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Dating scammer Usova Marina Sergeevna, Marinka, Bahtinochkaaa


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Name: Usova Marina Sergeevna, Marinka, Bahtinochkaaa


Usova Marina Sergeevna
Ul. Pionerskaya 90b (apartment 62)
424000 YOSHKAR-OLA (or 425255 TABASHINO)
Marij-El Resp., Russian Federation

Passport No.: 8808 982966

GSM 1: +7 961 3741-172 (Beeline)
GSM 2: +7 927 8703-299 (Megafon)

Other Comments:
In short:

In January 14, 2010 Marina entered to the Croatian portal for connecting people called 'Iskrica (Sparky)' and found me. She sent me the first photo and own profile description, and began to write many warm and tender e-mails from the Internet cafe... Under the pretext that all Russian men are egoists, Marina wanted to come to me in Zagreb to marry and build a family with me. She have not money for tickets and visa, and I sent her the money with Western Union. At the Moscow airport, the police punish her with a large penalty of even 2600 euros, because she wanted to give me a valuable Russian icon. It should be a surprise gift when she comes to me. Then Marina says that she will be imprisoned, if she do not pay the penalty. She returns home and she wants of me the money. I do not more send the money, because I doubt in this story, especially when I have found this website ( I just now understand that I became a victim of organized crime.

In the meantime, I had sent her a birthday gift with express mail (EMS). The parcel is not delivered, because the address was incorrect (that street has only 40 houses), but Marina picked up that parcel in the postal office, probably with a fake passport.

Although Marina is mentioned that she has not the telephone, she has called me many times, allegedly from a public 'cable point of calls', but I discovered that she calls over the Russian mobile operators.

For more detailed information about this case,
please feel free to contact me at:

Marijo from Zagreb, Croatia

March 14, 2010.


This is Marina's profile:

Hello my friend!!!!!! For me was pleasure to receive news from
you! How your day? I think well! I was good! At us today very awful
weather. In the street very coldly also is not present what sun. I
very much am interested in you. I search for serious attitudes what to
create strong, loving family. Today I send you 1 to a photo, I hope
beautiful truth. What can I tell more about myself directly? My age
29. Mine birthday 29.01. 1980. my growth 175. My weight 57. Hair -
The the light. I love a variety in appearance.
Eyes - brown. I have no children. I love a life. I like to
wake up in the mornings and to not know, that will present me new day.
I like to laugh and see when people are dared. I love sports. I two
times a week go to pool and I am engaged there. I like to travel,
though I never was abroad. Now I dream find the person with which I
can to construct family and to live together with him. The main thing,
that this person would understand me. Unless you do not think so? I
think, that the main thing in the person, that at him in soul, instead
of what it externally. I want, that the person was intellectual and
alive with sensation of humour. I think, that we have good chance to
know each other better... Winter my favourite season of year, I like
to look, how the nature comes to the senses after autumns. I love
snow. Snow it is fine entertainment for children. Children are the
future of our planet and on Them all our hope, they bring pleasure. I
believe, that the main love in my life will still arrive, the god will
help me with it. My favourite films now: 'Titanic' and 'Night patrol'.
I work from 8 mornings till 17 evenings every day except for Saturday
and revivals. During the lunchtime or after work I come in the
Internet of cafe. Also I write to you letters. I have not enough time
and means for entertainments, therefore I cannot allow me good rest.
Why I search for the person in more about me. Because here in Russia
all men egoists also do not care at all of women, can simply beat them
or humiliate. Please ask me that interests you. I shall answer your
questions. But if I shall not answer your questions do not take
offence. I it means cannot understand. As it is my first experience of
dialogue in the Internet. I write letters from the Internet of cafe
and he unfortunately sometimes happens is closed. I with impatience
shall look forward to hearing from you. With greetings from Russia

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2010-03-28, 07:34:26   (updated: 2010-03-28, 08:27:42)
Marijo from Zagreb, Croatia/Hrvatska  
Below is the letter where I ask Marina about documents.
Although I already suspect in Marina's story, I continue to contact with her.
A week later, after some more letters,
she finally send me by e-mail the scanned fake documents
which I have already added in my previous comment + ++

My dearest Marina!!!

I am so glad that I have just received your new warm and tender letter.
This morning I was visited the state administration,
and I am so happy that I write this letter and inform you about good news.
I talked very much with my referent state officer about our case.
He is very friendly and polite person. I am confident that he will help us.
I am well surprised that I can talk with him so directly and openly.
He expressed a desire to help us in solving our problems as much as in his power.
He promised that through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
the Russian Embassy in Zagreb will contact the police in Moscow
about the payment of your penalty, in the sense that in this way I pay the debt
directly from my bank account, what I totally agree.
My beautiful Marina, I hope that you also will be happy, as me.
This officer also says that he will do it very easily and fast,
without a problem, because of a well cooperation with the Russian Embassy.
He will insist through an effective diplomatic channel
to prove that was not any bad intentions from my and your side,
that the police in Moscow reduce the penalty, especially if it is your first penalty,
and that they even return back your valuable icon,
because it is your family heritage.

