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Dating scammer Yulia


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Name: Yulia


moscow russia

Other Comments:
is scrammer of sentimental, she go to contry of victims, for visa 350$
she is nurse in medical central of moscu russia

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2010-01-24, 08:20:10
venezolano from Venezuela  
anonymous from Guatemala

El encabezado es la información oculta que tiene el mensaje. Ahí está lo ainfirmación de origen del mensaje, Por lo general son cartas estandar que provienem de Yoshkar Ola. Se trata de un hombre que trata de estafar a 300 personas a la vez.

Visita nuevamente este espacio. Pronto te daré la información para que descifremos el encabezado. Todos estamos interesados en saber donde proviene este mensaje. Se trata de un estafador muy agresivo.
2010-01-24, 11:53:02
venezolano from Venezuela  
Amigi de Guatemala a continuación tienes el link para ver los encabezados.

Una vez que los veas puedes buuscar el IP para saber de donde vienen los correos. Así podríamos detectar al estafador.
2010-01-24, 13:15:29
anonymous from Japan  
@all spammers and scammers in the world

My name is Ali Demir in Turky .
My hobby is collection of nude photos.
So please fuck me and kiss me ,OK ?
Please email me back quicker !
Thank you !
I hope your comp is attacked by thousands of scammers / spammers asshole.

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2010-01-24, 19:14:42   (updated: 2010-01-24, 19:19:37)
venezolano from Venezuela  
My friend from Guatemala doesn't understand what the headers are. All I could do was sending the link from my comment above.
I hope he gets it.
2010-01-24, 20:06:25
DOC from United States  

Thank you for helping him. My Español is not so good.
2010-01-25, 19:43:27
anonymous from Estonia  
it is partly possible to read the name of the person on the statue. Can any blow up the photo and see if we can find the name. That name can we then probelly find in Google picture search. Search first up the persons lifestory on Wincklipedia (like towns he have lived in. This can leads us against the model on the photo.
Remember the model on the photo can be a victim herselfe, that have got her photos stolen by scammers. I have not blowed up the photo, but guess it is not written in russian letter, what shood tell us that the statue is probelly not in Russia, Ukraina and so on.
My guess is that the modell is eastern Europeen, but not russian

She and other girls on the photo use big sunglasses - typical eastern Europe, spescially when almost all do it

she look slavic, but not really russian. like long legs. She looks more like tjeck-republic or Lithuania. Also to long face, and all other models prefer to blonde their hair. Russian likes to bleach, not blonde. And russians prefer to not have same coloure like all her friends (we can see the hair of one more blonde on the boat as well). If it hads been the russian rase shood it at least statisticly be one with total black or carrotread hair in a group of 4, and one shood have been bleached, not only blonde. But here is all blonde, blonde is more popular in eastern EU then in Russia and Ukraina.

The fashion and boats looks more like Europeen Union (EU) . like the short jeans that now is mostly out of fashion in the west, so they are today sold in Russia and rest of eastern Europe as secondhand. She might also be a russian that have worked abroad - many russian and other eastern Europeen strippers in countries like Portugal and Cyprus

long boots is popular for hole eastern Europe, but the Russian rase often prefer stiletto-heels. The big black shoulderbag in skin/skinlook is popular in the hole east, but also in parts of western Europe

russian girls have often shorter underleggs then upperlegs, and bigger ass then breast. But this girls do not look like that. And none russian round face either in this group of 4

The statue will give us a track to find her. If the statue is from western EU (like Swiss or Portugal), do I keep it open it might be a stripper or a whore from the east, and she might even know this purpose of use of this photos. If the statue is in eastern EU (like Poland or Tjeck Rep.) do I keep a guess it is a victim herselfe

2010-01-25, 22:33:37
anonymous from Guatemala  
Thank yoy to Venezuela for information, and doc I´m send more photos of Yulia
your name is Olga , Natalya Charina etc.... send the letters in english for lern your messages, I finding in other nets of bridges

I reed Heders she create your email yahoo in Ukrania

2010-01-25, 22:52:57   (updated: 2010-01-25, 23:05:09)
anonymous from Guatemala  
yes is the ID mail is from Moskva Moscow, she sed moscow rusia

2010-01-25, 23:12:06
anonymous from Guatemala  
Hi my dear (my name)!!

Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it. It gave me a very good mood!

You are the one who is giving me the good mood all the time, you are the one I care about and I am thinking about. You are always on my mind and I miss you and your tender words and letters every minute, every second.

(name), I am just so happy that you’ve appeared in my life!!! I can’t even express it in words sometimes, you know?

My dear to send me money via western union system, you should find western union office close to your area , you can do it if you visit official cite, then you need come to them, give them cash say them that you are sending money to Yulia Romanova from Russia. Moscow. And then they will send money to me. They will give you secret code, so when you give this code to me i will be able to receive money here, so it's very easy :)

I am finishing my letter now, my dear and I am smiling here for you!

I miss you!

Your Yulia

2010-01-25, 23:29:06   (updated: 2010-01-25, 23:38:26)
DOC from United States  
Thanks Guatemala!

anonymous from Guatemala
2010-01-25, 22:52:57 (updated: 2010-01-25, 23:05:09)
Is that the same girl?

In the header do you see (X-mailer The Bat!) ??

2010-01-26, 00:20:36   (updated: 2010-01-26, 00:22:07)
anonymous from Guatemala [])
From: Remitente verificado por DomainKeys Yulia <
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.5.25) Professional
2010-01-26, 00:38:08
anonymous from Guatemala  
thankn for you information of Headers

2010-01-26, 04:38:14
OJAS from United States  
anonymous from Guatemala 2010-01-25, 22:52:57 (updated: 2010-01-25, 23:05:09)
pic has arched eyebrows.
Upper / Lower Lips - fuller / fuller
What is the eye color?
Check the grooves running down the edge of nose to lips

DOC, compare more pix if you have.
2010-01-26, 08:22:57
anonymous from Guatemala  
it is the same as the saw several names including Maximonova Olga, Natalya Ponova with other faces and hats

2010-01-26, 10:04:58
venezolano from Venezuela  
@anonymous from Guatemala.

¿Podrías pegar en el próximo mensajes los IP de los correos?
Si no lo entiendes te lo explico.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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