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Dating scammer Jane Johnson


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Name: Jane Johnson


Ive no idea???

Other Comments:
Hello everyone!!! oh ive been a fool, but ive learnd something!! this is a new scammer her play name is Jane Johnson. i have here some mails from her so have fun by reading it.

Good everning my love,
honey i want you to know that i have miss you so much and i just want you to believe me that i truely loves you so much and i need you and heaven knows how much i love you, I just can'tthink anything else but you and you are my Truely and one and only Love,
honey I believe God has answered our cry he has done it and i believe because he knew how much we want each other I am lying in my room now putting on just bra and pant writing you a mail and i am crying also because i have miss you so much and i really want you to believe me and trust in my love, all i am doing is for us to be together because you mean so much to me,
Honey i want you to be happy always when thinking about me I love you so much and i will always love you, please take good care of yourself for me and i will always love you and be your wife forever,,

your wife

I love you and words can not discribe how i feel about you, you are my everything,

your my husband,


Honey Love,
I really want you to know how important you are to me, i just can't wait to be with you, honey i am here all alone just thinking about you and i know you will be at work now, I feel so ashame when you told me that i dont have time for you again...honey i am very sorry and i never wanted something like things the reason why i stop work is because i want to be with you, i want our relationship to be more stronger than ever. I need you and it is clear that we are main to be together I truely love you so much, Our relationship is bass on truet i know you trust me that i will never cheat on you or give another man your time or give my body to another man, I have the same trust for you and i know you will always love me and be honest with me, I love you so much,
Please darling take good care of yourself for me,
you are my true love, I need you right now and i am with my mother telling her things that i will do when i get there.. and everything we have planed,. darling she was just crying because she will miss me so much,
I feel for her but i have no choice this is my life my life in not complete without you I need to complete my love and is with you Marcel.

I just want to wish you a happy day,
love you so much

your loving wife

Dear Heart.

I want to start by saying that I miss you, and you have no idea how much I love you.
I know you don't need another reminder because I tell you a thousand times a day how much I love you, but I do and that is my only way to show you. I love the hundred ways you show me how much you love me, and I know my simple words can never compare.
From day one, I knew there was something in you that no other guy had. You are the most AMAZING guy I have ever known.

Thinking back to the strange way we met, how we grow so close in just a few short days, and how you were the first one to show me the meaning of true love, it makes me smile and fall all over for you again.

Baby, you make my heart beat faster each time I see youon chat and your picture, a. You are the one I want to hold for the rest of my life. In your arms is where I belong.
You melt me every time you tell me about the future that you want to spend with me and how we could show the world the real meaning of being in love with the right person.
I wish the people around me saw you and accepted us being together, because I don't think I could live a day knowing that you are not in my life. I know that anyone that tried to replace you would only be compared to you in my mind, and I know they could never live up to you in my eyes. Every time I look into your eyes I know that is where I want to live and die, and every time you hold me tight I don't want you to let go because that is the only place I feel safest.

I know when we first got together everyone wanted us apart. They told us that our relationship would never last, and they still tell us that. But we have proven them wrong because soonest we will be together and I want you to stay in my life forever, as you will in my heart. I know forever is a very long time but it won’t be enough time for me to spend with you, showing you every day how much I love and care about you.
I hate distance is killing me . , and I look forward to the day when we can be together and is soon, i am so happy about this..
Love Always,
your wife

we have thought about it before my Friend is always call me Rita so means nothing....I know honey I end it with is not a mstake I purposely do it...

love you...


Dear true love
I love you more than words could ever express. From the moment I saw you I had to have you. Although I was only a young girl you taught me how to express myself as a true woman. You taught me everything I know about loving someone. You molded me into something rare and beautiful. Now we hane entered another year, our love has only grown. Everyone looks at our relationship and are jealous because we are an example of pure love, and not lust. I cant wait for your touch my body, my heart seems to explode and this is why I love you.
Love Always,
Your One And Only True Love


Honey you are the best thing that has ever happen to me I love you so much

your wife


Hello My love,
I just want you to know you mean so much to me and i am seriously thinking about you, Honey i just can't wait and i am happy because soonest we will be together and start all we have planed I love you so much and i will always love,
please take good care of yourself for me,

Hello My Love,
Honey i am ot happy about what is happening to us, honey by this time of our relationship you can still doubt my love or feel i am dating another man over my dead body will i share myself for another man, I have loved you and i will always love you, honey I really want you to know that relationship without misunderstanding is not a true relationship and because we are human we are main to make mistake or do things that is not right but that will not make me have any reason to cheat on you I believe in one woman for one man... My love you are my choice and you are what i want..

please i really want you to trust me with me all your heart, I am not happy that things are like this.. I dont want to hear picture issue it really make me feel bad or make me hing you dont trust me or you are just for my body please i am yours and you will have me to your self soon...maybe this week so please darling love , the mail i write you is your mail not for any bidy i was so surprise when you mention i that the male was for another man i feel like i am a fool or i did not know what i am doing...a man that i have give my heart my love and my trust can' still doubt painful...

