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Dating scammer Timmy Carr


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Name: Timmy Carr


not really known

Other Comments:
Hi guys, have just come across this site, wish I had found it a lot earlier, and after reading all the comments on here, has certainly opened my eyes. Was contacted by this person on a senior dating site, goes by the name of Timmy Carr, ( ) a 30 year old french latina, born in Missouri, then recently moved to Punta Gorda, Florida, USA, or so she claims, and claims to be into the art business, what I would like to know is, has anybody else came across her, or knows who she really is, or what she does, as I suspect the pictures that she has sent me, have been stolen, or bought and are being used by a scammer, although when I questioned her about them, and the mark on them, she claimed that they were her's, and was taken by a friend, when I asked her, how long ago that they were taken, she said that they were all taken the early part of this year ( 2011 ), just with different hair do's, I very much doubt that, because in some, she looks younger than others. To cut a long story short, the first couple of emails I got from her, seemed quite genuine, apart from the spelling, but then went onto Yahoo messenger and started chatting, and thats when the subject of money came into it, and yes I got caught by it, she sent me a copy of a certificate, or half of it, as it failed to download properly, claiming to be from the UN, for the release of her artworks, held in Tiawan, didn't give it another thought, looked genuine, until a few months ago that is, when the requests for more money came in, I took a closer look at it, wasn't happy with what I saw, and told her it was a fake, but she still claimed it was genuine, so I wrote to the UN, and sent a copy of that certificate, and got my answer, it was fake, as they said that they are not involved in anything like that, and the use of their name and emblem was not authorised, I done some more checking up on her, email address, could not be validated, because hidden behind a domain, the address that she gave me, as to where she lived, 2511 Luther road, Punta Gorda, Florida, no records could be found of her living there, also there's a male involved, goes by the name of Kenneth Smith, who is supposed to be her Lawyer, email adddress ( ), checked that out, doesn't even exist. Currently, they are both in Nigeria, supposedly trying to sort her artwork out, if it even exists, as I have told her straight, that she's not getting anymore money from me, although she's still asking me for it for various things, and is very persistant, even when I've told her that I haven't got anymore.
She's very elusive as to answering questions, and doesn't like it when being put under pressure. Still chatting with her at the moment, and will update this a bit later on, as I intend to start cheesing her off even more. She has a profile on facebook, as well as 5 other dating sites,, eharmony, zoosk, lavalife and, and prefers the older men, so be warned.

Here's a TIP: If you are approached by a nice looking girl from any dating sites, or a man, if you are a woman, and you think that you are being scammed, and are asked for money via Western Union, to help with whatever they are asking for, if you decide to play along with them, send them your details, using a false address, a false 10 didgit MTCN number, the amount they're asking for, and their details that they give you, then sit back and wait for their reaction, they will be certainly be cheesed off, when they go to collect the money, only to find that there isn't any, and that they have been made a fool of, if they ask you to send a copy of the transaction, there is no need to, just reply back, 'eat shit and die'

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2011-12-15, 12:45:13
bigbear from United Kingdom  
Hi to anonymous from Australia, thanks for adding more info about this person, if you got any photos of her, please post them on here, along with any alias's and email addresses that she uses, so that others can be made aware of, but remember, the pictures are of a model, and not the person your dealing with. By all means play along with her, if you want, but don't send any money what so ever. She also changes her photo on yahoo messenger quite alot, still the same person, just a different picture.
A fellow country man of yours, with the anitials P C, left a couple of messages on her facebook wall, I was going to warn him of her, but didn't manage to make contact with him, once again mate, have fun with her, but be very careful at the same time, if you want any info on her, send me an email, either to the addy at the end of one of my messages, or leave a private message on this site for me, I would be interested to know how you get on with her, thanks.

2011-12-27, 19:19:17
now she is acting under a new name
JD Miskelly <
and the passport changed to Joyce Dorca Miskelly

2011-12-27, 21:36:03
Pandita88 from United States  
Dating scammer: Jack or Jackson Williams from California on the Twoo dating site. He says he is in West africa on business as a specialist building bridges.

