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Dating scammer tana herlden-szebedits


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Name: tana herlden-szebedits

Email: tanaherlden@ymail

mowbray, cape town south africa

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phone-0011-27-78-286-6913 a stunningly beautiful white middle age woman 45-47 says she's a nurse

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2010-02-01, 12:24:40
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Letter(s) from Jane Roger to Stan (USA)

Letter 1

I have taken note of your details. The best price we can offer you for her Round Trip ticket is two thousand one hundred and Eighty Five United States Dollars(US$2185) only incl. taxes.

LOOK AT Details from another site (Same Account as above just different business name : visit

I need you to forward to me the above mentioned amount to enable complete my work.You are also advice to make the transfer using this account details, the details are as follows;

Account Name: Exclusive Travels & Tours
Address: 431 Main Road, Observatory Cape Town
Account No: 1048085767
Bank Name: Ned Bank
Address: 2ND FLOOR , Rondebosch

Travel agent tried to get me to wire money here:

Village,Rondebosch,Cape Town
Branch Code: 104809
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ


2010-02-02, 16:38:04
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Tuesday, 2 February, 2010 13:56
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified' Support' <>Add sender to ContactsTo: EMAIL ADDRESS


Both the reported accounts were permanently blocked for scamming. We received complaints about these accounts from other users and our moderators checked them and blocked accounts.

These accounts were created by the one user. If you notice that the reported user creates a new account please let us know.


46 y.o.
Cape Town
South Africa

No photos
last logged on: January 20, 2010 21:23 add to favorites

I am optimistic, romantic and passionate and enjoy doing things for that special person in my life. I like to plan events, but I also th... more>>
My match: I am looking for that kind of love that its not easy to find, the love that someone can give without condition. The love that is caring,... more>>


46 y.o.
Cape Town
South Africa

No photos
last logged on: December 10, 2009 23:27 add to favorites

I am optimistic, romantic and passionate and enjoy doing things for that special person in my life. I like to plan events, but I also th... more>>
My match: I am looking for that kind of love that its not easy to find, the love that someone can give without condition. The love that is caring,... more>>

Best Regards, Support

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: 000000
Department: Contact staff
2014-02-04, 23:31:37
anonymous from United States  
Hi Joe,

Thanks for your mail; no, I have never been to US before but will love to someday. Let me tell you a little about myself my name is Carol Eben, I am 49yrs old, I was born and bred here in South Africa. I am paediatric nurse, fully employed; I work at Groote Schuur hospital here in Cape Town. Am Divorced for ten years now, with a grown up Daughter Mary 24 yrs, and she taking marketing in Johannesburg University and we do communicate on regular basic on phone she is intelligent girl. I am only Child of my parent. I lost my dad several years ago in a motor accident and my mum is retired teacher and she is now working with our local church here,

My family is all doing well and my mother turned seventy-five last month, she had a hip replacement five years ago which still bother her but otherwise she is in good shape physically and mentally.

More about me,

I am romantic. I hate violence, especially towards a weaker person
I respect my fellow beings and their opinions
I hate dishonesty
I almost always smile (even in the morning). It takes a lot to get me in a bad mood
I am considered to be quite funny and entertaining.
I never forget the wrong people do to my friends and me
I am very emotional, so when startled, outbreaks of anger of short duration may happen and shouldn't be taken overly serious. Because I am spontaneous I sometimes do not think of the consequences of my actions that is what I can think of in a short time.
On my spare time I love going to the beach, movies, theaters and museum etc.
I love sport too and I play tennis although it has been long I play it.
I hope that this gives a better impression about the person who I am.

I want to know more about you. I fully understand how you feel about your wife and your marriage because I have been in such relationship before where I am there with somebody because also lonely emotionally. I will not judge you and say that what you are doing on a dating site is bad because everybody deserve some level of intimacy because that is what makes us human.

I don’t mind continuing this journey with you because both you and I are looking for the same thing although our marital statuses are different. We both want to be loved and love in return. I am not looking for marriage at the moment and want I want is somebody who will love and care for me and if you will satisfy that need of mine then I am fine to continue with you. You don’t have to leave your wife to satisfy me and care for me.

