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Dating scammer Anastasia Mirgarodskaja


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Name: Anastasia Mirgarodskaja



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Aka: Ekaterina Rysak, Elena and Nansy on stop scammers site
Anastasia Mirgarodskaja from Kurgan city.
Phone numbers: 0079177195442 & +491749850001

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2009-10-03, 11:23:15

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Dating scammer Anastasia Mirgarodskaja

2009-10-03, 11:24:01

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2009-10-03, 11:24:44

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2009-10-03, 11:25:19
2009-10-03, 11:27:03

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina RYSAK

2009-10-03, 11:27:54

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2009-10-03, 11:29:32

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Maria Popkina

2009-10-03, 15:00:34
Hello xxxxx!!!

I am really pleased to hear from you and yes i would love to know more
about you. Well, my name is Anastasia, but my friends call me Nastya.
I live in Russia in city Kurgan (in Sibiria) and never visited your country.
Im sorry, I have not told you that I from Russia, I hope it is not a problem
for you. I think that the distance cannot be a big problem. If we should want,
in the future we could meet.
I am 30 years old, work as a manager in an advertising agency.
I am single and I live with my parents. At spare time i like all activity,
most of all: shopping, reading, all types of music, sport
(it is especially play tennis and volleyball, I try to keep very fit),
cooking. i like the outdoors like camping and walking. I love Travelling
a lot and recently been driving a lot in parts of my area, Also i have
travelled at different places like Germany, Turkey and China. Now i
would really like to settle down and have children and enjoy life with
someone special. So now i will await to hear more about you and what
you enjoy and what you don't like.
2009-10-03, 15:01:45
Hiya xxxxx! How was your day and what did you get up to? So pleased to
get your mail to! There's so much I'd like to know about you. Thanks,
that you have told to me more about yourselves. It was very
interesting to me to learn about you more. I hope, that during our
dialogue, we can learn still much about each other. If you have
questions to me, I will be glad to answer you.You have not sent me
your photo today. But I hope, that you have some your photos. It will
be interesting to me to see your photos. To be honest I have only been
on this site for less than two weeks now and am new to internet
dating. The reason is I would like to find someone special to share my
life with. Someone in work recommended this site to me and after weeks
thinking about it I thought I'd give it a try. I'm 30 now and as I see
all my friends and people I know making lives for themselves I can't
help feeling envious of them. We all need someone to love and be loved
in life and I'm no different. You can be sure that if I met the right
partner he would be loved and cared for. I'd support him in pursuit of
him goals and aspirations. I think I'm a pretty good listener and a
good friend to talk to. I think it so important to always have fun in
a relationship and not to be afraid of trying new experiences. You
must be able to trust each other because without trust it's never
going to work. Like you I put a high value on fidelity to. I know I am
a very loyal person and could never do that to anyone because I know
how it feels. For a long lasting relationship to work then they must
not take each other for granted and take every opportunity to show
each other how special they are to each other.My turn now I would like
to know what your story is and how you come to be on a site like this.
I'm interested to know what experiences of women you had before. If
you can tell me about your friends and family. Look forward to hearing
from you and you can send some more pictures if you like.

Take care!

2009-10-03, 15:02:49
Hello xxxxx. How are you today? I am good and very pleased to hear from
you again. To me you seem a nice, intelligent, sincere and fantastic
person. I'm eager to learn all about you and the person that you are.
Thanks for these photos. I was happy to see these photos. I hope, that
you will continue to send me your photos. So it is a pity to me that I
could write to you only today. Till this time I was at my grandmother
and had no Internet to write to you. But I am glad, that now my
grandmother has the best health and I can leave her. I hope, that we
will continue ours dialogue. Thanks, that you have given me your
number, I will call you when I will have possibility. Let me tell you
some things about my family. I live with my parents. My father is
called Igor and is a self employed mechanic. He is 61 now and so is
kind of semi retired. My mother's name is Irina and she is a
housewife. They are both very good, honest and down to earth people
who get along with anyone. I have no brothers and sisters, i'm only
one child in my family. I love my parents and I try to devote a lot of
my time to helping them with various tasks. We spend a lot of time
together - for example, in the garden and going for picnics. We are a
close family and we help each other. Tell me more about yourself and
your life. I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards

2009-10-03, 15:04:30
Hello xxxxx,thanks for your email How are you? I hope you are ok. its
really nice to talk to you. Thanks for your photo. Where this photo
has been made? Thanks, that you have told to me about your family. It
was very interesting to me. work is going well at the moment. im
working 5 days a week at the moment. You already know that I work as
manager in advertising agency. Before I have found work, I finished
school. Then I have gone to study further. I thought what kind of work
I would like to choose, and I had choose to study as a trade manager.
I studied at university in my city. I think, my choice of a trade was
right. I studied at university 5 years. I can tell, that it was
unforgettable time. At university I had many friends with whom I
communicate till this moment and sometimes we meeting to make some fun
time. After university I at once was employed in advertising agency. I
work 5 years here. I like this work, because i like to communicate
with people, to make and create different ideas to advance
advertising. My work consists in management of small group of
advertising designer. I begin my work at 8.00 and I stop at 17.00. I
work very hard, I have to fix some contract and it wil be easier for
me very soon. I hate when the finance control my life. But it is the
reality. I am a dreamer, I love romance and caring the soulmate, I
like the night by the fire place and saying soft words to the ear ! It
is magical in my mind. I don't know how will be the future but I use
to live day by day. Now I am sending you one. I hope you will send me

