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Dating scammer Mumin Abdul Ahmed


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Name: Mumin Abdul Ahmed


25 Ring Road Central
James Town
Accra, Ghana, West Africa

Cell phone # +233545332064 and +233240553547

Other Comments:
I have been the victim of a scam originating in Ghana through the website My story is very similar to a few others on here. I was contacted by a young lady in Ghana - very attractive, 29 years old, called Mumin Ahmed. We began exchanging romantic messages several months ago and have had several online chats via yahoo, lasting several hours at a time. We finally started making arrangements for her to come to the US. Well to make a short story I realize that I was being scam when she email me a copy of The Declaration Fee Note which is a fake government document. I began doing my homework and found that this young lady was actually a male pretending to be her. Here is the chat conversations that we had for two days.

Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 12:19:59 PM): babe
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 12:19:59 PM): u there
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 12:20:17 PM): How are you?
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 12:20:31 PM): babe i will say im not well
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 12:20:45 PM): WHy
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 12:21:09 PM): babe is there anything like declaration before you fly?
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 12:21:29 PM): No I don't know what that is
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 12:23:28 PM): i went to buy the ticket this morning and they asked me if i have a declaration fee to show to the immigartion the reason they are asking is that they dont want me to waste my money and buy the ticket and suffer declaration at the immigartion
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 12:24:12 PM): But you have a visa?
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 12:25:00 PM): yes..ok wait i asked for a copy of the term and condition from them bcos i told them you wont understand me so they gave it to me and i scan it for you
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 12:26:28 PM): Yes can it. It not making sense.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 12:34:48 PM): Baby I just verify thru a friend of mine who is a immigration lawyer. She said there is no valid document. The Ghanaian Government or Ghana Immigration does not require a declaration fee. I will forward you a copy as soon she email the copy to me.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 12:35:28 PM): ok babe
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 12:36:58 PM): It is a letter to inform people like me about sending money to people we have not met. A lot of US citizen has been scam by foriegn women.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:16:14 PM): Hey
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:16:34 PM): babe what happend to ur signal
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:17:17 PM): The cable company was working on the service in our area.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:17:42 PM): i see
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:19:45 PM): Tell me truth are you one of those girls who are scamming people with bogus stories just to get money.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:20:40 PM): babe what are you asking me
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:21:49 PM): why will you ask me such a question babe
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:21:54 PM): Mumin if this is your real name I feel like DJ and I have been scam. She is upset because I told her that you may not be coming.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:22:34 PM): why did you say that
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:22:38 PM): I don't know if you got my last message about my cousin having a friend in the US Immigration office.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:24:14 PM): i got it why was i asked that
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:24:23 PM): you are both there and im here
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:24:55 PM): and why did you say if thas my name then im a scammer
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:27:10 PM): The attorney told me that Ghana does not have a Declaration Fee Note. That this is a scam. Homie Docks who works for Ghana Immigration is being investigate by The US Embassy and your government. He is one of the people who is behind the scam. My friend who works for the FBI sent me pictures of several officials there who are crooks. He also email copies of various girls with fake visas and passports.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:31:38 PM): im here and completely lost of word
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:32:40 PM): u saying all this to me
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:33:29 PM): The picture with the five mens. the man with the glasses is Homie Dock.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:35:21 PM): Because I want to believe that you are not those people who are scammers, especially for my daughter sake. She has her heart on you. I would never forgive myself for disappointing her.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:36:31 PM): so do u think i want to hurt her
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:36:49 PM): or what benefit will i derive from hurting her or you
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:39:24 PM): I don't know what to think. My heart says you are not, but that is my emotions, but my brain is playing devils advocate. I hope no benefit. What benefit do the others have for hurting people, stealing their hard earn money.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:40:33 PM): thus situation is frustrating
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:40:44 PM): I gave you money with the purpose of investing a future for us, but mostly my daughter who is looking for someone to call mom.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:40:51 PM): you are there and im here and the real believ is not there
