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Dating scammer Mark


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Name: Natalya Trihuina



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Her has a profile in as American but her is living in Ulyanovsk is widow and seller in a store, in few letter was in love with me and wish trip to me but How I am humble and poor and I have not money then Her never wrote for me.
Letter 1
hi this is natalya from datemefree please let me know if you would
lieke to talk to me?
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Mon, 22 Feb 2010 03:49:20 -0800 (PST)
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Letter 2
hi dear !!!!!!!!!! thank you very much for your so
soon reply and for your nice pic and you look very good.
I really don't know where to start writing about me.
Before i start telling you about my self i will want you to
feel free to ask me any question after reading. Tell me if there is anything
you don't understand i am not telling about my self because i want to is
because i feel you responsible, anyway I believe anyone online has a reason to be there,
if you ask me my reason i will tell you that am online to search for my own true man
and love, like you know i am 30 years old, I was married but my husband died 3 years ago
from car accident and since then i have been singel .

i am very simple and my daily routine is very simple.
I wake up in the morning take my bath, brush my mouth and then get ready for work
i should be at the shop around 8:00 every morning, excepting days when i have the day off,
this is my job to sell. I close from there around 6 p:m in the evening...
That is how my routine is everyday..
Then I am going to meet with some couple of my girlfriends.
Then we take some hot tea and talk at some silent cafe.

I am 165 sm and about 57 kg. and you?
My favourite colour is Blue, Sky Blue to be precise.
Am ambitious, optimistic, playful, hard working, devoted, intelligent, trusting,
genuine, honest, sincere, witty and easy going woman with lots of joy
i appreciate every thing that is good Life, love and happiness to offer to my true love.
I'm very passionate and emotional in all areas of life i am very responsible
and try to eat right, hence i make sure that i keep fit so i don't get a pot belly.
I have always believed in a healthy relationship though i have not had one in a long time,
It is important to be passionate, romantic, caring, with lots of
laughter to keep the body and soul going smoothly. I have strong family values
and morals and only family, the best thing! I have parents
but i need more, now i need my own family with my loving man.

My Birthday is (Sept 1) what about you Dear? i am a very good cook and
i make sure that i cook myself something good everyday, i am not good at
selecting food rather i eat anything that is eatable, but my favourite meal
is Mashed potatoes and chicken, also i adore tomato. Tell me more about your self dear,
what are the qualities that you want in a woman during a relationship?
i want to really know if i am that kind of woman that you want.

I like the outdoors with my girlfriends in free time is always a special
time for us when we can have so fun and take some new pictures.
So i am a serious minded woman and i want to assure you that if all goes positive for us,
i will like to meet you someday so we can see what kind of chemistry we have together.
I don't know what kind of relationship you are looking for,
just want to let you know that i am looking for a long term relationship with
the right man and i hope i don't get to look any futher because
i belive that there something about you hope to hear from you later.

I Will be waiting to hear from you soon.

sincerely, natalya

Attached here in this email are some pictures of i, hope you like them.

Letter 3
How are you today ? I hope you are fine!!!!! I am very glad
we can talk that mean much to me.
I am pleased to read your mail and to know that you are interested in me.
You really look very beautiful where you took this pic?
It was at your home? please don't think that i am flattering to you or
something like that but i like man on the pic very much.
I hope you really feel good about our difference in age and
I don' t remember exactly if i said you that my husband
was practically twice older me, well any way i feel comfortable
talking to you.

I am rally sorry to hear that you got divorce, what has happned
with your relations with wife? It is nice to hear that
you have son and you are on half happy man. but i hope you will not
want to have much more children, i have no such ideas in my life.
I really would love to come to you someday in USA if we good
for one another of course but we will see it in future right?

Give me please your phone number, just not to lose
our contact if i don't have access to Internet.

I would like to hear more about your place where you live because
i have never been there. Do you have central parks there?
because i like the outdoors and to go for a walking.
Everyday i try to be outdoors about 30 min as minimum,
it is good for health. In everyday routine we forget about our health
and we do not pay attention to beauty of the nature!!!!!!!

I would love to have a dog going for a walk together, but my mom doesn't like.
So i have cat at home. Do you like pets?

ohhhhhhh sorryyyyy what is the name of your city i forgot?
I want to check and see it. You also can do the same.
I live in city name as Ulyanovsk. The famous place where was born Lenin.
Did you hear of him? Father of communism

We have the famous river in Russia Volga!!!!!!!!
I like to spend the time on the river as well, fishing!!!!!
or swimming there. You like fishing?
I like to cook out as well, the food accepts such fine aromas when you
are the outdoors.

You know, i will tell you again, the aim of my communication am
looking for a long term relationship with the right man.
As for English i know it but not perfectly. I can write talk and so on.
As for my education i have studied in the University.

