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Dating scammer Yulia


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Name: Yulia


moscow russia

Other Comments:
is scrammer of sentimental, she go to contry of victims, for visa 350$
she is nurse in medical central of moscu russia

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2010-01-29, 20:06:24
DOC from United States  

2010-01-29, 20:08:11
DOC from United States  

2010-01-29, 23:30:46
anonymous from Guatemala  
Good morning my frend I´m back send letter of Yulia and your pictures

lets go

Hello, my dear friend!

I am very happy that you are with me, I am very happy see and read your letter!

Today I have a wonderful day, my soul sings!
I am a simple girl and I talk to you about anything, I'll be happy to hear more from you about their ideas and feelings!

I mean, in Cheboksary, I live with my mother and father, now withdrawn. I regret that my parents occasionally do not understand each other.

My dad likes to drink sometimes, just because of this there is a dispute.

I am very glad when our house was raising his voice.

But I was happy with my dad for trying to quit alcohol

and I am sure that if the conversation continued, my dad would never drink again. In

my family did not have brothers and sisters.

But I'm glad that I have a friend replace a sister.

I have no children, but I would love being a mother, I think every girl wants. Me

Love kids! After all, we live in order to ensure education and Raising our children, this is our life. I apologize to you if not properly write a few words, because the English
not my native language,

I receive additional training for English language study. I am very happy that I know the language, he helped me to know you!

Now is the time to end my letter ...
Wait your letter, it gives me great pleasure to chat with you!
I look forward to your letter!

Your friend from Russia, Yulia

2010-01-29, 23:46:03
anonymous from Guatemala  
Hello xxxxx!
Well, I know their taste preferences and food is very good now! =)
because if we meet one day I will cook for you whatever you like
and some of my special dishes that can not live without the food I cook! =) Russian women believe they can have on men through his stomach! =), Of course, is a joke, but I think in some sayings tell the truth I think the ability to cook for a woman is a great advantage that virtually all men like as much flavorful! =)
I just came from the pool and what you were doing? I went there with my friends. We split up to go to the pool is more useful than sitting in coffee and iced coffee consumption
cream! =) And swimming is the best thing to keep our bodies in shape. Know
I told my friends about you first. I did not know how they would react and, in fact I was a little nervous. But all of them (I sincerely hope) say they are happy for me / 4 of my friends were: Olga, Tanya, Lena and Christina are the same age as me and who are not married either. I thought I would be jealous of me, gave me tips for talking to a foreigner through the Internet because that's dangerous. I showed your picture and told me that you are very cute! =) Know if you come to Russia would be very popular among Russian women are not married! =) So it's something to think about you! anyway can not imagine what the support of my friends means to me. We have never discussed the idea of moving abroad in earnest today. Many Russian women marry foreigners is the dream of thousands of Russian women but we believe that many of them have found what they expected from abroad. Because people abroad do not live in heaven and have a lot of problems, which differ from those we have in Russia. And now, as part of the financial crisis that people can add almost all developed countries have the same problems. Anyway my friends and I have always thought that we'll meet the man of our life here in our country. But time flies and my outlook on life changed. I do not want to sit and wait for my prince here in my city and I decided to find something to love and care of a person. And I am glad that my friends support me in this idea.
I must say that with each letter we sent, I feel the difference between virtual and real communication.
Know that I can not wait to get to your letters so please
write me back to me as soon as possible the read!
Te mando un fuerte abrazo!

2010-01-30, 00:08:11
anonymous from Guatemala  
Good day,

I answer the questionnaire on the website mettyourmessenger, and am very interested in meeting you, are you okay? Those looking for a woman alone, and I was a partner a man my future husband, what is your name? You agree with me that age does not matter in love? Sere, very happy when I respond quickly and learn about their personal life problems too, I have heard a lot about his country that man is good soul and I've read about characters that interest me and I am hoping you will do me the supply and will be pleased to meet you, just send a picture of me (for me the most important thing in life is love, not money) I forgot to say something before I submit my name is - Olga and my age is 35 years old, my height is about 167 cm and weight 58 kg but I think that's no problem for our friendship I am with you if you answer me happy to my email: and I'll try to respond pleasure to your e-mail and see his picture I am interested in reading the narrative of your letter if you send me, I will thrive in when I meet you I will myself, I hope you send me a quick answer

yours Olga

This letter was written in German

2010-01-30, 07:17:38
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2010-01-30, 08:07:03
anonymous from Guatemala  
Good Morning how are you,

have experience of scams via the Internet, for that reason I am placing the letters and photos of this lovely lady and will gladly help you discover the steps of the girls to send them money via Western Union

