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Dating scammer Anastasiya Haytseva


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Name: Anastasiya Haytseva


Street addr. : 39 Rovenska St.appt 11
Province : Lutsk
City : Lutsk
Country : Ukraine
ZIP : 43020

Other Comments:
She says that she is a dentist. She hasn't asked me to send her any money yet, but I am sure that is going to come soon. I am sure that the pictures are of some Russian modle. I just need help finding out for sure. P.S. are there not any real woman left on the internet?

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2009-12-27, 13:29:43
anonymous from United States  
The blonde also says her name is Marina Alekseeva. She contacted me from yahoo personals, i'm kinda cautious in this world so i played alone to see what she was about. She has sent me these pictures as well, i think it's funny but thought maybe i should post a comment cause there are lonely people that could get sucked into this deceite. If your 1n your 50's like me then realize that their is no way that a woman that looks like this is intrested in a relationship with a older man. But if it happens to you be smart and dont send money, i'm still messing with her mind a little if nothing else i can waste her time. Man they must think Americans are stupid.
2010-01-06, 14:02:19
anonymous from United States  
She also contacted me through Yahoo personals claiming her name was Marina Alekseeve from Kiev,Ukraine and again posing as a 29 yr. old dentist. She sent the same exact pics. as you are showing. I'm still playing her along. There's so many scam artists on these dating sites and the internet as a whole, Do people actually fall for these scams ? The only way all the scams are going to stop is when a class action lawsuit is filed again Yahoo for not screening users on their site such as Yahoo personals and Yahoo ASK sites.and is won in a court of law, which is getting closer to get into a court room. Scam Artist prey on Yahoo users and Yahoo let's it happen. This will come to a end sooner than people realize. If your using a dating make sure you do your homework on them first, for starters google them and see what comes up. If they are contacting you through Yahoo, 99% of the time, it's a scam. BE CAREFUL and never under any circumstances send money to anyone you met thru the internet.

2010-01-06, 14:33:59
anonymous from United States  
This dumb blonde is also using the email address: and The site where she want's you to send her flowers for her birthday,christmas is a scam also. It's run by the Russian mafia and is a scam also.
How stupid is she ? she's been using the same pics. for quite some time.
2010-01-06, 14:36:01
anonymous from United States  
Just another pic. of this scam artist.
2010-01-07, 22:51:22
[hidden] from United States  
She finally asked for $700.oo for her supposedly plane ticket. She is on a black list of people who under no circumstance is allowed to fly into the U S. If all of you reading this received pictures of her holding a gun and as the heading it says.... I will Shoot You ! contact me at via email, and email me the pic. and letter it came with. These ibrainless internet scam artists finally made a mistake. If you have been reading the posts on this site, I said in a earlier letter the only way to stop this BS is a class action lawsuit against certain sites to screen people. With her holding a gun and threating to shoot, let's just say the doors have opened.


2010-01-13, 19:27:46
Agent 86 from United States  
2010-01-13, 13:45:26
anonymous from United States

[ you can email me at daveoma**************** ]

Your kidding right ? LOL

Here's what I posted just above Your posting. LOL

[ Placing Your email address on this site is a very big mistake
at best.

You can contact Peter the site administrator at
Tell Him the name of this thread the date and time and page #
[ Dating scammer Anastasiya Haytseva ] [ 2010-01-07, 22:51:22 Page # 3 ]

Failure to do so will bring more scams and scammers to Your in box
than You ever dreamed existed.
Its Your choice I tried to warn You. ]

Please tell me You can read ?

Put Your information in place of the example.

This is really a serious problem that You need to deal with.

I do not write to addresses posted on this site as many connect to

Please learn about this site and get Your email address removed
as quicly as possible.

Good Luck if You do not have it removed.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

2010-01-16, 00:40:47
Agenet 86, Thank-You for your concern. I knew exactly what I did and found out what I wanted to. I was designing main frames and installing switches before you probably had your 1st computer. Your 100% correct about the scams. There's more crime on the internet then in the entire world. one thing is right, this is a serious problem and if your waiting for the U S govenment or the majoe networking sites to stop it, your wrong. I have a ? for you Agent 86.. how much $ is scammed from Americans every year over the internet or Super Highway of Information(as it was called 30 yrs. ago) since it's existence ? Again Agent 86 Thank-You for your concern.

Thank_You Agent 86,

2010-01-16, 02:05:28   (updated: 2010-01-16, 02:08:09)
007 from United Kingdom  
The Golden Rule, from the Man with the Golden Gun - DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY!!



2010-01-18, 01:36:49
anonymous from Moldova  
Please be advised that a new kind of fraud has appeared.
We noticed that last months we often receive orders that contain intentionally fake addresses for delivery.
After we asked our customers to send us samples of their correspondence with girls to whom they ordered flowers, we found out that many customers had received almost identical letters.
As a rule in the third letter girls mentioned that their birthday was coming soon, so they would be glad to receive a gift - a bouquet of red roses. And the way to do it was to place an order on a certain website WWW,WONDERFLORASTORE,COM (sometimes they use websites www,kievflora,com , www,funflorastore,com and new site www,sunnyflora,com)

More info read on our site
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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