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:42:02 PM): im also looking upon my mother who want my happiness and some one to call her grandchildren and a son in law
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:44:00 PM): There are girls who are saying the same thing about love, romantic and being miserable there. The Immigration attorney stated there is no Republic of Ghana, 1992 Constitution, Article 754, Cross 1285
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:46:11 PM): really then what happening if all what u syaing is that im a lier
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:47:47 PM): The Ghana Embassy email this to me. There is a DECLARATION FEE NOTE circulating in Ghana. It is posted under Lawura Muniru, who is also being investigated,
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:49:57 PM): so is what im having like that
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:50:08 PM): I am not calling you a liar. It is possible that you are being scam as well. They are telling you that you need this Declaration Fee Note so you can tell me and have me send the $3000. In return you give the money to them.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:50:52 PM): then u should let me go back tomoro and take the name of the immigartion officer if al that u saying is perfect
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:51:02 PM): why do u think i will forge all this
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:51:15 PM): Yes it is not real. I will email you what the Immigration attorney email. me.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 3:52:17 PM): Did you read what I just said to you. You may be scammed and not know it.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:53:41 PM): yes i did and i will go with my boss to the immigration tomoro
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:58:21 PM): ok
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 3:58:38 PM): tell her not to worry ..u didnt do anything to lost anything
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:25:17 PM): Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Echo!
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:25:35 PM): hi babe
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:26:37 PM): I tried to reassure her. She said she will have her doubts until you are here in presence.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:27:12 PM): ok let her be her self for now
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:28:31 PM): She has some friends that work for the government and she will have them do some research. My cousin friend called her to tell me that you do not have to pay any additional fees and suggest that you take an attorney with you to immigration.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:29:35 PM): Tell me when you went to get your visa, how was your visa arranged?
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:30:52 PM): babe dont worry i will do everything tomoro
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:31:41 PM): Can you answer my question
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:33:53 PM): Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Echo!
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:34:20 PM): im here wait
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:34:28 PM): mother talking to me
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:34:36 PM): Okay
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:36:11 PM): i got the visa on 13 february
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:36:44 PM): I know that How was it arranged
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:37:54 PM): but i told you
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:38:08 PM): have u forgotten so soon
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:38:09 PM): I need to know
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:38:30 PM): I know what you told me then.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:41:07 PM): Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Echo!
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:41:19 PM): im here
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:41:32 PM): im explaining things to mother shuaibu
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:42:05 PM): i will be back with you brb
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:42:21 PM): What are you doing?
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:45:01 PM): babe im back
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:45:20 PM): Okay
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:45:49 PM): Are you going to evade my question
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:46:11 PM): i got through the normal process
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:46:27 PM): What is the normal process
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:46:37 PM): sending my passport and ur adress what u do and whom im to you
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:47:28 PM): Okay How did you get your passport. Did you go get it or someone else?
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:48:24 PM): then i was ask question about what im going there for and after that they gave me a date to come with the fee and pay at the bank which i did and then they asked me to come for it on a sunday which i remember very well so when i went on that they they gave it to me
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:55:34 PM): The reason I ask you this because the The Immigration Lawyer told me the process of one obtaining a non-immigrant visa. I know this may seen like I don't believe you, in my heart I feel that you are who you say you are, but I just have to assure myself and get rid of the negative thoughts. Try to understand, put yourself in my shoe and imagine the table turn around. what if it was you and you find out that you may have been scammed. So I will ask you this one question and I will leave it alone. Tell me the steps you went about the way to get your visa. I am only looking for one thing.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 4:57:21 PM): Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Echo!
