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Dating scammer Natalia Sergan


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Name: Natalia Sergan


apartment 239, 115 Ozernaya Street, Cheboksary, Russia

also spells name: ''serzhan''

Other Comments:
Requests money sent by Western Union for: Passports, Visa and tickets to UK
VERY convincing lady.... emails from 'Internet cafe' works in children's hospital ??????
Says she has very little money !!!

Hello my love xxxx!!!!!!!
Dear xxxx today after work I went to travel agency to learn all about my trip
to you! And I have learnt all and in this letter I about it will write all to
you and I will inform my love xxxx!
How are you???? I MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But me is for
some reason sad..... I want to be with you..... I think of you ever more. You
constantly are in my ideas. I can not forget about you of any minute...... I
LOVE YOU!!!!!!! My love when we shall be together???? I would like that it
happened faster....... I would like to look in your eyes, to feel your lips on
my lips, to feel your body near to mine...... My sweet I hope that you too do
not forget me and think of me...... Sometimes at night I to cry.......... I
would like to be with you. I am ready to give back half of life behind some
minutes carried out with you. I want to give back you all my love.
I very strongly love you and without you and your letters I feel myself very
bad. I needs in you and in your words. You love me and this largest happiness in
the world! I very strongly wait our meeting and think, that it will be speed. I
want to speak with you, to kiss you long long, to go with you in cinema. Before
meeting with you, my life was monotonous. I do not have happiness with the
favourite man. I search the love, but these searches have not resulted me in it.
I just receive only disappointment. Each day I think of life and do not see,
that I nothing to cost in this world and me it was very bad. But I do not want
to recollect, what was earlier. I have you and nothing more is necessary.
Without you and your love, my heart will be empty on always. I know, that you
see it. We love each other and we should be together. I wait this moment. I am
happy to hear that our meeting soon is held. I have passport of Russia. But I do
not have international passport. Today I went in Transport inspection.
Also has found out. That is necessary for trip in England.
1) The international passport is necessary 108 EUR.
2) The short-term visa. Is given out for the period of 90 days.
3) The obligatory insurance 158 EUR is necessary. If with me that be happen.
And me then will render medicine the help free-of-charge.
4) Medicine the conclusion me him will make free-of-charge.
As I Medicine the worker.
5) Ticket aboard the plane up to cities Moscow 298 EUR.
What to receive the visa. The following documents are necessary.
The passport.2 colour or black-and-white photos 5x5.
The application for the form 48R.
The information from a place of job with the instruction
(indication) of a post and wages (original).
6) Your complete data which are specified in the passport:
second name
date of birthday
your country
tel. number
The visa I shall receive in city Moscow. Embassy of England in Moscow.
Registration the visa 14 days. Cost the visa 45 EUR. Cost of the tickets aboard
the plane up to London in both ends 440 EUR. On all trip it is necessary 1049.00
EUR. I spoke with the mum. We do not have such money. It is very a pity.
Yesterday I saw dream about us with you, he very much has liked me also I want
To tell him to you. Me has dreamt as we with you we meet at the airport. I
search for you by eyes. Also I see. You stand with a bouquet flowers. And we
approach to to each other slowly. And you give me flowers. And I can not
constrain your feelings with happiness. Then you take Me on hands, we go to
Hotel. In Hotel the supper is prepared in honour of my arrival. On a table the
candle burns. It so is romantic. I even have forgotten about weariness. Which I
have received from flight. And we with you long speak. And then has rung out an
alarm clock. And I should be going to on job. It is very a pity, what is it
there was a dream. I very much wait our meeting.
I shall wait for your letter and trust in our meeting. I love you my Prince.
Only yours Natalya.