I do understand that you will get upset but not to this way after i have told you that i purposely done it because we are talking about it and my Friend is here...please darling do not make me feel this way again...everybidy knows that you are the only one for me,,, My Friend always protect me for you they are big part of our relationship....
I swear to almighty God I truely loves you and I want to marry You, Please darling this is my Choice you are my Choice...I even have the picture of my Friends.
I love you so much,
your wife


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2010-01-27, 21:50:01
DOC from United States  
2010-01-27, 22:12:42
DOC from United States  

2010-01-27, 22:14:17
DOC from United States  

2010-01-28, 02:48:29
Mass77 from Spain  
Is there some one who can tell me who she realy is? A name or what so ever!!
2010-01-28, 02:55:03
Mass77 from Spain  
Is there some one who can tell me who she realy is? A name or what so ever!!
2010-01-28, 10:04:46
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-01-28, 02:55:03
Mass77 from Spain

Im sorry but most of the scams made by westafrican scammers are made

by men in this case so i will warn you that she is an he instead..

if you think that you have been talking to an woman you are wrong im sorry.

Sure there is women also but very rare in these cases..

Every contact to Nigeria,Ghana,Benin and Ivory coast is scams made by men..

Regards //Miss Marple//
2010-01-29, 06:12:41
Mass77 from Spain  
Good morning Miss Marple.
Nice to read your comments, Thank you. but I know for a couple weeks now that she is a scammer. She is a member of a gang in Benin. I've been playing a bit with them now. I've sended them to places for money, afcourse there was no money hahiha. But I am intressted to get to know the real lady on that picture. Cause this is a stolen picture by this gang. Maybe I'm a dreamer but I do like those pictures. She is beautifull. I do like to try to get in contact with the real girl, but I've no clue where to look. But nice to see your attention. Thank you. ;))
2010-01-29, 19:45:29   (updated: 2010-01-29, 19:49:08)
Miss Marple from Sweden  
@2010-01-29, 06:12:41
Mass77 from Spain

Hola Spain!!

Now i want you to listen to me ...!!!
Playing with scammers is something you just do if you know

really what you are doing...This girl is not involved in this scammergang

these pictures are stolen by the scammergang and that girl is not from Benin

i can assure you that...the common sense says to me that this Girl is from

Europe ore Russia and there is an picture also i suspect that is an different

girl ,and she is maybe an modell from UK ore America...

Scams made from Benin and other west african countries is NOT offen made by any

women,i have posted this earlier to you that you understand this...

I dont say this to you that you get hurt, i will say this now that you dont get

in deep truobble,because playing with mugus is dangerous,they are everywhere

and if you piss these guys off really bad you can have them back at youre door...

if you are unlycky, west african scammers runs buisness with accomplices around

euorope so please stop this games now !!,in this way you dont find out who this girl is


Regards //Miss Marple//
2010-01-29, 21:47:12
WTF from United States  
The scammers really do not appreciate false MTCN codes or answers to phony secret questions. They can check for funds availability online.
2010-01-30, 07:01:22
Mass77 from Spain  
Hello Miss Marple.

If you read my comments correctly then you can read that I KNOW that the lady on the picture not the lady is that I've talked to all the time.
I had a lady on the phone. BUT NOT THE LADY ON THOSE PICTURES. No one uses his or her own pictures for stuff like this.
Sorry but this time your comment didn't make any sence. But thanks anyway for the warning cause they do have my home adress.
Regards Spain
2010-01-30, 14:09:23
DOC from United States  

2010-01-30, 01:19:24
anonymous from Spain

2010-01-30, 01:20:23
anonymous from United States

What do you all think of these postings??

The posts are one minute apart and from 2 different countries.

Spam or not? Could be a scammer posting a victims pix.
2010-01-30, 16:18:08
OJAS from United States  
It sounds like a scammer who was refused money by a victim, and posting from 2 locations.
2010-01-30, 17:11:09   (updated: 2010-01-30, 18:03:13)
ww from Japan  
@2010-01-30, 07:01:22
Mass77 from Spain

Hey! Spain !
You also don't make any sense here.
I show you the way of EXIT !
Delphi is NOT a Dating Site.
Go to Dating Sites and register your e-mail address with Dating Sites.

>>>But I am intressted to get to know the real lady on that picture
>>>She is beautifull. I do like to try to get in contact with the real girl, but I've no clue where to look. But nice to see your attention. Thank you. ;))

Non-sense !
You have wasted Delphi's spaces & Delphian's time.
Even if I know the clue of that girl,I never show you infos on her.
You are time killer here.
Get a life !
Never play with miss marple anymore !
anon us and spain had posted 2 male's infos and e-mail addresses .I guess it is from WTF.So I think it is a spam !

2010-01-30, 17:15:22
ww from Japan  
It is all from SCAMMER WTF aka Monkey Peter in USA .
WTF is playing a double role.
Because his posts are non-sense.
WTF is going to see a head shrink in Russia !
Stupid !

2010-01-30, 17:26:47
ww from Japan  

2010-01-29, 21:47:12
WTF from United States

The scammers really do not appreciate false MTCN codes or answers to phony secret questions. They can check for funds availability online.

Few days ago,Mr.Liar WTF aka Monkey piper in USA said '' I am registered with Delphi ''.
So I contacted Delphi and asked about his registration.Delphi said '' No !! ''.ha,ha,ha,ha,LOL !
WTF is a big liar ! ha,ha,ha,ha,LOL !
See his alias !
Everytime he used non registered !

WTF said '' They can check for funds availability online. ''. ha,ha,ha,WTF knows scammer's tactics because WTF is a real SCAMMER himself ,LOL ! So he knows that .
Scammer & idiot !

He doesn't need MTCN but needs '' anti-impotence tablets '' LOL !
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer svetlana belonosova

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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