2011-12-27, 21:39:05   (updated: 2011-12-27, 21:41:01)
Pandita88 from United States  
Dating Scammer: John Milan from Jacksonville Florida on the Twoo dating site. He says he is doing business in West Africa, tries to get you interested in his son, and then asks you or money.
2011-12-27, 21:40:15
Pandita88 from United States  
Dating Scammer: John Milan from Jacksonville Florida on the Twoo dating site. He says he is doing business in West Africa, tries to get you interested in his son, and then asks you or money.
2011-12-27, 22:26:00
Here's your girl Timmy Carr looks like she ran out of money and has to 'hitchhike' a ride LOL !

2012-01-26, 07:22:18
hello all
well i just got done with this woman i chated with her the 1st time and got a email from we stoped chatting and emailed each other we stoped.i am mad and i am done with her i am for good she didnt want to chat with me anymore and the chats stop on 1-25th 2012 it did and emails stoped so watch out and dont go there of joyce dorca miskelly is her real name and email address later in the 2nd commeant.
2012-01-26, 07:41:58
2nd commeant
her email address is 'joyce dorca miskelly'<>is her email and screen name so dont go there.she will respond to 1 email and logged off messenger so i am done and mad and pee off and pissed off and upset and hurting of this woman so beware and watch out.she had a man too his name is tiimy carr and other men on of other men on there.thats the end of this commeant
2012-01-26, 16:18:14
bigbear from United Kingdom  
Hi all, and to anonymous,
Sorry to hear you had dealings with this person, if this person sent you any photos, please post them on here so that others can be more aware. The person who's photo appears on the fake passport, is one of a model, and not the person you've been chatting or emailing to, no passport agency would except a photo that has a watermark or copyright mark on it, like the rest of the photos posted on here of this person, also check the bottom two lines of the passport, they forgot to changed the details, if that passport belonged to a female, the letter F would appear in amongst the numbers, and not an M, as for the new name this person is using, its just another alias from these Nigerian scammers.

A word of warning: even if you close all dealings with this so called person, they may try other ways of getting to you, like this email I got the other day, from someone called cybercrime fighter, another fake, check the grammer and spelling, you wouldn't get that from someone working in a legal department.

Dear sir
hello , my name is martin, i'm here to notify you about one mr dele daudu who post on site with female pic on dating site.with a name timmy carr as been arrested and his been interogated, during our investigation will find your name, which show that you have sent money to him in past, pls can you send us some imformation about what you know about him to compleet our investigation.I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this scammer's, thanks for your co operation,
Yours sincerely
Martin bill
c/o states security office
department of cyber crime
2012-02-01, 17:14:50
hello everyone
well i got told off my jd miskelly(joyce dorca miskelly)she told me off she said fuck off she said that to me on wed feb 1st 2012 she told me off.well the bad spell is on her so watch out for her on messebfer and email delete her if you have her on your list of messenger and eamil list delete it she is bad.
2012-02-01, 22:34:05
Ahhh... Timmy Carr is the sexy HBO television actress who has a part in the Heidi Fleiss flick: about the infamous Hollywood Madam and her clientele of Hollywood stars, porn actors, corrupt cops, politicans, athletes and rich elitists.... you might get some of this pussy, but it'll be expensive ! But it ain't likely she's moved her clientele in Hollywood to include Ghana. LOL ! Give these scammers credit... they have a good imagination.

2013-10-13, 18:42:02 from Aylesbury, United Kingdom  
hi just letting you know Timmy Carr has stolen my identity JOYCE DORCA MISKELLY is taken from my name JOHN DOMINIC MISKELLY from UK not only has she taken my identity but a fair sum of money. hope Police catch her soon !!!

2013-10-13, 20:29:12
OJAS from United States  
Missed this thread, but a general info:

The girl is hitchhiking for right hand traffic; Ghana and Nigeria are left hand traffic.
2013-10-14, 13:43:48 from Basildon, United Kingdom  
hi this woman Timmy Carr has stolen my identity and large sum of money from me. her name now is JOYCE DORCA MISKELLY my name is JOHN DOMINIC MISKELLY Hope POLICE catch her soon any comments to above e-mail address
2013-10-14, 15:08:29 from Llanelli, United Kingdom  
hi TIMMY CARR not only took a sum of money of me but also my identity. she says she is JOYCE DORCA MISKELLY my name is JOHN DOMINIC MISKELLY living in UK Hope Police catch her soon whatever he,she,it is any comments to above e-mail

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