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Dating scammer Elena Sazonova


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Name: Elena Sazonova


street-Sidorova, house- 11
post code-446382 City- Tremasovo
state-Samarskaya Oblast

Other Comments:
Behind this pics. are guy's from Russia using fake identity to scam others online. They are very brutal after couple mails, you will receive love letter. So quickly as possible want to come over to you. ( Asking to fast for money ).

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2011-12-10, 11:36:01
Letter 7.

Good day my dearest!
xxxxxxxx, how do you feel yourself today? I am in very good mood, I was in studio today, and I decided to make new dance with my little pupils, it will be our national Russia dance I also would like to make sketch of suits, I like draw and some years ago, when I had thoughts to stop with dancing to become designer.

Here in my place I live, it is difficult to create such career, because there is not such job here, it is only for big places, but in my town most part of the people works on factories and the organizations connected with car's industry, in Russia each place have each own specialization, BUT I BELIEVE THAT IN OUR LIFE THERE IS PLACE FOR THE DREAM AND FOR THE CREATIVITY ALWAYS! Russia is very interesting country by it tradition and it has it own dance, songs and dishes.

Did you hear Russia songs? I like all type of music I think, because all music is interesting and can help to create mood, but last time I listen a lot of Russia music.
Here there is not airport and there is only train road, I did not tell you, I have not car
and I move on the bus if I would like to go from one point to another. But I like to go by foot and it is very useful for the health.

I think that it is very important for woman to look very well, and such way of life help me to look nice, last time I get up each morning and I noticed that I start to think about you, I hurry to be in the Internet line to see your letter, but when I simply at home I
think about you and when I put on clothes in the morning I make this such way, you
will like me.

This evening I will stay at home, may be I will read something or watch TV, also I
would like to cook something, you know I am very domestic girl, and I like cooking and
clean my flat, I like when all things on each places. I simply wanted to tell you, that now our communicating took big place in my usually day, I want very much you feel the same about me!

I wait your letter with impatience!
Yours Russia baby
2011-12-10, 11:36:23   (updated: 2011-12-10, 11:38:57)
Header 7. Russia

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2011-12-10, 11:37:11   (updated: 2011-12-10, 11:40:32)

2011-12-10, 11:46:31
Letter 8. Irina

Hello my baby!
I like to name you such way, I put in this simply word all my tenderness about you,
I hurried to be in the Internet line today, it is because I so wanted to see your reply,
it seems to me that we know each other already 1000 years and I even feel that I need in you more and more day by day.

How is your day today? I have big hope that all goes well for you today! My day is good and it is good because of you and also this evening I plan to visit my
girlfriend, she will have birthday. We plan to go in cafe with her, and spend evening there. I so want to share news about my and yours meeting in the Internet line with my
girlfriends, because for me it is very nice events in my life!

I already told you that I even could not expect what I found such good man in the Internet line. I feel that with me it is very easy talk with you and for me it is very important to feel myself quite and easy with man, and also I feel your understanding and care about our relations, because even simply some words from you make me feel that you think about me.

I told you already that I had not man in my life, and last years I did not have relations
with man, it is because I had bad experience for me, I don't like to talk about this part of my life, but I think that for you I can tell the reason why I am not together with this man. We decided not be together because when I left my dancing group and my parents died,I felt depression and this man could not support me in this condition,

because I really would nothing and I wanted simply stay at home alone and do nothing, I was in very bad condition because of worries and man could not see this my condition and we started not understand each other, that is why we decided to be break our pair, now I am even happy because of this and in the future I would like to have relation with man, which will support and care about me in all situation.

I wanted to ask you, what do you expect from woman?

Write me please, I wait!
Yours Irina
2011-12-10, 11:51:58   (updated: 2011-12-10, 12:18:10)
Letter 9. Irina

Good day for you xxxx! Good mood!
I got up very early Last evening I came at home a little late then usually, it is because of my girlfriend's birthday, I went to my bed near 12 o'clock, could not sleep half of night, I thought about you!
I felt how much I miss you all time and need in you. I want to tell you that you took big place in my life and now day by day I want to meet you in real life very much, first of all I have big interest in our relations and also I started to feel real feelings to you, it is very important for me, because for me it is very new, I did not feel such way before,

I mean that we did not see each other before, but I think about you such way as you are my man, my boyfriend and my future, I so want to tell you that I like you very much! I need in you! I cannot wait when I will see you! Last evening it was good evening, we spent evening with my girlfriends in one cafe,
for me it was pleasant to listen alive music, I like guitar, I like alive spanish music and man in this cafe played on guitar, this music was very romantic and I imagined you, such we dance with you, I even started to feel shiver in my legs,

I started excited very much and after that all night I imagined you. Tell me please how do you feel about me? Do you dream? You know I don't dream very often, because I am not small girl, but because of you
I stared dream very often, and I started imagine you, I so interest to see you faster by my eyes and to know how do you look in real life , what is your smell and how do sound your voice, I feel that I will love it!
I will need to go to my bed a little early today, it is because I tired today.
I miss you very much, write me faster, ok?