I have included photos of myself, Cape Town and Table Mountains.

Bye for now until I hear from you.

Stay Blessed,


2014-02-04, 23:35:26
anonymous from United States  
This sounds like your scammer... Going by carol eben...found my on Ashley Madison site in USA...too fishy, ended up moving way too fast... Haven't go to money yet but asked me to contact embassy
2014-02-04, 23:35:26
anonymous from United States  
This sounds like your scammer... Going by carol eben...found my on Ashley Madison site in USA...too fishy, ended up moving way too fast... Haven't go to money yet but asked me to contact embassy
2014-02-05, 00:40:27
anonymous from United States  
This is the kicker I am sure before she asks for money...carol eben she is going by...already loves me after four emails.....greedy thing'Hi Joe,

Thanks for your mail. I've been thinking about you all night and day. Is it really possible that we can be together and happy? Please tell me what you feel.

If I took you to me, it would be forever. There could never be anyone else for either of us. This will be our chance of happiness. Our chance of normal life. Our chance of love. It's got to be right. Please, please tell me if you think it is right and good. Tell me the secrets of your heart. No one but me will ever know. I need to hear it from your heart. Tell me straight from your heart what you want. What you feel, what you need. Tell me what kind of woman you want me to be. Tell me what kind of woman you think I would be.

I'm beginning to reach for you. And if I jump, it will be by faith. And if it is by faith, you must catch me. You must catch me. Or I will fall and be a broken lady forever.

I will be quiet and listen now to all you have to say. I promise. Give me your wisdom. I'm sure you have it. I need to try to see things through your eyes.

Anyway, I went to the Embassy this Morning to know there Visa requirements and how to acquire a visa from them. And what they gave me as their visa requirements is too much and I cannot come up with all the documents they want me to bring.

But I was directed to a Traveling Agent who says that he can obtain the Documents for me within seven working days, but he said that you should email him before he can collect my international passport from me. Please email him, his name is Mr. David Abel. You can write him with this email address, tell him you are writing in respect of Carol Eben, the lady that came to his office this morning for Visa. You can also email after you email him so that I will know the outcome.

Stay Blessed,

With love,


2014-02-05, 08:05:49
jokoaza from Indonesia  
Almost every day I get an email scammer who entered the mail box from 2012 until now and I try to reply to all emails them but with caution and careful not to get carried away in the seduction-seduction love that makes our hearts cradled in his words. all the letters they send always end up with the demand for money for a variety of reasons. Some time ago the scammer email letters I publish on a blog: Romance Scammers Dating - in order for the public to know that if you get a letter like this is a scammer, please refer to the examples of the following email pictures they use (they steal other people's pictures as a model, actress, TV actress and also using porn models) and this is an example of an email scammer letters.

Full name : Elena Konogorova.
Country : Russia, City Vladimir, Street Bottom Dubrova,
house 17 apartment 22.An index 600037
Dated : Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 5:12 PM
Email :
Subject : Hi darling Joko

