lips as then they pass to my ear. I dream of our passionate nights. Because I love you and all this time save myself for you and only for you.

Any man in the world, except you is not necessary to me. And to be with you this unique desire which I have. My thoughts on you warm my soul. And sometimes to me to become very badly because you are not present with me nearby. And during these moments of force as though leave me and I that I do not want do. But probably it because my soul is pulled out from my body and wishes to be with you wash dear. I would like, that is fast we really we will together.

And if you need to go for work, I would be happy to wait for you at home.. And at this time to tidy up at home and cooked something to us for a supper. I hope you will be not against Russian dishes? Because I yet do not know that another. But if it is necessary, I would like to study to prepare for you what dishes be other people.

And when I would find to myself work I would be happy do for you a supper. And that we have spent this supper together (well while we will not have children). But when there would be we do it all our happy family.

I love you and I look forward the moment when we will be together.

With love Zina

2009-10-13, 12:55:58
Jason from Canada  
Hi my prince, my Jason!

Thanks for your letter, I am happy, that we with you love each other and always when I read your letters on my face again shining a smile. I know, that to you it is good. And this my unique desire that you were happy. I spoke to you and I will tell to you it still, only yours and you only mine. Any is not necessary to me man all over the world, except you. Because you my prince who has taken away forever my heart to itself. And I not against it, I only am happy from it.

My Jason, I am really confident that I wish to be with you. I wish to arrive to you, at me was not present doubt drops. I wish to be with you forever. I have already started to learn about my trip to you. You know that I am frank with you and I hide nothing. I wish to be with you so speaks my heart and it belongs to you. The darling I will transfer Hello to all my family from you, they will be very glad.

I know, that only with you my heart in safety, as in the strongest safe. But I promise to you, that it who and when will not steal at you. Because I will not allow it. Because I the most reliable safe which you and only you can open. But there is one code word without which you will not open it. You know it? And still it is necessary, that I saw your eyes and felt your hands on myself. And one more important thing to open this safe-it your gentle and disarming smile. Only when all it will be present, only then my safe will open. And who except you has no it. Has no your smile, has no your eyes, has no your gentle hands and will not tell to me

This code word as you to me it will tell. So, that only you will open my safe, in which keep my heart which belongs to you and only to you. I wish to be with you wash Jason and only with you. I wake up every day and I fall asleep with thoughts on you. And every day I pray for you and that day of our meeting was closer as it is possible more close. Because I miss on you. And it simply awfully to be on such distance from you. I dream, that this distance was reduced, reduced to kiss distance. I want, that from your face when your smile and your eyes always did not descend shone pleasure. Because only then I will be happy.

Thanks destiny, that at me are you my Jason, my prince. The prince of my heart.

I love you Jason. And very much on you I miss. But I only for you and only yours. And consequently we should and we will be together my love.

With love, yours forever Zina.

P.S.: a code word: I love you.
2009-10-13, 12:57:03
Jason from Canada  

2009-10-13, 13:32:03   (updated: 2009-10-13, 13:33:01)
OJAS from United States  
Sure thing Jason.
scammers are CRIMINALS
Do not fall in love with a photo http://advicerussia..nario.htm
Identity Theft
2009-10-13, 13:51:30
Jason from Canada  
Email #24: $$$$$ The money letter $$$$$$

Hello my love Jason!!! Again you have brought to me happiness and a smile. My Jason, it seemed to me strange that you have asked me, in what languages I talk. I am able to speak only in Russian and English language. The darling of thanks for a photo, you is magnificent. Today I have learnt about a trip to you. I went to travel agency, to me have advised to go there therefore as there all is easier and faster, and is more convenient. I have learnt that that I could arrive to you to me it is necessary to make the visa and the passport. The easiest way to receive the visa, it to make the tourist visa. There are other visas, but they cost more expensive and besides them on much more difficult to receive, a lot of time, some months will be spent. The visa of the tourist costs, 537 US dollars, and the passport costs 143 dollars. The visa operate 4 months, and this time I can is near to you, you understand? To me have told if I begin do the visa, now, that they do it very quickly, it will be approximately 2 weeks, it will be 10 working days! !!! And after my visa and the passport are ready, I can arrive to you, for this purpose, what to see you, and to spend time together with you. They have told that else I will need to give to them some documents, for visa and passport registration, it a little information, and my passport Russian!!!!! But I have a small problem, I have no this money, and I simply do not know that to me do? I need to go to earn additionally somewhere? I have counted up, my wages in a month, make approximately 200 dollars, approximately 160 dollars leave on residing and a payment for services, and for me there is very small sum of money. And I have counted up that if I will save so many money that is required from me approximately 2 years of my work without feeling sorry for hands!!!! Plus still to work on the second work till very dark night, and I simply do not know that to me do. I can arrive to you only 2011, in the spring or in the summer.

I understand now that our meeting is spent not soon. This formality which has hung between us as a precipice. My heart is interrupted from a melancholy and love to you. Why the dream of our meeting has started to hide it as a smoke. In me simply there leaves the basis from under feet. Lovely, I hope now you also, you understand that my arrival is spent not so soon. I do not know as long, it is necessary to wait. To me it is very sad from this idea. As you mine only love and I think only to you. You are necessary for me only. I cannot be presented now without you. I want. That you always were with me. It is pleasant to me. You my unique love. Every minute I think of you. I cannot think of what more. You mine only love which so is resolutely necessary for me. I love only you. I wish to be only with you. I wish to feel all your kind. I wish to feel your breath. Each your kind, each your breath it is necessary for me. I wish to feel all it and to possess only with you my love. I wish to be with you, I want spend all time with you. As I love you. More nobody is necessary for me except for you.

I should finish on it the letter. I am very tired and on a soul to me now it is very bad from events for which I could pass today. The truth in me now - one desire. I want it, and I cannot without it, as fishes without water. I will think every minute of you, every second you will be with me. My love, I really love you and only you. I again send you many - many most gentle kisses.

With the big and strong love, yours forever Zina

2009-10-13, 14:41:12
Jason from Canada  

If you take the time to read these emails that were sent to me you will see holes in the stories this scammer tells in almost evey letter. The letters to come will contain more EXACT proof of how these scammers operate. Almost like they have a guide and/or protocol they consistently use. I have found many scammers use addresses like:


I'm not quite sure why they use slashes instead of the correct @ and .com but have found that this is one of the patterns I have recognized. All emails I received from women using these 'slashes' have turned out to be scammers from Russia using the same technics over and over. Also, the scammers pretend to be living near you and ten explain that they had to say that they lived in, for example... Canada on their profiles in order to be able to contact Candian men. They will then sweetly ask for forgiveness for their 'white lie'. These are dead give - aways.


Rule#2 - If it's too good to be true, it most likely is a scam but back up to rule #1 if you have doubts about #2.

There are many other traits and characteristics to these letters that you can pick up on easily if you pay attention with the right head. These scammers seem very un-educated and dumb as a box of rocks. - J.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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