Hello my love xxxx!!!
My lovely and most dear xxxx I very strongly love you!!!! You dear person in my
life!! I do not represent without you the life!!! You the most remarkable person
on this earth and me are necessary nobody except you!!!! I VERY STRONGLY LOVE
My love xxxx to me very much and very much it is now sad and difficult!!!! I do
not know how to tell to you about it!!! I very strongly worry and I do not know,
that to me to do!!!! When I now came back from travel agency I did not know what
to write to you in the letter and as all to explain, that with me happen!!!! But
I should to you explain and tell in detail all after all I very strongly you I
love and I wish to be only with you in the holiday!!!
My love xxxx after Internet cafe I have gone at once to travel agency to
reserve tickets aboard the plane to London!!! I was very happy and rejoiced to
that we soon with you my love xxxx at last will together!!! I was the happiest
woman on light and nobody could prevent my happiness!!!!! When I have come to
travel agency I have gone at once to the manager to start to reserve tickets!!!!
The manager of agency to me has told, that now at booking of tickets, it is
necessary for me to give the proof of my strong financial condition!!! It is all
that my salary very small and me the document is necessary for the proof of
guarantees for your state!!! My love xxxx the manager of agency to me has told,
that it is necessary for me to have the inquiry on purchase of currency from
calculation 67 Euros a day!!! My love xxxx I to you meal for 9 days, therefore
am necessary to give me the inquiry that I have monetary savings in the sum 9x67
= 603 Euros!!!! My love xxxx I promised not to ask from you any more money and
consequently to me very much and it is very a shame!!! But I do not know where
to me to take such sum of money!!!! It is necessary for me to show only this
money and the inquiry on currency purchase, that this money is available for
me!!! And when I will arrive to you my love xxxx I to you all this money I will
give at once at the airport!!!! It is necessary for me to show only my financial
condition, that at me everything is all right!!! Otherwise me will not let out
abroad!!!! I should not spend this money, and I should show them only!!!!!!!
I have been very surprised, anybody earlier about it did not speak to me!!!! My
love xxxx I could not think at all that there can be such rule!!!! I the truth
did not know about it!!!!! To me have told that this rule have entered that some
people leave and start to steal, the vagabond and to be engaged in prostitution
because they do not have money for a life in other country!!!! I explained to
them, that I will live with you that we love each other also to me no
money will be necessary!!!! But me have told that a rule exist for all and they
do not do any exceptions!!!! I begged them, I explained them that we with you
should be together, but they do not listen to me and say me only one that rules
exist for all!!!! They say to me, that even if they now will reserve tickets all
exactly officer of the customs control at the airport will not let out me abroad
if I do not give the inquiry on the financial condition!!! And for their agency
the penalty because they reserve tickets for their clients at which will be
written out there be no financial guarantees!!!! And that I can remain in your
country as the illegal alien!!!! My love xxxx I do not know, that to us to do,
I very much wish to be with you!!! I want to you, I wish you to see, embrace to
kiss!!!! To tell to you that I strongly love you!!! To me so it is bad my love
xxxx!!! I am upset!!!!! I do not understand our country, such rules what for
are necessary!!!! My love xxxx I very much love you, you are necessary to me
only and your love!!!!!! I cannot live without you!!! My love xxxx I all life
waited for you and here before us there was this barrier!!!! To me so it is bad,
my eyes fill in bitter tears!!! My love xxxx forgive me that I so have strongly
brought you!!!! But I did not know anything about it!!!!! My heart is broken off
on a part from a pain, I cannot live without your love!!!!!!! I want to you my
sun!!!!! !!! My love xxxx you have shined my life, you have made me happy!!!!!
Only with you I have learnt, that such the true love!!!!! My love xxxx you the
one for whom I waited all life!!!!!!! I adore you my charm!!!!! I very much do
not have your support now!!!!!!! I do not have not enough you now, as air!!!!!!
About as I want, that you have simply embraced me!!!!!!! To me it is very heavy
and terrible, I feel helpless!!!!! My love xxxx I did not think that I should
be informed you such bad news!!!! I thought that all behind and before us is not
present any barriers more!!!!!!
When I about it have learnt, I very strongly was upset!!! I constrained myself
not to begin to cry in the travel agency because I do not wish to upset you!!!
After all I was so is happy and at us with you so all is good!!!! I have made
already all documents the passport for travel abroad and the visa, have paid for
medical insurance!!! I needed to reserve only tickets aboard the plane and we
will be together March!!!! Tickets aboard the plane should be reserved for
days, and to time till March remains very little!!! Especially soon
there will be days off!!!!! My love xxxx I remember, that I to you promised not
to ask more from you money!!!! Because you and so have helped me very strongly
and I am very grateful to you for it!!! But I do not have such big money!!! I
have only 150 euros which to me were given by my mum!!!! She has given me
everything, that could give!!!! But this money to me is necessary to spend one
day in Moscow!!!! After all Moscow very expensive city and me this money is
My love xxxx that I deliver you many problems seems to me, it is very heavy to
me to realise it!!!! I feel myself very guilty to you my love xxxx!!!! My love
xxxx to me it is very bad, I cry at this time and me so is sick that it not
happiness and pleasure tears, and tears of bitterness and the big error!!!! I do
not know, that to us to do my love xxxx!!!! The size of the sum necessary to
take off to you 603 Euros!!!! 603 euros that I could be with you are
necessary!!!!!!! My love xxxx I do not know where to me to take such money!!!!!
I do not understand our country!!!!! What for such rules!!!!! I explained them
that with me happens nothing, but they say that rules exist that them to carry
out, instead of to stand and not to persuade them!!!! They have told that from
it leaves nothing!!!! And that what to stand to persuade them to avoid these
rules, simply waste of time!!! My love xxxx I thought that that all will take
place wonderfully, but now I have a problem, I do not know as me it to solve!!!!
I very much very much wish to be only with you!!!! I would give all to be with
you!!!! It is a pity nothing to me for the sake of our happiness!!!! My love
xxxx only together we will be happy!!!! I have got tired to suffer, I wish to
be happy and to do you happy!!!! I have got tired to live suffering!!!! My love
xxxx I love you my prince on a white horse!!!! My love xxxx I understand, that
you and so has helped me with a trip to you and I promised not to ask any more
from you money!!! But I have no place to take more them!!! I will not spend this
money!!!! As soon as I will arrive to you I at once I will give you this
money!!! I need to show only their presence and to prove them that I can live in
your country these days!!! Otherwise I cannot in be onboard the plane and I
cannot take off to you my love xxxx!!!! I am in full confusion!!! If you can my
love xxxx help me please!!!! I very much wish to be only with you, I wish to be
with you and to love you my love xxxx!!!!
I any more do not know as us it is possible to leave this position!!! My love
xxxx, I will not spend this money, I will need to show only them and when I
will arrive to you I at once I will give to you them directly at the airport!!!!
My love xxxx I do not understand as us further to be, I very much very much
wish to be with you!!!! My life without you is not necessary to me!!!! I want to
you my love xxxx!!!! That so has turned out is very a pity to me!!!! It is very
a shame to me before you my love xxxx!!!! My love xxxx I very much worry, I
hope that that you can help me!!!! At me all body shivers, I write you this
letter shivering hands, my heart is covered with blood!!!! To me it is very sick
my love xxxx that I deliver you so much problems. xxxx I love, I love you I
wish to speak you it eternally!!! xxxx forgive me my love!!!! I very strongly
wish to be with you!!!! I would want that we were happy!!!! I wait for your
I LOVE YOU xxxx!!!!
Forever yours Natalya

