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Dating scammer Nadya, Nadezhda, Marina


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Name: Nadya, Nadezhda, Marina


Area is Yoshkar-ola, Russia

Other Comments:
I have been in contact with a scammer named Nadya. She or he contacted me first through Yahoo personals. Her first contact via Yahoo had her profile set as under review. Within 2 days it was deleted by the user. She also lied about where she was from in the profile saying she was from Brownsville. She never answered questions because her e-mails were pre-written. I have seen the same letters on other anti scam forums with the same pictures. I also saw the letters on this forum from a girl supposably named Alina, but the pictures are different. I am still in contact with her for now, but, I will only be able to keep her waiting for so long as she is getting impatient for the money. I will only include a couple of the letters. In all, she has sent me about 15-20 so far.

Hello XXXXXX!!!
To me it is pleasant that you have not left my message without the answer.
In my letter I would like to tell to you more about me directly.
I very sociable person, but unfortunately at me am not enough friends,
Because in my life so it turns out that I cannot find the present and devoted friend.
Tell to me, at you it is a lot of friends?
I would like to find the friend and even more than the friend.
I know that men from your country very serious because you have a lack of good women.
I am right?
At me as the lonely girl, has desire and intention to meet at last my partner in life and to construct with it family relations.
I have decided to write to you only because you have very much liked me. But from your profile I did not manage to learn you well.
In this letter I wish to tell to you about my life. To me of 29 years.
Already on October, 16th to me 30 years will be executed, and the fourth ten my life will begin, and looking on it,
To me is sad to recognise that for these years I have no own family and still I live with my parents.
All my acquaintances say, what I look young, but I would like to know your opinion, what you think of my appearance?
I really constantly care of the appearance and health.
It will be interesting to me to learn, what you appreciate in the woman? I mean by it not only appearance but also character traits!
Philip where you work?
I think that to you will be as interestingly to learn about my work.
4 years I work as the inspector in militia.
ON work I am engaged in education of youth of minor age.
It is very difficult work which occupies many physical and intellectual forces, but not looking on it, I see sense in this work,
I a supporter of an order also do not want that the future generation grew the criminal.
Certainly I understand that all depends on education in a family, and basically it is children from unsuccessful families,
But I try to correct it because it is sense of my work.
To be arranged for this work to me it was necessary to finish police academy.
We in a city do not have any institute, because my city rather small.
My work means good knowledge of psychology and as I in it did successes I and has decided to choose such sort of activity.
I think that all in our hands and only we can choose as our relations will develop.
I will give the chance to you to learn my life in the maximum degree and is final with the big sincerity.
You can tell to me about your life everything, all will be for me interesting.
XXXXX, I hope that this letter will be interesting to you.
As in this letter I send you some photos, I hope that they will like you.
Write to me that you think of my photos.
It is interesting to me to know that you think of my appearance.
XXXXXX, I wish as to see more than your photos.
I hope that my text without serious errors because I tried to write it attentively.
My knowledge of language not so is good, and I hope, that for us it will not be a problem to understand each other.
I hope that you will help me to improve knowledge of English language.
On it I will finish the letter to you.
I hope to receive from you news again.
I will soon wait from you for e-mail.
Your new girlfriend Nadya.

