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Differents E. Mails Addresses

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Since begin of 2008 up to now, I have received nearly one hundred different E. Mails most of them from Russian “Ladies”, and around fifteen hundred pictures, at beginning they were coming from far east of Russia, Siberia area, Baikal lake district, Irkutsk and other towns around, lately they were from the triangle formed for the towns “Cheboksary, Yoshkar-Ola (Mari El) and Kazan, and other towns surrounding area. Unfortunately until to the date, all them, 100% !!Scammers!!, by chance I found this Web of dating Scammers, and I have been collaborating introducing different letters, E. Mail headers and photos of those “Boris Russian Mafia”. But I have an small group of those pretty “charming girls” they said living in Armenia, most of them already are in this site in different threats but I want to open a new one just for my lovely poor Armenian scammers, yes!! Poor really they are so poor that don’t have money to buy different English standard letters, as you will be able to see, they are using exactly the same format, only change name, birth date, town and not many more, even their parents call the same, have the same work, or perhaps in Armenia everybody is working in railroad or in library as bookkeeper, I think fellows, it should be a very good idea to write some different English standard letters and give them a good price!! Perhaps we could get rich!! As they try to swindler our money!!, we can get some benefit of them too, don’t you think so?. Some of them I got weeks or months later the same pics. But this time “they change of Nacionality” being Russian!!
Well, I’ve structured the E.Mails; first, “Date Agencies”; second, the scammer information: name of full name if had it, Address, date of birth and job. Then the first letter received, E-Mail header and last her picture.
I would beg to all users of this Web, only introduce new “Armenian Scammers”, I think it is much useful for an other searchers to have them in the same thread and not, how it is now, in hundreds of them and all mix up and many of them repeat, even gays as well when there is an especial link for them, sorry for “hers”.
Thank you very much.
Also I want from this site, give, thanks to all, they have a crusade fighting against all those Scammers and Russian Boris Mafia.
Thanks to: Ojas, Marvin, Agent 86, Dirk, miss Marple, WanWan , and many more even the Anon. Chinese with his good “hawk eye” in found out model pictures, used for the scammers.

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2012-01-21, 11:14:16
Dale from United States  
Another letter from Boris for your viewing

Hello my prince Dale!

Thank you for your gentle, sweet letter. I'm very happy that you are

always beside me. Every second you are in my thoughts. I can not live

without you! I can not imagine my future real life without your

presence! I love you very much! You're the best man in the world.

Closing your eyes, I see the day when I leave the airport, you will

greet me with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I will run to you with a

smile on his face. When I come to you, I will look into your eyes

filled with love, I could hug you and feel the tenderness of your

body, the warmth of your breath. I can kiss your sweet lips, I'll tell

you in his ear how much I love you! My love, I hope that very soon our

dream become reality! I am very pleased that we were able to build a

truly serious, strong relations. I know that our future family will be

very happy. I want to do everything for you that you were the happiest

man in the world!

Yesterday evening, I again thought of our first acquaintance. I very

well remember the day when I received the very first letter from you.

For me it was a bit unexpected. I thought you did not answer me. But

you said, and now we are together. My love, today I woke up with a

very positive mood. I normally went to the shower, made breakfast. My

parents handed you a big hello. My mom is very glad that I had finally

found true love. My mom asked me when we're going to meet? I was

unable to reply mum anything concrete. Therefore, I want to visit

tourist firms and think seriously about our future meeting. My love,

tomorrow I'll go to the tourist company in our city. Travel agency

working in our city for a long time and got a good reputation. I'll

find out what documents are required for travel to your country. After

visiting a travel company I will give you all the details. My angel, I

hope that you will not mind? I am very much forward to the day when we

are together! My angel, I love you! Thank you for what you came into

my life! Know that you're the best man in the world, and I am fully

confident that you are ready to do everything for our future. I look

forward to your new e-mail me. Tomorrow, after visiting a travel

company I will give you all the news.

Your princess of Armenia Arega.

2012-01-21, 15:05:40
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Dale
Airport Boris http://www.delphifa..p=1#28414

Some scammers steal victim photos, whether or not they send money, use these to scam opposite gender! NEVER send them your own photos! http://www.delphifa..p=2#73286
You could send this full size pic http://images2.hibo..i5t0ee.jpg
2012-01-21, 20:18:41
OJAS from United States  
When money is refused…

1) Some scammers like Ekaterina Galinaites report you as a scammer! LOL! http://www.delphifa..p=4#115935 reported Dirk!

2) Some threaten you, your family, etc. as if they can get a visa!!

Here we go…

2012-01-23, 08:52:54
Dale from United States  

We have gotten the request for money now. It is amazing how visa/passports take 1-2 weeks over there per Boris. However visas are usually 4-6 weeks in duration. Boris still has not seen a pic of me or knows where I live....enjoy

Hello my Love Dale!

Thank you very much for your kind words to me. You are very dear

person to me. I am ready to give you all my life! You can not even

imagine how glad I am that our hearts have found each other. My

thoughts only about you and about our future life together. I will

give you all my heart. I want to be with you. I love you! My dear, you

know, today I decided to visit the tourist company, in order to learn

all about our meeting. I went to the excellent tourist companies, who

respect, many people in our city. I asked the manager of the company

and described the whole situation. I found out what documents do I

need to ensure that I have officially been able to fly out to you.

Manager reported that for the flight to you will need a passport,

tourist visa, insurance and medical examination, tickets. The most

important thing for me at this stage, to make passport and visa. I

will buy tickets only after registration of these documents. Tickets

for me as will draw firm in which I order a passport and visa.

