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Dating scammer Margarita Gerasimova


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Name: Margarita Gerasimova



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Russian scammer Margarita Gersimova, 29, Zvenigovo. Here's the money letter!

'Hello my honey!

Thanks for your letters! I have a lot to tell you today.
I went to travel agency and found all about my trip to you.

For my trip to you, I should issue:
the international passport, the insurance, the tourist visa.
These are the most important documents also
I should pay for delivery by the courier, photos, the questionnaire etc.
Employees of agency have told that they can issue the tourist visa for me without problems.
They are professionals and this year they have already
issued 9 tourist visas to UK for women from my town.
All will be made out as though I am the tourist and
I'll arrive to your country to see sights.

I converted prices in pounds sterling and I hope it will be more clear for you.
Registration of all documents will cost 250 pounds.
Cost of the air ticket Moscow(Domodedovo)-London(Heathrow)
with return + ticket by train to Moscow 300 pounds.
Full cost of a trip to you is 550 pounds.
For receiving the tourist visa I should buy the air ticket myself.
This is obligatory important requirement and I want to explain you the reason.
The agency will apply for the tourist visa for me.
It is the easiest and most successful way for trip to your country.
All will be issued, as though I have no friends in your country!!!
I understand that 550 pounds is very big money.
Can you help me with money??
Unfortunately, I cannot find money without your help.
I have very small salary and I can not save money.
Also now I spend money to go to Internet - cafe!

Also today I found out how I can receive money from you.
I have no bank account and creation the account will cost expensive.
The manager in agency advised me to use system Western Union.
Unfortunately, they have no branch in my city.
But big city near me - Yoshkar-Ola has many their branches.
I can go in Yoshkar-Ola by the bus and it takes a little time.
For sending money you should go to branch Western Union in your city.
You should know my data.
My full name - Margarita Gerasimova.
And you should send money to city Yoshkar-Ola, Russia.
For receiving the money I should to know next your data:
1) Your full name.
2) Your full address.
3) The name of city, whence you will send money.
4) When you will send money to you will tell a confidential ten-digit code.
You should tell me this code in the letter.
So I can receive money from you.
I think that it is good system and very convenient for us.

I very want to arrive to you.
And I dream about our meeting and about our first kiss!!
I am ready to arrive to you as soon as possible!
I can take holiday on the work and arrive to you for 30-35 days.
But my visa will allow me to be in your country till 3 months!!
And if we will fallen in love, I'll be glad to be with you for all 3 months.
Certainly, if it is convenient for you.
I do not want to cause inconvenience and problems.
I hope that you can help me with money.
What do you think about it?

I told with my mum, that I want to arrive to you.
She has told, that if I shall be happy, she will be happy too.
She transfers greetings to you and wishs good luck to us!

If we shall order documents on next week we can meet after 20-25 days!!!
What do you think about it?
I would like to celebrate Christmas with you!! I dream about it!
Do you want to meet me?
Can you send me the money for our meeting??
I'll be happy to meet you.
And I think that it will be the big step in our relations.
My intuition tells me that it is good idea.
And I dream about our meeting!!

I'll wait your answer tomorrow.

Kisses!! Your Margarita

P.S.: Unfortunately, I have no phone.
But I can call to you from telephone station.
I shall be glad to hear your voice and to talk with you!!
Please give me your full international number!
I can call you on the next week.

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2010-01-20, 16:16:08
anonymous from United Kingdom  
It was me who started this thread and I have a months worth of emails, I also put up the pictures that I was sent and found out it was a model called Julia W.

I'm so sorry to hear she scammed you (guy from Parramatta, Australia) She was on Oasis where she contacted me back in November last year.

I have lots more emails and probably very similar to yours.

I really am so sorry you didn't come across my thread sooner, I really hoped that I would help somebody from being scammed.

IP addresses came from Frankfurt Germany, Internet Services Team.

If anyone wants more of my letters let me know and I will publish them.

She wanted me to go to Zvenigovo! I would have probably been robbed and well I dread to think.......
2010-01-20, 16:20:58
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hello my honey!

Thanks for your letter!!!
Yes, I'm sure about meeting in Russia! I want it!!!
Yes, I thought about meeting in your country.
But I understand, that your words logical.
I think you are right and it will be difficult for me to receive the visa.
Also I have not money for it :(
So, we should meet in Zvenigovo.
You should arrive to Zvenigovo Train Station.
You should seat in the train in Moscow! And the train will bring you here!!!
You'll live with me and my mom!!
Also we'll go to the village and I would like to acquaint you with grannies!
I feel that you are good man!
And I feel that you are Mr.Right for me! I cannot explain it.
I have never had such feelings before!!!
And I think only our personal meeting will help us to check our feelings!