Hello my dear XXXXXX.
And this time your letter pleased me, I do not know why, but your letters to me
Bring a charge of positive energy and pleasant emotions, before I did not have such feeling.
You work today? How there has passed your working day?
For me today very difficult working day, but my work does not happen easy.
It is pleasant to me and consequently I with interest carry out my duties on work, not looking on complexity.
I have not got used to stop before complexities.
Not looking at all on that that I experience in a complexity life, I do not wish to give up this work.
My working day begins in 9: 00 am, at this time I already should be on work, therefore I wake up in 7: 00 am.
I do physical exercises that on other part of day to be in the good and vigorous form.
After exercises I take a shower.
After that I should make an easy breakfast and
On all it at me should leave in aggregate 30-40 minutes.
Concerning a breakfast that in the morning I eat only bread and the tea, any coffee and heavy food.
For work it is sometimes difficult to reach because a lot of people go in the morning for work.
I reach by the bus, but when there is no a place I should go on foot.
It not small distance, it is necessary to go about 30-40 minutes, therefore I time in advance on road.
When in the winter coldly it so is not pleasant in a frost - 30 degrees to go for work in a current of 30 minutes, you represent?
Since the morning I am am expected by a lot of work with papers.
Every day at us in 10: 00 am the meeting between colleagues is held.
Thereby I have one hour from 9 00 to 10 00 to prepare documents, therefore it is not necessary to lose minutes.
All year is a lot of work, but now the next 2 its months not so it is a lot of,
The boss promised to me to give even a vacation in 1 month, and it is probably a little earlier.
I was not 2 years in holiday and I wish to have a rest.
Already by a dinner I get tired a little.
From 14.00 till at me a lunch break.
Usually I bring a dinner with me but if it is impossible that I I go to a dining room which is 5 minutes of walking from my work.
I still have 30 minutes of a free time, I spend him behind reading, but
Now this time will leave at possibility to write to you the letter.
Other part of the working day passes faster.
At 17:30 I finish my working day and I gather home.
I come home approximately at 18.30 but if my parents are not present still the house,
That I start to make in advance a supper that when they have come all was ready, they get tired very much on work.
Often happens that in the evenings we gather in a circle of acquaintances and relatives.
If the help to my parents in house affairs I always help is necessary.
After my working day and a supper I usually met my best and unique girlfriend, her name Katya,
We walk and we visit various cultural places, cinema, we go shopping and we consider all that to interestingly us.
Often we go to admire the nature, it only in the spring and in the summer when the beauty of the nature blinds charm literally
Also we visit theatres, museums, we go to church in the target.
Already at 23:00 I lay down in a bed, I need to get enough sleep well before work.
I hope that it was interesting to you to learn as usually there passes my day.
Now I will leave you in hope soon to see your answer.
With the best regards, your girlfriend Nadya

Hello the darling XXXXXX.
How today your mood? How at you business on work?
I hope that my letters not looking even for your bad mood, improve your mood and cause
Smile on your person!
It so? Only tell to me sincerely.
Your letters always bring to me huge pleasure.
My mood to become at once better. I with the big interest start to read, answer questions.
I try to devote with each letter gradually you during my life.
We are connected to you one desire, one idea, to meet it of the most suitable partner for a life and a family, but I
I do not wish to hide from you, that I any more do not wish to search for anybody, I have you.
Therefore I since this moment somewhat value our relations.
That you write all expensively for me and it is pleasant, you the unique person.
Only do not accept my words as flattery because I do not like to flatter people.
I speak that that starts with my thoughts and my heart.
While my heart is silent for you, but inside, in a shower fire of hope of the best with you burns.
I would like to ask you what do you think of painting?
In any case I wish to tell to you that today there was an unusual day.
Today I and my girlfriend Katya went on the All-Russia exhibition of Russian painters.
I love all that that is connected with art, I am final not the fanatic, but it is pleasant to me, the desire to look at it proceeds from within.
And as this exhibition comes for some days I have decided not to wait for last day and has released time to go there.
Certainly hardly I had to release for this purpose time because my boss does not love when I take day of rest on work.
Tell to me about a vacation on your work?
I would like to sit certainly somewhere in a romantic place and to speak with you on various themes, I feel
You as fine interlocutor because you can interest in letters.
One more question XXXXXX is very interesting to me.
How at you affairs with kitchen are? At you rich ethnic cuisine?
I think that in this plan of Russia to eat than be proud as we have set of various national recipes.
I very much like to cook food. In me interest to preparation of various recipes already since the childhood has woken up and
When I was small I always turned about my mum on kitchen and tried to help it.
My mum gave me certainly lessons in preparation and lessons in a life.
She has told: 'It is the big positive aspect in the woman when she can prepare, as heart of the man lays
Through its stomach '. You understand that it means?
You could list me at least 2 dishes which to you most of all like?
I will try that that I will recollect to tell about our cookery.
Certainly at us many national dishes for example Smetana.ýòî a surprising product which receive by
Processings of the milk received from a pet.
Smetana it is possible to add almost to all dishes: in soup, in meat dishes, it is possible to use with fruit and berries.
It is widely used with such Russian dish as pancakes.
Among my favourite dish there is such dish under the name 'golubcyu', this stewed meat with which fill cabbage sheet.
If in the future happens so we will be together undoubtedly I will make this dish for you!
In different regions of Russia as the big country has national dishes, I to you have told about our area.
It would be interesting to me to learn about kitchen and painting of other country.
I never abroad was a pity that to Russia, and had even no thought. I have visited very few cities of Russia and business
In that that I like to travel, is simple at me a lot of work.
Tell to me in the following letter in what you was the countries, whether often you travel?
I will wait very much your letter because you to me are not indifferent and already in me there is something to you. At you is?
I do not know as to transfer it....
Well, now I will leave you not on long.
Sincerely, your Russian girlfriend Nadya

