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Dating scammer Yuliya Novoselova


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Name: Yuliya Novoselova


Yuliya Novoselova,
City: Berezovo,
Street: Lenina, 10

Other Comments:
Email Introduction
Hello XXXX!!!
Thank you very much for answering my letter. I was glad to get it. It
is pleasant to me that you show interest to dialogue with me. It is
important for me.
XXXX I want to tell you... I live in Russia. I understand, that it is
very far from your country and thousand kilometers separate us, but I
think, that the distance does not prevent to communicate to us. Do you
agree with me? I live in Berezovo. It is northern part of my country.
Can you see my city on a card through Internet? You know, I tried to
register on a and to use the name of my city and my country,
but I could not. So I had to use the name of your city and your
country. I hope, that it does not offend you.
I began these research just recently as I know that RussXXXX men for
the most part do not possess the kind of qualities that are most
important to me and in addition they like drinking and waste their
life-time. My ambition is to create a strong happy family building up
on mutual understanding, love and happy. The most important I would
like sincerity and honesty in relation to myself. I the gentle person
and patient. I am always tolerant I treat other people. All of us not
without lacks and at everyone the advantages. The person self-assured
and in too time soft enough, romantic (as you speak) is necessary for
me. I do not love most of all lie. As speak at us, the bitter truth,
than sweet lie let is better.
XXXX why do you search in a Internet instead in life? Would you like
to tell me more about yourself? I wish learn you more and better.
I want, that we would be frank one with another and did not hide
anything. I try to answer all your questions and I hope, that you will
answer my questions too. I hope, that we will learn trust and
understand one another. XXXX, I hope, that I do not need to describe
myself in detail, you saw me on a photo. I will send often them to
you, that you could learn me better. My growth 170 sm (5 ' 7), weight
54 kg (120lbs). A breast, a waist and hips accordingly 89 - 64 - 92.
XXXX I would like to tell you about my family. I live together with
mum in apartment. My father has died, when I was 3 years old and I
almost do not remember him. I have grandmother and grandfather.
Together with my mum it's the most close people for me.
I'll try to tell about myself more in my next mails. I hope, that I
will receive your photos tomorrow and the new letter with answers on my
I already with impatience wait for your letter.
I wait.....
Your friend in Russia Yuliya

Email snippet #1

XXXX how has passed your day today? I hope that successfully. I
very much was delighted when I have received your letter, that you
have written to me. I have woken up with bad mood and thought, that
all will be bad today. Because even in the street cloudy and coldly.
When I have come for work was a lot of work, and I am tired. I even
have started think, that you will not write to me. XXXX now I have
received your letter and have felt perfectly. On my face there was
a smile and to me it became good.
It is very pleasant to me to receive your photos in your letter. They
have very much liked me. Thanks! XXXX, I very much like to go with
the friends on walk, I very much like to do it in the evening, I as
like to knit, watch TV, I like comedies and romantic films.
XXXX how would you wanted, that your day would be begin? Since the
morning? Tell to me. I shall tell you, that what finest day I dream.
I wish to wake up in embraces of the beloved, cautiously to rise from
a bed. Cooking good salad and make fresh juice, then all this put on
a table about a bed and lay down in a bed in your embraces again.
XXXX then I wish kiss you, gently, that you would bewake up also we
could be have a bite and enjoy our love easily. And all will be happy
for me if it will be such. I shall be the happiest girl in this world.
And how you represent the finest morning? Tell to me XXXX.
I very much miss, XXXX if you can present the big silent ocean before
yourself, so much kisses I send you now, that they would surround
you and gave you love and tenderness. What have shrouded and preserved
your day, and helped with all.
Already I miss, I think and I hope, that I shall soon receive your
letter. I send you my photos. In the first photo I with mum and on
another I one. I hope that it is pleasant to you!
Gentle Yuliya

Email snippet #2

XXXX I do not know, that happen with me. I, seem..... I do not know
how to tell it. Yesterday I have come home and thought of us with
you. About that how are you. What with you. Than you are engaged?
What did you eat? Tell to me, XXXX you all is good?
It is very pleasant to me to receive your photos in your letter. They
have very much liked me. Thanks!
XXXX I wish tell you that was at night. I have left on a balcony
and looked at stars. Thought of us. Also has laid down to sleep. When
I slept I saw dream, in which we with you has dreamed together.
You represent? Also has dreamed morning about which I have told to
you. You remember? And all was as I told you. And still we then
have together gone to a bath and enjoyed love.
AS IT WAS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!
XXXX I do not know how to tell you, that I feel, but with me that
that occurs. In my heart, inside of me. I have got used to you.
I never such had also I never felt so well as when I read your
letters. I shall not approve, but it seems to me, that I am already
enamoured in you. At all I do not know, how it to transfer words.
XXXX mine mum, the grandmother, girlfriends, everyone speak, that I
have changed, became quieter, harmonous and even began to look better,
but I can not explain, why and as. And only I know. It happens because
in my life there was you.
XXXX it seems to me, that I am enamoured in you. I do not know, that
else it can be. But I am not assured. But I think, that soon I shall
precisely the nobility. I send you a photo on which I think of you.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Yuliya