My dearest Marina, it would be good that you urgently send me
your scanned passport, concrete the page with your address and picture,
and the page with the 90-day visa, which you already have got in Moscow.
Also, it would be desirable that you send the police report, confirmation or
similar document which you have got as a clear evidence
that the police confiscated your valuable icon and set this high penalty.
If you can not scan these documents and send with e-mail,
then you can send them with fax directly from the postal office in Joshkar-Ola.
Sending a fax takes only 1-2 minutes and it will not cost so much.


The letter sent to Marina in March 15, 2010.

Hello my love Marijo!!!

I am very pleased to read your letter and
very happy that you did not forget, my love Marijo.
As you wrote me a letter, you were right internet cafe at the weekend we did not work.
I could not to you write. But now all well, and I'll write.
This weekend I was at home and helped mum.
How are you?? What did you do this weekend? How are things going at home, how are you??
I hope that you all is well my favorite prince.
I done to you all documents as you asked me, and send them to you.
I very pleased that we will soon be along to my favorite Marijo.
These days until internet cafe did not work, I very much miss you my favorite prince.
I am pleased to inform you that today I'll call you and we can talk with you.
I greatly miss you and want to be close to you.
Thank you for your kind words written by the letter
I was very pleased to hear from you, these sweet and tender slova.
My expensive Marijo on this I will finish my letter and
with impatience I will wait for a response from you.

Your love forever Marina.

The letter from Marina received in March 22, 2010.

2010-03-28, 08:34:52   (updated: 2010-03-28, 08:41:28)
Marijo from Zagreb, Croatia/Hrvatska  
But Marina is still hopeful that I will send her the money...
2010-04-18, 04:34:33   (updated: 2010-04-18, 05:02:21)
Marijo from Zagreb, Croatia/Hrvatska  
I told to Marina that I personaly can not more send the money by the Western Union company
to her directly, but Marina send me even 2 addresses for the money transfer to her 'girlfriends'.

This is Marina's letter sent in April 15, 2010 (the first address):

Hello, my favorite prince.

I am very glad to receive from you your next letter with good news.
I very strongly love you and miss you my dear Marijo.
I am insanely happy that very soon we'll be together with the help of our friends
who help us in whatever we were together.
I want to tell your friend thank you very much in advance for the fact
that he helps us and agreed to all in order that we with you were together.
My dear that's the data:

Surname: Kabanova.
Name: Natalya.
First Name: Andreyevna.
Country: Russia.
City: Yoshkar-Ola.
Street: Pionerskaja 15.
The postal index: 424000.

Here are all the data that you need.
As soon as you send it to me all the details of sending money,
we immediately take a trip with his girlfriend in the bank.
My dear, I so much miss you and I can not live without you.
I beg you hurried friend that he would have sent the money as soon as possible and
as quickly as possible, I shall arrive to you because without you I can not live.
I hope you could do it today.
Now I go home and come back later in the internet cafe,
and I hope that I see from you.

I am sending you millions of kisses, my prince.
Forever yours Marin

And this is Marina's letter sent in April 17, 2010 (the second address):

Hello my favorite Marijo.

I am very glad to read your next letter, full of love and affection.
In my previous letter you write me that I would find a girlfriend or a friend who lives in another city.
As you requested, and I called my girlfriend who lives in another city. This city is called Cheboksary. And she agreed to help us. Now you tell me when you will be able to send money, I tell her details.
I hope that on Monday you will be able to send money. Here are the data:

Surname: Zubareva.
Name: Mariya.
First Name: Sergeevna.
Country: Russia.
City: Cheboksary.
Street: Anciferova 8 apartment 41.
The postal index: 428000.
Passport Series: 8810 004927.

Here are the data of my girlfriend who lives in Cheboksary.
My dear, I hope that on Monday you will do it and you send me money.
And next week we will be together. On this I finish my letter, but tomorrow I will wait for your reply.
I am sending you 1000000000000000000000000000 hot kisses and embraces.
Always your love Marina.
2010-04-18, 08:46:17   (updated: 2010-04-18, 08:47:30)
Marijo from Zagreb, Croatia/Hrvatska  
Marina is still hopeful that I will send her the money of 1400 euros, or at least 500 euros.
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