I believe that we shall be together soon!
I can embrace you, kiss you, we shall sleep in one bed and will have a free time together!
It is happiness!!!! I so am happy, that I want to cry and I cannot find the necessary words!
It is a pity that you do not see my face now...
I am filled by positive emotions and pleasure!!!
I feel that you smile too.
I do not understand how I could live without you, without these feelings.
Now all my life has changed.
And I thank you for it!
I am happy that we have found each other!

With impatience I wait for your letter.

Kisses!! Your Margarita
2010-01-20, 16:49:54
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Here's some IP info for you (guy from Australia) I hope you follow this up and report it, I'm sure many of us will only be to happy to help with any info we have.

Received: from ( []) by (Yandex) with ESMTP id 426614682F9 for <************>; Tue, 10 Nov 2009 17:44:22 +0300 (MSK)
Received: from [] ( []) by (Yandex) with ESMTPA id D7CF5980A1 for <**************>; Tue, 10 Nov 2009 17:44:18 +0300 (MSK)
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 17:43:25 +0300
From: 'Margarita' <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.04.7) Educational
Reply-To: 'Margarita' <>

It's certainly gutting to have a ray of hope in finding somebody only to find out they aren't real. It's really sick that these people do this and I hope they rot in hell. They could really end up hurting a vulnerable person who suffers from depression.
2010-01-21, 07:02:47
Miss Marple from Sweden  
IP Information - address:
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Verified]
ASN: 0
IP range connectivity: 0
Registrar (per ASN): Unknown
Country (per IP registrar): DE [Germany]
Country Currency: EUR [euros]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: Normal
City (per outside source): Unknown
Country (per outside source): -- []
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS:




IP Address Country Region City Latitude/
Longitude ZIP Code Time Zone GERMANY - - 52.517
13.4 - +01:00
Net Speed ISP Domain

IDD Code Area Code Weather Station
49 - (GMXX0007) BERLIN

IP Address Country Region City Latitude/
Longitude ZIP Code Time Zone RUSSIAN FEDERATION - - 55.75
37.583 - +03:00
Net Speed ISP Domain

IDD Code Area Code Weather Station
7 - (RSXX0063) MOSCOW

2010-01-21, 07:22:06
Miss Marple from Sweden  
2010-01-21, 12:40:22 from United States  
Anon from Parramatta:

I am very sorry to hear about your situation. But please make sure to contact Russian police and file a report. I am sure that you are well aware of the importance of having a police report on a potential crook. it gets entered into the system, and it might pop up at a later date... So, please consider contacting Russian authorities asap.

Also, everyone who corresponded with a scammer from Russia or Ukraine, please consider participating in a research study, so we could analyze the data from the standpoint of statistics to try to determine how the scammers obtain the victims' trust, and what makes some Internet users more vulnerable to the scam than others:

(unfortunately, the scam baiters are not invited to participate in this particular study, because that would skew the data, but next year I am considering making a research study on scam baiters specifically.)

Good luck to everyone!
2010-01-21, 19:54:35
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-01-21, 12:40:22

That would be very intresting to read the results of that study ,becuase if there is cultural and social impacts that affects in the scams and in with way,has the scammers more knowledge ore not how to scam some individuals?? and if they select people in a systematic way ore not.Scambaiters are naturally more aware how scammers work out and how they operate of course,but that is also intresting to see what differences there is also.

Regards //Miss marple//
2010-02-01, 13:50:23
anonymous from Canada  
You guyes MUST be nuts!! Do you ever reply to the emails from Somalia asking for your bank account detals because they will give you some serious cash??? Russia is a poor country run by criminals. Guess what - poor people get CREATIVE!! They will do anything to get your nice green dollars. The girl whose picture they are using probably a) doesn't even exist b) is a model who has no idea someone posts her pictures c) is/was a girlfriend of the very guy who runs the little business of sending out the 'profiles' to unsuspecting guys all over the world. This 'businessman' probably has a small basement 'office', employs 2-3 technology-savy geeks, and makes a nice little living so he can afford his black, used Mercedes (a must-have in Russia). Think with your heads, you morons!! And NO I don't feel bad for you - if one is that stupid...
2010-02-01, 19:09:17
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@Hey Mr Canada!!!

Sure you can have youre oppinions in how it works out but i can not agree with you

totally in this, for the first you can never say that is youre own fault to victims.that is

very cruel to say to somene who has been scammed.You punnish them for the second

time and that is not necessary at all !!for the second im not sure if you

know how scamming really works out in Russia ore in Africa.So please post

real facts instead before you open youre mouth in this way.

Because this is an site where you make reports of

scammers and for theire victims Be polite and if you cant, you know the way out

from this site

Regards //Miss Marple//

2012-04-18, 16:28:30
anonymous from Switzerland  

2012-04-18, 16:31:11
anonymous from Switzerland  

2012-04-19, 04:55:04
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Switzerland. This time no hits, but for future,

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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