Email snippet #3

an I love, I love you and anybody another, only you are necessary
for me and I am ready to make all for the sake of that we with you
would be happy, happy for ever.
I do not know how to describe now words, on mine eyes of tear of
happiness, I wish to cry, cry because now I am precisely assured, that
you that the man with whom I wish to be for ever, XXXX only with you
and with anybody another. I wish to be in your embraces in your
embraces for ever. Only you and only with you. Without you I do not
represent the life now.
XXXX I wish to be in your embraces, I wish to feel your tenderness
and caress, love, passion and sweet of your kisses. I do
not know, how you to describe everything, that in my heart now
occurs. It is inexplicable. I love you, I love all heart and I wish to
YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I only your, your and nobody's other, my life belong to
you, and I shall make all what to be with you. I wish to be with you.
With you for ever. You my life.
XXXX I tomorrow shall go in the morning and I shall learn all that it
is possible to make and as to us you will meet more likely. And as
soon as I learn all I shall inform you when I can arrive. I shall be
with you. We shall be together. WE SHALL BE TOGETHER, AND I SHALL
ARRIVE TO YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall be with you!!!!!!
Our first meeting which we recently represented, becomes a reality, we
can embody it. I shall make it. I shall be with you. I shall be in
your embraces!!! XXXX do you have prepared for hands that to catch me? I
soon shall arrive to you, and we shall embody, and a reality all
dreams of which dreamed.
My heart is overflown by love and passion and is fast when I shall
with you we can enjoy that could meet.
I shall be with you it's truth . I swear, I ask you do not search for
anybody, I shall arrive also we shall be happy. Anybody and will be
nothing a barrier to us
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and adoring all heart Yuliya

Email snippet #4

. I do not know.... I do not know how to begin this letter...
Forgive.... Forgive me.... Forgive the silly girl who swore that will
be fast with you. I do not know, I cannot even tell or write to you. I
so have badly arrived before you. I cannot arrive, XXXX I ask you
forgive, XXXX on my eyes, as well as on yours likely now tears. Tears
of that I cannot arrive to you. I did not think that it so is
expensive. There was that it very expensively. And I cannot find such
money. Why??? XXXX you can explain to me why???...... Why so????? Why
so occurs? Why in this life all not as would be desirable. I lived,
you lived, we did not know one another and were sad without true love.
But we have found one another, have got acquainted and are ready to a
meeting and are assured already almost of our feelings one to another.
But now it appears, that we cannot meet. We can not meet only because
it is cost very expensively.
Forgive XXXX.... If I knew that it so expensively I would not speak
you it. I do not have such money and even if I shall sell ours with
mum the house that I to not receive so much money. Because it already
old. But I shall try to find a way. And if at me it will turn out, I
shall necessarily make it. I shall be with you.
XXXX I do not know how to make it, I understand, that you likely are
now offended on me and more likely do not wish to communicate with me
because I have deceived you, have sworn to arrive soon, and itself I
can not, XXXX but I ask you to not leave me. Because you the best,
that I to have in the life, in it there is nothing more perfectly you.
And only for the sake of you I live, and I shall live, and I
understand it. I hope, that it understand, both you and I shall
receive your letter tomorrow.
Forgive, I the truth did not know, I am not guilty in it. I did not
wish to deceive, if I knew, how many it is cost that I at once would
tell to you. But I did not know.
I ask you XXXX, forgive me.
I love, I love and I wish to be only with you.
I hope, that tomorrow I to come back and receive your letter.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Yuliya