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:57:31 PM): hon ok listen well
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:57:50 PM): first i applied for it
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:58:52 PM): secondly i appointment for interview was mad which i attended that when i asked you for all the information i needed
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:59:37 PM): secondly i made a payment at the bank in the name of the embassy
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 4:59:57 PM): then they gave me a date for it whcih i went and collect it
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 5:01:03 PM): babe i will be back hold on
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:11:51 PM): babe im back
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:12:23 PM): where did you go?
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:12:33 PM): on my bed
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:13:12 PM): So you tell me hold on and then sign off what is that all about.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:14:10 PM): i have a bad headache
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:14:22 PM): totally confused about all what is happening
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:15:02 PM): You could have told me that you was going to lay down.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:15:20 PM): What is your mother saying about all this.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:16:28 PM): mother shuaibu dont think you are right very right
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:16:42 PM): she also dont think i will do anything to hurt you
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:17:47 PM): She don't think I am right about you or the scams that is going on.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:17:52 PM): i even called my boss and she is confused as well
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:18:26 PM): she said you are veru right about the scam that is going on but im not one
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:19:04 PM): and she said since you are over there and im here it will be very difficult for you to understand me
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:20:00 PM): Why would it be hard to understand you.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:20:49 PM): and bcos other peoples are doing something similar to what we are going through then u think im one which i dont blame you at all
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:21:19 PM): its just that some bad ones have spoil the image of ghana and we the good ones
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:22:25 PM): boss her self told me that since you traveling you are supposed to hold the declaration which will not be given my the immigration but they will just see it and then let you go without collecting it from you
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:23:25 PM): this is that many ghanaian go to abroad for prostitution and they are taken over there by white men to go and act porn as sex slaves
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:23:50 PM): there is no way i will like to lie to you about such thing
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:26:58 PM): I can see where you are going with this, but it is your corrupted official who are scamming and using this excuse for the reasoning. The US Embassy has affirmed that no one needs a Declaration Fee Note. What you are saying is that if you don't pay the fake Declaration Fee Notes then you can't leave Ghana. My friend Alex told me that the Declaration Fee Notes is a lie.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:28:30 PM): Excuse my language but that is Bull Shit. How can anyone tell a person that they cannot leave their country. I do understand about getting into another country without the appropriate papers.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:30:30 PM): mm this situation is bad
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:31:25 PM): well lets hang it for now and see what happends tomoro
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:35:35 PM): I just receive an email from the immigration lawyer there is no record of john quaye as Chief Aviation Officer. She is still trying to get confirmation on Emmanuel Asante.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:36:07 PM): Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Echo!
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:36:30 PM): ok i hear
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:36:46 PM): What are you doing
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:36:58 PM): im not feeling well
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:37:10 PM): Why
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:37:11 PM): this very bad headache
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:37:53 PM): keep on with ur investigation we will have to talk in the morning
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:42:03 PM): Fulera it will be okay. I believe they are scamming you to get to me for money. But they will lose because I am not sending $3000 dollars. Babe check your email. I forward the email I received from the Embassy of Ghana detailing what a Ghanian needs to leave the country. You have met everything. You don't half to pay anymore money. The only thing you may need to pay is your passport and that cost around $11.00. Please read it before we get offline.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:42:53 PM): ok i will my love
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:43:01 PM): I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:43:25 PM): and tell DJ that we are doing anything possible to make sure that she feeels okay
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:43:47 PM): tell her i love her so much and she shouldnt worry everything is gonna be okay
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:43:47 PM): I LOVE YOU TOO SWEETIE. IT LOOKS Bad, but not everyone are crooks.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:44:04 PM): Why are you getting off.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:44:54 PM): i want to have my bath and some rest