Good afternoon my darling XXXXXX!!!
Today I could not wait the end of the working day faster to leave work,
To come to the computer to look the letter from you.
I have been assured that you will write to me.
I am more and more assured every day of our relations, but I do not want with confidence
To speak about our relations.
During our correspondence I have seen some fine qualities in you as in the man,
Undoubtedly gravity of your letters their heat is a prominent aspect, but there are such qualities as kindness.
I feel good from people and when I receive your letter, I open it, I read and with everyone
In the line your letter fills me me with optimism on the future.
If you to me something tell that I visually I represent these moments.
I think that to understand it to you it is necessary to test the same.
I do not know that you test from my letters and that you think of me as about your potential partner.
I write you the letter and I understand as without your presence difficultly in the letter to transfer you all those
Which I could give feelings being near to you.
It is impossible to abuse destiny for that that we live not nearby, for that that we cannot go to restaurant together.
We should, in my opinion to be grateful to that that it has given us and if desire of gratitude
There is that to me it seems that it already means much.
It means that we should have nevertheless now any thoughts on that as to us to continue our relations.
It seems to me that when one person has initially plans and desires in relation to another
To the person that it accordingly has certain resoluteness.
Before beginning partner search on the Internet for me was a riddle as we can overcome
The distance if at us will arise requirement for the friend the friend, I thought as I (the simple girl), which
Never was abroad from financial difficulties in a life can go to other country even at
Huge desire. Surprisingly, the truth XXXXXX?
The unique thought which does not give to me, and did not give rest, it is such case when I will have feelings
And they will be vain then it will be one more scar on my heart.
I hope that at us not to happen it.
XXXXXX, today when I went along the street I dreamt of the future, even to tell dreamt much if fairly to tell,
I felt that as-as if you hold my hand, probably you thought of me during this moment and consequently me have visited
Such dreams. It can be? You think of me? How it is frequent?
On work I weigh day I think of you when I go for work, I also think of you, what you have made with me? To me it is final
Very pleasantly, but probably I should not give in to my emotions.
Well, I learn about that what from you to me thoughts, but now I would like to ask you one important question
If in me something arises to you, I can hope for that that you will support me, instead of will tell that it is nonsenses?
You will be serious to my feelings?
Before to answer this question I ask you to think well!!!
Now I easy finish this letter and I wait for your answer to my questions.
Your pensive girl Nadya

Hello my love XXXXXX!!!
How are you???
At me all is remarkable.
As I also promised to you, today I have visited travel agency and have learnt the information on travel to you.
I think that the information for us important to know even if it will be impossible to meet for us.
The employee of agency has explained me all in details.
At first I need to make all papers it is required about 6 days.
I will need to issue the visa and the passport. Only with these documents I can go to you.
All it for me will make agency, I only need to pay for it 545$.
Also that all has been successfully executed and that the visa has
been approved under the contract it is required to pay at once the approximate price for flight,
That after performance of documents I could order flight to your nearest airport (which you to me will tell) that you could meet me
The approximate prices for plane flight in your country costs nearby 1040$, there and back.
Thereby you see that all trip will cost approximately 1585$.
When I left travel agency that at me there was an awful mood as I have understood that to me not to cope with this trip,
As at me now very difficult financial position.
It is real that you have stretched me a hand and we could meet in my vacation?
Your answer very important for me.
I think that together we are able that that to undertake and meet on my vacation.
It is very important for me as I have fallen in love with you.
I would like to appear near to you though for an instant, any letter would not replace an instant of a meeting.
You agree?
Favourite XXXXXX, now I will finish the letter and I will look forward to hearing from you.
I hope that you will have good news to me.
I love you my prince XXXXXX.
Your future wife Nadya

