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Dating scammer Juliya


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Name: Juliya


Juliya Nizovskaya
Gorky 7-18
Kamyshin, Russia

Other Comments:
I have searched numerous google searches and found many letters that were almost verbatium of the ones she or who ever has written to me.. actually this has been a rather fun ride catching her up.. I just read on your site a letter from Juliya that was exactly the same as the one I received today.. the only thing changed was the names of the girlfriend.. It is now Maria..

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2009-12-27, 09:25:51
anonymous from United States  
Diana is still at work. I just went through about three months of her letters.
She tries hard.
Wonder when she'll change her name, again.
2009-12-27, 11:48:07
anonymous from United States  
Same here all, I am receiving emails from Diana here. But it never felt right and I knew it was coming to this-LOL

2009-12-27, 14:58:55
anonymous from United States  
Diana's new girlfriend in Moscow is apparently Juliya Scherbinina. Same scam, different names. And yes, the emails are all verbatim, save your name. It took 3 months of emails before the $$$ question hit.
2009-12-27, 20:23:18
anonymous from United States  
She is using a new email address and is going by Diana Bendak:
'Diana' <>
She is using same letters just different names...

good luck to all on this one!!!

Part of her last letter~

'Therefore You should transfer them into any office(bank) here in
Moscow for Juliya Scherbinina (My girlfriend here). we shall receive funds
with her together. For an example, near there is a bank: Alfa Bank.
Tverskaya St. 27 Stroenie 1-2 Moscow, 103050.
There I have been told, that to get the money, we must
tell to employee of bank(agent) your full name, your full address, exact
sum which I should receive and some confidential numbers - Reference Number.
You will get this number in your office if you will send your help.
Only with presence of all this information I can get your help. Also
hey have told that funds it is possible to send online through a site .My dear also you can transfer funds to my account bank
card, which is now empty:( But I am afraid that funds will be accessible a
little bit later. I have received information for transfer:
Correspondent bank of beneficiarys:
JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York
4, New York Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10004, USA
Acc. With corresp/Bank ¹ 400927098
Beneficiarys's bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow
Beneficiry's Acc ¹: 40817840508660000886
My registration address :
Russia; Kamyshin City; Gorky street 7-18 code: 396576.'

2010-01-07, 17:00:34 from United States  
Well, Well, Well, This Diana or Julia, Whatever started on the paper work for immigration a while before Christmas. It was about 2 weeks then until vacation. This is January 6th. I figure she will be asking for money within a week now. She said earlier that she is a Dentist and she has the funds to come. then her appartment got broke into and she had to borrow money to have a new door installed. first of all A dentist has enough money in pocket to get a door installed. and second that is the landlord's responsibillity. I have been suspecious from the first because she never answers questions. I will add the details when she asks for the money. I am gettting the same pictures Joe got. But have not got the passport yet. It will probably show up in the same letter that asks for money.
2010-01-12, 16:16:12
anonymous from United States  
I just got the MONEY question after 3 months of e mails she sent the very same e mail asking for $481.00 as on page 2.With addresses and account numbers and much detail isn't there any legal recourse there must be some branch of law inforcement or government to report these low life scums to or am I the only one that is outraged about this kind of scam. I have know she was a scammer after 2 e mails I found her on this site by the way and even wrote to her saying I knew she was one.Her or his reply said she had heard of such people and said how sad it was then continued on with her e mails how stupid is that?I feel sorry for the poor lonely guys that fall for this kind of crap.I kept up the e mails hoping she would ask me for money and then to see if there is anyway to track these people down and get them arrested.... any sugestions... I will follow up and do it just don't know where to start She or they messed with the wrong person I have nothing but time and would love to get these people in jail
2010-01-15, 21:20:54
anonymous from United States  
This woman also goes by Mariya and her email is
2010-01-17, 14:21:04
anonymous from United States  
To anomymous USA,
Yes there is something some ones can do about scamers. But not you unless you sent the bitch money. There is a place on this site, I saw it last week but I can't find it now. It has the email address of the Russian police. But it says spicificly not to contact them unless you have lost money. If you have sent no money, no crime has been committed.... Readers HELP.... direct us to that part of the site. Maybe someone that has been scamed can benifit.
The name I have been talking to is Diana but she has 3 that we know of so far.
I have just been playing it out. I got the bake a cake with my name letter. Then the knit me a sweater letter. then the bake a cake with my name again. I wonder if I will get a new one next time or some duplicate. I know she don't read my letters coz I sent the same letter twice just checking. I said I love the one in the pictures but I hate the one that writes the letters. But the letters kept coming. I am going to send the same letter again and see what happens. I told her that my local dentist is over burdened and would like to talk to her. Not taking any new patients. Needs help. I told her to scan that red diplama and send it in an email twice. It never came. I didn't expect it to. I am sure there's no red diploma. I have asked for her phome number in nearly every letter and don't get it. For that reason, I think she is a he. He, She, or it needs to be put behind bars for a long time. But I can't do it. It will take someone who has been scamed.


2010-01-17, 16:37:28
OJAS from United States  
Marvin 2010-01-17, 14:21:04, Were you referring to referring to these?

If not, give some keywords for new readers to search at the top banner on this page. Thx.
2010-01-18, 06:31:07
anonymous from United States

2010-01-18, 14:48:14
anonymous from United States  
to Marvin
When she asked for the $481.00 I emailed her back tell her I knew she was a scammer and then she even sent another letter asking for only $190.00. I also got the sweater and cake letters,not only stupid but never gives up this time I called her Boris and told her/him to give it up
2010-01-18, 16:01:39
OJAS from United States  
2010-02-02, 20:14:26
anonymous from United States  

2010-02-05, 12:13:48
dk from United States  
She is going by Diana now.
What kid of kicks does she get out of this? Does she ask for money?
I found where her e mail was send from ARKANSAS!!!!!!
2010-02-16, 16:30:25
anonymous from United States  
She is now using the name Olga and saying she is from Ukraine. The letters are mostly the same... She is now caliming that Julia is her friend. Borris is still the brother. She has added a character named Anastasia who works with her to the mix.
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