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:46:50 PM): OKay
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:47:02 PM): Kiss
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:48:48 PM): Just for you to know I am not happy that you are getting off so early. But I understand you want to rest. Now I want be able to sleep on a good note. Talk to you later. I hope you have sweet dreams.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:49:08 PM): I will tell DJ just to pray.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:50:45 PM): yes and plz sleep well for me cos im also going to manage to sleep
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:51:30 PM): but its not anything very difficult since you have given me the assurance that there is no declaration fee then i have a good confidence in me
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:51:56 PM): all i have to do is to go there with my lawyer and see what they say
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:52:17 PM): Are you working tomorrow? When will I here from you? You had me waiting all day.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:53:09 PM): yes today i was finding it very hard to even come online to tell you that and was with my boss all day
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:53:29 PM): but i will be on here tomoro as soon as everything goes on well
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:55:52 PM): You to come online whether it is well or not. It no fun having to wait all day to know information whether good or bad. I wouldn't do you like that especially when I know you are waiting to hear.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 6:56:39 PM): ok babe im sorry and i promise i will tell you what you need to know as soon as i can
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 6:58:52 PM): Come on line soon as you can. I didn't even go to work because I wanted to make sure I was online. THat is money I didn't make today. You could have told me this as soon as you got the bad news. It was wrong. Then DJ comes home and ask if you were on your way and I could not tell her anything. Especially when you told me you were going in the morning. I want you to know too that I did not even sleep last night because of anxiety of waiting for you to come.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:00:12 PM): yes i also feel the same anxiety and just cant wait but all the same we will make our way just dont let us worry for now
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:03:40 PM): I am not going to worry. I believe in you and everything we had talk about.. My daughter believes in you. You have do your part to get here. We and my family are waiting. Like you said the day before yesterday. Don' t disappoint us and make me look like a fool to my family.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:04:26 PM): yes and i will never dissapoint you
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:05:15 PM): Kiss
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:05:16 PM): Happy
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:05:25 PM): (kissing sound)
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:05:29 PM): I'll be dreaming of yooou.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:06:00 PM): I hope you know I have FAITH in you
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:06:43 PM): yes that is what will keep me going and i will never dissapoint you babe
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:08:16 PM): okay babe good nite. Oh did you get a text from my sister today.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:08:26 PM): nop
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:08:34 PM): did she say she txt me?
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:09:35 PM): Yes she did I was the one who sent it from her phone the number is 4049531257
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:10:18 PM): It was verified as sent message.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:11:44 PM): what was the message?
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:11:52 PM): Do you keep your phone on because I even tried to call you.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:12:37 PM): It said my internet service is down or something to that affect I am not sure.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:13:11 PM): i see
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:13:27 PM): when u try to call did you get through?
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:14:19 PM): No
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:14:45 PM): It said customer could not be reached.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:15:10 PM): the signal is bad in reaching you i think
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:15:28 PM): ok dont worry get ur self a rest and i will tell you all u need to know tomoro
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:16:25 PM): Please don't wait all day to tell me what is going on. That is all I ask of you. Don't keep me waiting like you did today.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:16:47 PM): ok i wont trust me
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:16:54 PM): Love you babe
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:17:13 PM): Love you too babe sweet dreams.
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:17:29 PM): I'll be dreaming of yooou.
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:17:30 PM): Happy
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:17:38 PM): Happy
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:17:39 PM): Kiss
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:17:45 PM): Kiss
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:18:04 PM): ok have a sweetdream
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:18:18 PM): Ditto babe
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:18:52 PM): Ditttoooooooooooooooooooo
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:18:54 PM): lol
naethuan1980 (4/20/2010 7:19:12 PM): LOL LOL LOL
Mumin Ahmed (4/20/2010 7:19:36 PM): Kiss

