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Dating scammer Brenda Andrew


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Name: Brenda Andrew


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Isn't it amazing how you get responses like this no matter how you respond? Hilarious how people fall for this. As for me, I'm doing my part to protect the foolhardy and incompetent.

Its nice to hear from u.And i will really like to know more about u well i like Ur pics but i look into Ur heart cos beauty fades and the mind is in tact.So let me tell u a little about myself.I love swimming,taking walks down the park,observing nature,running and walking,i also love cooking and taking walks by the sea side,I'm passionate about a candle lit dinner with just i and my partner holding hands together and sharing intimate things about each other. Are you close to your family? I am asking if you're close to your family in the emotional kind of way cos i never got to know my mom in person i mean she died when i was just 5 am mixed my mom from Mexico And i never knew my dad,So i grew up with my grand mother when we were in Mexico then we moved to New Mexico in the states..,cos she moved there from Mexico,and i lost her two years ago.And My sense of humor is quite interesting,I'm shy at first but as we get closer i feel free to express my heart desires.How would you describe your sense of humor? Some people like silly slapstick, while others go for more subtle stuff. What tickles your funny bone?I love American food and also Italian food and most times,i love to cook for myself. I love MC Donald. I love comfort food.What kind of food do you like? Do you have a favorite restaurant? Some like hot and spicy, others prefer comfort food. If you had to pick one type of food, what would you say is your favorite?I'd love to talk to you more and see what develops. What do you think?hope that soon we both can sit down and have a cup of coffee,i would also love to chat with you,thought am new to this.Well i hope i am not asking too many questions?Get back to me soon

Hi,Its nice to hear from you again,And i will like to know more about you.And see where this leads to.Well i will like u to know more about me,let me start by saying,my life has been filled with heartbreaks and i don't want anymore hurt or pains,I want to find a man, who wants a relationship based on 'Truth, Real Love(not **** love), Compassion, Friendship, Loyalty, and Honesty!!!! I also want to be able to be 'Romantic' to him with Love, not her telling me things like 'If you love me, you will do 'this or that' for me'. I want to be able to do anything to make him happy, because 'I Love Him', not because he tells me to do it. Know what I mean? I want to feel EXCITED when we Kiss!! When we Hug!! When we Hold hands while we are in public or our home. I'm a realist,i really don;t have anyone close to me in my life except them and now presently am all alone and it's only the almighty God that's keeping me alive. I am not 'materialistic'!! I would rather have someone to respect, care for, and love from my heart soul, then money!! Yes, money is nice, but it can't buy you real love. I just want it to be, that anything we were to 'own', as 'ours', not 'mine' or 'yours'. Yes, I know that there are somethings that will be mine, and he's, but do you know what I mean? I want to be able to 'spoil him' by opening a door for him, or carrying things for him, taking his shoes off when he's back from work,for no special reason, but that I care for him. I too, have been hurt by the opposite ****, but I don't hold it against other men, because they have not hurt me yet. I hope that we can get to know each other better, and see how things might go. I can not 'promise' that I might say or do something that hurts you, but I can promise that if I do, it won't be on purpose, it will be on accident. See, I don't know everything about your past yet, and I don't know what upsets you right now, but hope to know you better, so I don't say or do anything to upset you, because I hate that when I upset someone special to me. I love going out,taking walks down the park and thinking about my life,i love observing nature and cooking is also one of my hobbies. I'm a really sensitive and attentive girl. I'm an observer of people (not a voyeur!). I like to figure people out. I like to notice the small detail about people. I like to know what makes them tick and what excites them. I like to know how to make them happy, how to make them feel special. I can be really romantic. With my man i like to surprise him by doing special things. Like leave a flower on their car windscreen.. Leave a card for them at their favorite shop for the shop worker to give to them. I like to send flowers when he's feeling down. I prefer private dates, with my man and myself alone. I guess i like the private moments when we can share intimate things. Talk about plans, desires, feelings.well actually i am from NM, but right now i am stuck and stranded in a hotel here in Nigeria Africa for some reasons.... well i hope that does not scare u away. and i hope u can stay with me right now.Although I grew up in Mexico before we moved into the states which i am sure u already know.My life has been so lonely and i really want to meet some one that will fill that space in my heart and make me a happy person again.I love kids and i so much want to have 2-4. And teach them the love of God. But i don't want to be strict with them. I want to shower them with love, devotion but with discipline. Not harsh but enough to make them able to make their own decisions. To teach them to be tolerant of others and loving to their own. To do great things but not necessarily to be seen by others. I want my kids to grow up loving their parents and grandparents. But to find their own destiny and what God has in store for them. I don't want to dictate their lives but i do want to mound them and direct them in the ways of the Lord. To love God but not to become narrow minded sheep that church sometimes makes us into. I want them to love God and have joy in what Jesus achieved for them on the cross. But i also want them to fully appreciate the grace that God has given them and live their lives free.I will stop here for now and wait to hear from u soon.


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Bax from United States  
Featured article, Dating scammer Brenda Andrew

Stolen photos of porn-girl Lana Brooke, used by scammers to separate you from your money.

From original comments;
but right now i am stuck and stranded in a hotel here in Nigeria Africa for some reasons....



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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