With respect Anastasia
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Dating scammer Ekaterina RYSAK

2009-10-03, 15:06:34
Hiya xxxxx. It's been a lovely day today and I feel great because I'm
off tomorrow but the highlight of my day was receiving a letter from
you! Thank you! I hope your day went well. it's my mum and dads'
anniversary today. i congratulations them and buy pie to mark this
event. Have they any plans for this evening? I can't tell you how much
I enjoy reading and learning more about you. You are truly fascinating
to me and the more I learn about you the more closer to you I become.
To be totally honest with you I never thought it possible I meet
anyone like you and it was totally unexpected. I know we only just met
and it is very early days but you and me share much in common. The way
you feel is identical to the way that I feel. I will look forward to
getting to know you more. Thanks for your photos. Your eyes simply
hypnotise me, you have tremendous eyes!!! let me tell you about mine
past relations. My last sort of serious relationship was 1 years ago
now but only lasted 11/12 months. he was a little older than me but
age not matter much to me. We got on great to begin with. We went out
to dinner many times, went to cinema and music gig etc. after half
year we have decided to live together and rented a flat. And hell has
come to my life. I immediately went home after studies at university,
i'm prepare food, clean rooms, erased clothes and I went to work, at
that time I earned additionally in shop in the evenings. At nights i'm
prepared for occupations at university. He only worked as a bank clerk
and never helped me in the house, he indicated, that greatly he got
tired on the work, it lay down on the sofa and looked TV. all warm
feelings and relation were gone. I did not conflict and bore, because
I loved him. I lived as in a cage. I couldn't meet girlfriends, speak
by phone, he was ready to be jealous me to walls, i was only at home
in spare time and weekends. His mother was a real nightmare, she
always found something in what me to reproach, he never supported me.
I have collected things and left after one year of our joint life.
Love has gone away. I was young and silly, but life teaches us. I
believe, that I shall meet the happiness and true love! Maybe it will
be you? I hope we can talk again soon.

Love, Anastasia
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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia
Dating scammer Anastasia Mirgarodskaja

2009-10-03, 15:08:21
Hello dear xxxxx. thank you very much for email. i'm only one hour came
from fitness club, i'm a little bit tired, but my body feels a tone.
just I have came from bath and have decided to check email. Has seen
your message and all weariness has passed! You create positive
emotions at me! Today earlier i also visited my girlfriend. i send
other pic of me, hope you love it. I specially asked girlfriend make
it for you. Thanks, that you do not stop to please me with your
photos. I very much like to see your new photos with your letter. How
do you like to spend your spare time? I'm very funny person in life. i
like think out various entertainments for itself and the friends. i
like to make life interesting. It can be different things: dances,
cinema, parties or evenings on nature or at home. But if to speak
frankly in the last time these entertainments give me less pleasure
than earlier.I hope yesterday i don't surprise you with a pressure of
emotions I'm often dream about romantic evening with my favourite
person, it can be a supper or walking or maybe another. whether you
think sometimes, about such things? You like cosy evenings with the
family? I very much love holidays when all my family gathers at one
table. i like travelling at my vacations, most of i want to make
adventure around all world and seen all countries, i think it very
interesting. but it's only dream! how you like to spend holidays dear?
Tell to me please about it. Excuse me for a question: whether there is
at you now any woman? I think, you are good and nice man. What your
private life now? Maybe you have to me any frank questions? I'll
answer. Write me more about your feelings and desires, i'll like to
read it. goodbye for now.

with warm tenderness, regards

Your Anastasia
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia
Dating scammer Anastasia Mirgarodskaja

2009-10-03, 15:10:07
Hi xxxxx, Thank you for your email. I'm good. Today my work is finished
earlier and now relaxing watching tv on my sofa, James Bond
movie.Thanks for your photo. Today it was very interesting and
pleasant to me to read your letter. I think, that in this letter you
have opened your person for me. I am glad, that I the unique woman for
you now. It was interesting to me to learn that you were written by
other girls from Russia. I think. That in Russia there are many such
women. I never thought, that I will begin love search in other country
but so there were circumstances, it was spontaneous, but I am very
happy that I have got acquainted with you. I think. What is the
relations can develop. You agree? As for me xxxxx, I have no
relationship with anyone at the moment, I have friends who are male,
but they are simply that & remain that, friends. there is no
involvement with them with regards to relationships. Today we with
girlfriends plan to have some fun. It will be possible it is club or a
disco. It is a pity, that now you aren't here, it would be cool if you
could go with me. I think, that we with you could carry out perfectly
evening together. I hope, we shall make still it in future and we can
well have fun. I am sure, that it will be good time for us! We shall
drink easy wine, then to dance, while our legs can maintain it. And
after that we probably shall reach somewhere else....., and where I
shall make with you some things. Ideas about it me beforehand raise.
My imagination very much advanced and I can represent for myself many
details of ours appointments. Probably, dear, it is time to me to
finish this letter, and I now shall write that a lot of superfluous
and I shall have then confusion before you. I wait for yours e-mail,
my lovely. Embraces and my kiss!!! Yours Anastasia.
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2009-10-03, 15:11:54

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

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