Any comments or questions I can help
from Guatemala, City
Central America

2010-01-31, 21:58:47   (updated: 2010-01-31, 22:00:44)
anonymous from Guatemala  
Hi xxxxx,
You know it's good that we tell one another a lot of our families,
dreams and other things. That means that you care because I write and that we are open to communication with others. This makes me very happy. In the photo you send in this letter I'm drinking juice. Very rarely took beer and only on rare occasions. I do have a surname, but do not know exactly how this translates into the English language. Do you remember that in my first letter I said that I have finished the State University of Mari-El, in Faculty of Law, but I work as a lawyer. Well, that's because after I finished college accounting classes and have since been working in a small private company as an accountant and I really like, can you have a question: Why do I need to study law at university for 5 years to work as an accountant. All my new friends I ask this question so I'm going to answer before
ask, is rather long history. Over the years the school had good grades in
all my classes and I liked it enough to study everything. However, during
my last year of school I decided I wanted to study economics or something related to mathematics. And to be sure you enter the university on a free basis, I consider several faculties, Faculty of Law and Economics Faculty are among them. Unfortunately for me the competition to enter the Faculty of Economics was very high this year and I could not. I did not want to lose a year, so I chose to study at the Faculty of Law. At the end of my freshman year in college I realized that the profession of the laws are not for me at all, but I decided to finish it. In any case I regret not having studied there, because it was a great experience and I learned things that helped me to my current job and in everyday life. I work at a company that deals with the landscape design.
I work from 8 am to 6 pm and the schedule is very comfortable for me. After work I have plenty of time to go somewhere, for example, a coffee with friends or the pool. You know I think that the main advantage of my work is that it is a great company and I am as an accountant insurance is a very stable I'm sure not fire me because of the crisis. What about the global economic and financial crisis is greatly influenced by employment situations in your city?
Normally I do not drink at all, I have a glass of wine or champagne in a great occasion. While I am tolerant of those who drink more than they should not only most of my friends and even most Russian people drink much more than a glass of wine or champagne when you are on vacation. Of course I do not smoke at all.
So you can see I have no bad habits like most people.
Ok, I totally lost track of time. Gotta go now to see my friends.
I'll be waiting for me to answer
I talk to you later!

2010-01-31, 22:18:03
DOC from United States  
Hi Guatemala,

Post new photos of her.

2010-01-31, 22:25:33   (updated: 2010-01-31, 22:29:43)
anonymous from Guatemala  
thank you the send my the pictures of Yulia, I have more letters,
and send next

I just got home from work and I feel very tired. This day was
very busy for me I have to do all fiscal accounts. Every day I feel stronger bureaucracy in our country. But I caught myself thinking that even on days like I like my job and I thank God that I am not working on a huge undertaking. And I only wish now is to rest and relax. Even changed the day I go to the pool
I had to go today, but I decided that I will do tomorrow, because today I have no energy at all. Tonight I dedicate to the calm and romantic music. Actually, I listen to different music from Russian rock to classical music and pop.
That depends entirely on my mood. Today is a night of romantic music that is one of the best ways to relax for me. and music plays an important role in your life? For me, music helps me sleep oh, by the way could you please send more photos of you? When I see different emotions in your face I can understand better what you think. I can even imagine how you react when you read my letters, I can imagine how he smiles and makes me feel closer to you. And that is what I treasure. The Internet world is like a virtual reality

It's great for writing letters to you, but sometimes I imagine us sitting in the cafe and chatted as friends who live in the same city. Internet makes the miles between us seem to disappear, but when I finish the letter is not well understood, and the distance between us is killing me. but not a permanent feeling sometimes sit and then leaves. And to talk on the Internet and in real life is the same or not? Or perhaps you have sometimes felt like myself, the lack of real communication and the ability to view each other's eyes and hold hands? The biggest problem for me is to understand whether the person is treating me seriously or not through his letters.

But unfortunately I have been disappointed in almost all cases men of Russia. I do not mean that all of them are alcoholics and they are all very bad, it would be unfair. But I think the good ones are already apart, although the examples of my friends are very important.

