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Dating scammer Daria


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Name: Daria



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Letter 1
Hello, my friend Rav. Now I'm here to write you. I want to tell you more
about myself. My age of 26 years. I like sport. I like various kinds
of sport: cycling, swimming, aerobics and dancing. Also I adore
traveling with friends around my country. Sometimes we take the tents,
make there a fire, sing songs, fool, tell terrifying stories and cook
the food. I like cooking very much: usually fish soup, millet
porridge, and toasts. Generally we have a goodtime. I adore flowers in
all their displays. I think that they make our life beautiful
everywhere: at home, in the streets, at work. As for me I think there
is no woman who doesn't like flowers at all. I prefer bloody red
roses, delicate lilies, and noble irises. When there is a vase of
flowers in the livingroom or on the bed-table it means that you will
be elated all the day, have a desire to do the best for everybody. I'm
fond of dancing very much. I attended dancing classes. Most of all I
like Latin-American dances, because they are so passionate, rhythmical
and active. So I think that's all for now.
Bye, kisses from Daria.

Letter 2
Hi Rav! I was very pleased to receive your letter! I did not expect,
that you will answer so quickly! I want to learn more about you. What
would you like to know about me? Please, do not hesitate to ask me I
will answer you with pleasure. A few words about myself: As you might
already know I'm 26 years old girl from Russian small town called
Syzran. It is approximately 900 km from Moscow. I have never been
married but feel ready to make the family with the good and honest
person. I want to find the person who will love me and take care of
me. I hope that our relations which are so fragile yet will grow day
by day. Happiness in the Family is everything which is necessary for
the lonely girl such as I am! This's all I need. I am already an adult
girl and I need my own family! As I already said I work as an
accountant. I worked at many other places before my girlfriend has
helped me with this one. It is very nice, I like it very much. Also I
like cooking! I can make a big variety of dishes! My mother used to
say that it's very important to cook tasty and delicious food to
become a good wife. My favourite is the Russian cuisine! My mother
says I do it very good however I don't eat that much: only salads 2
times a day. What kind of food do you like? I think I know English
well enough for us to understand each other I studied English at
school then at the University. The English language was my favourite
lesson. Of course I don't speak English as good but I'm trying to
improve it. Now I live with my mother. I was born when my mum was 30.
My parents wanted children so much and they were waiting girl for so
long so that when I was born they were so happy and tried to give me
all their love and care. My father died natural death when I was young
but he is still in my heart and in my mind. Unfortunately I have
neither sisters nor brothers. I feel lonely and it is so difficult to
live without man's support without strong man's shoulder on which I
would lean. Fortunately I have some good friends who always are with
me and help me. I am very much interested in you and our relations.
Will you please send me your pictures! It's all for now, I'm going
home to sleep and think what to write you tomorrow. Your Daria.

Letter 3
Hello my friend!!! I am glad to hear from you again. Thanks that you
have written me. I think that every new letter pulls us together more
and more. I think that you know much about me now. I was familiar with
many young people, but I didn't like any of them. Now I know you and I
think we can be very close friends. I hope that I have made the right
choice. I do not want to risk. I want to be happy and to love the
persons who will make me happy. I write you with pure intentions. Do
you think we can be happy together? Once I had long relations with one
guy. We were dating for two years. I thought that we would marry one
day. But suddenly he became so cold with me, he began to treat me so
bad, started to drink a lot and spend most of the time with his
friends. And they were telling stories about me, something very
horrible that I've never done. He became rude with me. He spent time
with other women. I was so upset and after that I disappointed in all
Russian men. Since that passed one year already. Recently my
girlfriend told me that it is possible to get acquainted with the man
through the Internet. I didn't believe in this but decided to try. And
I have found you. I am very happy that we write each other. It is very
important for me. I want to be happy with the man and to spend with
him the whole my life. I will try to make my man happy. But without
his help and his love and understanding it would be impossible. I
think I'm ready to try such a wonderful feeling as love again. I hope
that you will understand my words.I want to know your opinion about
all this. I want to learn more about you. About your soul and
background. What is the most important for you: material or spiritual
values? I would like to receive more of your pictures. I will wait for
your answer with impatience. Your friend Daria!!!

I wish to learn you better

Letter 4
Hello dear!!!!
I am very pleased that you answered me. Thank you for your
interesting letter! Your letters always bring me a lot of pleasure
and happiness. When I read your letter I feel, that you are the
kind and good person, and you will never hurt me!
My heart starts to beat more often when I read your letter,
and I think, that you are that person whom I waited for so long.
I am pleased, that we are so similar and it is wonderful to feel
that you are interested in me! I promise you, that I will be sincere
in my letters! Last night I talked to my mother about us. After
my dad has died, she became closer to me and I decided to tell
her, that I correspond with you. I said that you are not from Russia
and she encouraged me. My mother was glad to hear that I met a
good person (that's what I told her about you, as you are really
very nice) but warned to be careful because she remembers how I
suffered with the previous boyfriend. But I ensured her that you
are not that kind of man who will make me suffer. I told her how
interesting and important you are for me and she gave me her
blessing and said she would pray for us! She said that if my dad
were alive he would be happy for me. Yesterday evening I had good
time thinking with my mother, what to write you about me in this
following letter. I hope, that it is pleasant for you! They say
I have good character, and I'm not interested in married men
because to destroy their family is very bad! I want to tell you
that if we shall be together one day I will try to be a good wife
for you and will never deceive you with another man! I think to
betray the husband it is the biggest sin and I am not capable
to do this as many other women! I want to be the best wife I
even read the book in which key rules of the good wife were
written. My life target is not the money but the happiness in
family. I don't want to say, that if everything is ok with us
I will sit at home and keep the house, I would like to find the
job if you don't mind. As for my education I have good knowledge!
I studied for the accountant approximately for 6 years and I'm
good at it. I have good job, but salary is so small so I need
to save money all the time (it is $180 per month). I don't
have my own phone and computer so I write you from the Internet-cafe.
I think it's even better that I do not have much money as they
make people worse and do not make them happy! Of course I earn
more than many people here but it is enough only for meal and
some clothes. I think that we should not speak about the incomes
because it's not the main thing. Well, it's time to go to home
and I can't afford my own phone and computer to write you from home
and sometimes to call you, it is very expensive here.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
Your Daria!!!.