I am alone, no kids, no boyfriend, who would love me. I am seeking him.
Who will love me, to respect and to understand.
I am good woman with big heart and i not give up an idea
to be with my man someday forever, i just can't find right man in Russia.
they drink vodka too much, don't treat woman good.

So for now I live together with my parents, with mom, father and my sister.
I have a lot of relatives, uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces.
I have friends. My best girlfriend is Katya.

I work as a sales in super -market SADKO. I sells female clothes,
dresses, suits and jeans. It was enouh difficult to find job by my profession.
I am a psychologist by education but my speciality is unclaimed here.

My freetime i spend with my girlfreinds usually outside, or going to so cafe.
I like a lot of kind of food, as Japan, Italian and so on.

Well i think on it i will end my mail for now and i look to hear from you
soon. I hope you can tell me more about you, i talk to you
later, have a good day there.

your friend natalya

Letter 4
hello dear , and it is the end of my weekedn already so
pity. What i have done on this weekend i think the most
wonderful was my going to cinema where i have watched the
wonderful Russian comedy The love in Big city second part.
I have laughed so much.
I think it is the wonderful place where you live and i like
it so so so much!!!! Wish to live at such place as well.
I am sorry but i don't want to have children, i want to live for
myself and for my man i will find him, maybe it is you...You know
i think if i would really love you i would follow to you to the
end of earth because couple should be together...right?

Just watched some tv with my parents before.
My mom worked as a nurse, now on pension, my father also on
pension but now earn extra as a security guard.
they watch tv right now, i can hear their laughter through a wall.
My father 55 and mother are 56 years old. All life they live very happy, soul
by soul. I think last child in family is most favorite however we don't have any
division in attention from parent's side. Our parents loves us equally.
My sister Tanya 2 years younger than i and works in police office. She didn't want to
go there at first but father has insisted to it having told that she can make
the ery good career there. Now she is pleased with this job.
But as for me and Tanya, we have division among themselves,
i know we love each other but all the same we as a cat with dog.
Sometimes we can not divide clothes which we want to put on.
Sometimes our mom is joking... ' Who get up more earlier is more beautiful'.
It is about us. My sister tanya is more advanced in fashion and Pastime.
She has some dresses from young well-known Russian fashion designers
as Masha Tsigal and some Kira ..., I do not understand in it very well.
But these dresses she exactly doesn't give me to wear!!!! afraid i can spoil it,
Maybe she think i am more thickness of her!!!!!???? ha ha ha
Nonsense!!!!!!! when she was not at home I have nicked black dress with
white kisses on it and asked my girlfriend katay to make pictures in it.
I hope you like it? I will add some pic for you ok?
As for me i am very thrifty person. Tanya can save money and to take holiday
on the sea or she can buy new dress. But if at home water supply system is broken
she will not spend her Savings to repair it.....))))))))))))))
we just really had such case recently, the water supply system was broken and
i didn't have money at that time to repair it. She made as true woman ...ha ha ha
she has gone to wash to her a result i have done it inviting the master.
About my sister says a wind in a head !!!!!
Very often we can't divide the computer for using.
Recently we even have sworn because of it, she has thrown slipper at me
and has broken glass on a balcony as I have had time to turn away.
It was worse when father has shouted at both of us!!!!!!!!!!!
Even now we are continuing our war, but i know we love each other.
Because we are family, related souls!!!!!!!!
I think each family with more than one children have the same situation.
Did you had it in your life ?
Well my dear i will end for now my mail to you and i will be waiting for your reply.
Today i have recollected something what i even didn't say to my girlfriends about
broken glass and throwning slipper.
I wish you the good day there and take care of please, i think of you all the time
Letter 5
hello , sorry not to write you long mail yesterday i just really
felt as i am a little tired and sleep make me good today. I hope you
are fine there. My days are similar each new day here. It is boring
from time to time. I don't know for now what i live for? maybe i live
for you to meet you and to be with you??? .....
I am sorry to hear that you had very had weekend and as for me the
weekend is the only time when i can have the time for myself and
to meet with friends maybe, it seem as we live at the same
city but from time to time we have mcuh more time to meet each other
all are busy by their own life...
Thank you to let me know about your sister and i hope she is
doing well, maybe someday i can met her?? who knows...I want to know
everything about you, of course i can't have the good picture of you
because i need to see you in reality to know your charcter much more
better but writing to you i try to give something about me which
would help you to know me much more better, i don't know if i am
good at this talking to you about me, any way i try to do.
Yes i like my job and the job helps me to be in contact with
another people, intercourse gives much. My job helped me when
i lost my husband. My duties are simple to find out what wants person.
To help to chose the right thing for is easy.
You know this morning i have started with thought of you.
I like in the morning to take a cup of hot coffee and maybe
it can be sandwich. I will love to start our day with preparing
breakfast for you in bed, yes of course kissing you!!!!!!!!!!
saying ' My lovely wake up!!!!!!'
Well when i drunk coffee i thought of you, it was like
i drunk ot with you, well i am crazy i think....
So what you like to eat or drink in the morning? I should know it.
you would love sometimes together prepare nice meal for us?
I dream about happy life with my loving man.
Together we can go to the theatre, museums, travel to warm places in winter,
and enjoy sun and water on the beach.
Just do so many wonderful things together!!!!!!!!!!!
I like to learn and explore, I like meeting new people from every where.
I am a very honerable and honest woman, I have never ever cheated
on a man in my life. I do not believe in it, I want to make you the
centre of my world. i will always be there for you in good and bad times.
I have not made love to a man for many years now.
I wish we could be together so we could dance and hold each other tight.
I want you to feel special and be proud of your woman, I do know how to be good
very good to a man. And if i would there now with you I would be going crazy
with joy, I would have tears of happiness. I am a very happy woman now just knowing you.
I like to spend the time together with my family. Some times we even make
fire outdoors and have Barbecue.
But i also love the warm sands of a beach, I would love nothing better than to travel
with you on your car or maybe back of your motorcycle.
By the way do you have it or no?
Do you like camping or hiking? To spend your time outdoors?
In the night to look at the Moon and stars?
I do, I will love to have it with my man when we will be together.
Sometimes we will pack a lunch and go where ever the road may lead us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you wonderful day and send you warm hugs and many sexy kisses
Yours Truly natalya

