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Dating scammer Nikky Scotty


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Name: Nikky Scotty


Nigeria (even though I did not get an actual address)

Other Comments:
Started out talking from miomeet. Seemed nice, was from Ohio. Then it changed a bit, suddenly after losing the husband she had decided to goto West Africa with her kid to attend a Landscaping Conference to further her career. (don't we have those stateside???) so that threw up the first flag. I decided to talk and investigate. Found a few more names via facebook. Googled the photos after I ran them through the database her and it was a new scammer with new pictures so they were not in this database, but are going to be now. Second flag was the birthday all the sudden was told to me as Dec 31, would I buy the present of her internet services for a month? (sorry kid, if you have enough to fly to west africa to attend a conference for the month and stay in the hotel there while the christmas bombs are flying so you really have to spend more money than ever to get what you need then you do not need help buying internet that is about to be cut off)
I brought that up and got the standard that hurts my feelings that you do not believe me messages. They said I thought they were a scammer even before I said the word outloud even :) Calmed the situation and really went hunting to confront with evidence. Showed what I knew and as always with what I read here all talks ceased like they had never happened and I guess they are working on a new name and job and such now. Should take a few mins only. But will post all the pictures I have. They were awesome at what they did though, I am just always a skeptic at the start. Even showed me some video cam through yahoo messenger that went black. *yes just because it says you are cam chatting in yahoo you can trick it to think a video you have on your computer is a live cam so watch out*

Anyways, here is what I came up with to spread around

Names: Nikky Scotty, Mary Gerrad, Melisa Graham

location: Ohio native on journey to Nigeria for work advancement

birthday: watch out Dec 31 (what did she say 26ish?)

met: miomeet

pictures to follow...........

lol update: if this is some model or something someone knows of, send me some mail I wanna join the fan club. Very pretty, hope these being in the database now stops them from bothering this young lady's likeness.


2012-01-08, 14:36:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-01-08, 14:36:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
2012-01-08, 14:36:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-01-08, 14:36:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-01-08, 14:36:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-01-08, 14:36:24   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-01-09, 21:36:26
2012-01-08, 14:36:24 (updated: )
[hidden] from United States

Pics belong to porn girl [ Next Door Nikki ] don't be fooled ! Your scammer is most likely some dude with balls trying to lure you into their web of deceit and deception...
2014-07-10, 07:52:18
now she is marie-sandrine dupuit from bayonne or bresse in France

2014-07-11, 22:09:51
hello to all
well she is back and going to do something bad she is.its all on here.
be ware of this and your computer be ware and this deal with her.
don't chat and don't email her.
don't meet her in person.
2014-07-11, 22:41:46
anonymous from Belgium  

2014-07-12, 01:03:59
Above pic of porn girl Josie Model aka Josie Miller
2015-06-24, 15:52:21
anonymous from United States  
Watch this woman, she is pretending to be Dora yireborkir at 233-577-074413 and scams you for cash donation. She can provide you with fake passport, fake visa and much more documents just to proof she is real.

2015-06-25, 20:54:10
anonymous from United States  
Um... Anon USA,

This is the truth of the matter. You've almost got it right but you've got it backwards.
Dora yireborkir at 233-577-074413

Is pretending to be her. Whoever that contact actually is, it's not the person pictured.
99.9% of the photos included with profiles originating in Africa, are stolen bait-pics.
The name they've given is most likely fake also and only recognized to collect monies.

You know what African People look like, no?
If they send their own image, the scam just wont work will it?
So they show photos to trick you and say...
'This is me honey!' 'I love you!' 'Send me money!'

The people in the photos are also victims of the scammers.
They are victims of identity theft.
Be careful out there!
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2015-06-29, 15:08:57
LOL, because, after 6 years ... in the meantime (in total) 'she' was trying it again with me. ^^

New mail, today received ...

- / -

LOL, nach (in der Zwischenzeit, insgesamt) 6 Jahren 'Sie' versucht es wieder, mit mir. ^^

Neue Mail, heute erhalten ...

from: Thedora Keeling - aka -

Hello XXX

How are you doing I am hoping you are doing good ? is been a very long time.
how is everything going on with your life.
Is me Thedora keeling and I have really miss you so much and wanted to know how you are doing.
Do all your best and write back to me again. And let see weather we can make thing happen and finally be with each other and spend the rest of our live together.
I have miss your call and mail.
so I will wait for your mail.
2016-12-13, 09:04:25
anonymous from Germany  



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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