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Dating scammer dikara or dinara


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Name: dikara or dinara



Other Comments:
This is the scam Buster again. This girl can't make up here mind on her name. First she is Dikara, then Dinara. I'm confused. here for your approval-WHOEVER?


I was glad, when have received your message. This my first letter to
you. I do not have chamber Very much I regret, that not to the full I
know English, therefore I ask to accept my sincere apologies for those
discrepancies which I can arise because for our correspondence I
partially use the program the translator. Naturally I hope, that our
dialogue will allow me to break off at last this sad vicious circle of
cold loneliness and severe misunderstanding. It is very difficult to
undoubtedly me to communicate with the person who is for many thousand
miles from me, but nevertheless I do not lose courage and I do not
lose hope for a happy case with which help I will find not only the
friend, capable to understand me, but also the worthy man with which I
could create a matrimony. But at once I want, that we define our
purposes. I wish to know, that you want from our correspondence. And
consequently I very much ask you to write to me in the following
letter on what you have the purposes, communicating with me. Agree,
that it will be much easier, if we know about our purposes, the
nobility of that both of us want. And if our purposes coincide, then
we can reach them together much faster how you believe? We also should
not hide anything from each other. And in the first letter I wish to
tell to you that you not the unique person with whom I have dialogue.
But while there is nothing serious, only friendship. I want, that our
relations were under construction on full understanding and trust to
each other. Now in the world it is a lot of lie, and it destroys all
relations. I hope, that we can will consult with all problems, and we
will have the real and strong relations With weight of the best
regards and belief in the happy future. Your new friend Dinara.


First of all I wish to ask for you a pardon for my long answer. The
reason for it was that I cannot enter on mine e-mail two days.
Probably, you to send me the letter and wait for my answer. I cannot
read your letter. And consequently I ask you to send me a copy of your
last letter on this e-mail adress. I have created today for myself
this address. Once again I am sorry for
inconveniences and I hope, that our correspondence will be restored.
With impatience I wait Dinara.


2009-09-01, 16:04:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-09-20, 07:22:55
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Yes this goat simply does not want, that I communicated with others. It the pervert. Pursues me. He thinks, that I cannot correctly write the name. It is ridiculous.
2009-10-11, 12:11:13   (updated: 2009-10-11, 12:16:50)
bigs from United States  
Name: Claims Dinara


First email:

Hello Dinara, I hope this email finds you well.

If I may ask you something before the letter goes on. I am 43 years
of age and I am also currently looking for a longterm
relationship. Is my age going to be a problem, if so then my
apologies for wasting your time, if not then please let me know. I
was impressed with the forthrightness and honesty of your request on

If you answer in the affirmative then I will send a picture and more
information. If you would just like to exchange emails that is fine
also. I live in the US. My work keeps me travelling most of the
time, I can usually check my email once a day so email when you like.

God Bless.

Her Response to first email:

I wish to write at once to you concerning our distinction aged. You
understand, I want, that you have understood me correctly, for me it -
not a barrier. And I will explain why. You know, I think, that the age
is important in relations. I think, that the man should be more
senior, than the woman. Concerning me I prefer, that my future husband
was more more senior, than I. I have understood during long time, that
with such man to me to communicate much more interestingly and easy.
As the old proverb speaks: 'all age are obedient to Love!!!' I hope,
it has calmed you in this question.

Second Email:

Did some research into the email address and pic. Sorry you turned
out to be a phony, your pictures are nice but reality sets in when a
person has learned to research others for their own safety. I do not
have the time for foolishness, my exwife done enough of that.
Good luck in life.

Well here is the information I found on your email account.

After not receiving a response I continued with another email:

The picture you sent me was the one located there. If you can
explain what is going on I would consider continuing contact but
from experience I have become wary of these types of scams. I was
married for seventeen years to my exwife and she cost me thousands
of dollars. I do not desire to repeat that mistake.

If you can explain this mans comments would you please tell me
where you live in Russia, I thought you were from Norway as I was
searching the Norway graigslists?

Also, as I keep my word, I included a facial pic and a couple of pics
of where i live now.

