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Dating scammer Yuliya Matveeva


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Name: Yuliya Matveeva


8 apt., Vostochnaya-3,
Tomsk, Tomskaya area, 634021, Russia

Other Comments:
Same bullshit story:- no phone - wants money for student visa - only have limited days to pay for visa - sends letters from internet cafe every second day - sends photoshoped passport - insists that she is serious - lies about selling fur coats, gold rings etc to find money for flights - then asks for more money as she just found out that she needed a return ticket which was not known previously.

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2010-03-06, 00:44:14
anonymous from Australia  
hey Rahul.
It would appear that our friend in common is not only trying to scam us .. but mate, she even send the same letters word for word. Mate she's a real feral bush pig!
Good luck, in stuffing her / him around.
Oh by the way, in the last week I've had someone muck around with my yahoo account to the extent that I had to sign in and get different passwords 4 times in one day.
Has this happened to you yet?
2010-03-06, 22:46:00 from United States  
Hey guys,

Anyone who sent money to Russian scammers, please consider contacting Russian police!

Also, everyone who corresponded with Russian or Ukrainian scammers, you are invited to participate in a research study about scammers:
(the only exception are scam baiters. Baiters will be invited to participate in a different research study sometime late in the year).
2010-03-08, 19:20:38
anonymous from Australia  
@ mickle ...

I didn't have that happen to my e-mail account...
I think its a desperate female, or maybe a team...because of all the pics
Today I am gona send her to Money Gram...

I have added the very first emails from her for interest. ..

I hope that you've got this letter.
Are you going to write me or not?
Are you interested in me or not?
If you are not interested in me, then write me, please.
Then I will not bother you any more.
I am still waiting for your reply.
I do not know the reason of you keeping silence. Perhaps,
you just didn't get my letters. I have sent you some and
wrote you more about myself.
I didn't write to you earlier as I didn't see your letter
at my email address. If you do not remember me,
I wrote you at the dating site. And I've got your reply at
my e-mail. But I didn't see it earlier that's why I had a
delay. Your letter was in the spam folder.
Perhaps, you are not interested in me. So, please, just
write me if you are interested in me or not. And then
I will not bother you any more.
Perhaps, you have someone already. Then just write me and
I will not wait for you but look for another man.
Maybe you are scared that I am russian. But I don't think
it is a problem. I have lived in another country (Australia)
and worked there. That's why there will be no difficulties
with our communication. I speak English fluently. And I am
going to come and live in your country in a month. I am going
to enter the University in your country to get another higher
education. I could enter the one close to you so we could meet.
I am waiting for your reply. And I will understand everything
even if you don't want to talk to me any more.

This is me again. (from
This is my main email, write here.
As I promised I am going to tell you more about myself now.
My name is Yuliya.
I am 28 years old.
I have never been married and I have no children.
My height is 5.4 and my weigh is 120. You can have an impression
about it from my picture.
I am a very affectionate person. I believe in a life full of
physical, emotional and spiritual happiness. And I want to share
such a life with a person who wants the same.
I love the outdoors, spending time at home with a beloved person.
I love nature, water, picnics.
But I don’t do this as often as I would like it to be as I don’t
have the one who could share it with me.
I am honestly ready to open my heart to a person who could
really appreciate this.
I work as a shop-assistant and do sell clothes for women (skirts,
trousers, blouses ). I really like my job. It is great when you
can help someone to look more beautiful and I like to be around
I live in Russia. The city is called Tomsk. If you look at the
map, you will find it close to the center, in the beginning of
Sibiria. but somewhere I am going to get a student
visa and I am
going to come to your country. I thought a lot about it and had
come to such decision.
I love Russia but I do really want to move to a more stable
country. The life is very complicated here. I know it will not
be easy in a foreign country. But I am sure I can do much more
in your country. I am a hard-working person and I am not afraid
of difficulties, so with the opportunities that your country
gives I can do more than I do here.
I already have some experience living and working in a foreign
country. Some years ago I worked in Australia and I should say
I liked it very much. So I know what is waiting for me and I
don’t want to waste time. And I decided to try and find a
person I could rely on, the one who will be with me in joy
and sorrows. We all work a lot now and it takes so much time
that we miss the most important in this life – love relations
and family.
Living in Australia I had relations with a man. But I had to
go back to my country as my visa was over. He didn’t want to
wait for me any longer. It was too difficult for him. It was
a very hard period for me but I could handle it. And now I
am ready to fall in love and to have new relations. I tried
to have correspondence with foreigners. But as soon as they
get to know I was from Russia they disappeared. They thought
I was a scammer. I hope that you are not scared that I am
from Russia.
I want you to understand, I am not a scammer. I don’t need
money from you. I heard much about it and I really feel sorry
for women who are true and want to find their happiness.
All this is so wrong as there are so many people who really
want to find their second halves. And internet is a very good
opportunity for this.
I hope that you like my pictures. I am not a model, of course.
I am just an average Russian girl who is truly seeking her love...
I hope that you are interested in me and I will hear back from
you. And perhaps, in the future we will have an opportunity to
meet. I go to the internet cafe 3 times a week. That is why
I am going to write to you in a day.
Well, I hope that now you understand me better and I will be
waiting impatiently for your reply.