Day 2

Ahmed: babe good news
Mumin Ahmed: with who?
naethuan1980: Talking to a client hold on please
naethuan1980: Okay i have my client on speaker phone. What is the good news.
Mumin Ahmed: babe i went there with my lawyer
Mumin Ahmed: my lawyer caution them not to ask me of any declaration fee
Mumin Ahmed: im so suprised that they aint the people we saw yesterday
Mumin Ahmed: they are completely different peoples
naethuan1980: Really was the information I provided for you helpful?
Mumin Ahmed: yes it did
naethuan1980: So what are your plans now?
Mumin Ahmed: where did you see the ticket fee online
naethuan1980: I saw it on Delta. But There is a promotion going on for $1158.00
naethuan1980: I thought you went to the airport yesterday?
Mumin Ahmed: yes we did
Mumin Ahmed: what was the other price you saw
naethuan1980: $1894
Mumin Ahmed: yes thas the price i saw
naethuan1980: Okay what is your plan?
Mumin Ahmed: yes i want to go get it in the morning
Mumin Ahmed: but i couldnt get any extra money from boss
Mumin Ahmed: the 1894 is intact but u know i have to get money on me
naethuan1980: Know I don't know. So you are telling me that you need more money.
Mumin Ahmed: i think if i should get 100 on me it will be ok
naethuan1980: Good luck I am tap. I can't do any more money. I have put myself in a rut trying to take care of you. If you are real then you will get the money.
Mumin Ahmed: babe what are you saying
Mumin Ahmed: i have borrowed money from other man who is nothing to me just a husband to my boss and he had no doubt and had help me why wont you
naethuan1980: I am telling you I have no more money to send. I giving you enough. I did my part and now you do your part or this will prove that you are scamming me.
naethuan1980: THat is what you said you did. I don't know that. I am not there to see it.
Mumin Ahmed: is that what you telling me
Mumin Ahmed: when will you stop this
Mumin Ahmed: thas why i do find it difficult asking you any money and you yet say im hiding things from you
Mumin Ahmed: now when i ask you say im lieing
naethuan1980: It is like this. Every since you gave me the Declaration Fee Note it has made me uneasy. I shared with you before what I do for a living. I do a lot of research. I have found resources and resources about Ghana, and West Africa about their scams.
Mumin Ahmed: now what do you want me to say
Mumin Ahmed: babe when u told me about that didnt i go and figure it out
Mumin Ahmed: and didnt i corrected it and do as u said
Mumin Ahmed: all im asking is some amount for me to have on me so that i can be able to feel safe
Mumin Ahmed: and this one u complaining why do u sometimes say this to break my heart
naethuan1980: Mumin that is what you are telling me. I am not there to see.
naethuan1980: Please don't play the emotion guilt trip. I have listen and listen to you. I knew this would come up. I was waiting for you to ask me for more money.
naethuan1980: I might as well prepare my daughter for the bad news.
Mumin Ahmed: babe what are you talking about
Mumin Ahmed: ok get some rest and come back to ur self
Mumin Ahmed: i dont want us to quarrel again
naethuan1980: I am not quarreling with you.
Mumin Ahmed: yes you are
Mumin Ahmed: so u always say i ask for money right
naethuan1980: Let's leave this along for a while. Let's talk about something else.
Mumin Ahmed: when i hide it from you will say you are my husband why dont i ask and when i ask you say something else
Mumin Ahmed: i dont want to ask any one for another money cos boss has done enough for me
Mumin Ahmed: its will not be nice asking asking asking her money like that
naethuan1980: No I am not saying that. Yes I did say that, but now you have the money to get here. You do not need any more money. You will be on the plane to the state.
Mumin Ahmed: babe its very nice for me to atlast have that money on me
Mumin Ahmed: if i dont spend it or if i spend a little then i can bring the rest you will not know what will happend
Mumin Ahmed: its a source of secure
naethuan1980: Okay I will this time. But I have to get the money from my cousin.
naethuan1980: Hold on I will be right back I have to get DJ
Mumin Ahmed: okay
Mumin Ahmed: u back?
naethuan1980: yes
Mumin Ahmed: ok i hope dj is fine plz dont tell her anything bad
Mumin Ahmed: just tell her i did not get my ticket on time
naethuan1980: I will
naethuan1980: She said hello.
Mumin Ahmed: hi sweetheart
Mumin Ahmed: i cant wait to be with you my angel how is school otday
naethuan1980: We talk about alot of things, so tell me when did yoiu graduate from high school
naethuan1980: She went to do her homework.
Mumin Ahmed: ok babe why are you asking me this again
naethuan1980: well my cousin and i was talking last night and she was asking me questions and I could not remember. But I did remember that you said you didn't go to college.
Mumin Ahmed: when i get there i will shout it in ur ears lol
Mumin Ahmed: its punishment for now and i will not say again
Mumin Ahmed: u throw all what we said away right?
naethuan1980: Only certain things I retain that are important to me.
Mumin Ahmed: ok tthis is not important then so until i come there i will answer her my my self
naethuan1980: Okay
Mumin Ahmed: i love you
naethuan1980: I am here
Mumin Ahmed: ok so are u mad at me?
naethuan1980: No. Talking to DJ. Is Mumin a popular name there?
Mumin Ahmed: yes
naethuan1980: Oh I see.
naethuan1980: So talk to me.
Mumin Ahmed: im here
naethuan1980: I know you are there but you are not saying anything.
Mumin Ahmed: yes im here babe
naethuan1980: I know that
Mumin Ahmed: ok its mother shuaibu was asking me about the way things are going
naethuan1980: Really what did you say?
Mumin Ahmed: i told her everything is going well and i will get the ticket early tomoro
naethuan1980: What did she say
Mumin Ahmed: she is very happy
naethuan1980: Cool.
Mumin Ahmed: wait brb
naethuan1980: okay
naethuan1980: Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Echo!