Email snippet #5
My Love XXXX to me it is very pleasant, that you tried to search for
my city in the Internet. You have sent some addresses. And my address:
Beryozovo, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra, Russia
812 km
You wish to send to me small token. I only wish to tell, that mail in
my country works very badly. I only am afraid, that your parcel can
not reach me. But I will wait very much small token. Yes, you know,
that I always try to be sincere with you and forgive, that I cannot
arrive to you right now. XXXX you set to me serious questions and I
will try to answer them. You know XXXX, that I want, that we for ever
would be together. I wish to connect our love and I want, that we
would not leave. I do not wish to lose you XXXX. I only want, that we
for ever would be together. Has no value where we will live: your
country or my country. The most important thing - that we with you
would be together XXXX. Yes, if I fly to you I will miss on my
country, my family. But probably we could travel sometimes together
with you to me to my country, my city? In probably next summer!? What
do you think? I understand, that I will miss my mum. But I could
communicate with it. My mum could come to library and I it could write
us letters. You would allow to use your computer, what I could
communicate with my mum? You would like to write for my mum too? I
think, that it would be very glad. What do you think? XXXX you say,
that you will be deceived. I do not understand you. You know, that I
never will leave you. I never will turn a back to you XXXX. I only
hope that you never will turn a back to me too. I only hope, that you
will not leave me and you will not expel me if we live together with
you in your house. Yes, I know, that you will not cause me a pain
XXXX. I know, that you will care of me and I will care of you too. I
love you XXXX and I know, that we will be very happy together.
XXXX I understand, that you cannot leave your country on long. You
say, that you had divorce process and your two children require your
care. Yes, I understand, that you should care of your children and it
is necessary to wait for them 18 years, that you could travel for a
long time to me. But I think, that it will not be a problem if we with
you live together with you in your country. You know, that I very much
have early lost my father. And I understand, that in the childhood I
very much required fatherly love Unfortunately I have not received
this love. But I hope, that your children receive this love. I am
Yesterday at school to me the girl which has approached studies at me.
She has been very upset also I has asked it that happens. She has told
that at it it is impossible to play a pXXXXo a melody 'Beethoven L -
Moonlight sonata'. After all lessons we remained with it and studied
this piece of music. We rehearsed late. And today it has executed a
piece of music without a uniform error. I was very glad to it. After a
lesson it has approached to me and has told that it is very grateful
to me. My darling XXXX I as am grateful to you for all that you do
for ours with you meetings. I very strongly love you and only you. I
will always wait for your warm and gentle letters. We already have
found one another, we for a long time already together, and I do not
get tired to admire you and your letters, I wish to kiss you, to feel
heat of your hands in your embraces. XXXX you - my happiness, my sun,
my life.
Yours and only yours Yuliya


2011-11-02, 02:16:43   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2011-11-02, 02:16:43   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2011-11-02, 02:16:43   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2011-11-02, 02:16:43   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2011-11-02, 02:16:43   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2011-11-02, 20:31:41
Re posting with sign saying 'I LOVE YOU'.

All these lowlife scammers love to use these phony posters to trick you into thinking an attractive babe awaits you if you send money ! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM ! Software is readily available to create these phony sign posters... see example below >

This image was also posted here:
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Dating scammer esther arthur

2012-03-10, 00:57:28
anonymous from United States  
I had extensive dealing with this same person using the name - Ekaterina Sergeevna Smailova

I recieved an email almost everyday for several months, and aproximately 30 different pictures

Name: Yuliya Novoselova - Aka, Ekaterina Sergeevna Smailova

Email: -

Yuliya Novoselova, (Ekaterina Sergeevna Smailova)
City: Berezovo,
Street: Lenina, 10 (Street: Gagarin 30, Index 165150)

2012-03-10, 05:34:39
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States,

Thanks for posting!

Can you post more info?
Letter asking for money...
Email header....
All photos used....

When posting letters and headers be sure to remove all YOUR personal info, such as your name and email address.

Regards, DOC
2014-09-21, 20:40:12
anonymous from United States  
I have also had encounters with this person. Same letters using info. about her father passing away when they were 3. They go by yuliya from berezovo Russia. They are using the e-mail address of Attached is one of the photos they use.

2014-10-15, 00:42:04
anonymous from United States  
I almost sent money to these terrible people, bitch or whatever you want to say about it Thank god I found this website, saved me $710. Now it's my turn to play games..........

2014-10-15, 00:43:36
anonymous from United States  
Watch out they are good...............

2014-10-15, 00:48:54
[hidden] from United States  
Also using

2014-12-06, 12:43:05
anonymous from United States  
Thank god I found this page, I've also had extensive dealings with this same person, same story ....father killed in Afghanistan when she was 3. Grandparents house in the village....only this time Yuliya lives in the city Kirs with her mum, same address ...the whole 9 yards. I've got 3 months of daily emails saved. it's my turn to play games as well...
2014-12-06, 19:40:13
Russian Scam 'Yuliya Novoselova' - Actress Photo Gallery | Hot Models

image was also posted here dating scammer yuliya dating scammer yuliya ยท Russian Scam ... Tatyana Ozerki has resurfaced as Yuliya Novoselova. No matter ...

2014-12-07, 18:56:12
OJAS from United States  
NEVER alert scammers that you are onto their game! http://www.delphifa..=4#133895

You may find interesting play-along articles in http://www.delphifa..1086.shtml



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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