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Dating scammer Anastasia


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Name: Anastasia


Anastasiya Yashkuich
Lenina st 22-A
Volzhsk city

Other Comments:
Hi. Its Anastasia. How are you? I hope at you all is good. What is
your name? Thank you for your letter. I am glad that you have found a
way to write me! Unfortunately I cannot translate Doutch. I know only
Russian and English.

I am sorry at once maybe... (Smile) I understand that maybe for you it
was the unexpected letter. Sorry for persistence maybe, but I think if
I can send you a messege theoretically it will be nothing terrible and
wild there if I will do it. (Smile) I have written to you in my last
letter, that I have received your address from my friend who worked as
manager of dating internet online company, I have decided to try
writing and as a result of his help - we are writing each others.
Surprisingly! I believe and hope that our correspondence will proceed!
I have written to you that he worked there, but has been dismissed,
but he has told that can help me and has given me this email. If it is
fair, I have not believed that I will be answered with someone, and
has been surprised when you have answered me! (Smile)

Excuse me that I have not written you this weekends. It was holiday of
all grandfathers and grandmothers! This Day in 1945 fascist Germany
has signed the pact about capitulation! Very big holiday here! This
day in each city of country pass celebratory parades! You can see it
on TV, celebratory parade in Moscow! I heard that there was even
military fighters in the sky, many big machines and soldiers! (Smile)
I went on celebratory parade! (Smile) There was many people and very
festively! Sadly, that it is ever less and less veterans remains... It
has passed already 64 years since that memorable time, but people who
have released world from oppression of aggressors always in memory of
peace people! Very big holiday! How are you today?

Ok! I am so understand in this letter I need to tell you about myself
that you could present what I am person. (Smile) I do not know will it
turn out at me, but I will try... I think, this kind of acquaintance
has advantages. We do not see each other and without some problems can
tell each other about ourselves. Hope, I am right. And I hope also we
will find common language and will understand what we wait, what we
want, about what we dream. I send you also my photos. I hope, it will
like you... I would like to find out about you too, I would be glad to
see your photos also... Tell me please about yourself, about your
life, maybe work, hobbies, about your living... Ok, I think you will
think up what to tell. Lets go... (Smile)

Now Im single and I want to find friend or maybe my future. Maybe it
sounds a little bit incredibly... And someone will tell, now it is
impossible to find such person in such way, but I believe all the
same, it is possible... Do you looked cinema 'You'v got a mail' in
leaging role Tom Hanks and Mag Ryan? A beautiful history of love! And
the main thing... I want to tell you, I look in internet because I
want to find more dialogue with good, noble and kind person. Now I
will tell you about myself a little. I live in russian city Volzhsk
now. I live here from 2007. I was born in Russia in Tumen city. In my
life trouble has taken place, it was in 2006. I was married. We have
got acquainted with him in Internet, corresponded during half of year,
and in 2004 we have got married, I adored him and he loved me too. He
was from England and I have moved to live there in city Altrincham,
UK. We planned about future, we thought about children and I helped
him in all his undertakings... We was together! But there has come
2006. I lost my husband in car accident. It was huge loss for me and
even now when I have passed almost three years to remember this loss.
I know, I should continue to live, not looking that the God has
presented me this life test. But kind ideas about this person always
will live in my heart. After his death I have decided to leave back in
Russia and to begin life from white sheet again. Now I live here in
small city Volzhsk, I have small flower business and hope for happy
days. (Smile)

If you are not against you can tell about yourself, how you live, what
you doing in free time, your hobbies, your personal qualities, yours
likes and dislikes, your vital principles... In common, I would like
to get acquainted with you. (Smile) What education you have, what job?
I have received economic education and I have hobby, videomontage and
all what about video. I like to travel, I was on Jamaica, Dominican
republic, Turkey, England and in some countries of Europe. What to
tell about myself? Mmmm... I am quiet, and maybe romantic person.
Compliant, optimist. At least, I think so... For example, I like a
nature, its calmness and diversification.... It is pleasantly and
pacific, when you sit at fire in warm company of friends. I like
sunset and sunrise - as though at this time all nature bears a new! I
like dialogue and interesting clever speaker. It is posible to find
much from such conversation!

About family life I present it as in dream.... Now I am single again.
I feel, it will be perfect time, when I will find my Love!!! We will
bathe in sea of happiness and love. Family for me most important thing
in life. I am brought up by my parents since early years in such
spirit, that if I will find my second half, it will be by my half on
all life, forever.... You understand me? For me my future family is

My dream... The different dreams I see. In the dreams I see my
parents, friends, children.... I know, many people do not see dreams,
but at me in another way... Every night, I see dreams... I think,
there is any communication of life and dreams. If you feel something,
if your ideas are kept deeply in heart, you can see it in dreams. What
do you think about it? I want to meet man who would appreciate and
respected me. For me important only inner life what in heart and soul
of my beloved. The man - keeper of family is necessary for me!!! You
understand me? For woman it is most important.... Yes, I am very
tender person. But I can be tender only with one person in my life. It
is one who lives in my heart, whom I love and I appreciate, he is my
part, my lobe, my dreem!!! But if someone wants or has in ideas to
offend me and I feel it I simply break off any contacts with him! I do
not love deceit and mean words behind a back!

How you concern to religion and our different dogmas? I am Christian
Orthodoxy. I think that religion should occupy special position in
human life. Many in our life do not concern seriously to this but I
think that the God should live in heart of each person, it gives vital
calmness and pacification. And when in life there are bad events, it
is necessary to address only to God and he will help necessary... I am
Christian on creed and my parents since early years taught me to live
on precepts Sirs and I am grateful them for it! The world has changed
very much for the last years and there many evil, deceit, insults...
And now it is very important do not lose human face and remain with
kind heart and open soul...

What to say else?... I like to cooking much. My dream is early morning
to bring lunch to my Love. Sweet kiss him in lips and thus to wake
him. Then to say him: 'Good morning, my Love!!!' Yes, I like to
cooking very much. There would be products... My mum has learnt me
from childhood to cook. Everyone, who tried my dishes talk, it is very
tasty (it is very very delicious). (Smile)

My birthday on June, 15 1978. And when your birthday? I have older
brother Alexander who married and has child. He has gambling internet
business. Tell me about your family too, if its not a secret. (Smile)
Ok... I send you my fotos. Send me photos too, please.

I hope it will be start of new friendship as we get to know each
other. Please tell me more about yourself. In parting, I would like to
share with you its lines:

'All our life we look for someone to love,
someone who makes us complete,
We choose and change partners,
We dance to a song of heartbreak
and hope all of the while that somewhere, somehow,
there is someone perfect,
who might be looking for us '.

Well like while all.... If you will have questions, would like to
continue correspondence and want to find out me better you can write
on this e-mail:

I will be glad if we will write each others.

I will wait your reply and will be glad to answer your questions...

Anastasia in Russia







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2010-02-26, 19:14:08
anonymous from Netherlands  
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Thank you very much for your post,

Peter / Delphi. com


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Dating scammer Anastasia

2010-02-26, 19:21:38
anonymous from Netherlands  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anastasia

2010-02-26, 20:42:42
OJAS from United States  
British Passport seems forged http://www.delphifa..p=6#163644



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