Hello my love xxxx!!!
Excuse me my love xxxx!!! Excuse me my love xxxx!!!!! Excuse me my love
xxxx I very strongly love you!!! You the most remarkable person on this
xxxx I long did not write all this time to you because I have got to
All this time I am in hospital!!! I very strongly love you and I wish to
apologise once again before you, that all so has turned out!!!
Doctors in hospital anywhere do not let out me also I therefore could not write
and inform you!!! I long persuaded doctors that they have let out me in Internet
cafe that I have written you the letter my love xxxx, but they in any way did
not let out me!!!! I cried and swore at them and today I all the same have
persuaded them and I can write you the small letter!!!
Dear xxxx excuse me please, that I such silly girl!!! I abuse myself for all
and I can not forgive myself!!! Dear xxxx I have got to terrible accident and
all this time I was in hospital and I am now!!!
When I have opened the box my love xxxx I have seen from you many letters!!! I
have seen, that you abuse me and are angry!!! I ask to forgive me, soon we will
together, I promise to you!!! As I only will leave hospital I necessarily will
arrive to you my love xxxx!!!!
When I studied to go by a motor vehicle of the girlfriend I have had an
accident. It has occurred on crossing of two roads. I have received some bruises
of edges and a head and a backbone. With my girlfriend all is good, she had weak
bruises too. At the wheel other car there was a man, he had crisis of 2 edges.
But this not so heavy wound and doctors have told that he soon to recover. I
have tested such shock, till now I can not get rid of it! I do not sleep many
nights and all I think of you my love xxxx!!!
Today to me there will arrive my mum and will hand over tickets back in
airline!!! She will make it that when I will leave hospital I can reserve again
tickets to you my love xxxx!!! I to you my love xxxx necessarily will
arrive!!! The most important thing you do not worry, with me all will be fast
well and I to you will arrive!!! I to you write to warn, that I should not be
met today at the airport!!!! But doctors say, that I soon will leave hospital
and I can take off to you!!! I very much love you xxxx!!! We will be with you
together and we will spend with you our unforgettable holiday!!!
You person dear to me!!! I very strongly love you!!!!
Excuse me my love xxxx!!!! Excuse me my love xxxx!!!! Excuse me my love
I always spoke you only the truth and I want, that you trusted me!!! I very
strongly love you!!!
Soon I will write you the letter my love xxxx!!!
For ever yours Natalya

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2010-04-03, 16:02:45
Eddie from Sweden  
sportka ..2010-04-03, 15:41:16

OK mate, I understand. It must surely feel like a bad dream.

When you wake up, you're welcome to come back and help us fight the scammers.

Good luck!!

2010-04-03, 16:11:17
Eddie from Sweden  
Below is the article about Yoshkar Ola scammers, found on the Russian internet. The article was obviously in Russian, I polished up the translation a bit.

'To do Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V'. -- the most popular joke in the recent Yoshkar Ola comedy stage show. This year, jokes about scammers are very popular. Students are drumming and chanting about the boy who loved money too much, as a young man marches across the stage with a placard announcing 'I love Western Union'. The audience laughs out loud, everybody understands it. Because for Yoshkar Ola students, the question 'what does the word scammer mean?' is not an issue -- everyone is familiar with it, everyone knows what it means.

'Hello, my name Elena. I read about you in your profile. You are very interesting to me. I want to get acquainted with you. Write me, I shall wait'. Any customer of an English-language dating site periodically gets these messages. And very soon any interested American, Canadian, British or citizen of whatever country learns that far away in a Russian suburb lives Lena, who has been dreaming about him all her life. Then our 'knight in shining armour' learns that it's true love and that he was a gift from God. And maybe (why not believe in fate?) a gullible foreigner will then send a couple of thousand dollars to the Russian princess or a ticket for her to live with him the rest of their lives. Eventually he will learn that 'Lena' is actually a 'fat Boris', but chances are that he will still hate heartless Russian womanhood anyway.

You won't find any modern Russian dictionary that defines the word 'scammer', except for possibly an English-Russian dictionary. In English, the word 'scam' means fraud, but in Russian it has a narrower meaning: fraud on Internet dating websites. Thus a scammer is the same 'fat Boris' who pretends to be a girl, starts an Internet romance, and then asks for money. The word scamming in Russian has another, more colourful and patriotic definition: 'to take the rich'. Indeed, why not 'take the rich', why not help them share their money? This actually sounds quite just, the weak taking from the strong, the poor from the rich. It also eases the conscience of the scammers, as we are told that they don't sleep too well.