Mumin Ahmed: sorry i went to the bathroom
Mumin Ahmed: are u here
Mumin Ahmed: did u had the chance to get to work today
Mumin Ahmed: u there
Mumin Ahmed: what are you doing
naethuan1980: Yes I did and the project was completed
Mumin Ahmed: and the testing was also completed?
naethuan1980: Yes
Mumin Ahmed: ok so when will you get paid
Mumin Ahmed: or whould i wait to come together with mom?
Mumin Ahmed: or u want me to come and leave mommy?
naethuan1980: I have the money in my bank.
Mumin Ahmed: so are you going to let i and mom come ?
naethuan1980: Yes
Mumin Ahmed: thas goodnews then i think i should let her know that we are going together
naethuan1980: yes do that
Mumin Ahmed: mother shuaibu is very happy babe
naethuan1980: really
Mumin Ahmed: yes
Mumin Ahmed: i did
Mumin Ahmed: babe are sure about this cos she is very happy
naethuan1980: I am sure are you sure
Mumin Ahmed: yes babe
Mumin Ahmed: then i think i should wait then and handle the money back to boss and have the 800 then u add the rest for the ticket together with mom
naethuan1980: Yes you can give it back and keep the 800.
naethuan1980: Take part of the 800 and get her passport and visa
Mumin Ahmed: ok thas nice
Mumin Ahmed: she is so happy i wish you here to see her
Mumin Ahmed: so u should tell dj that are both coming then
naethuan1980: I will eventually. But not right now.
Mumin Ahmed: babe what about if you send us that money do u have anyother in the bank if not just send for the money that is left which we intent to borrow then when i come over we depend on that and work to bring mom i have arrange for a girl who will take good care of her
Mumin Ahmed: i have realised that u said its only 1000 that you had and u sent me 800 u even spent 80 for sending it so i guess its left with u 100
Mumin Ahmed: so dear let just get mine and we work for mother own later very soon
Mumin Ahmed: what do you say
naethuan1980: I am here
Mumin Ahmed: did u get what i said?
naethuan1980: I am not understanding you
Mumin Ahmed: i mean u told me u dont have enough money that means u will be depending on the money that you have just been why not let me give boss her money back and then you send me that then we can bring mother lateron cos when i come over you said there will be no much money so i think you should keep the rest for us to depend on and then we work towards mother to come over lateron soon
naethuan1980: You are not making sense. You already made arrangement with your boss. When you get here we will send her most of the money back. All i need to do is send you the $100. But If mother Shuaibu comes then I will send the difference for her ticket.
Mumin Ahmed: ok if you say when where u paid?
naethuan1980: This afternoon and place the check in my bank account.
Mumin Ahmed: so why did i ask you for 100 and u where very mad and told me you will have to borrow?
naethuan1980: Because the check has to clear.
Mumin Ahmed: i see
Mumin Ahmed: babe if you are not really okay about this or not sure just let me come and assure you before paying for mother shuaibu
Mumin Ahmed: deep in me i know something is wrong about ur secision
Mumin Ahmed: decision
naethuan1980: Okay you keep the money and I will send you the $100 for travel expense. when you get here will decide whether to repay you boss at a later date or send for your mom.
Mumin Ahmed: ok thas nice with me
Mumin Ahmed: then you should do it this time so that i get it early in the morning and get the airport and have the ticket
naethuan1980: So are you cool with that
Mumin Ahmed: then i come home for the preparation yes im cool with that
naethuan1980: I will in a little a while.
Mumin Ahmed: ok babe let me get my shower and eat and come back online with you
naethuan1980: Why did you close photo sharing I wanted to show you something that you might like.
Mumin Ahmed: wats that
Mumin Ahmed: let me see then
naethuan1980: Who is this
Mumin Ahmed: you are showing me
Mumin Ahmed: who are those babe
naethuan1980: I am showing you, is that what you are saying or am I misunderstanding what you just wrote.
Mumin Ahmed: im asking
You have canceled the file transfer.