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2009-12-12, 14:23:11
DOC from United States  
- 28 y/o female
- Cheboksary, Russia
- English, Russian, English
- Have no children

Personal details:

ProfileType: single
Sex: female
Children: 0
Want children: Yes
Date of birth: 1981 - June - 7
Height: 5'4' - 5'7' (161-170cm)
Body type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Christian
Marital status: Single
Education: Grad school student
Smoker: No
Drinker: No

Details of the person you are looking for:

I look for a: male
Looking for an age range: 28 - 50
Relationship: Friendship, Relationship

I young, beautiful, cheerful also am sociable the woman. At leisure I like to listen to
music, to be engaged in house affairs. To like me rest on the nature. I conduct a
healthy way of life. Without bad habits. I am the friendly, fair and sincere interlocutor.
Always it is possible to hope for me.

Ideal match description:

I search for the man for serious, strong and reliable attitudes. It is desirable, that it was
the kind, sociable and clever person without bad habits.


From: mariinka
• 28 y/o female
• Cheboksary, Russia

My name is Marina....... I have read your questionnaire and would like to get acquainted with you.......
I the lonely girl...... I have not enough friends, and here I have decided to find friends
through the Internet....... I have seen your questionnaire and you have very much interested me......
If you are interested by me write to me on my electronic address: maribalala @
With impatience I look forward to your reply!

2009-12-12, 14:47:21
DOC from United States  
From: Marina (
Received: from
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.01)
Subject: Hello Xxxx.

Received: from (maribalala@ with plain) by with SMTP; 03 Nov 2009 16:33:57 -0800 PST
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.01)
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Hello Xxxx.
IP Information -

IP address:
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Could be forged: hostname does not exist]
ASN: 0
IP range connectivity: 0
Registrar (per ASN): Unknown
Country (per IP registrar): RU [Russian Federation]
Country Currency: RUR [Russia Rubles]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High
City (per outside source): Unknown
Country (per outside source): -- []
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS: http://www.dnsstuff..87.162.131

Hello Xxxx.
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. It is really pleasant to me to realize,
that I have interested you. Now from this letter we can correspond with you and you can
learn about me more. As it is interesting to me to learn about you more, and still, I
very much ask you, that you wrote about yourselves more in detail. I at once wish to
tell to you that you have was in earnest to our acquaintance. I shall be very glad, if you
will send me the photos.
Now I shall tell to you a little about myself. From my first letter you have already
understood, that my name is Marina. To me of 28 years. I have lived all life in Russia.
I live in small country town Cheboksary. It to be near to river Volga. I hope, you heard
about such river. I work as the secretary in the fine building company. I very much wish
to find the half. I now write to you with small fear because I corresponded with one man
earlier. I did not think that so will be, but it has very ugly deceived me. It used my
feelings. I about it would not like you to write, but I want that you knew, my heart will
not sustain one more such deceit. And if it will occur, I, probably, shall never have
attitudes with men more. I am assured, that you not such. I am assured, that you the
reliable person on whom it is possible to rely. I was delighted, when have seen your
letter in my mail box. I even have a little become puzzled, and now I do not know that
to you to write. Unless the most important.
As I already wrote to you, I live in small country town Cheboksary. I very versatile
person. In the evenings I like to look interesting films as I like to listen to music, to
prepare, be engaged in house affairs. I often go for a drive in village to the
grandmother as me there very to like. The difficulties I try to overcome with a smile. I
have no bad habits, I do not smoke and I do not take alcohol. At leisure I go to an
exercise room that though a few to support the form. Earlier I was engaged in
gymnastics. I consider that at me the beautiful figure, and friends speak me that I very
beautiful. They are surprised, how I till now cannot find to myself the future husband. I
spoke them, that I search for the man not on external beauty, and on internal, and
such I yet did not meet. I not bad know English language - there were good teachers at
school and university. But if something will be to you not clear you ask me. I with
pleasure shall answer all your questions.
I also would like to learn about you and about your family as much as possible. Tell
about itself more in detail. I shall be madly glad, if you will send me the photos. Little
bit later I shall send you the photos, but I also hope to see and yours. On it I finish
this letter and very much I hope, that I have interested you also you continue to
answer me my letters.
With impatience I wait for your letter. I hope, you will answer my letter.
Your new friend Marina.

