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Dating scammer lhinda ashberry


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Name: lhinda ashberry



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also using a woman in malysia know as kelly kurt,and uses a man in ca. as her travel agent a frank gonzales,who is banned by western union,and uses a ken burkhart who is already listed here on your site as a scammer

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2009-12-30, 14:31:48   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-01-01, 16:06:42   (updated: 2010-01-01, 16:35:29)
i,robert kinney,was the one who posted lhinda ashberry's information on here for the world to see,well she has contacted me and promised me that she will surely pay back to me al the funds i invested in her to help her,which is all i was interested in ,in the first place,but due to her lack of interest in paying me back the funds which she borrowedm,i was felt it nesicary to post this information about her on this site,therefore if she does take care of her obligation in returning my money,i then can not declair her as being a scammer,although some of the people she associates with are,so please if u read this please understand that i trust i was wrong in posting this article about her and hold her as innocent of that which i have written pertaining to her,i request her foregiveness and hope she is able to continue with her life with her reputation as a honest woman,who was just in need to my help but fo rsome reason,has not yet found it in her heart to repay me for what i did for her. only time will answer this now wont it lhinda,now i have none what i said i would do,it is now up to u,to take care of your debt to me.
2010-01-01, 22:21:42
Standingtall from United States  
Well first off you should never post your name here for all to see !!!!!! Second you dont seem to write the same as the one that posted this to me!!!!! Third she using stolen pictures !!!!!! So it seems to me that you maybe the scammer or know more than your telling here!! The person that posted this is from US and I cant see where you are from?? But you write like a scammer, you talk like a scammer !!!!!!!!!! And if you did post this why dont you have anymore info than you do? Sorry if I'm wrong but I just call them as I see them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-01-02, 02:26:25   (updated: 2010-01-02, 02:36:54)
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2010-01-01, 16:06:42 (updated: 2010-01-01, 16:35:29)

Hello Your entire posting raises more questions than is of any value.

How can You claim to be the person who started this thread ?

While there is a total lack of the use of Capitol letters in the original
posting and Your posting that is about all You have in common.

The original poster placed the photo of Julie here and is shown as
hidden from the United States ?

Why would You you then make a second posting that shows you as
a registered poster not showing where Your from ?

Why would You give Your name ?

Any beginner knows not to post any personal information on this site.

The original poster failed to give much information at all about the
scam while You seem to have plenty to say most of which sounds
just like a typical scammer trying to stop the truth.

Very clear scammish. LOL

If You are truly the original poster and if You found You were wrong
about it being a scam.

Making a posting on this site is not how handle it all.

You would never post anything at all on the site but would
contact Peter the site administrator and have it dealt with
directly by Him only.

Not making a posting here at all.

No one not You or anyone else is allowed to dispute a posting on this site.

By posting what You did it raises a doubt that this is a true report of a scammer.

Trouble is with the original poster posting Julies photo.

That first of all proves this without any doubt it is a scam.
There is no question at all it proves its a scam.

Everyone who knows about scams, knows that Julies photo's are stolen
and used by scammers.

Julie has nothing to do with any scam.

Secondly there is no mention by You or the original poster
one word about West Africa at all ?

That is very strange to say the least ?

There is only a very poor misspelled attempt to say the address is from Georgia.

The name of the city given in Georgia is misspelled by the way.

Try looking it up before making a Ass out of Yourself.

That tells me the original poster is either a idiot or doesn't have a clue
of where He is talking about.

I am from Oregon but know there is no [ hineville ] in Georgia. LOL

I agree with Standingtall from the US.

Both the original posting and Your posting both appear as the work of
a scammer.

If the original poster were from the US such spelling errors and a total
lack of the use of Capitol letters in names and places is stupid.

Well it sure looks like one or both postings are really screwed up.

I will give the original poster hidden from the US the benefit of the doubt
for now.

I will defend the posting as genuine for now but will say it lacks a lot.

I am very certain the scam does not come out of misspelled Georgia. LOL
As for [ robert kinney ] Who doesn't have enough sense to capitalize
Your own name.

You either are not a American who went to school in this Country
or You did and slept through all Your Classes.

My 5 year old Granddaughter knows how to capitalize, Her name. LOL

The fact that You foolishly contest the original posting as a report of
a scam makes You smell and look like a scammer.

You want to try to explain everything that is plain to see give it
Your best shot.

Start by telling everyone how Julies picture being posted can be
anything other than a scammer using her picture in a scam ?

Also try to explain why no one seems to know the name of the city
in Georgia that's mentioned.

By the way I could correct the spelling of that city for You.

At best this entire thread is a mess.

The original poster needs to explain what is going on here ?

I will watch this thread as will Standingtall and other contributors.

Do not make any more postings at all questioning if this is a scammer or not.

The photo proved it is already.

Good Job Standingtall You are not wrong for calling it as You see it.

In fact keep calling them for what they are.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><

By the way I am the one who wrote that Julie is a Porn Star
below the photo and that its stolen.

2010-01-02, 04:29:05   (updated: 2010-01-02, 04:29:41)
007 from United Kingdom  
@AGENT 86 - Keep up the good work!
@ABBA - Thank you for the music, without it, life would be boring!!
@WANWAN - here's one for you too!
Many thanks to you all, including OJAS, for all your assistance and help over 2009 and here's wishing you a Happy and Peaceful (hopefully Scammer Free) New Year for 2010.
My version of a great ABBA hit, which I've re-titled SCAMMA MIA!!!
Best wishes for 2010
James Bond

2010-01-02, 06:13:41
wanwan from Japan  



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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