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Dating scammer Elena


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Name: Elena



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First contact over, a romanian chat-site

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2010-01-13, 16:26:54
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Dear Helena, thank you so much for your photos, however I have seen more meat on a butchers knife, and your false blonde hair, with your dark roots, make you look like a clown, the last thing I would want to happen, is seen by my freinds walking down the road with you,bu yhe way, if we did meet, would you wear a hat and nask, and only meet in the dark, as I suffer with stomach problems, and do not want to start vomitting.

I can not wait to read and see your boaring photos

2010-01-13, 16:34:19
anonymous from United Kingdom  
her new email address is Elena <>

2010-01-13, 16:36:25
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Every letter from you - it's the thoughts about love and happiness
with a loved ones. It is good to know that you are thought of thousand
miles away. Dear xxxx, yesterday was a great weather and bright sky. I
saw thousand stars on the sky. I was watching sky and all I was
thinking was of you... I enjoyed the beauty of a star sky for so long
and saw a star falling. They say, when you see a star falling, you
have to make a wish. I wished a very romanic one, but I can not tell
you about it, because if I do, it will not become true. And I really
want it to do. My dear xxxx, all those stars from thousand miles from
me, but I feel they are very close to me, just a little bit and I can
touch them with my hand and give it to you. You are closer to me than
those stars. We live on the same planet and bereeze the same air. But
I can not fondle you with my eyesight and see you, as I see those
pretty stars. I really want to be closer to you and physically feel
the warmth of your body! How I want to exhale your sence, such fresh
and so warm, to get closer to your neck. To fall asleep, having my
head on your knees and feel your finger tips touching my spine. To
walk a street hand in hand with you, interminatly clutch your fingers,
so you can warm them up. To be close to you, to feel that you are
close to me, because I am so tired, and all the obstacles we can go
through togeather. To blow on you, so that you can turn around and
kiss me. To watch the film having my chin ln your chest. To fall
asleep, to be awaken from your warm breath. To die from tenderness,
falling in your embrace. I want it to be very soon and always! I am
passionatelly await your every single letter. That is why if you do
not want to break my beautifull heart, do not forget to send few
tender and kind words to me...

Yours Elena

2010-01-13, 16:39:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
My dear xxxx, when I read your letter, when I think about you, I plunge
into mirages of desires and emotional enjoyments. My love oriented
soul, willing spiritual joy and happiness, sings from the overwhelming
ammount of kindnes and passion towards you, my honey. My body and soul
is burning with heat ... My heart is full of love and weary
expectation. Both of us are angels with only one wing. And we can only
fly embracing one another. My dear xxxx, I feel that you are my angel!
And I want to fly with you on our wings of love. I want you beside me,
that you become my dear, loved and only man. My dear Reg, I would like
to ask you one question... What is tenderness? Perhaps, it is a little
kitten, that comes to you at night, lay next to you on the pillow,
purrs (they tend to when they young) and touching your nose with it's
paw, it silently creeps into your soul, touches the heart, sits there
for about 5 minutes, on the very edge, and stays there all night? Or
perhaps tenderness - is a soft spring breeze, that tangles in your
hair and stays there with the sunny smell of spring, that you can not
confuse with anything else? What is tenderness? My dear Reg, now I
know what real happiness is! It is to have a family and sincere love!
I have love in my heart! It is there and it already means alot. I do
not want to evaluate love, do not want to know it's price and value.
My love is my light, my gift, my reward and my freedom! I want to
carry my love softly and carefully, because it is the only valuable
thing that I have at the moment. I would like to share that treasure
with you, and I am very thankfull that I have met you and got to know
you, my dear xxxx. Our love - only ours, our meaning of life and our
award. And only for us it is very important, because it was gifted to
us only. We have to take care of our love, to look after ourselves in
the name of love, to guard our loved ones. There is a light in it!
There is life in it! We have to follow our love, and it will teach you
alot, in fact it will teach you everything that life can teach you -
the most powerfull force in the Universe. With gladness and gratitude
I accept love, that blessed our hearts! I am trully happy, I want to
rejoice and feel happy, because when the love came, with it along came
God into our hearts and souls. God visited us, enlightened and
blessed. God gave us something, no life has a meaning with, because
only love fills it to the brim, and then overfill and spill flowing
with life over our personal, individual story. Dear,xxxx to my great
regret my phone is broken, and two weeks is under repair. As soon as I
will find the decision of this problem then I will necessarily inform
you number of my phone. I hope for your understanding. My feelings are
so powerfull and sincere, that they can illuminate the whole world! I
want to become phoenix - the bird of happiness, to overcome the
distance, that sepparates us and give my love to you and true

Yours Ele
2010-01-13, 16:42:20
anonymous from United Kingdom  
you can even spell the name anyway you want it, Helena, instead of Elena
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