2009-12-12, 14:52:51
DOC from United States  
Marina (

2009-12-12, 15:07:47
DOC from United States  
From: Marina (
Received: from
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.01)
Subject: Hi, Xxxx.

IP Information - http://www.dnsstuff...176.233+

WHOIS - http://www.dnsstuff..87.176.233

Hi, Xxxx.
I am happy to see your letter. I already was afraid, that you will not answer me. It is
pleasant to me to know, that you have decided to continue our dialogue. I am glad to
read everything, that you have written to me. To me it is pleasant, that you have not
disregarded my questions. It is interesting to me to read each your word. It is very
interesting to me to learn about your life, that you love, than be engaged. I was really
glad to see your letter. I would like to know how are you doing? How your mood? Tell to
me about weather. I hope, that at all of you it is good.
I wish to inform little bit more on myself. I like to go in for sports. In the summer in the
days off I like to do morning jogs on one kilometer is very much invigorates me. In the
winter I usually go on a skating rink to skate and in the days off when I go to the
grandmother to village, I go to ski. But it happens not always, but I try to go for a drive
to it as it is possible is more often. Still I visit an exercise room. There I am engaged
in aerobics and I am engaged on simulators.
I wish to tell to you how passes my usual working day. I wake up in the morning at
6.30, and at once I go to wash. Then I make to myself a breakfast. After a breakfast I
put into myself the order and as I work as the secretary, it is necessary for me to look
well. At 7.30 I go for work. Before my work thirty minutes of walking on foot, therefore,
to not be late I I go for work by public transport. Working collective at us very good and
amicable. I work up to 5 one o'clock in the evening. Earlier after the work, tired, I went
home to have a rest, accepted a bathroom, relaxed. And now in my mode of day
visiting after work the Internet-cafe was added. I run in the Internet-cafe to read
through your long-awaited letter. Believe to me, it is very pleasant to me to read your
letter, and as it is pleasant to me to answer it.
I shall hope, that boring my letter will not seem to you and you will write further to me. I
shall answer all your questions. I hope, what I write clearly enough? If I shall not
answer your question, I mean could not understand it up to the end, do not take
offence at me and write to me it once again. I think, that you will understand, that the
overall objective in my life is to find the half with which I could go through all the
difficult and joyful moments of a life.
Together with this letter I have sent you the photos. I hope, I have liked you.
I with greater impatience shall look forward to hearing from you.


2009-12-12, 15:10:45
DOC from United States  
Marina (

2009-12-12, 15:26:42
DOC from United States  
From: Marina (
Received: from
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.01)
Subject: Hello Xxxx.