Scamming stands out from other types of online fraud because it is the easiest variety to crank out. It's a dyed-in-the-wool production process, where everything is divided into stages. To minimize time and effort, the process was streamlined a long time ago. In the early stages, there's no need to think, you just have to work hard. The scammer usually receives his first money after about two months -- this time frame usually allows acquaintance, friendship, love and the desire to meet in person, which is unfortunately an unrealistic desire. After establishing a generic mailbox such as 'ElenochkaForYou@....' or 'Natasha547@....' and registering on the dating sites, the most boring part for scammers starts - 'zakidka'. This is exactly what the above-mentioned comedy show meant by 'To do Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V'.

Scammers start on the dating sites by looking for suitable candidates to scam. First, they select the country (usually the USA), then the region or state, making sure that they don't interfere with a colleague so they don't pick the same victims. The main parameters: male; between the ages of 27 and 50; race - any, except blacks (scammers say that blacks will most likely take you, rather than you taking them). All letters, including the first introductory ones, are pre-written a long time beforehand, and you don't have to think much about anything, just 'Ctrl-C' (copy), 'Ctrl-V' (insert) and the mails are sent. “After the overnight monotonous work doing Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, you become totally dumb and tired” - Andrei, who will soon have to do it for several nights in a row, shares his story, “this is the most boring job, the most interesting part comes later”.

But the truth is, the further it goes, the sadder it gets. With each new template and with each new photo the scammer becomes increasingly involved in the scam. After the fourth template 'half of the rich' have disappeared: some don't like the girl, some aren't looking for anything serious, but most are just afraid to deal with Russians. In the end, only the most desperate and naive remain. Or maybe it's more convenient to think of them as just 'stupid'? Stupid and rich - this way you don't feel sorry for them. “I just don't get it, how can they meet somebody on the Internet and accept anything?”, says Andrei, who although he's been scamming for more than a year still doesn't understand.

Those few foreigners who really want to find their love online learn that they have found it in the approximately seventh letter -- although they have actually been found by scammers. The scammer then proclaims her love, and does it naturally and fast (because the conveyor can't wait). Next, depending on the reaction, 'the girl' immediately, or quite soon, asks for money for a visa, tickets, or both.

'Sure, I feel sorry for them', says Andrei, but refuses to talk more on the subject.
'This month I earned 15 thousand rubles, and two months ago only four' - Kolya considers scamming a real job and for a provincial student it's a large amount of money to be earning. His office pays scammers 20% of all moneys received, in many other offices they only pay 15%. 'We used to have a guy in our office, to whom one American in the space of three months sent more than twelve thousand dollars'. According to Kolya, how much you earn depends partly on hard work and partly on luck. But not everyone can convince their American lover to send more and more - you need a good imagination. You have to invent reasons why his sweetheart can't fly to him: she's been robbed in the subway, her mother is sick, she's been accused of withholding taxes and put in prison and he has to send money for bail. 'A very popular story is that she accidentally broke an expensive antique vase in a museum and has to pay 3000$ in compensation', Nikolai laughs .

And just like love, the desire to send increasing amounts of cash has to be encouraged. To begin with, a foreigner is asked to send just $300 for a visa. If he sends it, later it will be harder for him to accept the idea that his princess isn't going to fly to him and it becomes much easier to send more money because the barrier of distrust has been broken already. Next, $1,400 for a ticket. How events develop after that is determined by the scammer's brainwashing skills. There are lots of half-myths circulating among scammers, how someone took one American for 40 thousand dollars in a month, that another American robbed his own company to get the money together, and that one really crazy lover got himself heavily in debt, fired from work, refinanced his house and sold his kidney for his non-existent sweetheart. In fact, there are still a few people who believe in 'the humble Russian girl Lena', which can turn into an obsession that they are ready to go bankrupt for: this is the big break for a scammer and they can live off it.

So who is this femme fatale? The whole point is that she doesn't exist, she is a creation of the mutual efforts of a scammer and the victim who sets the direction. Some similarities do exist: she is usually between 25 and 30 years old, beautiful and smart, looking for a serious relationship. Men from Russia don't suit her because they are rude and drink too much. She believes in God and loves the most popular movies and music, is using a dating site for the first time, and always uses Internet cafes. 'It's very important that the girl looks natural, so they can believe in her. Not a supermodel, but good-looking', explains Kolya. Almost all photos are stolen from the Internet, so the real girls are completely unaware that they are indirectly helping to scam foreigners. The site has an extensive collection of Russian women gathered from scammed men from all over the world, the so-called 'blacklist'. Sometimes a very unexpected picture can turn up there. A real girl called Elvira discovered her photographs and personal details in this blacklist by chance: 'a friend of mine wanted to prove to me how much scamming has increased in Russia and entered my details, and it turned out that I had been on all the scamlists for ages'. Most photos are simply stolen by scammers from the girls' personal pages and blogs, and if you check, you'll see that the 'blacklists' are also full of pictures of Alsu, Valeria and lots of other Russian celebrities.

