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Dating scammer Natalya


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Name: Natalya


Say's from Kanash & parents live in Kyplonga, Has not given me addresse yet.

Can anyone help me with this one. Can't find snything

Other Comments:
On 16th email with her & not been able to find anything on internet yet. So don't know if this is a new one or she's being straight. Just lost her job & looking for new one. Hasn't ask for any moneyu yet, BUT? Anyone out there can help? Here is one email.Thanks for your letter! How there was your day? Than you were engaged? I had today very intense day, and I am very tired. But, not looking
at this weariness, I would come what to write you the letter here. Ed as I wish to warn you that that, I cannot probably write every day as
I write to you from library. She to be not far from my house, but on holidays she does not work. As I sometimes leave to parents. But I will
necessarily warn you in advance if I cannot write. Ok? Today I to you wish to tell a little about the life. Ed, I was born and have grown in
small town Kyplonga. As there I went to school. After my school life has passed, before me there were many ways and it was necessary to make
a choice. I think, that it for the child the first adult choice which to it to have to solve most. Tell to me about the first independent
decision? If certainly you remember it! And so, as I always was the creative person, and during study at usual school I in addition was
engaged at school of arts. My choice has fallen on Institute Art name Palantaya. In ours a city of such institute was not also to me it was
necessary to leave the native house and to leave in the city of Kanash. I consider since that moment, my adult life has begun. I as now
remember tears on the face of mother when she saw off me. We would not like to leave, but we understood, that so it is necessary. And here
in 1998, I began to study and aspire to the dream. The student's life was everyone and poor and hungry, but during too time was a lot of
cheerful. Ed, we lived in a hostel five together in one room, we had one kitchen on some rooms and when in the evenings we came from study
we went to prepare. I think that what exactly there I and have learnt to cook food. From there I has found out many recipes and ways of
preparation of dishes, I looked as other girls prepared and tried to do it as adding in a dish the highlight. At night we long did not go to
bed talked and dreamt of our further life. We tried to study, was not so easily. But at institute understood it and allowed to have a good
time the student. At us spent many actions, concerts in which we acted. Every year we were typed experience, became closer with girlfriends,
there were many new acquaintances. It became gradually easier to study, and to live in an unfamiliar city. And so in 2003. I have finished
institute. After that I have decided to go home, all the summer long I have spent houses. It was fine carefree time. But the summer has very
quickly passed. And in the autumn, I have returned back in Kanash. Has rented small apartment, and it was arranged on the robot in School
art, in a direction from institute. I have grown fond at once of the work, and till now I remain in the same place. Now I recollect that as
began an adult life with a smile on the face though it was at that time very difficult. But I was steady on the legs and went only forward.
Probably I could not make it if in me not who did not trust. Ed, I am very grateful to the parents and close girlfriends who always were
with me and maintained me. In a photo I in park. It near to my former place of study. We had a separate park at our university. We often
spent there time when there was no study or it was necessary to wait lecture. Ed, tell you about how you got education? How you became the
adult and independent man? It will be very interesting to me to find out about it. I hope, it will be interesting to you to read my letter,
and to see my photo!!! Ed, I as very much want, that you would send me the photos, that I could consider you!!! Ed if it was a photo where
you after the study termination at school would be healthy!!! I wait for your letter and I hope your photo!!!! Your friend Natalya.


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2009-11-14, 02:38:35   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
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2009-11-14, 02:38:35   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2009-11-19, 10:46:48   (updated: 2009-11-19, 10:49:07)
anonymous from United States  
For Ed RE:
Name Natalya, says she was a music teacher, had to quit her job because her chief wanted to 'stick it' to me. Always runs back to her parents for consultation on any shit thing she has to do. She sent me identical mail and photos as you have posted. I think she is a scam in the making. Be very cautious. Natalya, now, wants to come to me. She sent me the same pictures she sent Ed.
2009-11-20, 06:50:26
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for the info. I thought she might be. Just asked me to come to there to meet parents & if not wants to come her. I played a game of not hearing from here for three days. When I finnally sent her an email saying since I had not heard from her & that it was over, She sent email saying how happy she was to see my email & how it made her happy. Ed
2009-11-25, 11:38:54
anonymous from United States  