Yours Irina
2011-12-10, 11:52:07   (updated: 2011-12-10, 11:58:14)
Letter 10. Irina


I MISSED YOU!!!!! And what about you, xxxxxx?
You ask me Russia is very cold country, it could be -10 this time of year:) On weekends was national holidays here, all are fine my dear.I have good news, I will have holidays soon, director of my studio will accept new teacher and I will be able to have holidays. I plan to take it before Christmas
How all goes there? How is your day? My day is well, I finished teach my pupils of new dance, which will be on Russian tradition theme. After that I will need to create new dance, but in this time all my thoughts are with you, I can not explain you what happen in my soul right now, I need to tell you this. Last time I hurried to be in the Internet line to see you letter and each time I am very excited to see to open my e-mail box and to see what do you write me.

I very worry if I did not get your letter and in this time, I even would like to cry, I do to my home and stay alone with my thoughts about you. My girlfriends met me and told me that I am changes a little, and I
understand now that it is because of you, I love you! This simply word are all what I feel about you and our relations, I am very grateful for you that you make me to feel such way, because I thought that I never will feel love, but now I am sure in my soul.

I have so big emotions about us, I believe that you are such man, which I searched. I so want my feelings and emotions will be mutual. Honey, how will you spend your evening? For me it is always so interesting to know how are you there and what do you do? I think that we have some time distinctions and that is why I think when I sleep you are not sleep and I think in my bed sometimes what do you do.

This evening I will cook pancakes, I don't eat a lot of pancakes, but my girlfriend told
me that she will come to me for drink tea and talk about different things.
Kiss and hugs for you baby
Yours beloved Irina
2011-12-10, 12:01:12
Header 10. Russia

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2011-12-10, 12:01:43   (updated: 2011-12-10, 12:05:20)
Letter 11. Irina

Big HELLO from your Russian lady :)
I hope your day is fine! I wish new day will bring something very good for you! I wanted to tell you that last night I saw very nice dream about you I saw how I come to you and we have very nice time together, all day you show me your place and in the evening we stay at home together, only you and me, and I cook supper for you,

we have easy supper and after that you switching on good music and we start dance, you hug me so strong and I even become lose my mind and you kiss me.... I could not calm down because of this dream all day, I so want you will know about this! And most of all it will happen faster!

I think a lot about how we will spend time together, I would like we will have continuer of our relations in real life very much! But I think only destiny and our common desire show how it will be... I would like you would like to stay with me for ever, I think you will not have doubts because of me.

This evening I would like to go to the swimming pool, do you like swimming?
I imagine how we are on the beach, and this is my another very sweet desire abut you and
me :)

I will finish my letter on this word.
I would like you will coe in my dream this night again!
Hot kiss for you!
Yours sweet Irina
2011-12-10, 12:07:44   (updated: 2011-12-10, 12:08:30)
Header 11. ( American)

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2011-12-10, 12:12:19
Letter 12. Irina

Hello my lovely xxxxx
Baby, thank you very much for your letter! For me your letter sound very nice always even you write me some words. I love and miss you so much, will you believe that now I am different person than I was before we started to correspond, I look around by new eyes and all I want is to make you happier than you are now and be with you!

This love is like the first and I feel like school girl, but the difference is that I know what I want and ready to do everything for these dreams come true. I want to do something for you, only for YOU, darling, but I can promise that I will never give you an occasion to regret that you met me. You could understand from my letters that I don't search pen friend, I want real man to be with me,
I want we will meet very soon.

You know we talk a lot but I believe that we could not find all about each other only by the letters, I feel that oly in real life we can sit in front of each other and see each other's eyes talk about all things, to be open between each other, to see smile and sad emotions on the face. I can not wait to see your smile really! I already miss your smile! For me our correspondence it is not only spending time, for me it is more and I believe that e-mail, telephone and letters are only make communicating, but not simply
spending time and I am happy that we met eac other here, I feel that now we can make new step and meet in real life!