According to the old-time scammers there are almost 300 offices in Yoshkar Ola (other estimates make it 500). Each office has five working scammers, and there are also girls who pick up the money. Of course, there are no official statistics and the situation is estimated visually, but if it's true then every 100th resident of Yoshkar Ola is a scammer. And if we take into account that almost all scammers are students, and usually guys rather than girls, the typical scammer is easily recognizable. In Yoshkar Ola, the capital of Mari El and simultaneously 'the capital of Russian scamming', all scammers recognize each other. 'Yes, it's true, our city is the capital of scamming', Andrei says with some pride. He recently received a transfer of $1,000 and is in a good mood today, 'other cities have scammers too, but we have more. There are so many scammers in our city that it's almost a legitimate business.'

'I rent my apartment to scammers', says elderly lady, Olga Mihailovna, a housewife, 'they are nice guys and always pay good rent'. 'In the office where I used to work, if we earned 20,000 dollars a month, the owners would pay us a bonus, but some offices can earn 30,000 dollars or more per month' says Andrei. A good office earns about 15,000 dollars per month. Accordingly, the annual income of an office is about 200,000 dollars. And if it's true that Yoshkar Ola has 300 offices then the annual income of Yoshkar Ola from scamming is sixty million dollars.

Nevertheless, scamming has never become an official industry in Yoshkar Ola. The authorities recently closed several offices: they cut off the electricity in the entire building and when the scammers came out to see what was going on (they need electricity to work!), the cops broke into their apartments, arrested everybody and sealed the apartments. After that, the city was quiet for a while. Of course, during this period lots of foreigners were wondering why their 'love' wasn't writing to them. But just two weeks later everybody returned to their offices. There's enough work for everybody: scammers scamming, and law enforcement agencies catching them red handed from time to time.
2010-04-04, 06:31:11
sportka from United Kingdom  
your are a remarkable person Eddie.....

the only bit you got wrong was the ''wheelchair'' reference !

and thanks for your general observation they are helping me a lot.

What does your 'Russian partner' think about how this is damaging the reputation

of her great country of Russia ?

Isn't it time their government got involved in a meaningful way ?

2010-04-04, 16:29:04
sportka from United Kingdom  


Subject: I do not wish you to lose my love xxxx!!! I love you always!!!!

Dear xxxx you for me the most expensive person on this earth!!! I always loved
you, I love and I will love!!! I very much value ours with you relations!!! That
I wrote all to you in the letters it is the truth!!! I with anybody never was so
is opened, how with you my love xxxxx!!! I very strongly love you xxxxx!!! You
became for me the loved one in this life and more nobody is necessary to me!!!
Dear xxxxx you say, that I remain for you the stranger!!! But I consider, that
it not so!!! I have completely opened before you!!! You are right, that we never
saw in this life, but our souls have met the help of these electronic letters
and to me it is much more expensive and closer!!! I rejoice lives when I re-read
ours with you letters!!! Because I live only them!!! I live only dreams of you
my love xxxxx!!! I feel, how my soul rejoices lives when I can write to you and
when you nearby behind the computer!!! You for me became very close during ours
with you of dialogue!!! You have changed completely my representation about this
life and I am very grateful to you for it!!! You have really made me the
happiest woman on this earth, but I have brought you and I do not have the
justification!!! I abuse every day myself for all that I have made!!! I abuse to
myself that I have caused you a pain!!!! To me very much and very badly that so
all has turned out!!! And I do not have the justification, that so all has
turned out!!!! To me that I have caused you a pain very is now heavy and you
have lost to me trust!!!
But my love xxxxx I wish to tell, that I always spoke you only the truth!!! I
never with anybody did not get acquainted on the Internet!!! Simply it is not
necessary for me!!! After all I have found you my love xxxxx!!! When I only have
started to correspond with you I did not think, that all will be so seriously!!!
That I will have to you very much and very much strong feelings!!! But it
happens also I is grateful to you for it!!!! I have grown fond of you all
heart!!! I have grown fond of you xxxxx very sincerely and purely as any more I
will not grow fond of anybody in this life!!! I know, that I never have more to
anybody there will be no such sincere feelings, as to you my love xxxxx!!! We
have started to plan ours with you holiday and I was the happiest woman on this
earth!!! I swear to you my love xxxxx I went to travel agency both ordered there
documents and reserved tickets!!!! But as you speak to me there have given
counterfeit tickets!!! I the silliest and naive woman and consequently me have
deceived!!! And then there was this road accident!!! To me very much and very
sadly!!! I very much would wish to return time back, but such destiny at me and
with it I cannot do anything!!! As I strongly wish to return and be all the
happy woman with you my love xxxxx!!!
You ask me: why I did not go and have not returned money??? Lately I so much all
have tested!!! It is so much treachery and lie, how many at me was not for all
time of my life!!! Me all only humiliated and abused for this time!!! I am
simple not in a condition to test it more and more!!! I so much cried much, that
I do not know, that to me happens!!! I very badly feel myself, to me is very
bitter on my soul!!! But I will necessarily solve this problem!!!! At me now it
is a lot of problems and the most important it concerning a road accident!!! I
will necessarily solve this problem and I will return you your money my love
xxxxx!!! Because for me they not the main thing in a life!!! For me the main
thing in a life is your love and your trust!!!!
I very much wished to arrive to you my love xxxx but so there was my destiny
and I can do nothing with it!!!! I very much love you!!! Dear xxxxx you ask me
that I have answered if were xxxxx!!! I do not know unequivocally that I have
answered you if was you!!! I would make as speaks me my heart!!! I would make
how my soul speaks to me and that I feel in relation to other person!!! For me
these feelings and if I really love the person all heart then I would make all
for it are very important!!!! For me it is very important, as I feel the person
and that speaks me my heart!!!! To me says my heart, that such people as you on
the earth are not present more!!! You the best man on this earth and I will
always love you!!! And now my destiny depends completely on you my love xxxxx!!!
I ask you to help me because I do not have anybody in this life more!!! More
nobody can help me!!! The best girlfriends have turned away from me and have
betrayed me!!!! It for me is very sick, it for me, as a knife in a back!!! At me
more anybody is not present except you and my mum!!!! But you the best people in
my life and I am very happy, that you at me are!!! Now my destiny depends
completely on you my love xxxxx!!! To me any more to whom to go and ask the help
and support!!! But I wish to tell, that I completely will accept all that you
will answer me!!! I will make any your decision!!! I very much love you and I
wish to tell to you many thanks for your words of support!!! They are very dear
to me!!!!
I wish to tell, that which you will accept any decision I will understand!!! I
will concern with the big understanding and respect for your decision!!! After
all I have brought to you so much experiences and pains!!! I for it do not have
the justification and I all time abuse myself for everything, that happens!!!
And if I do not enter into the peace agreement and I will not pay for car repair
let then for me it will be my punishment that I have made to you!!! I will
reconcile to it because it I in all am guilty!!! It I am guilty, that so all has
turned out!!! I the silliest woman on this earth!!! I will have very big
problems and I understand it!!!
I very much love you xxxx and I will make your any decision!!! To me also I
very am now sad very much I cry!!!! Forgive me please for everything, that I
have caused to you my love xxxxx!!!! But I do not wish you to lose!!! You are
very dear to me also I believe, that we sometime will meet!!! Because I very
much love you and I value everything, that was between us!!! For me everything,
that was between us. All letters which we wrote each other is the happiest time
for me!!!!
I very much love you xxxxx!!! I will wait your letter!!!!
Forgive me for everything, that I have made to you!!!
Forever yours Natalya