Preparation of a passport takes approximately 1.5 - 2 weeks. The cost

of the passport is 170 euro. But with visa where things get

interesting. Visa is issued about, as well as passport 1.5 - 2 weeks.

This is the main document, without which I can not fly to you. Visa

fee, as specified in the euro. Its cost is 220 euro, as the medical

examination is worth 75 euro. And compulsory accident insurance 55

euro. When I learned that I need 520 euro, I wanted to cry. All my

dreams about our meeting immediately destroyed. Because I do not have

so much money, my love Dale. I do not know what to do. Since my

salary is 100 - 120 euro per month. As soon as we started to

communicate with you, I started saving money for our meeting and now I

have 90 euro. How do you know that I do not have 430 euro, to begin

the process of registration of my documents. I badly want to be with

you! You're very dear and beloved person to me! You're my whole life.

You're the air that I breathe every day. I walked down the street and

thought only of you. I wanted to quickly write you a letter. Now I

sit, and my eyes are filled with tears. Tears of sadness and grief. I

do not want to live without you. After all, without your presence in

my life now, it makes no sense! I got only one hope, that your help my

love Dale. I believe that money is quite nonprincipal in our lives.

The most important thing that we found each other and we are happy. We

love each other and there is nothing more important in this life! But

now, in order to meet, we need this amount of money. My love,

you are ready to help in our meeting, this sum of money? On this

depends our future. I have full confidence in you. I know that you can

help in any situation. You never leave me! You're my guardian angel,

whom God sent me. You are my life. Without you, there is no reason to

live! I want to feel the warmth of your lips, hug you and feel your

strong hands. I know that you are very kind and honest man. I can see

how you're going through, I see how you really want to be with me and

it is very important to me. I found her true love in you. Now for me,

a day without you is hell. And your letters for me is the sun, which

visits me every day. I am madly in love you my love Dale! I am

grateful, because it allowed us to meet. Please answer me as soon as

you will have an opportunity. Million kisses for you.

Your Arega.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anastasiya from Medvedevo

2012-01-23, 10:33:20
OJAS from United States  
2012-01-24, 09:08:32
magnus from Stockholm, Sweden  
this letters from arega is same letters which i got from anna ogannisyan.90 euro and 430 euro and hers mom and everything is the same.i think it is the same scammer or same scammergang.very interesting.
2012-01-24, 09:52:03   (updated: 2012-01-24, 10:10:17)
OJAS from United States  

If you find time, please check if your Boris photo is already in Magnus' thread http://www.delphifa..719.shtml


Maybe these help?…

2012-01-24, 17:30:39
nema36 from Iran
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana
DelphiFAQ Site wide search function

2012-01-25, 12:32:49
Dale from United States  
Something I found interesting was the currency. She is asking for Euros, while Armenia is not on the Euro. They are still on their own currency. The US embassy over there does not accept Euros, only the drachmas and US dollars. So how does 'Boris/Arega' plan to pay for the visa???

I just got a email from another potential scammer...she found me on a dating site. Yet I am not on any dating site. She is from Russia. When I know more, I will post about her. I used the picture tracker for this site and came up blank.

Here is another pic of 'Arega'

2012-01-27, 17:17:01
Dale from United States  

Here is the latest letter. See how the grammar has changed and still asking for Euros, when they don't use them over there, nor do Americans in the US....


Hello my love Dale!

I am very glad to receive your letter. My Love, you do not represent,

As I very strongly was upset after travel agency. I not Found to

itself places, I have come home and did not sleep all night long, I

laid and Cried. I very much wish to meet you, as soon as possible. To

me very much It is a pity, that I cannot pay all money for wash

documents. To me very much It is insulting, that I am in such helpless

in this of situations. Dale, I It is very grateful to you, that you

do not refuse me in these difficult Minute also want the help to me, I

never will forget it. You became very much Person expensive to me,

also I want, that our hearts have incorporated, and We were together

always. I think, that together we will necessarily overcome All

difficulties on a way to each other, and nobody can separate us, and

We will be always happy. Very much it is not convenient me before you,

as I Never depended on whom in this world, and completely provided

Itself. I very much worry about our meeting as very much I wish to be

With you. I very much am afraid to lose you, as you that man, which I

So long searched and waited in the life. Dale, I many time Imagined a

meeting at the airport when you meet me with Bunch of flowers, and I

will give you the most sweet and gentle kiss. As you have understood

from my letter, that to me To start to make out my visa and the

passport for travel abroad to me it is necessary 430 euro if you can

gain me this sum ours with you The meeting considerably to be

accelerated. I will go at once in the tourist Agency to pay money for

wash documents. Dale, I do not want It is more to waste our precious

time for nothing, I want every day To see your smile and to feel you

near to itself! Tomorrow I will go In travel agency to learn the

information on, how you Can make a remittance addressed to travel

agency, To pay services for wash documents and at once to inform you

all The information. I very strongly love you and I wish to be with

you as it is possible More likely. I will wait for news from you, as

soon as possible.

With love your Arega.

2012-01-27, 18:04:03
OJAS from United States  
2012-01-28, 07:00:52
nema36 from Iran

2012-01-28, 07:03:54
nema36 from Iran  

2012-02-04, 05:56:39
magnus from Stockholm, Sweden  
very interesting , dale. now she is is the same type of letters from the armenian scammers i have got before.see you soon.regards.
2012-04-06, 08:59:11
magnus from lvkarleby, Sweden  
irina from germeny
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

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