How do you feel in I will come to you in nearest time?
Knock knock in your door...
Write me your reply, I wait with impatience
Yours only Irina
2011-12-10, 12:17:03
Letter 13. Irina

HI MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I MISSED YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are my sweet baby I have very good news for you, I talk with director of my studio, he is my chief, that I can have holidays soon, I asked him about this before and he told me to wait, while studio will have
another teacher for the group and today new teacher came, she is very good girl, she's name is Ola, and I will trust her my pupils, so I can have rest, I don't have holidays near two years.

My holidays will start at the 1 of December I will be able to have more the one month of holidays and I look on this only such as on opportunity of our meeting and also opportunity to visit your country.
My dear, what do you think about I will come to you?

I hope you will be able to meet me, I think since early morning how you will meet me in airport with bouquet of red roses and big big smile!!!!!!!!! I imagine how we stay together in evening and drink something because of our meeting, bottle champagne is very good for this case, what do you think?
I am sure that our been together will be the best time and it will give you and me new taste of life, I wait this with all my heart, please tell me your opinion about us and about our meeting in this term!
Kiss your sweet lips

Write me faster you reply, ok?
I need to know your opinion
Yours baby
2011-12-10, 12:27:31
Letter 14. Irina

Hello my lovely man xxxxxx!
How all goes there?
I told you before that I will be able to have holidays soon and how much I would like to come to you, baby, I decided to visit on good travel agency today, abut which my girlfriend told me before, I wanted to find what will be need for my coming to you.

I have talk with travel agent. I explained him that soon I will have holidays and I would like to visit your
country and spend time there, he told me that making trip will not take a lot of time and what first of all I will need make necessary papers for this, I will need to make my international passport and visa and also for visiting your country I will need to make medical insurance and to pay consular tax. Travel agency will book ticket for me.

All this can take near two weeks, I think it is very fast. I was very sad when he told me how much it will cost.Passport costs 49 EUR. Cost of the visa is 90 Euro.I have to pay consular tax, it is near 89 EUR and medical insurance is 100 EUR.

They told me, that as soon as I will pay money in the agency the process will beginning, and if I will pay all this they will give me guarantees, that they Will care of that all will be good also I will receive the right to leave the country in terms. And most important and most expensive.

The ticket from Moscow will cost 400 EUR. It will be the cot of two ticket there and back, because of the rules I will need to book two tickets. Medical insurance is rule here too, it is for the case if something will happen with me while I will be in your country, and if I will need in medical or another help when I will be in airplane or so one. In total for my arrival it is necessary to pay 730 EUR.

Also travel agent told me that this is the most cheap ticket that they can find for me. My love, I was so upset because of all this. And I would not write you only this figures, but from them depends our meeting.
For me it is really so big money and I would not refuse from our meeting, but my salary is not big and if I will not eat some years I will not be able to save such sum of money.

My love, what to now, I don't know, because I so want to have relations with
you in real life but without our meeting it will be impossibly.
Write me your opinion.

Yours baby
2011-12-10, 12:30:06

2011-12-10, 12:36:40
Letter 15. Irina

Hello my lovely xxxxx!
Thank you very much for your letter, my love, I am very grateful for you that you wish to help me, it is really very important for me my love, that we will have chance to meet each other, I want this very
much, I believe that we will have nice relations with you I wish we will be happy together. I wish this very much.

My address is Russia, village Spasskoe, jukova st. 11/4 606280.

Honey for trip in total I need near 730 euro I think best date for my coming is around 17-18 of December
Honey I work phone number, I don't use it for personal talk, but you can send me sms (short messages there) and also some times we can talk Number is +79613764059

During the day I can be on my work, I will not be able talk, but I can read your sms My love I would like to tell you that my holidays will start already soon and I need to have time and money to make trip before my holidays will start, because I can not postpone it because of the rules on my work, I read your letter that you will be able to help me,

I found today how it is possibly to send money for the trip My love, I have not bank account to make it will take time and more money which I have not and that is why I went in the bank and found that it is possibly to use transfer system, my dear we have in Russia transfer system, Western Union, do you have it in your place?

I fund in the bank that it is fast and simply, you will need to address in your Western Union bank there, to fill paper about you and me and send money, you will receive Money secret number, which will save
money and which will know only you and me

About me you will need to know my full name: Irina Gromova Russia

About you I need to know Your full name address of the bank from there you will send money
amount of money That is all

My love, in my town there is not such bank so if you send money I will need to go in another place to receive money there, and I found in the bank that to send money it will be enough to fix my full name and name of the country because you will receive secret number and this number I will need to know as well so with this number only me will be able to receive money here

My love please give me your reply faster, I will wait with all my heart ok ?
I wish we will meet faster, so please find about transfer in your place
I send you big kiss

Yours girl
2011-12-10, 12:40:54
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