Letter 5
Hello my dear Rav!!!

It is so pleasant to come from work and find your letter

in my mail box. I am so tired I had a long working day.

I've made the quarter balance from the beginning of year.

Due to the new requirements in registrating official

papers I had to rewrite many documents and to recount the

figures. Now it's just the figures and tables in my head.

More than that I had to finish this within one day

because tomorrow there comes the tax commission. I wonder

what for they issue constantly new and new policy? Why

isn't it impossible to adhere for a long time to the

old rules??? But unfortunately I can't do anything with

this. I have to obey to this system.

Only one thing makes me happy, that everything is ok with you.

It is so pleasant to read your letters when I reread them I

come over all the troubles and difficulties so easy. It is

very easy for me with you. I am so tired now so I'd better

go to sleep and on my

way back home I will think of you and it will give me

new energy to spend tomorrow's day and write you again!

Hugs and kisses, your Daria!

Letter 6
Hello my dear Rav!

It is so pleasant to receive your letter again!

You filled up my life with a new feeling which I forgot for

quite a while. It is so wonderful! I would like to come more

often to the Internet-cafe to receive your letters, but the

job takes a lot of time and energy.

Why I have written to you? And where I have found yours e-mail? I have

decided to search for the man from other country. But what to do? I

did not know. I have come to the Internet-cafe. I asked to search for

me e-mail address of the man from other country. The worker of it the

Internet-cafe, has given me your address. And now I write to you. I

hope, we can learn each other better. Recently I have told my

girlfriends about you. They were very surprised, that I have

found the man of my life through the Internet. They heard,

that lots of Russian women get acquainted through the Internet

and come to live in the foreign country with the husband, and

they wish us good luck! They wanted to know all the details

concerning our correspondence but I said that it's very

private and told them just a few general things about us

(for them not to feel jealous that such a wonderful man

correspond with me not with them)! All my girlfriends are

married and their husbands are Russian. Unfortunately most

of them are unhappy in family and there are many reasons

for that and they even envy me that everything is ok with us!

I am very pleased that our relations do the right way! I

would like to ask you about the happiest day in your life

What was it like, what did you feel at that moment?

Now it's time to go home. I will think of you this evening.

Take care.

Your Daria.

Letter 7
Hello my love Rav!!!

I am so happy! You're in my mind all the time. I like to reread

your letters, they cheer me up. I want to tell you, that my heart

starts beating more often when I think of you!!!

How are things with you? I hope everything is fine. I want to ask

you send me some more of your pictures, I will look on them and

feel as if you are here with me. I want so much to watch your smile,

to feel your breath, to be in your arms. All I want is to love you

and to be loved by you. My feelings to you are clean and virgin.

Now everything around me is beautiful, kind, gentle and romantic!!!

I want to have the family and loving husband to feel his care and

support in difficult situation. I was very close to my dream in

the past, but my trustfulness made me suffer. This is the main

thing for me - to trust the person with whom I am. To trust each

word, gesture, sigh or smile. In the world now there is so much

meanness and deceit, that it is necessary to make sure that you

trust people whom you call friends. I'm not saying about you, I

know you not for so long but feel that you are honest with me

and that makes me believe that I can love and be loved with you!!!

My mother used to tell me that I should be opened to friends.

She asked about us and I said that everything is ok. I told my

mother a lot about you. She hopes that I will be happy at last.

Mother told me how she had met my dad. How they fell in love

at first sight, were dating then and after all married.

I am so upset that I don't have the phone to call you.

But I think, I can find a way to call to you. Write your phone number.

And I can call to you from the payphone. You wish to hear my voice? I want so

much to hear your voice and to look at your eyes, to hold your

hands. I want to make you happy. Please, give me the chance to do it!

Give me the chance to feel love again.

I will wait for your letter.

Your Daria!!!


2010-01-20, 01:20:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2010-01-20, 01:20:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2010-01-20, 01:20:49   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

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2010-01-20, 10:19:45
OJAS from United States  
Thanks UK. Also post
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2010-01-30, 07:33:52
Here is the next .....
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2010-01-30, 07:35:41
anonymous from Germany  

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2010-05-06, 14:43:43
anonymous from United Kingdom  
ive been stung by same daria scamming bitch bet she dont tell her mum what a nasty peice of work she is
2010-05-06, 14:53:57
anonymous from United Kingdom  
guys the tree has more feelings than she has!
2010-05-06, 16:18:53
OJAS from United States  
2010-05-06, 17:09:20
anonymous from Brazil  
she is a professional scammer
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2010-05-06, 17:10:15
anonymous from Brazil  

2010-05-06, 17:10:46
anonymous from Brazil  




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