IP Information - http://www.dnsstuff...143.140+

WHOIS - http://www.dnsstuff..87.143.140

Hello Xxxx.
Has received your long-awaited letter and I hasten to answer you. With each new letter
we all become closer and is more close to each other. I have read through your letter,
and now I write to you the answer. How at you business? At me today good mood.
Possibly it because I have found today your letter. I am very happy that you have
written to me, I shall write to you that to this moment at me on heart. I think, if at us
all to turn out, it will be for ever. But for this purpose we need to understand, whether
really we approach each other. In fact we while with you it is simple friends. We still do
not know much about each other. Me what your financial position does not interest. I
worry about the future more! You, probably, wish to ask, what I search from a life? I
answer, I want quiet a life with the person loving me more. I have no personal children,
but I think has come time to start to think of it.
Today I have woken up it is possible to tell in wonderful mood in which I am both now.
And whenever possible I try to infect with it of other people. In fact someone should
bring pleasure in this world. And how your mood?
Now I wish to tell to you about my city. As I already wrote you my city refers to
Cheboksary. Our city is capital of republic Chuvasiya. The population of our city small.
All 442 thousand person. It is located on right I protect the rivers Volgas between the
cities of Nizhni Novgorods and Kazan. The city is an architectural monument of Russia.
It has been constructed in 1555. Our city in comparison with other cities very pure and
beautiful. Our streets are remarkable pure, the townspeople do not look angry. At us it
is a lot of sights as, for example, a gulf on which people walk, enjoy a beautiful kind. I
very much love the city. Our city not rich as in our republic there are no natural
resources. And how your city refers to, where it is located? To me it is very interesting for
knowing. Send me a photo please where you are in the most beautiful places of your
I still wish to write much to you, but the Internet-cafe is closed, therefore I shall finish
the letter. I with impatience shall wait for tomorrow to come here and to read through
your letter. Write to me about itself about all of that to you it will want, I shall read your
letters with a smile and love. Do not forget to send me the photos.
Your friend from Russia Marina.

P. S. I have sent you some more photos. I hope, they have liked you.

2009-12-12, 15:31:13
DOC from United States  
Marina (

2009-12-12, 15:33:31
DOC from United States  
Marina (

2009-12-12, 17:00:07
OJAS from United States  
Hey DOC, RE: http://www.delphifa..=2#185727
Delphi missed http://www.delphifa..tml#83994

When you get the chance, update that thread with your links. Thx
2009-12-13, 08:29:59
DOC from United States  
From: Marina (
Received: from
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.01)
Subject: Hello the my dear friend Xxxx, it Marina.

IP Information - http://www.dnsstuff..7.140.76+

WHOIS - http://www.dnsstuff..187.140.76

Hello the my dear friend Xxxx, it Marina.
I am madly happy, that again I see your letter. To me it is pleasant, that you do not
disregard questions which me so interest in your life. Now I have one more daily hobby,
it to write to you letters.
Today I shall write to you about the childhood. As I already wrote to you, I had a good
childhood. There were certainly unpleasant moments, but it is better to not recollect
them. When to me was three years, parents have sent me in a kindergarten, but I any
more do not remember it. In seven years in September, 1st I have gone to the first
class, this day I well I remember. I had a huge bow. I have come there with a greater
bouquet of colors which I have presented the first teacher. It became me the second
mum, I till now remember it, though I for a long time did not see it. I have studied at
school of 11 years, have well left school. In the childhood parents indulged me sweets,
therefore I still had predilection to sweet. I liked to play with friends in the street. I had
many friends. We played different games, but most of all we with girl-friends liked to
play dolls. I had many dolls, but I always wanted more. I almost every day begged
parents to buy to me a doll. My father sometimes itself did dolls by the hands. I
murder will out it clothes, cooked food. It was interesting and even now it at times
ridiculously to recollect. Tell to me please about the childhood? Than you liked to be
engaged in the childhood? In what games you liked to play?
At school I studied well, teachers always praised me. To parents it was very pleasant. In
the House of Culture I went to a gymnastic circle. I liked to be engaged in gymnastics,
and it was very useful, as it both sports and a fine figure. And a figure for the girl
necessarily, in fact nevertheless girls wish to look well. After school I have thrown
gymnastics, and all has left in study at university. But to support the form I went and I
go to an exercise room.
After university I have started to search for work on the speciality.
It is interesting to me to learn at what school you studied and where continued to study
after school?
I should finish the letter as at me time comes to an end. With impatience I shall wait
for following your letter. With the best regards from me.
Your friend Marina.

2009-12-13, 08:33:02
DOC from United States  
Marina (

2009-12-13, 08:34:48
DOC from United States  
Marina (

2009-12-13, 08:44:09   (updated: 2009-12-13, 08:47:58)
DOC from United States  
From: Marina (
Received: from
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.01)
Subject: Hello Xxxx.