2009-11-25, 11:39:41
anonymous from United States  

2009-11-25, 11:40:13
anonymous from United States  

2009-11-25, 11:40:48
anonymous from United States  

2009-11-25, 11:41:28
anonymous from United States  

2009-11-25, 11:42:00
anonymous from United States  

2009-11-25, 11:42:44
anonymous from United States  

2009-11-25, 15:04:24
anonymous from United States  
For Ed - I have been getting emails from a gilr who calls her self Natalya. She sounds a like waht this one you describe does. The 4th picture looks like her. I would be very cautious. She saeemed like a nice girl at first - but after reading things here I ent her an email to NEVER EVER send me another email again. We will see what happens.
2009-11-25, 16:39:08
anonymous from Italy  
Hello my sweet
How are you my dear?
My lovely Luca, I very much waited your new message!
Today I am especially happy, because you have written for me the most beautiful words!
You have made me the happiest woman all over the world!
I cannot keep in my feelings and emotions, because you my sweet and lovely Luca!!!!!!!!! My heart is filled by happiness, and I wish to tell all about for you my gentle!
I am raely happy, because you have answered my feelings, and I know, that you only my!
I believed, that you will understand and approve me, because any except for you is not worthy it!
When I read your gentle words in my opinion there are tears. They - tears of happiness and admiration, because I am happy now!
The happiness and love were only in my dreams, but you could transform my dreams to the validity!
Luca, you have changed my life and have woken tender feelings in me!
When we have written the first messages the friend the friend, I could not even think, that the happiness is close, but all of you have changed, also I wish to tell, that my happiness it is you, my gentle pyk-acid!
With each new message I have understood, that you very interesting and good person. You have presented me the big attention, cares, tendernesses and love. You really sincere, gentle, beautiful, romantic, noble.
In you the best characters of the person are concluded, and only in your hands I feel a lung, and is protected. I always trusted you and was not mistaken, because you could change my life. This all similarly to beautiful dream! I would like to remain always in that surprising dream together with you, my sweetheart pyk-acid!
You my gentle angel! When I have read quickly through your message, my heart urgently struggled, also a heat have seized me. I never felt so well as my flies of soul to the sky!
I cannot remain indifferent to your warm and gentle words!
I feel, that these words begin with your heart, and I feel to you too.
I know, that you are a unique person for me which I waited all time!
Luca, thanks, that you have woken my dreams and have allowed to dream together with you.
I cannot hide more my feelings, and I shall not do it, because they belong only to you!
I tried be exact in my letters to not frighten you, but now you know all, and I cannot have any secrets from you.
You the best person for me!!!
All which is in my heart, belongs to you!
I love you my sweet Luca!
It not only emotions, because I feel all these tender feelings which is in me, and I shall hold, it for you there will not came nevertheless happy day of our meeting.
I cannot wait, when there there will came this surprising day.
I all time think of our meeting, and very much waits, when our dreams which will be executed.
I love you my gentle Luca, and I dream to be close to you!
I hope, that you too wait for our meeting and would like to see me as strongly as I.
This all of what I dream now. We can write one thousand letters, but it will not replace to us even one day together
Unfortunately I should finish this letter :( But know, that you always in my ideas and my heart!
Know, that I love you and my heart knocks only for you Luca!
I send you the most gentle embraces and sweet kisses!
Yours Natalya

2009-11-25, 17:29:21
OJAS from United States  
Italy 2009-11-25, 16:39:08, I am reasonably sure having seen her with a hat. Tell her she would look even more beautiful with a hat, could she send you photo with a hat? ;)
2009-11-25, 17:52:56
anonymous from Australia  
To Italy..25/11/09
I have also been in contact with this lady..i know her as Bela
When i saw her photo on this site..i questioned her,
and the only reply i got an idiot..nice hey
well.. we will see who is an idiot when this person rots in a Russian prison
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