you are very beautiful man and i like to get your pictuers
some pic for you dear i took it last fall
Letter 6
Hello my dear , how are you today?
I am sorry i didn't write you in 2 days just yesterday i was not able
my dear. I am so sorry sometimes it is quite difficukt to write every
day but i will try to make the best. It is Saturday and i have the day
off and i can get the rest, it is s god. In the morning i have gone to
the church and i do it from time to time. I just recently have cooked
and i made the wonderful soup with chicken and vermicelli. I hope
someday i will cook for you.
it was so wonderful day today about +3 and snow is melting!!! I hope
already soon the snow will be completely melt and grass will start to
grow...I am waiting with so great impatience spring!!!
You are very smart and wonderful man and i like you very much and
i really belive that we can have the wonderful future together.
It is wonderful that you are going to visit you son and yes of course
you mast take this chance and move to him !!! And i hope you
will enjoy your trip. You are very good and kind man and i like you
very much. I would like to come to you and meet you if you realy want
woman such as me and if you also feel as i am special for you .
I can assurer you because very specail to me.
I PROMISE to always be faithful and never decieve you hector or let
anyone harm you. I can only tell you I will always support
you care for you tend to your needs and always be attentive to only
you. There is much i can do to make you happy man !!!!!
Of course the distance between us is far all the same we can overcome that.
You know what i want right now? I want to hug you ,kiss you,
to see your eyes and to make love with you!!!!!!!!!!
I want want want it very mcu!!!
So my dear i will end for now my mail to you and i will wait for your
reply, and again and again i will write you!!! oh just how it would be great
right now to be in bed with you!!!!!!!!
your Natalya
Letter 7
Hello my dear , how are you today? We had some holiday in Russia
yesterday, i hope you are fine i have thought of you and i have the
very big desire to see you right now, your eyes, your smile....
You are very beautiful and i like your pic very very much.
I will try to come to you son ok?
I feel as I knew you in another time and place and i wish not
to lose you again. This perhaps explain the reason why we talk
so free with each other already, you think so?
You where meant to be with me think about it and how this all came
to happen, is destiny or is fate or was this suppose to happen this way.
We had a lot of pain in our life. But it's a new chance a new beginning
for us. It's not strange i feel and think those who are meant
to be are together as they say Soulmates, so you are my soulmate, but i wish
to have more relations with you and Yes i want have love with you
and my life with you. So this explain why i want to come to you ?
If i make you smile if i bring joy and happiness into your life
so i am sure it is right way to be together now.
I would love to walk hand in hand with you, to look into each other
heart and soul, to gaze into the eyes which are windows of the soul
and to know your love and care of me.
I feel you are good man or i would not talk to you.
I only need your love and support because i feel that for you.
I really believe we will be very happy together.
I know you are good for me and I want to be good for you also.
Listen to your heart and hear what it has to say.
As for i have done this and i know you are man i wish to be with
if you want me?? Well, my dear i have open today all my soul, all
my heart to do, just don't hurt me please.
I will be wait for yur reply Always, your natalya

here some pic for you i took it in fall time


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2010-03-17, 11:37:42
hanubis from United States  
Exist a mistake in the name of this scammer, her is not named Mark, she is Natalya Trihuina with e mail, Take care with this lady




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