naethuan1980: No you said quote, 'Mumin Ahmed: you are showing me'
naethuan1980: What did you meant by this.
Mumin Ahmed: u mean thas me
naethuan1980: No that what you said. I am trying to clarify
Mumin Ahmed: make it clear to me
Mumin Ahmed: im lost
naethuan1980: Stop playing games you know exactly what you said, I will repeat what you said, you are showing me.
Mumin Ahmed: ah what are you saying
naethuan1980: You tell me who is this person in the red
Mumin Ahmed: babe stop the jokes how can i know the person on the bed
Mumin Ahmed: u are showing me a pic and you want me to answer
Mumin Ahmed: how can i?
naethuan1980: Okay then explain to me why this person has your email address and has the same name as yours.
Mumin Ahmed: u are still beating arround the bush
Mumin Ahmed: tell me how u really mean
naethuan1980: and you are not answering my questions.
Mumin Ahmed: you mean this person has my name?
naethuan1980: So what am i suppose to think when you are evading my questions.
naethuan1980: He has your name, Email address and the old cell number you gave me, which I compared to the new number that you text me from the other day.
naethuan1980: I was also told that Mumin is a male name. Which that what I had thought earlier.
Mumin Ahmed: what mumin is my name any one can choose to have mumin not only one gender
Mumin Ahmed: and i dont understand what you meant by my email and phone number
Mumin Ahmed: how do u say this person has my email and phone number?
Mumin Ahmed: u there?
naethuan1980: I told you I have friends in the government and I am a researcher. I google your email address and these pictures came up. To top this off the man I ask you about the other day, Floyd contacted me this morning and had shared some information about you. My friend who works for the FBI found these the photos you gave of me On a Scammers Website called pg 133
Mumin Ahmed: what photos?
naethuan1980: The photos you gave me. They are on the scammers website.
naethuan1980: Here is what one person wanted to know: there is this girl i been talking to in africa. here is the information for all of you guys out of there. Flag this messagehere is the pic..hope u like itWednesday, September 23, 2009 6:52 PM
From: fulera shuaibu' watch out for her. she is a scammer.