Hello darling Joko,
Till the end of my working day there were some hours. Today there was a heavy day and your letter I read after all the work...
I understand everything, that you speak about our feelings. It is pleasant to me to know, about it.
Today I have learnt that that a mobile communication in Russia very expensive. To the operator to which I am connected to the
local cellular provider and consequently my phone works only in Russia. Unfortunately, we cannot speak on the phone with you or exchange sms.
It is sad for me. But I will search for a way to call to you from post office for telegraph. I suspect days I learn about it.
Never earlier I thought that it is possible to feel love to the person which never met.
Earlier, I did not know, that it is possible to love on distance. I concerned such histories with irony, but now there is you at me!
As I spoke that that I was married when and as I do not have children, well children flowers of our life.
You thought of that how many children in a life you wish to have? Whom? I of two boy and the girl.
I am done not frightened by that between us is more distance in thousand kilometres...
Between us with you the distance, but our feelings will help us to overcome distance.
I miss on you... I have caught myself on thought, that I do not have not enough you...
But I do not wish to do fast steps, I wish to have a meeting with you together to spend time and talk to you in live dialogue.
You agree with me?
After our meeting we can forget about the letter and talk in a reality.
We with you the first meeting will give the chance to us to learn better each other.
Though, already I think, that is familiar with you throughout the whole life.
You appreciate what qualities in the person? I appreciate such character traits, as punctuality tactfulness, accuracy, ability to listen kindness.
I the girl, and what strong I would not seem, I like caress and tenderness.
Joko, I dream of your embraces.
I often think of you. Recently in my head more and more thoughts on you. I represent our first appointment. Joko, what you think of it?
How you represent our first appointment? How you represent our first meeting? I often think of it. It is very disturbing!
How you see your future? In your future there is I? Forgive my questions, but I should know your thoughts. It is very important for me.
I wish to be yours girlfriend. Tell to me that you think of it.
Thanks for that you answer my questions from the last letter. It is rather important for me. I also answer your questions.
Please, do not hesitate to repeat to me questions which I forget to answer. My work takes attention from me.
I do not have many affairs on work today. I already have finished all.
What plans at you for today's evening?
I think that I will come home I will make a supper and I will lay down to sleep! Today I think that I will prepare, red fish in cream.
It was remarkable, if we were a number. I wish to hold your hand and to walk in the street... Or has made to you a supper!
I should go now... To me very much the reluctance to leave you. Joko, I think of you always.
When I check mail and I do not see your letters, to me is very sad and lonely.
I miss on you... Elena


2014-02-06, 23:21:12
First name:     Elena
Last name:     Konogorova.

Aka:     Ekaterina Solovyeva, Karamelka, Irina Komelina, Diana, Ekaterina Razgonova, Elena Kashkova, Svetlana Kiselyova, Inna Lihachova, Irina Komelina, Marina Krestyaninova, Natalia Jurtikova, Natalia Yrtikov, Elena Sharina, Tatyana Kiseleva, Vnisy, Svetlana Startseva, Elena Ushakova, Irina Russkih, Tatyana Krestyaninova, Natalia Loskotova, Ekaterina Samaeva, Olga Bondareva, Daria Iskrinka, Daria Kleschevnikova, Daria Lebedeva, Natalia Andrianova, Irina Astah, Anna Kurshakova, Oksana Tkach, Elena Kiseleva, Natalia Orehova, Irina Shalagina, Maria Talanova, Elena Griaznova, Olga Vohmyakova, Lubov Kuznetsova, Ksenia Chercazianouva, Galina Scherstobitowa, Tatyana Gorbunowa, Valentina Semenchugowa, Valentina Simenchugouva, Elena Tyulkina, Julia, Natalia Denisowa, Irina Vdovichenko, Natalia Loskutova, Anastasia Belostotskaya, Elena Okuneva, Ludmila, Tatyana Shihmatova, Alina Sabitova, Marina Goloubinova, Marina Sirotina, Olga Zikova, Elena Voronina, Evgenia, Anna Wotintseva, Natalia Kalyonova, Elizaveta Onjanowa, Daria Sapichewa, Elena Prozorova, Anastasia Bambourina, Ekaterina Tsaregorodtseva, Daria Sapicheva, Olga Yamba, Anna Vshivkova, Evgenia Lazarevich, Elena Shustova, Stephany Adreevna Osuji, Ekaterina Rozhentsova, Marina Dyachenko, Svetlana Howralewa, Allis Efuribe, Elsty, Elena Yakovleva, Anastasia Stalina, Anna Barkova, Ekaterina Snegireva, Anna Vokhmyakova, Julia Kirichanskaya, Kristina Dyuzhenkova, Lera Pasgkeeva, Ekaterina Usmanauva, Marina Pazdeyeva, Marina Oboriyna, Nelli Beresuskaja, Nelli Berezuskaja
2014-05-10, 10:52:12   (updated: 2014-05-10, 10:55:06)
First Name: Carol
Last Name: Eben
This helped me very much. Carol Eben tried to hit me up as well. She was on a local dating site and profile with photo saying that she was two towns away in USA, then admitted she was in Capetown SA. Never got to the point of money.
What I did is copied and pasted her sweet letter to me in google and this site came up. It was the exact letter word for word. If you did not do that, you may never have known you are getting scammed. Learned this from the Dr. Phil Show titled 'CATFISH'.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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