2010-04-04, 17:15:39
Eddie from Sweden  
Hi Sportka...glad you came back!

What do the Russians think of scamming? Well, generally speaking their views are rather unsympathetic to the victims. In fact, it seems there's a general consensus that we 'Western men' deserve everything we get. Quite a few sympathize with the scammers. This stems from the period when the liberals and oligarchs emptied the country of resources. Now they're just stealing some back. They're rather bitter about the 90s.

Most Russian men don't believe that Internet dating is a valid way to find a partner and that we should keep away from their Russian women, of course. Some of the Russian diplomats I teach even suggested that to my face (that was before they realised that I met my girl on the net, we're quite happy together, and it looks like it's going to last longer than my marriage to a Swedish woman :)))...Most Russians don't believe that a Russian woman moving abroad will succeed in her quest for a better life...ironic because more than a million Russians live in the US...Russian TV is full of stories about Russian woman getting murdered or abandoned, mostly exaggerated bullshit, of course.

The scammers justify their crimes by thinking of us as sex tourists...they think of us as sexually perverted 'muzhiks' with more money than sense. Of course, you and I know the truth, although it's true there are plenty of predators and sleaze balls on the net, but they're not the ones who get scammed. It's the nice guys (mostly) who get robbed.

When I joined 'City of Brides' and discovered my girlfriend, quite a few scammers wrote to me although the site was nice enough to delete them. By that time I was quite familar with their methods. One sent me some pics of a gorgeous sexy girl (you can find her all over this website) so I wrote back to him in Russian. He must have been bored because he replied in Russian...this is a translation of the first mail. his comments are underneath mine...

Från: 'Anna' <>
Ämne: Re: Прочитайте это письмо
Datum: 05 July 2006 17:40

Greetings 'Anna'! Please don't insult my intelligence.

Scammer: agreed!

1. You don't read my letters. You ignore my questions. I'm writing to you in Russian, but you don't see because you don't read my letters.

Scammer: Yes I see that you're writing in Russian, but I correspond with many such as you. I can't write to everyone individually.

2. You send me copied letters.

Scammer: Certainly. Then you are better than the others?

3. You write to me using a proxy server in the USA....a typical trick of the Internet scammer. If you were honest, why would you hide your location?

Scammer: I use a SOCKS server. Usually I use GPRS Internet so none of you can learn where I am. You can only see the IP of the mobile operator.

4. Your photos are very beautiful, but you're not a real girl. You're probably a man called Boris.

Scammer: You're right, but not Boris of course.

5. You're a professional criminal who scams money from lonely men who are only looking for a partner. Why you do it? You're too stupid to work? Or too lazy?