Thank you for the response.

Her response:

I do not know about it anything. I do not know, how my photo has got
there. If you do not believe, that I present, it is very a pity to me.
Hardly at us, something will turn out without trust. I not собbраюсь
to force you to communicate with me if you do not want it. In Russia I
live in the city of Kazan. Do not compare me to the former wife.
Though I not rich, money is not necessary to me yours. At me other
values in a life. And money is coming, today they are, and tomorrow
are not present. If you think, that happiness in money you are
mistaken. I will send you the copy of the passport. If you want to
continue to communicate with me, write to me.

Her Third Letter:

I am very glad to receive your letter again. Now, I would like to know
about you and your opinion in more details. Please, tell about the
work, about the city, about the family. Than you take a great
interest, your hobby as well as with whom you spend the rest. Also I
would like to know that you think of Russia? You have friends who live
in Russia? What is the time you search for the partner through the
Internet? It is interesting to me to know about you all. I hope, as
you also would like to find out a little about me. I, for example,
always a vein in Russia, never left limits of the Native land. I work
as the bookkeeper in cash desk Webmoney. I like my work, dialogue with
new people is pleasant. To me now 26 years. I was born on June, 6th,
1983. The city in which I live, is called Kazan. You can easily find
it on a card in the Internet and present, where my city settles down.
Know, it seems to me, that my life has developed. But I always do not
have one. I come after work to the empty house. There is no warmth of
the family centre. There are no affable smiles of my husband, my
children. I do not have no family. And it is very melancholy. I wish
to feel, that for me wait, that about me worry, I wish to feel care. I
am very tired from loneliness. I should change now the life. For this
reason I have addressed in service of acquaintances on the Internet.
As it gives a wide choice and fast result. I hope, that you perfectly
understand me in this question. I now live absolutely one in the
apartment which has got to me from my mum. She has bought the house in
the country, and now on pension rest. And I to visit her about once a
week, in weekend. And sisters at me are not present brothers. Never
was married, children too are not present. As you could understand, I
in the huge city absolutely one.
I very much want, that you would know in what remarkable and beautiful
city I live. As you already know, that I live in city Kazan. It is
very beautiful and interesting city. Here there are many remarkable
places where it is possible to spend time with friends perfectly. Many
different cafes, bars, discos and clubs. Our city to be in the centre
to our huge republic Tatarstan, Privolzhskii district. You can look on
map Russia and look, where I live. My most favourite place in a city
is our park. In this park there is a set of squares, benches where it
is possible to retire. This park is enough big. Also in our city set
of fine shops. Can to you what be interesting to find out about my
city, you do not hesitate, ask. It is quite natural, that to me too
very interestingly is more detailed find out about a city in which you
live. Very much it would be desirable, that you would answer my
questions as it is possible more in detail. On it I finish the letter.
I look forward to hearing from you.


As you can see from the letters themselves, she has not made, at least in my opinion, any over suspicsious overtures which would indicate a scam. Aside from my inquiry and her elusive response about the multiple addresses there was nothing out of the ordinary as best as I can discern beside the poor use of english.

I received a three pictures and I copied two from her advertisement on craigslists/norway. From here I was able to discern that she was indeed a scam because the two pictures she used, one on her passport and the other of her sitting in a mall (as it appears to me) are one in the same, the facial expressions, the hair coloring, position of the lighting, the earrings, etc. The picture on her passport was photoshopped or manipulated with some sort of program, rather poorly I think personally but an attempt altogether.

Here are the pictures I received, I cropped them in case there is sensitive information on the alledged passport that belongs to another person.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer dikara or dinara
Dating scammer dikara or dinara

2009-10-11, 12:13:57
bigs from United States  
Here is the photo from her passport.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer dikara or dinara
Dating scammer dikara or dinara

2009-10-11, 12:15:22
bigs from United States  
Here is the other photo to the passport.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer dikara or dinara
Dating scammer dikara or dinara

2009-10-14, 16:45:56
anonymous from United States  
did anyone get some nude pics of her she is hot? haha



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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