What are the priorities in your life right now?
I'll be waiting your next letter and answered my questions.
I finish my letter because I just want to relax by listening to my favorite music

Your Olga

2010-01-31, 22:32:24
anonymous from Guatemala  
in the picture in the lake yulia

yulia picture in the lake seems to be at Lake Atitlan in my country there are some other of those not meeting similar to other photos

2010-01-31, 22:48:30
DOC from United States  

2010-05-15, 04:15:52
ahora utiliza en metic estos apodos :
vkusnyashka y el otro es kroshka

y su correo es :
es una estafadora rusa muy avil
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Darya o Darya Stupina o

2010-05-15, 04:34:22   (updated: 2010-05-15, 04:56:14)
olga maxymova
otra de sus fotos

esta es su carta
Buenos días

Hoy he encontrado casualmente a la amiga del trabajo anterior. No nos

veíamos casi los 2 años,

A mí ha aparecido el trabajo nuevo, y vivimos en los fines diferentes

de la ciudad. El primer tiempo nosotros

Tocaban uno a otro, pero después han cesado un poco la comunicación.

Y aquí hoy durante la comida en

La cafetería costamos en uno turno! Hemos sonreído uno a otro, han hecho

el encargo y los aludes por

Una mesita. Le he contado de mis cambios en la vida, ella a mí sobre.


Nuestros destinos son aproximadamente parecidos. Esto en cuanto a la vida

privada. Ella también una, también

Ha acabado las relaciones con la jóven persona anterior. Le he contado de

nuestro contigo el conocimiento.

Si es honesto, me ha parecido que ella ha tratado es escéptico a mi relato,

Pero en voz alta de nada ha dicho.

Pero sé aquello que ti honesto, mi amable Diego. Mí de hecho los derechos?

Aún más meses

Atrás e imaginarse no podía que se comunicaré en el Internet con el hombre de


Los países, y ahora a mí habrán ti … Ti de hecho sientes aquello más?

Estábamos sentados poco tiempo los minutos 15-20, ella ha dicho que he hecho

correctamente que ha sustituido el trabajo.

Puesto que en el trabajo viejo era simplemente insoportable. El boss rudo,

la demora con el sueldo,

Las elaboraciones frecuentes, que no son pagadas … A ti probable absurdo son

oído por tal?

Pero para nuestro país es la realidad. Hemos chismorreado aún un poco más la

lejanía el amigo

Al amigo la promesa de encontrarse de alguna manera. Si no sé resultará a nosotros?

Después del trabajo

No hay en absoluto fuerzas, y en los días de descanso apetece como hace falta

descansar, y con ella así no nos comunicábamos mucho tiempo …

Ayer a mí fue el día hermoso!

Recuerdas mí decia a ti de las citas de negocios, que me fue necesario conducir?

Uno de ellos se encontraba muy acertado. Al dirigente de una compañía que comienza

es necesaria la publicidad y nuestra firma puede ayudarlo en esto. Algunos carteles

publicitarios en la ciudad, la publicidad sobre la televisión, la radio en y en la

hucha de nuestra firma se encuentran la suma redonda! Mi boss, habiendo oído esta

novedad me ha alabado y he solucionado que ahora momento oportuno para la

conversación sobre lavamos las vacaciones.

El boss ha dicho que soltar la locura tal empleado de valor (aquí me he esforzado

un poco), pero todavía la locura más grande - no darme descansar que después de las

vacaciones con las fuerzas nuevas comience el trabajo. Agradable que yo estiman en

el trabajo, cuento que esto ha merecido por la persistencia y la responsabilidad.

Soy asegurado en sí y tenía miedo nunca al despido, cuando en nuestra firma pasaban

las reducciones. Cuento que si comenzaré a dudar de sí, esto será notada

obligatoriamente por lesotros y comenzarán a dudar también de mí. Pero no soy

presuntuoso, puesto que en todos los es necesaria la medida. Si todos los andara

con éxito, será rápido a mí las vacaciones.

Pienso mucho en ti... Fue admirable conducir como si las vacaciones con ti, conocerte

cercana, pasear con ti bajo el cielo estelar, escuchar tus relatos... En el alma soy

al romántico incorregible! Cómo miras a aquello que conduzcamos las vacaciones juntos?

Sería hermoso, en mi opinión... Quieres nuestro encuentro? Piensa sobre esto.

Que a ti nuevo en el trabajo? Que se ocupaba ayer por la tarde?

Con la amiga Olga he visitado el teatro De Perm de cámara quería escuchar la

ópera, pero la amiga ha insistido en el espectáculo y he cedido, mirábamos el espectáculo

la 'Gaviota' Tchekhov. Un él-gran escritor, me he sumergido sin ganas en la atmósfera de

este tiempo. A propósito, y el tú-romántico? Es preparado a las demencias para la mujer


Escribe más detalladamente sobre esto, y continuaré el trabajo y con la impaciencia

esperaré tu respuesta

Tu, Olesya


2010-05-15, 04:47:41
olga maxymova

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