Scammer: Here only you don't need to talk nonsense. You're a fool if you want to find a wife on the Internet. It's not real. The average salary in my city is 150 dollars a month. The choice is simple - either poverty or larceny. Now I earn 5000 dollars. Our validity doesn't leave a choice. You can choke on beautiful words about honesty and nobility but when would it be desirable TO GUZZLE morals? It leaves only the second choice. I very much doubt that you can understand it.

6. The scammer should be cleverer than its victim. But you're too stupid to be successful. If I could find you, I'd kick your end face. *(didn’t know the Russian word for ass, but I do now)

Scammer: Don't reproach me with your dullness. I correspond with a whole division of sexually perverted muzhiks and all of them are fools. And I'm quite successful in the business. Be happy that we won't meet, quite the opposite, I would thrust your leg into your задницу or end face, as you call it :)

Try to behave nobly and to not deceive money.

Necessarily, sometime. Maybe in the next life.

I had 3 more letters like that and the SOB taught me lot about skamerstvo.

Anyway, your girl is gorgeous so anyone would fall for her. was just a dream. sorry about that. BTW the Russian government is doing more and more to try and stop the scammers but it's almost like an industry in some republics. There are no decent jobs to offer them as an alternative.

Chin up mate! Now would you please answer my previous question? What hard evidence do you have that you were communicating with a real woman? Discussing it will help you to come to terms with what happened.
2010-04-04, 19:49:19   (updated: 2010-04-04, 19:53:11)
OJAS from United States  
I am trying to catch up on computer activities, Happy Easter all!

Thanks Eddie for helping sportka. http://www.delphifa..p=3#58164

This thread has articles on IP, Headers, and related topics http://www.delphifa..p=2#196078
2010-04-04, 21:08:19
OJAS from United States  
2010-04-05, 02:59:33
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
Sorry to read your trouble. Dont give up because of one bad experience. Easier said than done and I dont make light of your shitty experience!

The upside of meeting a Russian lady as a potential partner are great. As Eddie, I have met and married a lady from a former soviet republic. We have two kids together now. I cant imagine any other life.

Stay focussed and take the advice of these guys and you have a good shot at an amazing experience. My wife's advice is to make acquaintance on line but save the more serious discusions for person to person meetings. You have to go to Russia or former republics to meet these ladies. The internet is a great introduction and screening method. Use it to your advantage and remove that of the scammers by setting limits on what you expect before you meet.

Do some more homework now that you know this bullshit is out there, scammers. A lot of the resource material available about Russian women and their culture. Much of it goes against the actions of scammers.

2010-04-05, 09:42:02
sportka from United Kingdom  

Hi Eddie,

In answer to your questions....

(1) never spoke on phone! (2) she had no phone! (3) she said she was 'very poor' with low income! (4) ''expensive Internet café''...? Yes, I asked myself that, but I wouldn't give 'myself' an answer??? (5) no 'webcam link' (6) I offered to travel to Russia but was 'discouraged'! (7) sent her something by post, but of course it never arrived.... but she 'pretended' to be waiting for it for many days!

and.... 'no actual evidence' for her being a 'woman', except for what I thought was the way she wrote her letters??

If you are right Eddie... these Russian scammers really do '''suck''',
( to use your expression from the other side of the 'pond' )

My theory is that she is an 'amateur' encouraged perhaps by her 'girlfriend photographer' with (adoby photoshop) to try and see if she could get money like she as read about? And when she started the correspondence with me she then found she had got in much deeper than see ever intended. The beginning of our correspondence is very 'tipical' of everything you have been describing to me, but then when I read the more recent letters from her they start to become far more natural and spontaneous,
as a 'real' relationship would become. Even her email address has her 'name' in Russian ( Наталья Серган) as one would expect of a normal person's email. And I can't decide if the 'car accident' is real or just another clever way to get another £600 from me
and that was the point that I decided to end it all. I have told her before that I didn't think she was 'genuine' but she always came back with a convincing reply. I think she got quite a shock when she saw her self on this 'scam site' and ( with in minutes )
closed her email address! So I am now left wondering if she has any other way to follow this conversation we are having Eddie? As you can see, I am still wanting to believe she may decide to re-open our correspondence... I know... I am being a 'fool',
but I can't help it, as I write these words to you I am 'half' thinking what effect it might have on Natalya if she reads them as well? And they say we 'men' are the 'strong ones'... I don't feel that way! Anyway... ( if you are reading this Natalya, you know my email address !! ) Sorry Eddie, but I had to 'try'....??? ( still in 'denial' .....!! )

best regards, SportKA.
....and thanks again, for the continuing interest you show in my 'bad dream' !

2010-04-05, 13:48:34   (updated: 2010-04-05, 13:52:44)
anonymous from Sweden  
Sorry Sportka, I come from the UK (born in Canada)...but I understand the word 'suck' though :)) I've lived in Stockholm for the last 20 years, but I grew up mostly in the Wirral, Merseyside.

I'm not enjoying breaking it to you, but you got played good and proper. Every Russian girl has a mobile, even out in the country. Do you know a single UK girl who doesn't? Think about it. Plus a new mobile is 5-10x cheaper there than in Western Europe. You can buy them for nothing second hand.They have very cheap 'Megafon' phone cards as well. One of the problems is that we still think of Russia as a very backward country, a throwback from the Soviet times and the poverty of the early 90s.

