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Dating scammer Mrs Wale Jeffred Cole


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Name: Mrs Wale Jeffred Cole



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He/she has many other emails such as and i believe others. He/She has a tagged account also, thats were she found me. I have reported her/him to the police.


2009-11-15, 03:21:18   (updated: 2009-11-15, 04:16:36)
[hidden] from Australia  
This scammer is good, was working for UNICEF in Nigeria but is aussie and on her way to the airport was involved in an accident which affected her inner skull and she needed money for treatment. I found it so funny that after being in a coma for 72 hours she would be well enough to be taken by the actual doctor to an internet cafe to let me know she was ok and she needed money, she was very thoughtful, i will give her that much.

I played along with it, she kept asking me for money i told her i didnt have any, and when i called the phone number she gave me, a man answered the phone and she told me it was her camp supervisor. I searched the Unicef office to find out who the director was and when i asked her the name of the director she didnt know, since i have sent no money i have not heard from her again, but she has a new profile on tagged.

People War! !!

Dear Mr XXXXX,

How are you doing today and how's your family?. Hope all is fine with you.. Its so unfortunate that i don't know you and i'm sure you don't know me yet too. But i found your contact email address, phone number and also printed out photos with a white Australian lady's who called her name Miss. Wale .J. Cole.

It was 8:30pm in the night on the 24th of October which happened to be on Saturday evening,That's 3 day ago now if i am right... She was rushed down to my Hospital here in Ikoyi, Victoria Island,Lagos. She has been in a state of Coma for the past 72 hours and thats why he haven't had anyone to contact on behalf of her until right now. It's 4:30 am out here on tuesday morning and she got up about 2:00 am Midnight.

She has been responding to treatment but we found out that she was involved in an Auto accident on her way going to the Airport has we also later found that out from her after she got up from her 72 hours of Coma. She was in a very severe accident which affected her inner skull. She had some light bruises from her Medulla Oblangata down to Omnisphere which is making her loose some very very little memories that has happened for a very long long time. She's gradually recovering back now and she's getting back the memories. Although we haven't had any surgery on her yet but she'll have to undergo an outer skull surgery which we believe will put her in a perfect condition like she was before.

She had some small injuries on her body too. Like a broken foot on her left leg. A broken knee on her left leg also. Those her just minor injuries though.Well, I do have to say that you should count yourself lucky. Because 4 people were involved in the Auto accident including the driver. But 2 were badly injured and the driver died on the spot. Which was later reported to us. We learnt from Miss Wale .J. Cole that you are her boyfriend back in Australia. She told us that she was on her way coming over to meet you at Sydney,Australia.

Sir, I think its very fortunate for you and your girlfriend for her not to be badly injured in the accident. Thats totally the Lord doing as i believe she's really a true Christian as we also found a Bible in her bag. Well, Here are the documents we found inside her hand bag and also her traveling bag...

We Found Her UNICEF identity card.

We Also found a KLM Airlines International ticket to Sydney International Airport

Printed pics of person named XXXXXX which she wrote My Future Husband on all of it. Which made us believe that, thats You.

Some African costumes,cloths and beads and an amount of money ($120usd)

We Also found her paycheck in her wallet. The paycheck is worth $28,000.00usd...

I really count her as a very lucky person for her to still have those things with her. Her rescues might have just taken it away from her if they found it while rescuing her. Glory be to God..

She's responding to treatment now and she ordered me to send you an email on her behalf. She also made us to know that you have been expecting her arrival at the Airport Yesterday which is Monday. Everything is under good control and i want you to know that since we have been able to get in touch with the you Mr Marcus, things are going to be ok and she will be fine..

Anyways,i have to get going now cos i need to attend to some patient right now. Please get back to me as soon as possible..

Have a G'Day Sir

Dr Tony Williams,
Ikoyi General Hospital,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Ni.


Hey Sir,
Its good to hear from you again on her email . Infact, I'm so happy for Mrs Wale Jeffred Cole that you got back to me on her behalf. Thats a kind gesture which you just shown and i'm happy about that. I will definitely do my best to take care of your wife Mr XXXXX. She should be able to fly by Thursday when she has fully recovered. Well, Its 7:00 am out here right now. She told me that she was just going to locate her families where about when she gets back home in perth. I have been unable to go home for the past few days bcos she was lying unconsicoiusly on her hospital bed.

I,only decided to stay back just because of your Girlfriend's situation right now which requires immediate medical attention. I'm staying back with 2 other of my nurses and also with another surgeon which I had to call down to my Hospital today because of your girlfriends condition. We're really trying to make her feel comfortable here because thats our job and moreover we're really doing our best for her so she won't regret coming out here. I know she's in a Black country and she's White. I'm not concerned with that at all. I know we're all Humans and we really want to get her back on her foot really soon and make her be in a perfect condition like she was before. Sir, I want you to trust me. She'll definitely be alright,everything will be okay but I think we will need your help to help her financially. I'm sorry for saying that Sir but I do hope you understand what i'm saying.