2010-03-08, 19:31:24
anonymous from Australia  
Hey Rahul
Ley us know what happens. See how we get get her (or him) going to WU on a daily routine. I'm thinking of writting her a letter and at point black tell her that she is lower than a prostitute, for a pro delivers a service, and all she does is steel your time and trys for the dollars. Damm silly bitch. Also, I'll let her know that she is under survalence by interpol / FBI / AFP / russian Police and sherlock homes (as Kevin bloody wilso would say ' That'll F*@K em!'
Also I may tell her that the topless shot is doaring, I've seen better tits on a cow, and for what it's worth, a cow gives milk, Yuliya just tries to MILK you!
Anyway my partner in crime... let's kick some arse. And I extend this invitation to bomb her email account with bucket loads of useless spam... that will slow them down or maybe shut them down.
see ya mate.
and keep the good work up
2010-03-09, 09:54:43
OJAS from United States  
Some choice Boris vocabulary → http://www.delphifa..html#63955
2010-03-09, 15:35:26
anonymous from Australia  

Hey reply to the scammer!

My ever most non dearest Yuliya (kisa)

Hi there and how are you? I am really sorry to have learnt of your misadventures in Moscow. Considering that you have been it the city for almost 2 weeks, how have you found the finance to purchase food and other items. Tell me, have you gone to any night clubs, selling yourself for a fine profit. I suppose the answer is NO. Only because you are such a fine young lady who has reassured me (and others) on numerous occasions that your a person of good morals, and that you would never scam. And sure did I believe you. Sure, Ms Yuliya Matveeva would never scam. Yuliya is a fine decent person, who as I understand from my work associates at the Australian Federal Police, is of sound moral values. However it the mixed up pervert behind this character who is the real dickhead. This dickhead is such a low life, that no wonder he has no job, he's a lazy prick, scabbing money so he can feel like a real wanker, drinking his two dollar septic vodka, while screwing innocent people for their hard earned cash.
Yes Mr Yuliya, you are a sick bastard. How much of a low life are you to steel money from people. A prostitute at least has some morals, as compared to you - your feral degenerate. So it's now obvious that the nuclear fallout has really effect the mental conditioning of the idiots of mother Russia. You poor bastard, you need counselling!
Pluck a duck, and go and root your boot pal. Your full of shit - fuck stick. And I really wonder if a wanker like you would ever return the money stolen. Now tell me this, you confessed about a christian, and stated that you are not a scammer. Well that's a load of bullshit. I have to tell you this ... you will have to answer to GOD almighty on judgement day. Think about, eternal life in heaven, or eternity in hell, for the sake of money. (so who is your GOD? Friendship or the devil)
Now you know why I have not responded. Because you are the lowest of low, a bloody idiot, and I am ashamed that you represent the people of Russia. Obviously, if most people are like you, who really gives a fuck about Russia - not us honest people.
So keep looking over your shoulder, maybe someone may just want to have a word with you, Just go lay under a rock, decompose - because an idiot just like needs that type of encouragement.
disrespectfully yours

From: Yuliya <>
To: XYZ123 <>
Sent: Tue, 9 March, 2010 9:04:49 PM
Subject: Why you have not answered?

My darling ( the idiot that I'm trying to scam)l!!!!
Why you have not answered?
Please, understand that I can’t stay in Moscow for long time.
It is not my native city. I can stay in Moscow for more 7-8 days.
I am tired to stay in cheap hotels with the homeless people
or in the airport. I do it only for our future. Please, hurry
up with sending money so I can buy a ticket. My visa is issued
only for 2 months. I should leave already or all the money
would spend just useless. Please, try to understand my situation.
And send me the money as soon as possible. Just let me know
if you send the money. Should I wait or no?
I miss you badly... You even can't imagine how hard it is to be
here without you... I need you so much...And dream of our soon
I also dream of your tender and passional. I try to
imagine how it is to kiss your lips, your hands, your strong body.
I imagine how it is to make love to you...
I love you so much that even have a physical ache sometimes.
I need your strong touch, your lips, want to lick every part of
your body.
I know this is only a dream but it will come true very soon.
Everything depends only on us. We just need to be patient and wait.
But how sweet will be our meeting at last.
I think I would kiss you till death. I am hungry for you, my sweetie.
Hungry for your kiss, for your body. I want you to hold me tightly
and to be with you forever.
Hope you are not scared with my feelings...
I do love you and need you a lot.

I recond she says this to all the boys - the bush pig!
2010-03-09, 21:35:50   (updated: 2010-03-09, 22:04:05)
OJAS from United States  
2010-03-11, 16:40:06
anonymous from Australia  
I sent her to MoneyGram!

Shit! She is dumb!!