IP Information - http://www.dnsstuff...165.184+

WHOIS - http://www.dnsstuff..87.165.184

Hello Xxxx.
What's up? I since morning had a bad mood. On work me pulled to a dream, to me it
was very heavy. But now at me excellent mood, it because I again have found your
next letter today. I am glad to write to you the letter again. To me it is pleasant, that
you do not ignore my letters. Now good men remains very little and to me has very
much carried, that I have started to correspond with you, in fact to me with anybody was
not so interestingly as with you.
I to you yet did not tell to you about the family. My parents live in village. They the best
parents in the world. They very kind, cautious and good people. It for 50 years: to my
mum 51, and my father 54. My mum call Svetlana, it very kind and sensitive woman.
The daddy call Nikolay, it strict, but fair. They have already lived in long mutual love of
the whole 28 years. My mum works in children's hospital as the nurse, and my father
works as the electrician. At them the facilities. I am very grateful to them in all. In fact
they have given me a life, have brought up me. And the most important - without them
I could not correspond with you because if not they, I in this wonderful world in general
would not be. I very strongly love them, and very much in many respects to them is
grateful. And as I the only child in family, they have given me all love. Even now they
help me, both in moral, and with the financial plan. I am very grateful to them for their
support. At me not so it is a lot of relatives. The majority of them live far from us.
Russia greater, therefore we meet very seldom. I dream that I had a same happy
family, as at my parents. I send you a photo of my parents.
Tell to me about the parents? You love them? Than they are engaged? I shall be glad
to see your photos where you with the family.
I hope, you will not force me to wait long for a following opportunity to learn you. I wish
you to spend time pleasantly, reading my letter.
Good-bye, your friend Marina.

2009-12-13, 09:15:00
DOC from United States  
From: Marina (
Received: from
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.01)
Subject: Hello my fine friend Xxxx, writes to you Marina.

IP Information - http://www.dnsstuff...160.221+

WHOIS - http://www.dnsstuff..87.160.221

Hello my fine friend Xxxx, writes to you Marina.
I feel, that between us there are very much good relations. I am very glad to your
letter. Xxxx I consider you very interesting by the person. I am glad, that we friends. I
am afraid to think in before, but I want, that you knew for me it very seriously. Seriously
our dialogue.
I know - that you for me became very close person. I never knew such beautiful soul as
yours. I have already written to you, that my former guy has very ugly, has deceived
me. It exploited my feelings with a view of. During any time I in general wished to
forget about men. To me my girlfriend has informed to find the person in the Internet.
I am very grateful to it. As with its help I have got acquainted with you. I hope, that in
us something will appear. I hope, it will be - love!
Xxxx, I hope, that my letter to you will not be boring.
I shall finish the letter. I with impatience shall wait to receive news from you with
I send you photos. One of them where I stood with a horse, I has been photographed
in village in parents.
kisss, your Marina.

2009-12-13, 09:32:13
DOC from United States  
From: Marina (
Received: from
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.01)
Subject: Greetings my dear Xxxx.

IP Information - http://www.dnsstuff...169.239+

WHOIS - http://www.dnsstuff..87.169.239

Greetings my dear Xxxx.
I wish to inform you, that I very much waited for your letter. Your letter is filled by
honesty and kindness. I, probably time ten have read through your letter to me. To me
even became not to itself.
You very good and attractive person!!! It is a pity, that we - far apart. Each woman
searches for the person who will love and respect with it. I want the good relation to me
directly. I want the person who becomes the good father to my children. Also I want the
person who sincerely yours concerns to me, and will love me. I wish to hear your voice.
Sometimes I am am visited with very sad ideas that I never can see you, but I there
and then drive them away from myself and I try to think of something pleasant. I
think, that through letters it is difficult to understand completely each other, therefore I
wish to ask your phone number. Unfortunately I do not have phone of the house. If
you wish to hear my voice, I can call to you. Please inform me your telephone number.
To me it is curious as you speak, as your voice sounds.
Now I need to wait only your letter and to learn about what you you think. I hope, that
you will not force me to wait for your letter long.
Your Marina.

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