My Surgeon, Which i brought down to my Hospital because of your girlfriends case found out that she's had some light bruises and some little breakages in her skull which lucky did not affect her whole body system at all. BUT, Thats just for now though. If we don't commence full treatment on her in the next 24 hours. I'm afraid her leg might be in a cast and her already affected skull will just worsen the case for her.. If we commence treatment withing the next 24 hours.. I believe she'll definitely be okay and be ready to leave here anytime During the week. BUT!!! Thats if we commence treatment within the next 24 hours

I told Ms. Wale this morning after she had a breakfast that i did send you an email and she was very happy about that. She said she really hope you'll get back real soon. She told me she's missing you alot and that she really want to see you real soon. She told me about coming out here with the UNICEF team and i really really envy her for doing such thing.. I told her she's such a great person with a very great heart. I appreciate what she did here alot and I pray Almighty God rewards her in a very very Good and comfortable way.. She's really a great person... She just smiled and simply said..' My Boyfriend is always telling me that'...' I Missed Him'... I felt very emotional with those two little sentence... I'm not a RACIST!!! and i'll never be one!!!..

Well Sir, I really want to share this with you Sir but i don't just know how you might feel about it.. She's responding to our little treatment now but she has to undergo a knee surgery and also undergo another surgery on her inner skull too. I want you to believe me Sir. Everything is definitely going to be alright. I promise you.. Our well trained experts Surgeon's will make everything work as they're not new with such things and i know she'll be fine. She's aware of the surgery and all too. She understands its all but she felt really unhappy when i told her everything about her situation. I'm sure you know she's a nurse too and that made her understand what is happening to her.. That will also help us alot too...

But Sir, I think you'll be the one to help us out in all.. I discussed it with her about the payment for the knee surgery and the other surgery on her inner skull.. She was just dumb founded and she cried out that she doesnt have any money with her expect the $120 with her for her BTA charges and her pay check.. Truly we only found $120 dollars in note with her and the other was her international paycheck which she can't be able to cash out here since its an international paycheck.. Sir, I just thought i should share this with you now so

we can commence full treatment on her after the payment of 50% has been paid, Then we commence treatment and carry out the surgery. I hope you understand what i'm saying Sir.. I don't really have alot to say sir,I just want you to know what's really going on with your Girl Friend..We need to carry out the surgery within the next 24hour now..Her hospital and surgery bills is $760 and we have to collect atleast 50% of the bills before carrying out the surgery on Ms Wale...which is $380.

Looking froward to read from you sir

You have nothing to worry about,Your girlfriend will be with you real soon.Have a great day. You can send the payment directly to her name, Just becuase of security reasons and i will drive her down to the bank to pick up the money and we can commence treatment immedaitely.

Dr Tony Williams,
Ikoyi General Hospital,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.

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2009-11-15, 03:21:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2009-11-26, 09:26:47
anonymous from Australia  

2010-02-01, 02:02:10   (updated: 2010-02-01, 02:03:20)
anonymous from Australia  
this girl is froud she has had anuother story.i have lost some money. but i want to tell my friends who are going to be hers future husband .and lovers
please dont sent money to her

2010-02-12, 12:58:43
anonymous from Australia  
THIS PERSON IS A MAN PRETENDING TO BE A WOMAN AND SCAMMING MONEY OUT OF PEOPLE!!!!!! I had a friend of mine trace the phone number to a man and the police in nigeria are investigating so i have had threats, so please DONT SEND ANY MONEY TO THIS PERSON!!!!
2010-04-01, 05:08:29   (updated: 2010-04-01, 05:09:36)
she is back again under the BlondeHispanic4 on adult friend finder site
email Wale Cole (
thanks for putting this info up guys
nice one
2010-04-13, 06:44:09
anonymous from Brisbane, Australia  
Hey All.

I have just found out that I was getting set-up for a scam. She told me she lives in Brisbane. Her father died when she was young, her mother left her when she was also young and moved to Perth. She works with unicef as a nurse and is due back in less than 2 weeks. She said in her last email that she was Ill due to the fact that her camp has run out of supplies and she has been eating local food which has made her sick. email cut and pasted below: I feel like an absolute dickhead!

Email sent

From: Wale Jeffred (
Sent: Monday, 12 April 2010 4:16:03 AM
To: shane xxx (

Hi Shane,

How are you doing today?.. I hope you've been having a great weekend out there and things have been pretty cool with you.. I've been thinking about you lately and i'm not happy bcos you didn't even send me an email all this while.. I really do miss reading from you but i'm glad to finally get an email from you today and i hope you will always find the time to send me an email daily until i get back home. My Easter was fun over here with mates at the camp.. I'm the only child of my parent Shane, I told you about that and i can't locate my mum at the moment bcos she relocated to perth with her new husband after my dad died. Thanks for all the pics you sent and also that of the candles. They all look lovely. Yeah we've ot military men gaurding our camp site over here. Why haven't you been sending me an email daily?.. I really can't wait to see how your garden looks like when those bulbs grows in 8 to 12 weeks time. I should be back home in 2 weeks time Shane. Oh that's really nice of Linda and i can't wait to see the Guitar. Oh your mum must be avery caring woman and i really can't wait to meet her.. You can send her those pics of mine that you metioned Shane. I guess she will love them. I can't wait to listen to you while you sing that lovely song you've been composing for me and i also can't wait to feel your lovely arms around my lonely body when i'm finally in your arms in 2 weeks time Shane. You mean the world to me and you've really made my day cool now that i'm sick.