Mumin Ahmed: just let me go on this site
naethuan1980: Here is what Floyd shared with me: about fulera2b4
yes, but the problem is she isnt The one in the pic / it is either a nigerian 419 scam / or someone in the USA from a dating site or computer wiz, or Russian, or German etc that is scamming you / this girl has pics all over even including my space (OMG) thats right... I personally think it is from the dating site people more now a days and trying to blame everyone in ghana - but you know what ? they (Ghanians) do it too ... so who is really the one? well if you want to help then get her to send you an email on yahoo / bec that is probably where it all started - then I could tell you how to check an IP address - giving the origin of the scam
if you tell me the story i could tell you maybe the origin of the scam without even the IP - at
Mumin Ahmed: and plz tell me how i can figure out the information they said
Mumin Ahmed: u are still there?
naethuan1980: You are good and you got me, but you are not that good. It is ashame that you are 17 years old and just graduated from high school in 2008 from St. Thomas Aqrunas High School and attending Zenith university college. Your days are number I have already reported this site to the FBI, in the US, Ghana Embassy, the US Embassy there, the Ghana Immigration Services and the Ghana Police Services. They have your photos, the address that you gave me earlier, It will be a matter of time before they get you. You will be wanted by both states. I am gather information from everyone you have scam. Thank you for the photos they are proof that you are scamming. Why you some girl's photo now you have made her look bad and she is a beautiful woman. So if this is not you, then I willl see you in the US.
naethuan1980: I will not send anymore money. Sorry this has to be this way, but there are to many scammers there. I can not take anymore losses.
naethuan1980: I will take this as a valuable experience. The next person I meet I will definitely not send any money. If you wants to get here I will pay for the tickets here in the States.
naethuan1980: You have open my eyes wide to this scam all because of a Declaration Fee Note fake document.
Mumin Ahmed: babe wait what are you saying
Mumin Ahmed: u are still confusing me
Mumin Ahmed: and dont understand you if thid is what u sayiing fine
Mumin Ahmed: you have to understand urself and dont make some one to be worried bcos this situation u saying im not getting you clear
Mumin Ahmed has closed photo sharing.

naethuan1980: Look Mumin if this is you as the girl, then you have no problems, but if this you as a boy you have a whole lot of problems to worry about. I hear that the prison there is not great. I here that there are people lock up who has not been to court in two years. If you are smart you will stop. You are two young to mess your life up. You have you life ahead of you.
naethuan1980: Mumin If you are who you say you are then, this person is using your name, email address and phone disguising himself as you. How he got your pictures you will have to find out. I know this I am not sending anymore money. I hope you I am sorry that, if you are the Mumin I have come to know, this is happening to you. But if this is not the girl in the pictures I have then shame on you for lying to Allah. He will deal with you in time.

So fellows if you see this email or Yahoo IM - fulera2g4 or Mumin Ahmed do not answer or ignore it. Because this is a scam perpetrated by a male.


2010-04-22, 00:50:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2010-04-22, 00:50:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-04-22, 00:50:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-04-22, 00:50:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-04-22, 00:50:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-04-22, 00:50:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-04-22, 00:50:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-04-22, 00:50:26   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2010-04-22, 23:26:58   (updated: 2010-04-22, 23:31:17)
Jordan from Atlanta, United States  
To all you men the young lady whom photos is picture in this site is not a scammer. She does not know that her photos is being used. The perpetrator behind this photo goes my the name Mumin Abdul Ahmed and uses the alias Fulera. This scammer is a 17 year old boy who do live in ACCRA, Ghana. He is on the run from the Ghana Police Services as well as the Ghana Immigration Service for fraud and fake documents. I dealt with Mumin Ahmed for 4 months until he tried to pull a big scam on me. So please be aware of this criminal. I have provide pictures of him as well as the cell numbers he uses and email addresses. Mumin Ahmed has sveral email addresses and phone numbers on under the name Earnestina using the same photos there.
If any one has been scammed or think that they are being scammed by this criminal please contact. I am trying to gather any informations and victims to bring this idiot to justice. I have several friends who are in Law Enforcement to the most high. Thank you.
I hope these photos of Mumin Ahmed are helpful.

2010-05-28, 20:53:23
anonymous from United States  
You can add Fati Yusif or (Hamza)
223245060507 + 223547765014
The agent for this one was

It was your post that prevented a bad mistake

2012-08-09, 15:25:35
Andy from United States  
Dear People Whom got Scammed,
I would like to let you know that this guy was also scamming me on Esoteric Online ( and got an email from him that also said the same thing. Please be aware of this for me and please, if anyone, report this to the FBI or anything that could report this scandalous act.
Andy Lai



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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