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Dating scammer lyudmila polikarpova


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Name: lyudmila polikarpova


Rússia, Village Eleevo,Street Novaya 2, Index 425581

este foi o endereço para enviar dinheiro via money gram

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Em uma carta de Lyudmial ele colocou Svetlana, a qual consta nesta lista negra

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2009-12-28, 19:46:00
anonymous from Brazil  

24/12/2009 Carta 38 Lyudmila (letter 38)

Edmilson, the darling I am glad to receive your letter. How you feel? At
all of you it is good? I do not have not enough you. I very much grieve on you.
Edmilson, it is pleasant to me to hear your warm words. You warm my
heart. I so would like to embrace you, to kiss. I do not have not enough you.
The darling I can arrive to you at once as soon as I will have
documents and the ticket. But for this purpose means are necessary to
me what to pay in agency and then they will legalize for my all papers
and we we can meet. Edmilson, what to learn the schedule of my flight and
the schedule of a route to me it is necessary to buy the ticket, but I
do not have means. I very much wish to be with you as soon as
possible. I do not wish to live without you. I shall be happy only
near to you. I was so is happy to communicate with you by phone, it
were the finest minutes of my life. I cried, when we have talked to
you, I was so is happy. I very much would like to see you in a
reality, to talk to you, it on would be much finer. I miss on you very
strongly. I very much wish to be with you as soon as possible. If I
had means I would not began to lose minutes and has gone to you at
once. The darling when we aspires? When I can start to legalize my
papers what to arrive to you? I wish to divide my life with you and
only with you. My heart belongs to you and only to you. I love you.
All my kisses for you and only for you.
I love you.
I shall wait very much for your letter.
Yours and only yours Lyudmila
2009-12-28, 20:00:34
anonymous from Brazil  

25/12/2009 Carta 39 Lyudmila

The darling I do not understand you. Why you have sent me it is a
photo. I to not understand at all why you so have written. Edmilson,
explain to me please.
I miss on you.
I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Lyudmila

for it was a disappointment because this letter she asks why I sent money in photo. I had sent $ 2400 in notes drawn, you could fill your eyes if it were real money.

How has the scammers to observe not the time for his victim because it is one letter after another. In the fifth letter, I found scammer and went to the last letter (39) several times but clues left by his blindness money would not let him see that I already knew of the coup.

clues left for him: Change in level of life began and ended in a rich suburb.

He signed the wrong name instead of Lyudmila, he signed Svetlana

He made an assembly, but the picture was the same as the picture of perfect match (the photo was sent.

In other words I already knew the coup from the fifth letter and took it to the 39 letter
2009-12-28, 20:17:12
anonymous from Brazil  

2009-12-28, 20:22:04
anonymous from Brazil  

2009-12-29, 09:21:50
anonymous from Italy  
2009-12-29, 09:23:42
anonymous from Italy  
pervij raz zdes pishu... ne znaju esli rabotaet.... mojesh chitat eto soobshenja?
Menja zovut Maurizio, ja iz Rima. Hochesh poznakomitsja?
Davai pishi... moi mail

Poka poka
2010-01-22, 21:59:05
anonymous from United States  
I've been corresponding with a woman who said she was Lyudmila Polikarpova, but the photos I have seen of her are
of a different woman than the one you have on here and she has a different email address. Could this be the same person using different photos? She hasn't asked for a certain amount of money just that she doesn't have enough to
come here to me and needs money for the trip. She wants to call me now. She also has given me a different address then the one on this page. I'd like to know what anyone thinks about this. I have added a photo of the woman I know as Lyudmila Polikarpova. Is she real or a scammer

2010-03-19, 03:31:32
anonymous from United States  
Yes she is, she is on yahoo personals in Lubbock, Texas too
2010-03-19, 04:54:34
OJAS from United States  
2012-04-22, 11:22:48
anonymous from United States  
Hello the darling Bill. It is very pleasant to me to receive your
letter. How you? At all of you it is good? I do not have not enough
you. The darling I all the night long thought of you. I could not fall
asleep, I had warm ideas.
The darling today I went in city and all would learn the companies.
They can really help to meet to us. The darling for this purpose you
should find the same company in your city and through it you can help
to meet to us. For this purpose you should know my full name and my
My address: Russia, village Eleevo, street Novaya 2, index 425581
My full name: Lyudmila Polikarpova
The darling last time I have sent you surname Udilova. It is my maiden
name on mother. All my relatives and friends name me on this surname.
But in the passport I have specified a surname of my father. I at all
did not know it, and mum does not tell about it. I do not know why, it
seems at mum bad memoirs. But she was not against I have taken a
surname of my father. The darling I hope, that you to understand me.
Bill, favourite now you have information on me. If you will help us
to meet, very soon we shall together. The darling I so dream about our
the first meetings. I miss on you. I many times represented this day
and till now I do not know as it will be in a reality. It will be the
finest day in my life. I love you.
The darling it is pleasant to me to hear words of your mum. Tell to it
hello and transfer my warm embraces. I shall be happy to get
acquainted with your mum. The darling now our meeting in our hands. We
on a floor of a step one to another. I very much wish to make you the
happiest the man on the ground. The darling I shall think of you, that
there would be fine dreams.
Yours and only yours Lyudmila

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer lyudmila polikarpova

2012-04-22, 11:34:47
anonymous from Dickinson, United States  
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Bill!!!!!!
Bill I am very glad to your letter. Bill on my person of tear of
happiness, happiness from that that you have written to me, that you
have not left me one. I would die if have not received your letter. To
me it would be very bad.
Bill I am very guilty to you. Forgive, I trusted in that that I can
be with you. I have promised to you to arrive but itself not can to
make it.
The darling my surname Udilova. Bill? At you a beautiful surname. To
me it is very sad, that I could not warm you mine heat. I very much
wish to embrace you, to kiss. I wish to feel palpation of your heart,
to hear your breath, to feel your kisses. I do not have not enough
you. I gently you kiss mmmmuuupppppp my kisses will warm you, in them
it is a lot of love to you.
Bill I hope that you have forgiven to me that that I have not
executed the promise. I very much want to make it. But for that what I
could arrive to you it is necessary to pay 1500 - 2000 dollars. Into
this cost enters:
Reception of the passport,
Reception of the visa,
Payment of taxes and tax collections,
Trip to Moscow,
Residing at Moscow.
Medical survey, that I am not ill.
So it would be necessary make much that I could to be with you. To me
have told that all official registration of papers together with trip
to Moscow and medical survey costs near 633 dollars and tickets from
1100 and more. There are tickets and cheap, but I learned provisional
information and consequently cost approximate.
Bill, I think of that where to take money but I can not find yet what
way. I do not know what to make what to find such big sum.
I love you Bill!!!!!!
I would shall make all that we with you were for ever together and
were happy. You my Prince. Bill you my dream and I want to live in
this world with you!!!
I do not present as it is possible to live without you.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Lyudmila

2012-04-22, 11:35:59
anonymous from United States  
I did NOT send her the money either...
2012-04-22, 13:37:59
2012-04-22, 11:34:47 anonymous from Dickinson, United States >>>

A real little floozy ! Check out the link below ...

Yulija Koushnir: The older the violin, the sweeter the

Apr 26, 2009 – Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following emails. They are socalled 'Advance Fee Fraud' letters, where I will be asked to send money ...

2012-04-22, 13:48:13   (updated: 2012-04-22, 14:10:05)
DOC from United States  

Thanks for posting! Glad you did your homework before the trip to Western Union!

Please post the current email address of Lyudmila Polikarpova.
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