Shane, I got to figure out something since on Friday when i went to see a doctor.. The doctor said i got sick cos of the food i ate here.. I knew that already but i don't think i have any other choice than to just eat the food they serve us here..The first time i ate the food i got really sick so i had to buy my own food stuff for myself and i have been doing that ever since ..But what pains me most is that everyone out here is eating the food and nothing is happening to them.. My food stuff finished some weeks back and that was why i have been eating the food they serve us out here which is what made me sick. The food they serve us here is mainly their local food here and sometimes bread and tea and all that messy food. .The doctor advice me to get my one food stuff since that's what i have always done until some weeks ago,i asked the camp commandant if he can help me in getting the food since we're not allowed to move out of the camp site cos of the fighting going on outside the can and he said he can help me get it since he's a native out here but where the problems lays is that we haven't been paid yet, though I'm working as a voluntary worker out here but i will be paid some amount of money when we are through with our mission out here, but right now i don't have any money on me to buy my food stuff for myself. I'm really broke right now and i need to get some food stuff for myself cos i don't want to eat the food they serve us out here anymore. Its making me sick and I'm scared:( .. I'm just confuse right now and i don't know what to do:(.. Do have a great day ahead out there. Thinking about you always Shane..

Your Princess,

Kisses and Hugs,

Sad Wale Mack:((.

From: Wale Jeffred (
Sent: Tuesday, 13 April 2010 12:36:27 AM
To: shane xxx (

And another email :

Hi Shane,

How are you doing today my baby.. I hope you had a nice bed rest and you dream about us together. I have been thinking about you lately and i am so much happy to get an email from you.. How has life and things been generally over there with you my baby, I guess things have been pretty cool with you.. You mean alot to me and i am so happy that i found you Shane, Thanks so much for giving me a shoulder to lean on and Thanks for putting a smile on my face once again today my baby. Thanks for the care and concern on me my baby and i wish you were right here to take good care of me right now.. I'm feeling better now Shane. I'm always proud of my dad even though he is in his grave right now:((. Yeah the camps commandant said that we are going to be back home in 2 weeks time or even before then, It all depends on when our paycheck and flight plans arrive at the camp bcos we are almost through with our mission over here. I also can't wait to feel your lovely arms around my lonely body Shane. I'm really looking forward to that special thing you will be giving me in person. I guess it gonna be really interesting to listen to the instrumental you've been working on for me and the lovely song called 'A Thousand Tears'. You've filled my heart with so much joy and happiness even when i am down.. All i just need from you is your prayers and i do know that things will be fine real soon. The doctor just only advised me to get myself some new food stuff and table water since that's what i have always done.

I feel so ashamed of myself asking you for money Shane.. But all i just want you to give me is your trust Honey. I wish my dad was alive.. I know that he wouldn't have love to see me in this kind of mess... But I am so happy that you want to help me out and i want you to know that the Lord will surely bless you too.. I don't like getting too forward because you might be mad at me. I will be so grateful if you can loan me just $200 dollars to get some food stuff and the medicine the doctor ask me to buy out here because that will be enough for me to get some food stuff and the medicine for the remaining 2 weeks i have to stay out here., But i wouldn't mind if you don't have up to that... I will appreciate anything you can help me with Shane. I asked the camps commandant how i can get money sent to me out here from you and he told me that i should tell you to send the money through western union money transfer Shane. Because i have never done this before and don't know how to go about it.. He said that western union money transfer is the best,safest and only means to get money out here.. That the banking system is very local over here and i can't get money from an international account or from my bank account.. Here is the details you will need to send the money to when you get to western union outlet.

Name: Wale .J. Cole

City: Victoria Island

State: Lagos

Country: Nigeria

Zip code: 23401

That's all you need to send me the money Shane. I will appreciate anything you can help me out with just to get some food stuff out here that will be enough for me till i i get back home and be with you.. Hope you're having a great time out there.. Thanks a lot for the helping hands.. I promise to pay you back when i get paid out here... Take good care of yourself and be safe.. I will be looking forward to have your email soon my baby... Have a lovely week.. Hope you had a nice bed rest my baby. I have to get some rest now because i am so tired after writing this email.. Looking forward to hear back from you soon Sweetheart. Can't wait to be right there in your hands and show you my sincere appreciation in return Shane.:). Always Thinking about you Shane:)...

Love Assured,

Your Baby who cares about you,

Kisses and Hugs,





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