My darling Rahul!!!!
Why to me have not given your money? You play? I went in
MoneyGram, but your money is not present!!!
I miss you badly... You even can't imagine how hard it is to be
here without you... I need you so much...And dream of our soon
I also dream of your tender and passional. I try to
imagine how it is to kiss your lips, your hands, your strong body.
I imagine how it is to make love to you...
I love you so much that even have a physical ache sometimes.
I need your strong touch, your lips, want to lick every part of
your body.
I know this is only a dream but it will come true very soon.
Everything depends only on us. We just need to be patient and wait.
But how sweet will be our meeting at last.
I think I would kiss you till death. I am hungry for you, my sweetie.
Hungry for your kiss, for your body. I want you to hold me tightly
and to be with you forever.
Hope you are not scared with my feelings...
I do love you and need you a lot.
2010-03-11, 21:39:17
OJAS from United States  
2010-03-12, 03:43:50
anonymous from Sydney, Australia  
G'day Rahul.
Mate you have hit the nail on the head...another Binbo Russian Bottle Blond.

I sent her an email, ref my reply to the scammer.... this is her come back....

My darling (the dope I'm trying to scam)!!!
I see that you don’t trust me. It is very offensive. I see that
you don’t believe me. I have spent so many forces and money to
come to Moscow and to get this visa and I see that you don’t
appreciate this at all. You have a very strange attitude to me.
From one side you write to me come there, that I am good and
we could have good relations. From the other side you don’t
do anything for us to be together. You write that you don’t believe
me, or you have no money, or something else. I think that you
just don’t want to be happy. When the one wants to be happy he
does everything for this. I did everything I could. But my forces
are limited too. I’ve got visa, I came to Moscow. I’ve spent so
many forces and money for this. But I feel that you don’t appreciate
this. When I asked you about help, you didn’t help me. There is
only one step left before we meet. You just need to send me money
for the ticket and that’s it. I have done so much already and
I think that I deserve this. And I have already proved to you
that I am real many times. I am hurt and offended that you still
don’t believe me. And I see only one way from this situation,
to come back to my city if you don’t send me money for the ticket.
Please, remember that there is only one step left for our happiness.
And you should make this step! You should send me money for
the ticket.
I woke up today with such a strange feeling…I saw you in my
night dream. It was such a pleasure….I felt your touch, saw
your eyes.
I am going to tell you my dream now. I am sure you will like
it the same way I do.
There was a beautiful island with a white sand, blue water and
lots of green trees.
I was sitting near the water looking at the clear blue sky and
suddenly saw a plane.
When it landed I saw a wonderful man coming close to me. I was
a little scared and surprised to see a man. I was naked with
just a small towel on me. I was a little bit embarrassed.
But decided to wait and not run away. That was you though I had
not seen you before and didn’t know you. You came and asked me
if there were any people there except me on the island. I told
you that I was the only one and there was a house where you can
stay if were going to stay on the island for a while.
You agreed and we went to see the place.
In the evening we had dinner with champagne and talked a lot
and I felt how I started to fall in love with you. This way we
spent several days and then you had to leave back to your life
and work. And you left and I stayed on the island alone. Two
weeks passed. I missed you badly and often cried realizing that
I would never see you again.
One day I was lying on the sofa at home and suddenly heard
someone knocking my door. I was surprised and when I opened
the door I saw you. You looked at me attentively and the first
think you told me was :”I love you, baby!”
Then I woke up and had such a wonderful feeling. I dream to hear
these words from you in real one day.
So let me know what you think of this dream.
I miss you badly.

Rahul - your dead set right...she's a fair dingcome bone head... he/she must have their arse hanging out of their pants... got to hand it to them...they could get a job writting short novels...I agree with you completly - Dumb Bitch!
2010-03-12, 05:40:26
OJAS from United States  
2010-03-12, 20:00:47
OJAS from United States  
2010-03-14, 12:06:26
OJAS from United States  
Asking money from strangers is a scam http://ladies-russi../Scam.php
The pride and upbringing of Russian girls forbid asking money from strangers http://www.delphifa..=159#83712
2010-03-18, 21:36:07
anonymous from Australia  
Just one thing left to say - 'UN-FUCKIN-BELIEVABLE'

2010-03-30, 14:38:03
anonymous from Australia  

hey everyone this is the latest email from that silly cow.

Has anyone else received the same or similar letter?

My sweetie -the ones who I'm trying to scaml!
Why you have not answered?
That's it. I am tired. I don't want to torture myself any more.
Where should I send your money back? Please, give me the address
where I should send your money back. I will send you the money back.
I don't want you to think that I had relations with you only because of
the money. You have 3 days to think! I will come to you and you will
send me the money. Or I will go back home and send you your money
back. But then I don't want to see you any more. I had lots of pain and
it took me so much forces to get visa. I came to Moscow. I sleep at the
airport. I do everything to come to you. And I get only your concerns
in return and see that you don't trust me.
I am waiting for your decision.

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