The 'car accident' is a classic. The scammer would have come up with something new if you hadn't started protesting. They get you emotionally attached and then try and milk you for as much as they can. Some vics have been known to send their life savings. Remember you're not alone!

Answers 1-7 are the first 7 signs of a scam. You should have been able to call her any time you liked. My 'first Russian girl' was gorgeous and spoke very good English. I spoke to her at least once a week and sent her money to visit me, without going to Russia first. Unbelievable! But then again, we'd be talking with each other for over 3 months on the phone. I knew she was real. Sadly, it didn't work out and she married a guy from the States. Had a baby a year ago.

In hindsight, I was very lucky not to get scammed after that because I was quite naive. I was just lucky that I didn't get scammed because I'd been through the process of sponsoring her visa.

Look, I'm not going to mince about here. My girfriend and I had a look at your photos. We've decided that the girl isn't a Russian reality star or celebrity, just a normal drop-dead-gorgeous Russian girl. The perfect scam photo set! Almost certainly stolen from some website or blog. The one on the seafront was probably taken in St Petersburg. How could a poor girl from Chuvashia afford a trip to St P? And please note that in every single photo your girl is wearing a different expensive outfit. This is not a poor girl! And some of the photos are taken in a fairly luxurious apartment (by Russian standards).
So although I have the benefit of hindsight, I'm surprised you didn't get suspicous sooner. But when I look at the girl I can understand why you fell for her.

Furthermore, Cheboksary is slap bang in the middle of the scam triangle...Yoshkar Ola, Cheboksary, Kazan. So the truth is that you've been corresponding with a Boris (or several)...not a freelance female scammer. Like I said before, they're professional criminals who've spent years perfecting the art of pretending to be 'poor, lonely Russian girls'...they know which buttons to push. And they can use photoshop. And you can guarantee they don't speak much English, if they're reading this (with the help of a translator) they're probably laughing at you for still believing in the scam, because most of them are complete c***s

Some people would think you were a fool, but I say it could happen to almost anyone. Most of us are all looking for our dream girl/bloke. The victim is never to blame for the scam.

So now you have several options, you can go on believing in Natalya and feeling a bit sorry for can get back at the scam monkeys and start scam baiting (like some of the veterans here)...or you can try and find a real Russian girl to restore your faith.

And believe me, there are plenty of nice looking Russian women (outside Moscow) looking for a partner, especially if they have a kid. Of course, you have to have enough money to support them, especially for the first few years.

But if you decide on the latter, use a different mail account from AOL so you can trace the IP just to be sure, hotmail will do. And make sure you talk to her on the phone a few times at least.
2010-04-06, 06:37:55
OJAS from United States  
@sportka, following up on Eddie's article, please read http://www.delphifa..28#164906

MMF's articles on fdating http://www.delphifa..+fdating*
Ex-pat Paul http://www.delphifa..27#123886

Recently a compatriot of yours visited Paul, but against his advice, went to meet a wrong girl in a wrong city. Howeever he also met girls with genuine intentions, plans to make a longer visit.
2010-04-06, 11:35:38   (updated: 2010-04-06, 11:46:25)
OJAS from United States  
2010-04-06, 12:11:16
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Sorry to hear about your loss, I myself have never lost any money . But yes have been left with bitter memories, on two occasions now and yes it hurts .
But always remember, there are many young Russian ladies out there who are honest and genuine .
I know I have one now, but had to go to Russia and find her myself .
Was it worth it , YES .
Good luck on your search , I hope you find your lady soon . It took me two days to find mine . It is easy once you are there, I am going back in two weeks for 6 weeks .
To find work and fill out the right forms , to stay there .
2010-04-06, 12:13:01
sportka from United Kingdom  
( OK... I have been scammed by 'fat Boris' !!! )

Thanks Eddie, you have finally got me to admit it, and thanks also for making me feel
a 'little less' than a complete fool, for allowing this to happen. Up until now I have never
had any contact with 'crimminals', so I was very innocent and naive and obviously an easy target. But I have to say that my feelings and respect for 'Russia' have change. I know not all Russian people are like 'Boris' but I am only human and now feel a distinct dislike for the whole country ! ( ''Scam baiting''.... here I come ! ) I have written many, many letters over the past three months, but now I have a totally different motivation for hitting the keyboard... they seem to like the ''naive/rich/lonely and sexually frustrated...'' type, so that's what I give them.... I have already found ''Diana'' from Moscow/Cheboksary and I am currently working on three others. But coming back to the subject of my 'man/woman' friend from Cheboksary... take a look at this very poor 'birthday photograph' they sent me, and tell me how you think it fits in the 'Natalya scenario' ? I always thought she looked more like a 'prostitute' than an older version of all those lovely earlier pics? They said it was taken by the girlfriend and there is no trace of a 'smile' or any sign of 'happiness' on Natalya's face... it's just a through she
was being told exactly what to do and didn't like the idea very much! It was after that
picture was sent to me, that I really started to have second thoughts, but I still wanted the dream to continue unfortunately ! Just one last thing to say regarding AOL, your
comments have been noted. regards, Sportka

2010-04-06, 15:01:25
OJAS from United States  
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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